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7 Aug 2017
01:11monadGoogle Fonts sight is failing for me on 57.0a1 (2017-08-06) (64-bit):
01:11monadsite, that is.
01:11monadSight, too, tho.
01:14monadoh, and hi dolske !! Just saying hi. Hope you are well. :)
04:15grahamperrin-MNo such problem here. KDE Plasma 5, FreeBSD-CURRENT.
06:57firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
06:57firebot Shing Lyu: Porting Chrome Extension to Firefox
07:16psymoonHi! I have an issue with firefox nighlty and I would like to request your help.
07:16psymoonSince last week update, when I try to start Nightly, many many error windows with the message "firefox profile cannot be loaded it may be missing or inaccessible" open. Nightly finish to starts (with my profile loaded), but is very very slow, sometimes not responding, and additional error windows continiously opens.
07:17psymoon If I have a look in the task manager, there are a lot of nighly instance which are opened (more than 50), and the only way to close them is to close the session. I am using using windows 7 and 64b edittion of Nightly.
07:17psymoonI tried to remove all mozilla folders in %APPDATA% (in Local, LocalLow and Roaming subfolders), and cleaning the key related to firefox in windows registery, then re-install nightly, but I does not fix the issue.
07:17psymoonLast point I would like to mention, firefox 54 (release version) correctly load my profile.
07:19araidoes the issue happen on clean profile?
07:21psymoonwhat do you mean by clean profile? I have remove all the of the profile (in appdata), then install nightly and it is not able to start without the error message
07:22araioops, sorry, I overlooked your message
07:23araithen, if the issue is reproducible with clean profile, you could figure out when the issue started happening with mozregression tool
07:24psymoonOk, I will check this
07:25araiif it's recent regression the tool will tell you which changeset regressed the behavior
07:27psymoonI will try it now. I will probably need to close this IRC as I opened it on firefox54
07:27psymoon(and If I need to close the session
07:27araiyou don't have to close
07:28araiit opens Firefox instance totally separately from existing instances
07:28psymoonwhich built type should I select? opt as default?
07:36psymoonIt seems that the issue does not occurs with the instance in the mozregression tools
07:37araiwhich version range did you specify?
07:38psymoon2016-07-01 - 2017-08-06
07:38araiso, the issue doesn't happen for both builds?
07:38araiwhich build of Nightly do you have?
07:38psymoonI may need to clean more deeply my standard installation?
07:39araiit shouldn't be affected by other installation
07:39psymoon57.01a, downloaded tis morning
07:39araiare you using Mozilla's build?
07:40arai(compared to some custom builds
07:40psymoonyes, downloaded from here
07:40arai32bit or 64bit?
07:41psymoonI can have a try with 32
07:41araiyeah, it would be nice
07:41araialso, checking both 32bit and 64bit on mozregression would also be.
07:42Manishearthnightly seems to have made ctrl-tab focus on the duckduckgo searchbar instead of the awesomebar. is this intentional?
07:43psymoonI close this to launch nightly. I come back
07:46psymoonHi back, Same issue with 32b version
07:47araiare you using some software that may interfere with Firefox?
07:47araianti-virus software or something
07:48psymoonI have kqspersky anti-virus
07:48arai(not sure if it selectively affects installed Nightly and not for Nightly downloaded by mozregression
07:49psymoonI can try to disable it
07:49araiyeah, checking whether it's related or not will help
07:53psymoonIt does not seems to be kaspersky
07:54psymoonIs there a way to perform a deeper cleaning of my installation?
07:54araiI'm wondering if the placement of profile is affecting
07:54psymoonHow can I edit it?
07:54araiI think, what you did is almost everything that one can do to clean up
07:55araipsymoon: not sure if there's a way to edit, but you can specify the path with commandline flag
07:55buoyantairGood afternoon everyone
07:56psymoonOk, I will check
07:56arai(I thought so because mozregression creates temporary profile in different path than standard profile
07:56arai(and if there's any trouble in the standard profile's directory, that may explain the difference
07:57psymoonok I see
07:57psymoonSo I should point to an empty directory and I will create the profile?
