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6 Aug 2017
03:16chalcedonyhi hi
03:17chalcedonyi am having the weirdest problem with firefox on youtube chat. if i paste anything it won't let me type
03:17chalcedonyneither the laptop keyboard or the usb one will work
03:17chalcedonyuntil i type in notepad or somewhere
03:17chalcedonythen it will let me again
03:18chalcedonyuntil i copy something
03:18chalcedonyon windows 7
03:37chalcedonyatm even typing in notepad++ isn't making it let me type in youtube chat
03:37chalcedonyits very frustrating
04:54DavidiusPrimeIs anyone here running two different versions of Firefox? I need an old verison for specific websites so I got v47 from Mozilla FTP, extracted it and when I try to run it it starts ok but the about says its v54. Im running it from within the older version folder and calling it directly with '~/Downloads/Linux Apps/Firefox-v47/firefox' -P "FFv47" --no-remote but no joy
04:57araihave you restarted? if so, maybe it's already updated
04:57araianyway, what happens if you close all firefox instances and run v47 ?
05:01DavidiusPrimeyes have done multiple reboots of system over the last few days
05:01DavidiusPrimestill the same it opens the correct profile but if I go to about it shows it as version 54
05:02araimaybe you need to extract the 47 archive again
05:02araiif it's already updated
05:44The0x539oh god what is this "default" photon theme
05:44The0x539it looks quite bad
05:44The0x539"light" is fine
05:44The0x539I don't prefer it but it's fine
06:05firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
06:05firebot Smokey Ardisson: SSL now available on
06:12g00sis there a way to have FF lazy load my pinned tabs like the regular ones on startup ?
06:15firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
06:15firebot Cameron Kaiser: TenFourFox FPR2 available
06:24David3khow do I enable unverified addons these days?
06:26araixpinstall.signatures.required ?
06:29David3karai, will try that in a min
06:30David3kworked, thanks, though wondering now what that keeps getting set to true
06:32David3kanyway, I have a certain profile that sets a lot of the firefox locale to japan ("welcome to" update page is in japanese) but only on Firefox release: it shows the normal locale in FxDev and FxNightly
06:34auscompgeekg00s: yes, browser.sessionstore.restore_pinned_tabs_on_demand in about:config
06:35g00sauscompgeek awesome, that worked - thanks !
08:04chalcedonyi am having the weirdest problem with firefox on youtube chat. if i paste anything it won't let me type, after that. neither the laptop keyboard or the usb one will work. sometimes if i type a few letters in notepad or somewhere, then it will let me again, for a minute, and then when i want to type again, it quits, or if i copy paste anything, then i can't type. it's only youtube chat, not irc or other things.
08:04chalcedonyi don't remember if i can type in the search bar
09:05ryzokukenflash does not work in nightly?
10:01ShakespeareFan00 third line
10:01ShakespeareFan00It doesn't display correctly
10:04Caspy7ShakespeareFan00: looks the same in Chrome for me
10:05ShakespeareFan00Doesn't help that the arrangment of the relevant unicode charcters isn't logical
10:06Daggerand how are you expecting it to appear? it seems to render about as well as you could expect that sequence of characters to render
10:06ShakespeareFan00Seems the Wikipedia article is wrong
10:07ShakespeareFan00Updated to use correct sequences
10:09Daggerthe rest of the sandbox page implies you want U+00B9 though?
10:10ShakespeareFan00The bottom example was for test purposes
10:10ShakespeareFan00As I am trying to come up with a way of doing it for fractions that don't have their own point
10:11ShakespeareFan00 has most of the commons ones though
10:11Caspy7I'd screenshot but you already changed it
10:13Daggerit was the bottom example that you were complaining wasn't rendering properly though, so it presumably wasn't just for test purposes
10:16ShakespeareFan00Yeah it's my coding
12:50Zinkerif watch html5 video and might have a windows explorer over it , does firefox crash to ya also / windows ?
12:52Zinkermeaning when html5 is cover by another window and you do move files or like
12:57Zinkerwhen i send mozilla a crash log , are the urls visible ?
12:58Zinkerlet me try google
13:01Zinkerseems so , hmmm , i dont want share my porn :)
13:03Zinkeri think mozillas just surf all reported crash porns all day , laugh
13:03DuClareI think it asks whether to send urls
13:03DuClareIt should
13:04DuClareAnd URL sharing is disabled by default
13:04DuClareBut why wouldn't you share your porn :/
13:05Zinker i think you cant decide ?
