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21 Apr 2017
02:06un214oh gee nice to see a 12 year old security bug wasn't fully patched
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02:17firebot Cameron Kaiser: The bites back
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03:02firebot Air Mozilla: WorldBots Meetup 4/20/17
03:54amosbirdIs there a consistent way to tell that the current focused element are accepting inputs?
06:30dxcHi guys, have an interesting problem, on a website I'm on, up until recently (last several days), it supported using filepicker to upload a file (say an image) to the chat area of the site, I could paste a url or upload from my computer
06:30dxcnow, for whatever reason, when I click the button, it only offers to upload from my computer
06:31dxcI've tried the same in chrome, and it works as expected
06:31dxcis there anything anyone can think of that might affect that in recent versions of firefox beta?
06:32dxclemme wrangle up some screenshots.
06:34dxcI've done the usual restart w/ addons disabled and the like
06:37dxc The top is the expected behavior, how it used to wrok, and how it still works in chrome
06:37dxcthe bottom is the experienced behavior
06:38dxcI'll be here for a couple hours, I guess.
06:45Caspy7dxc: I have to go soon, but my expectation here is that this is up to the site. They're the one who can display the panel to drag stuff or else prompt for the file chooser
06:45dxcPossible, I'll see if I still have the guy's twitter contact information
06:46dxcI'll also test and see if maybe another computer exhibits the issue as well
06:47Caspy7dxc: I can drag images on to imgur, you might test to make sure there's nothing on your side that is somehow telling sites that you don't have drag and drop
06:47dxcThat's a good idea, let's see
06:48dxcworks on imgur
06:48dxctbh I think you were right in suggesting it was the site
06:48dxcI'll yell at the dev(s) for it.
06:50dxcthanks for the input either way, Caspy7 o/
06:52dxcit does the same on IE as well.
06:52dxcand edge
06:52dxcbut >edge
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06:53firebot Ehsan Akhgari: Quantum Flow Engineering Newsletter #6
06:54Caspy7dxc: sounds like a case of Chrome-is-the-new-IE, in which Devs mainly build/care about one browser
06:57Caspy7...I said something funny?
06:57dxcjust me thinking of chrome as the new IE
06:57dxcsorry, its 2am
06:57dxcmy sense of humor is warped even more than it normally is.
06:58Caspy7well, it's a common meme lately because it's become so true
07:27TimvdeEspecially on mobile, it's a problem
07:33overbythereHello fellow mozilla-ians. I've had a 'complaint' on my plugin for FF that it doesn't correctly support IPv6 websites. Could someone link me to a website running on IPv6? I'm trying to find one and they all return IPv4 addresses
07:34Tokoyamioverbythere: is the one I know
07:35overbythereTokoyami that may explain my issue replicating the problem, that page wont load for me here..fantastic
07:35Tokoyamioverbythere: well, yeah, you'll have to procure an ipv6 connection :)
07:47WillPittengerGoogle Earth went from being independent of a browser to demanding one--Chrome to boot. :(
07:51overbythereThank you for your help Tokoyami, managed to replicate problem through my web server using that URL, so should now be fixed, thanks again!
07:51Tokoyamioverbythere: np
08:10Corkoverbythere: we have several ipv6 sites here and it works just fine
08:10overbythereCork it was with my plugin, it shows the local IP compared to the 'remote' IP. My plugin was using PHP's gethostbyname(), which only supports IPv4
08:11overbythereits all fixed now :)
08:11overbythereThanks for your response though!
08:13weethi, did 53 break Multifox ( for you too? No matter what profile, I get the same profile (so I guess cookies are shared).
08:14overbythereweet that page doesnt exist for me..?
08:15weetoh huh
08:15overbythereweet the developer recommends "container tabs":
08:15weetoh damn so it's the addon itself
08:15weetsorry everyone
08:21hetakusoHi, question; in the proxy selection dialog, why is "remote DNS" greyed out when "SOCKS4" rather than "SOCKS5" is chosen? Shouldn't this combo cause Firefox to use SOCKS4A?
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10:08firebot Doug Belshaw: Can digital literacy be deconstructed into learnable units?
10:28panitaliemomAm I right here to suggest an improvement on the firefox browser?
