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20 May 2017
00:22plujonIs it possible to export and import browser history?
00:22plujonI want to reset about:config, so I think I'll wipe my profile, but I want to retain my bookmarks and history.
00:38WaltS48plujon: Just do a Refresh Firefox.
00:40plujonWaltS48: Thanks, I'll try that.
00:45CelelibiHow do I force to add an ssl security exception when the button is missing?
00:45CelelibiI want to MITM myself for debugging purpose.
00:54CelelibiWhy the fuck does firefok randomly ignore my /etc/hosts ?
01:27CelelibiEven when I force to add a security exception, it changes absolutely nothing.
05:01NerdNoireHey, where are firefox pipelining on about:config
05:01NerdNoireall those keys are gone on dev edition
05:12Redhat71i'm under the impression that it was not really a done deal, which is why it's never turned on by default
06:14Burdsanyone know what this means?
06:14BurdsWebGL2 Renderer WebGL creation failed: * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Exhausted GL driver caps.
08:49BurdsWebGL2 Renderer WebGL creation failed: * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Exhausted GL driver caps.
08:50Burdsdoes anyone know what that means?
11:15Me-meis there any way to initialise an updated Flash without restarting the browser y/n
11:27TewI don't think there is
12:24est31in linux you can do ctrl+alt+esc and then you can kill processes under windows
12:24est31this helps you to artificially make firefox crash
12:24est31it saves all your open tabs etc
12:24est31then when you start firefox aftesh, all your tabs are kept
12:29Redhat71why not ctrl+q ?
12:54est31ctrl q exits normally
12:54est31not keeping your tabs
12:56CelelibiHow do I man-in-the-middle myself with SSL?
12:56CelelibiI forcibly added a security exception (because firefox didn't show the button), but it still doesn't work.
12:58Redhat71est31: i don't know if i misunderstood something, are you saying session restore don't work when you quit firefox normally, only when you kill it?
12:58est31Redhat71: its a trick I use
12:59kazumaCelelibi get an app called fiddler
13:00kazumadownload and install it's root cert in firefox
13:00kazumaand then go nuts
13:00Redhat71est31: you specifically disabled it? or that's just the way it is for you?
13:00Redhat71as in "session restore don't work when you quit firefox normally, only when you kill it"
13:01Celelibikazuma: Actually, I'm mostly interested in capturing the traffic. So my idea was to run an "openssl s_server", redirect the trafic there with my /etc/hosts. This all work.
13:02CelelibiBut damn, adding the certificate to firefox does nothing.
13:52dodobrainhi al
13:55dodobrainfrom a firefox profile directory, how do i extract the current bookmarks and import them into a new profile
14:18HelleI have a bug I've been seeing for ages in Firefox and as it's rather hard to search for, I may need to ask here
14:18Helleit keeps crashing on the assertion: /build/firefox-esr-YONnNN/firefox-esr-45.9.0esr/media/libcubeb/src/cubeb_alsa.c:1074: alsa_stream_get_position: Assertion `delay >= 0' failed.
14:19Hellenow, my ALSA is redirected over Jack, which probably explains why it does that oddity, it's a little harsh to outright have the process go die over it, because no other program seems to have any issue with it
14:31debianuserHelle: Interesting... :) snd_pcm_delay() docs say "in case of a playback underrun this value will not necessarily got down to 0". I guess alsa-jack plugin reads that literally and returns negative delay value on underrun (it's mathematically correct - as it's playing samples that were not written yet), but it confuses firefox. If you build firefox from sources you can comment out that assert() line.
14:33Helledebianuser: makes me curious who is wrong here, I suspect Firefox as well, nothing else misbehaves on it
14:35Hellebut I guess a valid bug to file for Firefox and hope someone will agree that alsa-jack is doing the right thing (as getting that side to change the behaviour and then get pushed into stable releases.....)
14:37debianuserBoth are sort of wrong. alsa-lib docs don't exactly say that negative delay on underrun is possible, and firefox don't expect negative delay either. It's used to estimate current playback position (to show you correct playback time for example, or a corresponding video frame), from the math point of view negative delay is correct. It's logically weird, but mathematically correct. :)
14:40Helledebianuser: it's mainly a total nightmare because it means that if I am unlucky a random HTML5 video ad will crash my browser
14:57CypherousHelle: thats why you use an adblocker :P
15:01WG9sCypherous: sorry that si NOT why you use an adblocker that is why you design libraries and borwsers to handle degenerative cases reasonablly.