13:11Zinkerhmm ic
13:17Zinkerwahh again this windows ie , how can i make ff system wide as standard browser even if i did set it ?
13:17Zinkerwindows 7
13:18j605use set as default inside Edit->Preferences
13:19firebotAdministrator_: Welcome to #firefox! Just ask your question and someone should be with you shortly. If you don't get an answer after a while, you can try taking a look through the support site:
13:19Caspy7j605: are you talking about the menu item? Preferences is under Tools on Windows
13:19Caspy7linux and mac it's under Edit
13:19Zinkeri did , but when open eg. flash check for updates opens ie , and here i use nettalk , open a url is ie ...
13:20j605Caspy7: I didn't know that would be located in a different place, sorry
13:20Caspy7np, it's not common knowledge I'd say
13:20Administrator_this is my firt time usring irc client
13:20Caspy7well, you made it, so kudos
13:21Zinkeri got it , windows control panel , standard programs then check ff ... working , tks
13:27Zinkerfor h265 you need an i3 with 16 gb , for 4k ?
13:28Caspy7There is no H.265 support in Firefox, only h.264
13:28Zinkerah ok
13:29Zinkertherefor were tv sets founded ...
13:31Zinkerbut remarkable is that vga doesnt matter , its a cpu core does the rendering ....
13:36Administrator_when i build firefox i got ERROR: Could not find LLVM/Clang installation for compiling stylo build-time, what should i do to solve this
13:39Caspy7Administrator_: the better channel for that is probably #introduction
13:39Caspy7they handle a lot of build questions there
13:40j605in Linux, I was able to build by just running the program
13:40j605It did most of the work
13:43Zinkeris there a 64bit linux ?
13:45est31thats what my about:buildconfig tells me about my firefox
13:45est31not sure if official binaries are 64 bit
13:46est31but I *think* that firefox got 64 bit support on linux before it did on windows
13:46j605official binaries are also 64 bit and has been for a looooong time
13:46j605the only reason I have 32 bit libs in my installation is for printer drivers :(
13:48Zinkerya the drivers ...
13:49Zinkerany compatibility problems with 64 and 32 ?
13:51Caspy7I imagine about no one is running 32 bit Firefox on linux and most people on Windows should switch (and will automatically this year)
13:52Zinkercant stop the future ...
13:52Zinkerbut the drivers :)
13:52Zinkertheres linux ahead
13:56Zinkerbut well at least a os must be backward compatible ... mac is great there
13:56Zinkerin my next life i start with a mac :)
13:57j605such a closed platform, I wouldn't move to it
13:58Zinkerhence 30 years ago all went mac
13:59Zinkerbut at least a 64bit os just uses the cpu and must redundant till 16bit
14:00Zinkerbut windows , is some special ...
14:00Zinkermoney money money
14:00Caspy7Zinker: sometimes you have a tendency to just talk continually about many things here. This is mainly a channel about Firefox. Please reign yourself in.
14:01Zinkercaspy7 is nerved , we talk too much , im off
15:09lilybetI need a help for submiting a patch
15:11lilybeti wanted to confirm the whether the file tools/ is correct for the bug listed in ""
15:11firebotBug 1387036 NEW, ./mach clang-format - improve the git filter
15:16firebotlilybet: Welcome to #firefox! Just ask your question and someone should be with you shortly. If you don't get an answer after a while, you can try taking a look through the support site:
15:17Caspy7you around arai?
15:17Caspy7firebot: contribute
15:17firebotCaspy7: To get involved with Mozilla in various ways, see and /join #introduction
15:18Caspy7lilybet: you may be able to get some guidance in that channel ^
15:18lilybetthanks Caspy7
16:37GrayShadei disabled smooth scrolling in the preferences, but some pages still have a smooth scroll effect
16:38GrayShadelike vs.
16:38GrayShadeit's not some script on the page
16:38araion what operation?
16:38araiwheel scroll?
16:39GrayShadesorry, pressing space or page down
16:39GrayShadefirefox nightly
16:40GrayShadeit also happens on view-source urls
16:41araiindeed, it sometimes does smooth scroll
16:43GrayShadei wonder if it's intentional
16:43buoyantairso im on the firefox irc!!
16:43buoyantairI came from telegram between =3
16:43araiGrayShade: doesn't happen on non-e10s mode, so at least either of them is buggy
16:44araiI thought there's some CSS rule about scroll, but I don't see any on the page
16:44GrayShadearai: hmm, if i right click on a tab and choose "open in new non-e10s window" i still see that effect
16:45GrayShadearai: not css, also happens on plain text documents
16:46araiyeah, still happens on non-e10s window
16:46araibut doesn't happen when I disable e10s entirely
16:46GrayShadedisabling apz.keyboard.enabled has no effect either
16:47araishould worth filing a bug :)
16:48GrayShadeyou're right about global e10s
16:50GrayShadei don't have a mouse, does it happen on wheel scroll?