10:33panitaliemomI will try to post it there!
10:35panitaliemomAny possibilitiy without creating an account?
10:37HavvyNope. No anonymous posting there.
10:37panitaliemomToo bad! Anyhow thank you, have a nice day!
10:47phlixi_opretty sure i did nothing (haha, i know that users always claim that), but since today ie is default browser on my machine
10:47SeburoI am very sorry to hear that.
10:48phlixi_oi remember that one of my firefoxes said something about somthing it could not update, and my colluege who stand behind me said he had that same message too on his private linux und on the workstation (windows) as well
10:49phlixi_oso i guess somethign went wrong with the update yesterday and i am not alone with that
10:49SeburoI am not aware of any wider issues.
10:54phlixi_oso my mate and i run about 4 machines, one of them linux, the others win7 and 10. and on three of them the update yesterday failed
10:55phlixi_oand on the forth (one of the win10 ones) so far i simply didnt restart anything (neither browser nor os) so maybe i just dont know yet that it failed :-)
10:56phlixi_obut i guess it wont be resolved anyway, so just you heard of it in case there are more where problmes occured...
11:03VickmaniacHi, my firefox addon uses cookies and now nsICookieManager2 does not return all cookies in FirefoxDeveloperEdition version 54.0a2 (2017-04-18) (64-bit)
11:04Vickmaniacthis only happens in my macbook
11:05Vickmaniaccould someone please confirm if it is a bug ? or if it is gona stay this way
11:32SeburoWith this being an add-on, you may need to contact the add-ons developer.
11:35Tew(I read "my addon" as "I wrote this")
11:36CorkTew: the question sounds like it is more about why the api doens't provide all the cookies
11:37Corkand that makes me suggest asking in #extdev or possibly #developers
11:37Corkah, sorry that should prob have been to Seburo
11:39Vickmaniacwell the problem is that it does not return any cookies :( i first thought it does return few cookies ignoring some of em, but it returns none
11:40Vickmaniacalso "Remove all cookies" option in "Preferences --> Privacy" is removed in browser now
11:40SeburoVickmaniac: Hi. Is this an add-on that you have made yourself?
11:41Vickmaniaci ported the chrome addon which i already made
11:42Vickmaniacdid not develop the firefox webextension from scratch
11:44VickmaniacOops sorry this is an SDK addon . . i am so confused since i am current porting my chrome extension to webextension and also working on customer issues reported on existing addon sdk
11:44SeburoVickmaniac: I think you may have to follow Corks suggestion and ask in #extdev
11:45Vickmaniacalright . . but are u guys aware of y "Remove all cookies" option in "Preferences --> Privacy" is removed in browser now ?
11:45Vickmaniacthis is not related to addons, so i believe i could get an answer here
11:45azakii just now heard about mozilla acquiring pocket, that's pretty cool; are they going to let people self-host? =o
11:47SeburoVickmaniac: The option is still here, it just looks a little different. If you go to about:preferences#privacy and select "remove individual cookies", there is the option to remove all cookies.
11:49SeburoI have to go now. Have fun, take care, eat cookies. Bye :-)
14:08TimvdeTMP update, phew
14:08TimvdeOne day without was horror :(
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15:49firebot Mozilla Open Policy & Advocacy Blog: Dutch court ruling puts net neutrality in question
17:24anon143hello. I'm using firefox 53 and I tried out the new compact dark mode. is nice, but I have a suggestion
17:25anon143when you highlight the text in address bar or when you select a tab, instead of that light blue color should be orange or red
17:25anon143blue light is good for our health
17:26anon143*is NOT good
17:27The0x539small blue UI elements aren't particularly relevant to that
17:28kbrosnana user style could easily override that
17:36anon143yes, but most people don't use user styles. that's way i think the default tab highlight color is important not to be blue
19:24Caspy7welp, looks like I finally have strong impetus to switch to Nightly
19:24Caspy7 landed
19:24firebotBug 1345090 FIXED, Modify SessionStore to restore tabs with lazy-browsers
19:24Caspy7hopefully it sticks
19:24Caspy7check that comment for some detail
19:25Caspy7unloaded tabs now have basically zero effect on the browser both for session restore and memory usage
19:27Seburo\o/ welcome to Nightly.