15:02CypherousRelying on someone else for security isn't that smart, always assume something will break and block the things you expect to be used as attack vectors accordingly
15:02CypherousAnd that ofc means you just never use a microsoft browser ever :P
16:43HelleWG9s: exactly, well, niche case is more accurate, jack just knows how many frames it is short, unlike actual normal ALSA HW
16:44HelleAnd it's not like the correct response is to implement Jack support in Mozilla, it's too niche
16:47debianuserHelle: options: (0) switch to alsa-loop-jack bridge instead of alsa-jack, if you're using cadence (1) remove that line from firefox and rebuild it (2) patch alsa-jack plugin to have it return >=0 and rebuild alsa-jack (3) write a small LD_PRELOAD wrapper redefining snd_pcm_delay for firefox and returning >=0 values only. I can help with #0, #1 and #3. :)
16:47debianuser(actually firefox has jack support, it just was never enabled by default)
16:54Helledebianuser: interesting at the Jack support, heh
16:54HelleBut I'll poke at it later, currently need to break other things
16:55Helleoption 1 is atleast doable in a tiny amount of code work and 3 might be the "right" solution, well except for rebuilding Firefox with Jack support on (this PC can't output anything without Jack anyway)
16:56debianuserHelle: "I'll poke at it later, currently need to break other things" -- Sure. Feel free to ping me here or in #alsa when you have time, I'll try to help if I'm around. And have a nice break! :)
16:57Helleyou misread that
16:58HelleI have other bits of ALSA and Jack to break and then unbreak :P
16:58HelleI mean I have a reputation by now of that
17:06debianuserHelle: Summary: #0 is the easiest if you use `cadence` to start jack, you'd have to switch just one combobox ( ), #1 is easy if you build firefox from sources anyway (gentoo, arch, lfs, etc), #2 and #3 take more human time but is overall faster than #1 as they don't need a firefox rebuild (and I think i can help with #2 too)
17:26Tewat times, it feels like firefox 52 ESR can't handle 2 concurrent tabs with flash..
17:44Tew("nono, you see, firefox still supports flash.. but you should not use it because it works terribly.."; 45 ESR is still perfectly fine with this flash version)
17:44Tew(this version = the same, current version)
20:15WG9sTew: does it make ia deifference if e10s is enabled or not?
20:31TimvdeOuch, the number of WebExtensions in the featured add-ons section is still painfully small...
20:34est31I've rewritten an add on to use web extensions, but dont want to do anything until firefox 56 is released
20:34est31because the platform is constantly changing
20:34est31I was testing it on dev edition, it worked fine
20:34est31on nightly it was broken
20:35est31I was told that some additional security check has been added or whatever
20:35est31then I thought, fuck it, wait until short before I actually need the add on
20:35est31until firefox 56 the add on base hopefully becomes stable
20:37Timvdeest31: So your legacy version of the add-on is more stable than the WE version?
20:37TimvdeThat's a little funny :P
20:38est31I only did the WE rewrite, the add on was written by someone else
21:33CelmorI have problems with firefox doing "performing tls handshake ..." again, slows down pageload significantly...
22:38Celmor"performing a tls handshake with ...", webpage loading often hangs around while ff shows this status and like every other videos doesn't even load and shows an error message that "it takes longer than expected"
22:45Celmorand when I quit firefox the process hangs around for a while stopping me from starting it again
23:00BurdsWebGL2 Renderer WebGL creation failed: * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Error during ANGLE OpenGL init. * Exhausted GL driver caps.
23:00Burdsdoes anyone know what that means?
23:03Caspy7Burds: I'm going to guess it's to do with an issue with your graphics driver
23:06Caspy7Celmor: you've tested in safe mode?
23:08Celmoronly happens after using a session for a while
23:09Celmorhad same behavior on firefox-developer (am now on latest beta version)
23:09Celmorsame profile though
21 May 2017
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