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6 Oct 2017
00:17eluborrougagnou: If your goal is to get a different unique signature, use an addon like
00:17eluIf you *don't* want a unique signature... well, that really depends on your environment
00:25borrougagnouelu > Is very good ! but I don't understand why my fingerprint is marked as not valid now :/
00:27eluborrougagnou: Where does it say not valid? Works for me...
00:35borrougagnouyes he work but for some website with fingerprint verification, he found a "bad fingerprint" x3
00:39eluthe site you linked earlier seems to work fine with it
00:40eluborrougagnou: ^
00:50firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
00:50firebot Marcia Knous: Firefox Nightly Session at Grace Hopper
01:09Celmoris it normal when I try to resize the window with the cursor at the bottom edge the cursor 'jumps' to the bottom right corner? (using arch/i3wm)
01:09Celmorso I'm unable to resize the window vertically via mouse
01:10Caspy7Celmor: just curious if it only happens with Firefox?
01:10Caspy7definitely not the case on Windows
01:10Celmornever had it happen with any other application
01:10Caspy7never heard of it before for others
01:11CelmorI know that firefox got the resize 'icon' for window or even text fields on webpages at the bottom right
01:13Celmorwhen making the window floating I can resize at the bottom edge but the cursor changes to a "bottom-right" resize cursor
01:14Celmor(or bottom-left, depending on to which cursor I'm closer)
01:15firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
01:15firebot Robert O'Callahan: Building On Rock, Not Sand
01:17Celmormust've been a bug with i3
03:45firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
03:45firebot Cameron Kaiser: Various and sundry: OverbiteWX is coming, TenFourFox FPR4 progress, get your Talos orders in and Microsoft's new browser has no clothes
07:58g00shi, whats the relationship between # FF windows and memory usage (on 57.0b5, multi process)
07:59g00sdoes using more windows mean more memory? i notice no matter how many i have open, same # of main / content processes
08:20firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
08:20firebot Tarek Ziad: Autosizing web services
11:26Azrael_-i've just updated to version 56 but the preferences-menu is still the retro old style menu. this is already since a long time, but now i want to know why. can you give me a hint?
11:26araiwhich OS?
11:26Azrael_-win 7
11:27araican you post a screenshot of the menu?
11:27Azrael_-one moment please
11:29Azrael_- <-- i&#39;m using firefox with the additional german language pack. no idea if there was a better option without loosing any data
11:29araihave you tried safe mode?
11:30araiit looks like a mixture of new content + older dialog style
11:30araiso I think there&#39;s something tweaks it
11:31Azrael_-ok, with disabled plugins it looks like expected. gotta try out all plugins one by one
11:32araibinary search may help
11:33Azrael_-ok, it was the &quot;classic theme restorer&quot;-plugin. but like this i am missing the additional addon-toolbar at the bottom. is there a way to restore it properly?
11:34araiI&#39;m not aware of details about that one
11:34araithere might be some option
11:37Azrael_-thanks so far. will ask again later and hope there will be some more
11:39arai4 or 5 hours later might work
11:46Caspy7Azrael_-: I&#39;m pretty sure this is just a setting in CTR to restore the old prefs. You just need to disable that setting.
12:46firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
12:46firebot Anne van Kesteren: MIME type interoperability
13:46firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
13:46firebot Alessio Placitelli: Recording Telemetry scalars from add-ons
14:21firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
14:21firebot QMO: Firefox 57 Beta 8 Testday, October 13th
14:21firebot Will Kahn-Greene: Socorro signature generation overhaul and command line interface
14:26Odinis there a way i can get firefox to highlight specific txt on a page dealing with numbers greater than a user set variable XX Ammount ?
14:26Odinsay i want to see any numbers over 100,000,000 ?
14:27Odinwhen page loads it will &quot;highlight&quot; / change that txt to a yellow or green color
14:28Odinnah, was lookin for some kinda script to automatically scan data on page load and change it
14:29adriansvhave you tried looking into extensions? about:addons
14:33Odinahh for a minute or two, everything i was finding would highlight exact matches, but i need to have a comparison in it.. for any number over XX it will highlight
14:35Odinusing mirc would be like on sock read, if $gettok(blah,blah,3) is >= %var { echo string } or something
14:38Caspy7Odin: perhaps could be done with Violentmonkey
14:45q3e545t67uir6onot working only for me or not? I see 0 watt. And i think not correct working page. As in browsers based chromium, i don&#39;t know, need install. 56.0 64 linux
15:00q3e545t67uir6oThis ASUS calculator doesn&#39;t work either.