19:50tmh1999Hi everyone, I have a question and hope some guru could help me out :) I am building firefox-52.0.2esr, and want to change optimization flag for js using this patch : It's is actually from fedoraproject but their host is currently down so I upload it there. So, looks like firefox is using different configuring scheme with and such, so I guess changing the configure sciprt directly like that patch is
19:50tmh1999not right way since I have this error : So my question is what is the proper way to change configure parameter, and if the patch is correct way, how can I run autoconf and reconfigure my firefox build as directed as in the log. Thank you.
19:52MossopAfter patching you have to re-run autoconf like the error says
19:52MossopIt has to be autoconf 2.13
19:52tmh1999Mossop : yes, how do I do so ?
19:53tmh1999autoconf in the main src dir, or in js/src ?
19:54tmh1999Mossop : thanks. let me try if it works. brb
19:56Sky_Symboltmh1999: if you have a mozconfig file, you can put something like this in it : ac_add_options --enable-optimize='-O1'
19:57tmh1999Sky_Symbol : tbh I am no expert in firefox build infra, can you show me how to put that option in 'mozconfig' file ? I guess I only need the optimization flag for js/src rather than the whole firefox build
19:57tmh1999with the project-wide, I pass ./configure --enable-optimize="-O2"
20:01Sky_Symboltmh1999: I don't know if you can use a mozconfig file only for the js/src folder
20:01Fapfapis it normal in FullScreen Mode F11 - that Firefox locks changing to other windows, when pressing ALT + TAB ?
20:01tmh1999Sky_Symbol : I see. I am building with some suggested changes. brb. Thank you :)
20:01FapfapI have never seen that behaviour so far
20:02Sky_SymbolThat being said, you can modify or create a mozconfig file, put options in it, and run './mach build'
20:02Sky_Symbolyou're welcome
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20:19firebot Air Mozilla: Webdev Beer and Tell: April 2017
20:32mitch4hi. one of my friends is using firefox on linux and uses several profiles so she can separate personal and work stuff. she says that when firefox updates, it is causing all of her profiles to disappear. can someone here give me some tips on what might be causing this and how it can be fixed?
20:34Caspy7mitch4: I have to step away for now, but if you go to about:support in the URL bar, you can find the button to open the profile folder, go one level up and you can see if the other profile folders are still present
20:34Caspy7if so, those should be able to be restored
20:35Caspy7not sure what may make them disappear
20:35Caspy7dunno how she is accessing them, typically the profile manager will let you get to them
20:42kbrosnanupdating shoud not affect profiles
20:43kbrosnani would check that profiles.ini is sane and/or has correct permissions/owners
20:56tmh1999Sky_Symbol : what is the mozconfig file for Linux64 desktop target ?
20:56tmh1999Sky_Symbol : browser/config/mozconfigs/linux64/l10n-mozconfig ?
20:56tmh1999or build/unix/mozconfig.linux ?
20:57kbrosnando not use the in tree mozconfigs for personal builds
21:17mitch4thanks Caspy7 kbrosnan i don't have access to her computer at the moment but iirc her profiles.ini file was getting wiped by the upgrade. again iirc the upgrade from 49.x to 50.x wiped it and then a subsequent upgrade restored it, then 51.x -> 52.x wiped it again
21:17kbrosnanthat really should not happen
21:18kbrosnanare they doing odd things like sharing the profile across OSes?
21:18mitch4(the profile folders were still there after the upgrades the -P dialog box is empty when opening her ff
21:19mitch4kbrosnan i think she only uses the profiles feature on linux
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21:44firebot Firefox UX: Ratings and reviews on
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22:04firebot About:Community: Revitalize participation by understanding our communities
22:36xidornFapfap: I don't think that is normal
23:23mitch4Caspy7_away kbrosnan (or anyone else): any ideas for what might be causing her profiles.ini file to get wiped when upgrading firefox?
23:24mitch4for a temporary workaround, is there a way to automatically repopulate the profiles.ini file with links to the existing profiles?
23:25sam113101maybe you could write a script for thata
23:37mitch4sam113101 i do not know how to write scripts unfortunately
23:58mitch4is that something that can be done in javascript?
22 Apr 2017
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