07:59araiyeah, specifying empty directory seems to work. it creates files under there
08:01psymoonI try it
08:05psymoonI seems to work; But I also changed the install directory. And it can load my old profile correctly in a different install directory
08:06psymoonThanks you for your support
08:06araido you mean the old profile in the default directory?
08:06arai(or have you moved/copied it?
08:07psymoonI did not move/copied it. I install Nightly in a different directory (not the default one C:\programfiles....) and now it can load my old profile
08:07psymoonIn its original directory
08:08araianyway, it might mean there's some logical or physical issue in your disk. might be nice to backup all your data and check the disk after that
08:09psymoonok, thanks for your advice. Why do you think it is related to the disk?
08:11araijust changing the installation directory solves the issue, right? it would mean that there's some trouble in the default directory
08:11arainot sure where the trouble comes from tho, sometimes it can be hardware issue
08:12araithen, in such case, I'd suggest backup data *before* checking (like, running scan disk etc)
08:12araisince scanning disk may damage disk itself
08:12psymoonOk, anyway, I do regular backup, so it is not a big issue if it crashes
08:13araiokay :)
08:13psymoonThanks for your advices and very appreciated support :)
08:13araimy pleasure
08:17Manishearthoh, I'm sorry, the overriding focus was a Whimsy thing
08:29Caspy7Manishearth: I got here not long ago and the log server is down...did you mean that for #servo ?
08:50Manishearthcaspy7 nah a firefox thing but resolved now
09:01steve-_--Mprofile sharing can cause issues I am aware. but should profile sharing between 55 and 57a be possible? for me, open tabs are not remembered.
09:28Caspy7steve-_--M: I know of issues between 54 & 55 and 55 & 56, so yes, that will be an issue
09:30steve-_--MCaspy7: k, was aware of issues w v54 and above. well b will be 56 tomorrow. so maybe that will restore profile compatibility between beta and nightly
09:34TimvdeDamn it, on Beta, I can't use the one unsigned add-on I'm still using :(
09:37Caspy7_awayuse dev edition then
09:39casperleihi, everyone
09:39TimvdeCaspy7_away: I was hoping to avoid the profile mess where it wants to force me to use another profile
09:39Timvdebut I guess I can fix that
09:39casperleiIs this firefox development channel?
09:39arai#introduction and #developers
09:40araiand also each component has their own channels
09:49casperlhi, I want to know how firefox deal with javascript?
09:50Mardegquite well
09:50araican you provide more context?
09:50araido you have some issue around its handling?
09:50araior want to dive into its implementation?
09:50casperlis the js engine working in main thread or in another thread?
09:51casperlI am new to firefox, I want to know how it works
09:51araiordinary script in the page is executed in main thread. and JS in worker is executed in other threads
09:52casperlwhat does JS in worker means?
09:52araithere's API called Worker. that is executed off main thread
09:53casperlI use gdb to debug firefox, I saw JS helper thread, is that js engine?
09:53araipart of JS engine. it does several things off main thread
09:54casperlOk, I see
09:54araiJIT compile, GC, parsing, etc
09:54araiif you have more questions, I'd suggest asking in #jsapi. so that you'll get more response :)
09:55Mardegcasperl: can I ask, are you running a debugger because something is going wrong, or are you looking for vulnerabilities to exploit?
09:56Mardegwe're fine with either answer btw. The more scrutiny of security holes the better
10:21casperlI have a question, how js engine manipulate dom tree and reflow?
10:23araiin what sense?
10:24araiDOM objects are handled in the same way as other objects in JS engine
10:24casperlis it run java script in worker thread first, after that worker thread then notify main thread and main thread does reflow process?
10:24casperlis that right?