15:09q3e545t67uir6othis ok
15:15Azrael_-Caspy7: CTR?
15:15Azrael_-ah, k, will try
15:16Azrael_-perfect, thanks. didn&#39;t even think there was a setting for this! :D
15:32fuzenHi, is there any reason why the image on wont load on firefox, but does in chrome/safari/opera ?
15:44Caspy7fuzen: you may also ask in #webdev
16:46ice9what&#39;s the &quot;Web Content&quot; process?
16:49Mardegthe pages you browse to inside each tab
16:51ice9i two opened tabs only and this process is taking 400 MB of memory, i&#39;m running FF 56
16:57Mardegit includes the cache of page history in each tab, along with that of up to 10 closed tabs for &quot;undo close tab&quot; and &quot;recent tabs&quot; menu item
16:57Caspy7ice9: there is going to be a minimum amount of memory that process needs to take to do it&#39;s job. if you go to 4 pages, the memory should not double
17:02Mardegif you want you can reduce the value from 10 at about:config?filter=browser.sessionstore.max_tabs_undo
17:04Mardegor from 50 at about:config?filter=browser.sessionhistory.max_entries
17:07ekwOn Firefox Quantum 57.0b5, text sometimes just disappears and doesn&#39;t render, apparently after the browser has been left running for a long time. Anyone else come across that?
17:46firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
17:46firebot The Firefox Frontier: Why is my computer so slow? Your browser needs a tune-up.
17:46firebot Soledad Penades: How to solve the aborting due to worker thread panic error message while compiling Firefox on a virtual machine
18:15ShakespeareFan00Anyone reported problems with Ublock
18:15ShakespeareFan00I&#39;m finding it isn&#39;t working om my version of Firefox
18:16ShakespeareFan00Also I&#39;m finding that when I &quot;Restart&quot; Firefox it doesn&#39;t
18:17ShakespeareFan00And I have had to do process kills
18:18ShakespeareFan00Windows 7 - |Firefox 56.0
18:25ShakespeareFan00Why when I try to restart Firefox in Windows7 it stubborns necessitating a &quot;Start program, wait for ever ... KIll Process , try again ...&quot; mutliple times in succuession?
18:26ShakespeareFan00I am not as far as I know using nightly builds
18:27ShakespeareFan00I&#39;m also having toruble with U-Block Origin which although stating it&#39;s comptaible with 56.0 , seems to be bug out frequently
18:27ShakespeareFan00From a project like Firefox I would have expected better
18:27ShakespeareFan00As I know you test your code thoroughly
18:28ShakespeareFan00So is there an exlanation for the poor performance?
18:29g00snoticed a small bug in FF 57b5 UI - when I go to &quot;About&quot; it says FF is up to date, when I went to preferences it said &quot;restart to update&quot; or something like that. It had already downloaded the patch (i had set: download, but let me install)
18:30azakiShakespeareFan00: Does it happen with addons disabled?
18:30ShakespeareFan00azaki: The not restarting thing?
18:31ShakespeareFan00How do I test that without having the add-ons installed?
18:31azakiif you go into addons configuration you can disable them
18:31azakior you can restart in safe mode
18:31ShakespeareFan00azaki: Specfically, the Restart Now button when installing a new add-on fails to restart Firefox
18:31ShakespeareFan00That cannot be tested in &quot;Safe mode&quot;
18:31azakiah. well, i&#39;m not sure about that one.
18:32sajattackhello, I&#39;m having difficulty compiling style
18:32ShakespeareFan00Also after visting some sites U-Block origin locks up
18:32ShakespeareFan00Apparently needing MULTIPLE Kill Process, restart cycles to get it working
18:33ShakespeareFan00I&#39;d like to hope it&#39;s an issue with U-Block , but....
18:34ShakespeareFan00Some sites have decided to be nasty about ad-blockers
18:36azakii did see some weirdness in 56 with addons in general.
18:37ShakespeareFan00azaki: Add-on support is going to change in 57
18:37azakii had addons crashing, not just ublock, but even an image search addon i had.
18:37ShakespeareFan00Stuff WILL break
18:37azakiShakespeareFan00: i&#39;m well aware... that&#39;s not what i meant. lol
18:37SeburoMore stuff will be fixed than will break :-)
18:37azakii meant that two addons, that were both webextensions, were crashing.
18:37ShakespeareFan00Is it possible some of the add-on changes have already been pushed?