16:51arainot for me
16:52araionly with keyboard
16:54GrayShadeokay, i'll file a bug
16:54araithanks :)
16:54GrayShadethanks for testing
16:58GrayShadeand i think it's a bit faster than the real smooth scroll effect?
16:59araiI don't notice any difference in speed
17:00GrayShadeoh, all right. i always disable it
17:40monadLove, love, LOVE the UI on Nightly!!!! I just switched back to Nightly because of it.
17:41monadHowever, pdf.js needs some help. Clicking on PDFs just saves the file automatically rather than displaying.
17:41araimaybe the server returns Content-Disposition header?
17:42monadarai Yeah?
17:42Caspy7monad: how about this one?
17:43araiI mean, the case that the web server wants users to download it
17:43araiI meant, save it
17:44araimonad: do you have an example?
17:44monadSure. Sec.
18:14TimvdeCaspy7: Someone asked yesterday for a tab counter add-on that can also count total number of tabs in all windows, so I made one :)
18:15TimvdeThe only thing I'm still missing, is an icon
18:16Caspy7awesome, good job, please link me when it's on AMO
18:16TimvdeThe icon is probably going to be the biggest problem, I have absolutely *no* design skills :P
18:17Caspy7Timvde: perhaps think about things that are counters... There's this :)
19:10ryzokukenI'm having trouble making lastpass work on firefox :(
19:10ryzokukenthe error says: Access to the file was denied
19:11Tylerryzokuken: I'd suggest contacting lastpass support after you make sure you are running the latest Firefox and latest lastpass
19:12ryzokukenyeah, it's nightly
19:12ryzokukenoh wait, is it supposed to work on nightly?
19:12Tylerryzokuken: probably not no
19:12Caspy7Tyler: do you know if they disabled the shims on Nightly?
19:13Caspy7a lot of addons just broke and that's my suspicion
19:13ryzokukenmaybe it's something to do with the resource:// protocol
19:13ryzokukenThe file at resource://support-at-lastpass-dot-com/data/tabDialog.html?dialog=createAccountSimple&lplanguage= is not readable.
19:13TylerCaspy7: I don't know. Sorry. I have been too crazy busy with my own projects I haven't been able to keep up with nightly changes and add-ons. I wish I had the time but not anymore
19:14Tylerryzokuken: Honestly, it probably isn't meant to work on nightly. contact their support to doublecheck, but don't be surprised if extensions break in nightly
19:14Caspy7ok, just curious, I've seen several reports and it'd be nice to have answers for people
19:14TylerCaspy7: I know they were planning on making those changes this week, so they could have happened. AFAIK it's happening as part of several patches so I'm not sure what's landed and what hasn't
19:15Caspy7well, legacy isn't disabled, but a random smattering of addons are
19:15Caspy7someone indicated all non-e10s and some e10s, which makes me thing shims got disabled
19:47sorinelloHello. Is there any way to save my pinned tabs either as an external file (xml or HTML) or as Bookmarks ?
19:47sorinelloseems that bookmarking all the tabs does not bookmark the pinned tabs also
20:56rctgamer3sorinello: you likely only have 5-10 tabs, just unpin them, move them to a new window then bookmark them, then export them
21:22TimvdeCaspy7: And now my add-on is fast and not resource-hogging too! :D
21:23TimvdeStill no icon, though :P
22:57stareyei am testing reactos on real hardware
22:58stareyei have installed k-meleon but the issue is the same with firefox
22:59stareyereactos crashes on firefox and the cache is corrpted so the chkdsk /f takes too long
23:00stareyei have delted the recently cache but could not find the cache.trash dir
23:04Caspy7stareye: what version of Firefox is it and where did you get the build from?
23:07stareyeCaspy7: It's K-Meleon 75.1 and downloaded from sourceforge said it crashed with Firefox, yes?
23:08stareyeCaspy7: also if i install firefox on it
23:09Caspy7what version crashes? Where did you get it? If you got it from Mozilla then you should be able to go to about:crashes in the URL bar and get a list of crash reports - assuming it's generating them
23:09Caspy7otherwise, we don't really support K-Meleon
23:17stareyeok thx
7 Aug 2017
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