10:25araiworker doesn't have an access to DOM tree
10:26araiif you modify DOM tree by JS in main thread, it will trigger reflow etc
10:27casperlOk, but when I backtrace stack, it did show js function
10:27araifor DOM things you could get more answer in #content. and for reflow, maybe #layout
10:27araiwhich JS function?
10:28casperlI mean c++ functions for JS engine
10:29casperlsorry for my poor english
10:29araiso, which function?
10:29araiand also backtrace for what?
10:30casperlbacktrace for modifying
10:30araican you post the backtrace to ?
10:31arai(if you want to know the details about it
12:03albertsHi there, having a little trouble lately (for one or two weeks amybe) with Nightly on macOS. It randomly stops supporting right-click / context menu; have to restart for it to work again. Anyone else experiencing this?
12:04Caspy7Not me. I'm on windows 10
12:05albertsThanks. Might be macOS only then - or my profile ...
12:07Caspy7it's the first I've heard of that type of report
12:08Caspy7Timvde: how goes that audio extension? :)
12:09albertshmm, ok then. No bug to file ;) not sure where to check what it might be. Could the Browser console help?
12:09TimvdeHaven't worked on it, although I do have some time on my hands today...
12:09TimvdeWhat was it again? :P
12:09TimvdeJust an overview of all tabs that are playing audio, with a mute button?
12:09Caspy7at its basis yes
12:10Caspy7I sent you a brainstorm once
12:10TimvdeI seem to remember that I wanted to add audio icons to tab overflow arrows, but that's probably not possible with WebExtensions
12:10Caspy7I could resend if you like
12:10Timvdelet's check pm history
12:10Caspy7hm, may have emailed...
12:11TimvdeCaspy7: The paste has expired
12:11Caspy7not surprised
12:15Caspy7Timvde: I haven't revisited it since I wrote it, but PMed
12:15Caspy7in either case, there could be just a core functionality
12:16Caspy7just muting and switching directly to that tab
12:16Caspy7from there out would commence the brainstorm including mute all and muting all but the current page
12:16TimvdeI'll see what I can do :)
12:16TimvdeFirst going to finish up my tab counter add-on
12:17TimvdeI got a friend to make an icon for me :)
12:21TimvdeOh, I also need a name, "Tab Counter" is already taken
12:22TimvdeOh, shoo, I have an off-by-one error (I really hope it's not a race condition...) somewhere
12:22Mardeg"Sum Tabs"?
12:25TimvdeAha, got it!
12:25TimvdeIt's an easy to fix off-by-one error, phew :)
12:27Caspy7Timvde: Tab Countr :)
12:28TimvdeMardeg: Sum Tabs sounds nice, how do you want me to mention you in the credits?
12:28TimvdeIs "Mardeg" fine?
12:30Mardegsure I guess
12:30The0x539tab total tho
12:30MardegTotally Tabular Dude! :)
12:30TimvdeAlliterations are nice too :P
12:31TimvdeBut I like Sum Tabs more
12:31Mardegis this because about:performance stopped showing how many tabs there are?
12:34Caspy7Timvde: would also suggest to ensure you use some typical words someone my search for in the description, like "tab counter" - unless AMO has some sort of tagging I don't know about.
12:34TimvdeMardeg: Somebode requested, and it sounded like an easy one to get into add-on development
12:35MardegIt's looking kinda sum with pinned and normal ones in the shape of an icon there-ah..
12:39Caspy7Timvde: addendum: a potential name for the audio thing is Media Muter
12:39TimvdeOh, I like that!
12:42The0x539oh *now* you're all over alliterations? >:P
12:42TimvdeThe0x539: I already said I like alliterations!