18:38azakiShakespeareFan00: ublock is currently a webextension
18:38azakiit&#39;s not a legacy addon.
18:38ShakespeareFan00Seburo: Alos have you had any reports of interactions between firefox and Avast>?
18:38azakithey already shipped the webext version which will keep working once 57 comes out.
18:38ShakespeareFan00Avast back on XP was sometimes rather pedantic about just what it would allow
18:38ShakespeareFan00Commodo as well
18:39SeburoShakespeareFan00: I am not aware of any issues.
18:39ShakespeareFan00You would think that at some point all the security software providers would agree ONE common standard so legitimate software didn&#39;t hacve to run around all the vendors proving it
18:40SeburoDoes anyone have any views on Sophos free AV?
18:41ShakespeareFan00azaki: Anyway thanks for letting me know I&#39;m not the only one with add-ons issues
18:41ShakespeareFan00There&#39;s a bug fix release coming up soon?
18:43azakii don&#39;t know, i&#39;m already on 57. i was experiencing these issues on 56 when it was in the beta cycle.
18:43azakisince i use firefox dev edition, not release.
18:43azaki57 seems to work a *lot* better than 56. at least for me.
18:43ShakespeareFan00So it may have already been fixed?
18:43ShakespeareFan00That&#39;s happened before
18:44* ShakespeareFan00 calms down
18:44azakii really don&#39;t know, it could be an issue that is fixed in 57 and not in 56, like by accident. maybe because 56 is the last version with legacy addon support, who knows
18:45Mardegno extensions that need a restart to run will work in 57, so I guess that&#39;s a kind of fix :)
18:45ShakespeareFan00Mardeg: When does Firefox stop changin daipers?
18:45ShakespeareFan00(ie when does NAPI get dropped)
18:46ShakespeareFan00So I can&#39;t ditch Flash just yet :(
18:46azakii would&#39;ve beaten you if not for the period. =c
18:46ShakespeareFan00Usally in the past stuff going eron has been Flash
18:46azakiuh, ditching flash can be done anytime as long as you don&#39;t rely on flash-only websites.
18:46ShakespeareFan00Shame there isn&#39;t a way to get flash content running without Flash
18:47ShakespeareFan00I have sites still using Flash players for streamed audio :)
18:47azakithere may still be flash content after 2020. lol
18:47azakii dunno what websites like newgrounds will do honestly
18:47ShakespeareFan00YouTube is alreay HTML5 mostly
18:47azakisome (like me) are hoping the opensource flash implementations get renewed interest.
18:47azakivideo is the easy case though.
18:47ShakespeareFan00Don;t know about sites like BBC Iplayer
18:47ShakespeareFan00IPlayer I think is flash because of some DRM issues
18:48azakihtml5 has drm now though.
18:48azakithat&#39;s what netflix uses
18:48ShakespeareFan00And soon Firefox will have WebGL
18:48ShakespeareFan00If ti doesn&#39;t already...
18:48azakinetflix now works in html5 in firefox.
18:48g00syoutube is the only player that works on my 90KB/s connection - it stutters once and then adjusts bitrate, everything else is too stupid and keeps running out of buffer
18:48azakifirefox has had webgl for years...
18:49azakii think it was the first to have it...
18:49ShakespeareFan00and VRML/X3D to whatever standard is now used?
18:49ShakespeareFan00Not that anyone now uses VRML
18:49azakioh, i dunno about VR. that&#39;s new.
18:49ShakespeareFan00VRML is around 1997
18:49Seburoazaki: Remember this > :-)
18:49ShakespeareFan00X3D is early 200&#39;s
18:50g00sdoes opening up more windows increase FF ram usage generally ? I don&#39;t see more processes being made though ...
18:51ShakespeareFan00Seburo: Wow
18:51ShakespeareFan00That&#39;s in browser
18:51azakiSeburo: nope, i was messing around with the quake demos mostly when webgl was first being demoed. lol
18:51azakilike the quake3 map viewer
18:51ShakespeareFan00Back in 1997 I saw something like that as stand-alone and was impressed
18:51azakiand i think there was also a quake2 or quake1 in browser one.
18:52ShakespeareFan00Won&#39;t be long before there&#39;s online WebGL Doom Deathmatch?
18:52SeburoWhatever happened to the Quake version that was linked to from MDN, that was fun?
18:52ShakespeareFan00What drives WebGL?
18:52azakig00s: by default firefox will make 4 content processes, it can be increased to 7 in preferences under &quot;performance&quot;
18:52azakig00s: tabs are grouped together within those processes
18:52azakig00s: less processes = less memory usage, more = more memory usage.