12:42TimvdeI just like "Sum Tabs" more than "Tab Total"
12:42TimvdeSorry :(
12:42The0x539(note the emote)
12:43Mardegas opposed to Tabulator
12:44TimvdeThat was a good pun :P
12:44Caspy7your puns are bad and you should feel bad
12:44philippshut tab
12:48MardegCaspy7: I'm sorry CountsTabule
12:49MardegI've offended the CountsTabulary
12:49Caspy7don't you mean Count Tabula
12:51Caspy7Just use a Sesame Street meme on the addons page
12:52Mardegscreams for a spider icon
12:54TimvdeCount Tabula sounds *really* good actually :P
12:54TimvdeI like puns
12:55Mardegit's very RecalciTab of us
12:56TimvdeHmm, AMO doesn't accept my add-on
12:56TimvdeIt says I don't have a manifest.json, but I do...
12:56Mardegtry adding a tabifest.json
12:56TimvdeOh, I know
13:00TimvdeI zipped the entire folder, instead of just the files inside
13:00TimvdeSo there was no manifest.json, but sum-tabs/manifest.json
13:00MardegAbsolutely Tabulous!
13:01TimvdeHeh, when I go to the customize view, my icon disappears :(
13:03TimvdeOkay works in a clean profile, so let's ignore that
13:03steve-_--Mwill 56b be released tomorrow when 55 hits stable?
13:04Caspy7it should be soon
13:04philippsteve-_--M: no, a day later
13:04* Mardeg goes to sleep dreaming Star Wars scenes with Tabba the Hut
13:05steve-_--Mphilipp: thx for the info
13:32TimvdeIf anyone is interested to test:
13:33TimvdeCaspy7: So if nola comes back, you can link my add-on :)
13:35TimvdeHmm, for some reason, it is listed as compatible with Android, which it probably isn't
13:35Caspy7hey, what happened to Count Tabula? :)
13:35mib_35ro45what's going on ?
13:35mib_35ro45this is the only chat w ppl
13:35Caspy7Timvde: yeah, that seems to be a problem with webextensions, they keep getting listed like that
13:36mib_35ro45shitty ppl by the looks of it, but ppl still
13:36TimvdeCaspy7: I already created the repo at that point and I was too lazy to rename it :P
13:36mib_35ro45this is exciting
13:37mib_35ro45which one of u guys is Todd???
13:37Caspy7mib_35ro45: this is a Firefox-centered channel. Do you have any support issues?
13:37mib_35ro45Todd ?
13:37mib_35ro45Todd told me to meet him here at 9:30
13:38mib_35ro45we met on one of those dating apps
13:38TimvdeOh, I actually don't need the tabs permission
13:38mib_35ro45Why does this keep happening to me?/
13:38mib_35ro45Last guy stood me up in the Vlavv erizon tech support chat
13:39Caspy7mib_35ro45: this is a Firefox support channel, not a general chat room
13:39mib_35ro45please, todd..... i know you're in here
13:39mib_35ro45whatever, Todd
13:47j605Timvde: I get this addon could not be installed because it appears to be corrupt
13:47Timvdej605: Oh, strange. I haven't installed it from AMO yet, only loaded my own, local version
13:47TimvdeLet's try
13:47TimvdeAh, ame
13:48TimvdeThat's... weird.
13:48Caspy7I wonder if there's a signing issue because it's so new?
13:48Caspy7might try #AMO or #addons
13:48Caspy7admittedly, it's early for some
13:49TimvdeCaspy7: I have signing disabled
13:49TimvdeWell, the requirement
13:50Caspy7well, same suggestion still applies :)
13:51TimvdeLoading the exact zip file that I uploaded to AMO works...
14:00TimvdeHmm. Installing through about:debugging works, but not through about:addons
14:05araiit's known issue. addon team don't think it's an issue tho
14:06araiyou need to specify ID manually
14:08araifor non-temporary not-signed addon
14:08araithe error message is terrible :P
14:12Timvdearai: Ah, I'll look into it, thanks
14:20Timvdearai: Now I tried to upload a new version...
14:20TimvdeThe add-on ID in your manifest.json or install.rdf (sum-tabs@timvde) does not match the ID of your add-on on AMO ({7d2b5a89-40aa-4f7c-b8c8-8013a3be8abe})
14:20TimvdeI'm stuck?
14:23araiah, the id is not for AMO
14:23TimvdeOr do I now have to just use that autogenerated id forever? :P
14:24araiif you sign it, you don't have to have id
14:24araiif you don't sign, you have to have id...
14:25TimvdeI'm still not sure why it doesn't work on AMO then
14:25TimvdeBecause it's not signed, probably
14:25TimvdeOh, because it's not signed AND doesn't have an ID
14:28araiinternally, it automatically generates id from signature
14:29araiI mean, when loading the extension
14:30TimvdeSo I guess I just have to wait until it passed review
14:31araior just create two different version. one with id for local use, and one without id for upload to AMO
14:38casperleiHi, this says that "The document owns the content model, and one or more presentations", and what is presentation?
14:41araiI'd suggest asking in #layout
14:58firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
14:58firebot Mic Berman: How are you taking care of yourself?
15:18firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
15:18firebot Mic Berman: What do you want for you life? knowing oneself
15:18firebot Hacks.Mozilla.Org: WebVR for All Windows Users
15:32buoyantair_oh wow it works both ways >.<
15:32buoyantairthere closed the other xD
15:49espressiveHey All
15:50espressiveRan into a problem with Firefox where, in a contenteditable context it copies and pastes the text/html value and not text/plain as Webkit/Blink does. Is there a way around this other than completely overriding the default copy and paste behaviour?
15:50espressiveSo, that is the default behaviour currently.
15:52espressiveor perhaps, it is even that the copy bit is not the problem but, that on paste, it pastes the text/html value of the DataTransfer object when in a contenteditable context
15:53araican you provide a testcase that demonstrates the issue?
15:53espressivearai: one sec
15:53espressivelet me see
15:54espressiveso, if you go here
15:54espressiveIf you copy and paste for example &#39;goats&#39;, &#39;sheep&#39;
15:55espressiveYou will see that in Firefox it pastes HTML i.e. the text you paste is wrapped in a <code> block
15:55espressivein Chrome, for example. it just pastes the text
15:56araicopy and paste where?
15:56espressiveSafari and Opera behaves the same as Chrome, have not tested IE/Edge yet
15:56espressivecopy the string from the code and paste it into the same box
15:57espressiveWhen you click on the code under &quot;The push() method adds one or more elements to the end of an array and returns the new length of the array.&quot;
15:57araiah, you mean this behavior?
15:58araiokay, let me see what&#39;s happening
15:58espressivethanks arai
15:59espressivewe might just have to switch back to using code mirror but, if there is a way to resolve this, that would be even better, as code mirror is a bit overkill for our needs
16:01araiboth Firefox and chrome copies text/plain and text/html
16:01espressiveI thought as much but, seems that Firefox then pastes text/html where Chrome pastes text/plain
16:02araino, chrome also uses text/html or something, since it can copy and paste color
16:03espressiveah, seems it just does not copy the parent elements i.e. pre and code
16:03araiyeah, Firefox copies related structure
16:03araiand chrome copies style
16:03araithat should be the difference
16:04espressiveany idea how to get around that in Fx?
16:04espressiveother than custom handling copy/paste in Fx?
16:04araias a quick workaround, I&#39;m always pasting to text editor and copy there again
16:05araibut just a workaround on user side
16:05espressiveyeah, not an ideal user experience
16:05araiwould be nice to file a bug
16:05espressivearai: I can totally do that
16:06espressivecan === will
16:06espressivethanks for looking into it.
16:06araionce it gets triaged to approriate component people there should know better
16:06araiI guess &quot;Core - Editor&quot; component or somewhere
17:13grahamperrin-MDid Bugzilla@Mozilla recently have a period of serving bug pages without the bug number prefix in the title?