18:53g00sazaki ok - but for new windows, how are they allocated between processes ?
18:53ShakespeareFan00azaki: Do plugins run in their own thread?
18:53azakig00s: the UI is in it&#39;s own process, it just creates a window and then uses one of the 4 or however many content processes. it doesnt create a new process
18:53g00sazaki ok thanks
18:54azakiShakespeareFan00: plugins (like npapi) run in their own process. as for extensions.. i *think* they are supposed to, but not sure if they actually do to be honest... in chrome i think extensions are in a separate process..
18:57ShakespeareFan00The only NPAPI plugin I still use is Flash
18:57ShakespeareFan00When someone can do flash natively...
18:57ShakespeareFan0056 can play MP3 without needing Quicktime apparently
18:58azakithe mp3 patents recently expired i think
19:00ShakespeareFan00Firefox can&#39;t play MIDI though...
19:01ShakespeareFan00Which I find suprising given the existince of Fluidsynth and other open source softsynths (Musescore uses one...)
19:01kbrosnaneach media format is a security risk
19:01* ShakespeareFan00 goes of wondering if he&#39;s ever going to have a DeliPlayer addon for firefox so I cna play my really obscure Amiga formats
19:01ShakespeareFan00kbrosnan: MIDI isn&#39;t a security risk... It&#39;s JUST note data
19:02ShakespeareFan00MIDI files don&#39;t have code in them....
19:02cpetersonShakespeareFan00: WebMIDI API is bug 836897
19:02firebot NEW, Implement the WebMIDI API
19:03ShakespeareFan00There&#39;s an add-on called Jazz MIDI?
19:04azakihere i was gonna suggest that doing midi on the web was dumb
19:04azakiand then i see that bug. lol
19:04azakithe web never ceases to amaze me. =p
19:05Seburo&quot;the web never ceases to amaze me.&quot; - which is why we are here. :-)
19:05ShakespeareFan00To be fair there was an ANCIENT plugin for Netscape Navigator that played MIDI on websites
19:06ShakespeareFan00I used it WAY Back on Windows 98
19:06ShakespeareFan00Netusers today...
19:06ShakespeareFan00They don;t know how easy they have it...
19:07* ShakespeareFan00 stops before I turn into an impromptu advert for plusnet...
19:07azakiso just to clarify, this just accesses the OS&#39;s midi synth and devices?
19:07azakibrowsers aren&#39;t going to just ship their own synthesizers and soundfonts right? lol
19:07ShakespeareFan00azaki: I think WebMIDI is a bridge between web apps and MIDI on the host OS
19:07azakiShakespeareFan00: yeah i&#39;m hoping it&#39;s just that
19:08azakithat firefox download would get massive if you start shipping synth packages and soundfonts built-in.. =p
19:10azakiabout the mp3 patents.. it took so long for that.. now we have to wait for h264 and aac patents to expire =p
19:10azakiwhich i guess will be around 2027 or so..
19:10azakiso 10 more years. =p
19:11azakihevc is a failure so we don&#39;t have to worry about it. long live AV1. =)
19:12ShakespeareFan00Don&#39;t forget about Dirac ;)
19:12ShakespeareFan00BBC uses it
19:13SeburoShakespeareFan00: Oh, thanks for the reminder. I need to see what is on BBC Click this weekend. :-)
19:14azakii&#39;d prefer to forget about it, since no one but bbc seems to be using it. =p
19:14azakii assume there must be something wrong with it if no one else is rushing to add dirac support to the web. =p
19:23Exagone313Hello, I got a compilation error at the end of a 56.0.1 build (native compilation is done afaik), here is mach&#39;s output when I re-run the build command: What can I do? I can send my build script (including mozconfig) if needed. Thanks for your help.
19:28Exagone313I don&#39;t have this issue for building 55, 57 or 58, but I haven&#39;t tried 56.0, and I get this for 56.0.1
19:32Exagone313oh it looks like a patch exists
19:37Exagone313problem solved (patch Bug 1384062)
19:37firebot FIXED, AssertionError: assert self._running when shutting down resource monitor
19:46firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
19:46firebot William Lachance: Mission Control
21:41steve-_--Mhi all. I am seeing some weird behavior using firefox sync. on an iOS device the sync now date is 15 days in the past and not updating
21:41steve-_--Masked in #sync but received no response :/
23:58CounterPillowWhat&#39;s this Cliqz spyware shit?
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