17:15SeburoNo idea, but someone may have filed a bug about that.... :-)
17:17araithere have been always bug number, at least in my history
17:29Timvdearai: hmm, add-on got approved, but is still corrupt? :/
17:29TimvdeAh, nvm, I had to force-refresh
17:29TimvdeI guess the download was cached
17:48j605Timvde: it works :)
17:48TimvdeYay :)
17:48TimvdeWell, apart from the limitation I mentioned :P
17:49Caspy7Timvde: without rereading everything in the scrollback, could you say what limitation?
17:49Caspy7(without me having to read)
17:50TimvdeI&#39;m using a badge for the counter, which can only be updated globally or on a per-tab basis
17:50* Mardeg imagines Caspy7 intently closing his eyes at the IRC screen
17:50TimvdeI chose to do it globally, so windows in the background have the wrong counter
17:50Mardeghas someone with over 1000 tabs in a window torture-tested this yet?
17:51TimvdeMardeg: I have 850-ish tabs
17:52TimvdeIs that enough? :)
17:52TimvdeI couldn&#39;t find a decent way to get only the *number* of tabs, so I indeed get a list of tabs and then take .length, which is not ideal
17:52TimvdeBut I only do that at start up, and it takes about half a second for me, asynchronously
17:53TimvdeI just keep track of tabs that open and close after that
17:53TimvdeThere might be a hidden race condition in there, but I couldn&#39;t trigger it
17:55Caspy7one of those statements you don&#39;t make to investors
17:56Mardegdidn&#39;t there used to be a &quot;view source&quot; link to see the code of an extension in the browser?
17:56TimvdeMardeg: Yes, but it got removed for some reason, it should come back in the future iirc
17:57TimvdeOh wow, eew
17:57TimvdeSomehow I used spaces at some point
17:57Timvdein this file:
17:58TimvdeI&#39;m really tempted to even rewrite my git history for this, lol
18:00Mardegnice that you switched to .innerText
18:00TimvdeThere, fixed it
18:00TimvdeMardeg: yes, that&#39;s in the first release actually
18:00TimvdeThe commits after that aren&#39;t
18:01MardegTimvde: next you can switch to .textContent
18:01Mardegthe real standard instead of IE&#39;s method we had to add non-standard support to
18:01TimvdeWell, I&#39;m not a web dev :P
18:02Mardegsure, but now you know.. it feels yucky right?
18:03TimvdeHere you go ;)
18:04MardegTimvde: mentions textContent doesn&#39;t trigger a reflow for what that&#39;s worth
18:04TimvdeI have read that now, yes :)
18:13grahamperrin-MMardeg: Extension source viewer <>
18:14* grahamperrin-M uses Tab Tally <>
18:15Timvdegrahamperrin-M: That one doesn&#39;t allow to show tabs per window
18:15TimvdeSomeone requested an add-on that does both, and I couldn&#39;t find it
18:16MardegTimvde: shall I test right-click -> Close tabs to the right?
18:17Mardegworks :)
18:17TimvdeSure, try to find as many bugs as you want :)
18:35Mardegdragging tabs between windows works, dragging to create a new window works, crashing the browser works. Can&#39;t think of much else
18:37grahamperrin-MTimvde: smart, thanks. reportedly not available for my platform (FreeBSD)
18:37ManishearthI updated my nightly, and all my addons disappeared
18:37Manishearthincluding webextensions
18:38Manishearthon the same profile
18:38Manishearthmy customizeable ui stuff reset too
18:40Manishearthactually, looks like all my settings reset
18:42Manishearthyeah, all my prefs just disappeared :(
18:43Manishearthrefresh firefox
18:45Timvdegrahamperrin-M: Eh, I couldn&#39;t select BSD :/
18:46TimvdeI wanted it to be available for desktop and not for mobile, so I had to uncheck &quot;all platforms&quot; and select the desktop platforms manually, but BSD wasn&#39;t listed
18:48muffzisnt this worrisome?
18:49Timvdegrahamperrin-M: I also can&#39;t find where to change that at this point...
18:49Manishearth*phew* it&#39;s all back
18:50Timvdemuffz: Firefox&#39;s market share is at a two-year high currently! ;)
18:50muffzFF trailing to UC Browser? huh what are the odds
18:50TimvdeImo, just summing desktop and mobile is not a good way to represent actual market share
18:50TimvdeCheck desktop only:
18:50muffzyou got a point
18:51TimvdeOh, it&#39;s not at a two-year high according to StatCounter
18:51TimvdeOh well
18:51Timvdemuffz: Also, Firefox 57 is coming, which is a huge release that will be marketed accordingly
18:51TimvdeMozilla has been working very hard, and it&#39;s all coming together in 57
18:52muffzcool, are there UI changes in 57?
18:52TimvdeIt will have a whole new CSS engine, a new interface and tons of other small improvements (most of which have been landing in the past months already)
18:53muffzi guess nightly is already in v57
18:53decebaluswill see..for the moment Nightly sucks..videos don&#39;t play well and after few hours of browsing is very laggy
18:53TimvdeYou can search for &quot;Firefox Photon&quot; to get more images and other details
18:55grahamperrin-MI&#39;m glad to be using FreeBSD. Expecting to keep the title in the title bar with 57.
18:56Timvdegrahamperrin-M: Same for Linux here
19:00grahamperrin-MTimvde: what&#39;s your desktop environment?
19:00Timvdegrahamperrin-M: KDE
19:00TimvdeAlthough I&#39;m consideringn moving back to MATE
19:00Timvde(Coming from Gnome 2 -> Gnome 3 fallback mode -> XFCE -> KDE)
19:02grahamperrin-MKDE Plasma 5. (Most users of KDE on FreeBSD are on 4, I&#39;m an early adopter of 5.) join me in irc:// if you like
19:04Caspy7Manishearth: you may also like to keep #nightly on your radar
19:20Timvdegrahamperrin-M: Well, since I&#39;m planning to move away from KDE, I think I&#39;ll pass...
19:36muffzcan it take on the multi millionaire internet giant, Chrome?
19:37SeburoYes. And win.
19:40Sheogorathmuffz, Seburo, looks like FF will win:
19:41SeburoSheogorath: No idea what that is....?
19:41TimvdeA black screen in Chrome
19:41Timvdeindicating that it, too, has its share of problems
19:41Sheogoraththe articles page in chromium :D
19:42TimvdeSheogorath: Probably pretty irrelevant in this case, but if you really want to censor something, you shouldn&#39;t blur
19:43SheogorathTimvde, it&#39;s not for security, it&#39;s for privacy reasons :D So in this case blur is okay
19:43SheogorathAnd it looks a bit prettier than black blocks everywhere :X
19:43TimvdeSheogorath: Yes, what I&#39;m saying is: with enough dedication, it is probably possible to find out all those add-on icons and tab titles
19:44TimvdeBut yea, chances are slim that anyone is interested in it enough in this case
19:44TimvdeJust making sure you know :)
19:52Caspy7I do recall the pedophile that went down as a result of his blurred face
19:53Caspy7was really neat the way they figured to undo it. I guess it wasn&#39;t really a technical blur in his case, he used the photoshop twist or whatever
19:58Timvde&quot;There was an error during installation: Extension is invalid&quot; <-- Gee, thanks Firefox
19:59firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
19:59firebot Air Mozilla: Mozilla Weekly Project Meeting, 07 Aug 2017
20:03Caspy7Timvde: I think your extension just needs more validation. Tell it that you believe in it. That it really can live up to its potential.
20:04TimvdeCaspy7: I added a _locales folder without specifying default_locale in the manifest. That&#39;s apparently an error, even though I wasn&#39;t using localized string anywhere yet
21:55andrewWhat&#39;s an awesome JSONPretty extension (or native) that currently works in Nightly?
21:59kbrosnandevtools.jsonview.enabled to true if it is not
21:59kbrosnanis good enough for my needs
8 Aug 2017
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