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20 Mar 2017
00:59Burdsim trying to get a gecko profiler log, but when i click analyze, firefox closes with no error message
01:00Burdsevent viewer says : Faulting module name: nvd3d9wrapx.dll, version:, time stamp: 0x589ce931
01:01arai-awaywould be nice to file a bug with those information
01:01arai-awaysounds like an issue related to graphics driver
01:11Burdswhere do i go to report issues with the gecko profiler?
01:12arai-awaydoes the link work?
01:12arai-awayif not, open bugzilla, and click "New", and type "Gecko Profiler" in the text box
02:44Badnickin about:config, how do I view only settings I have altered?
02:50BadnickIs that not possible
02:54Badnickok, I sorted by Status
02:54Badnickbut.. there's hundreds of settings I never edited marked as "user set".. and this is a few Firefox where I didn't even alter any settings yet
02:54Badnick*new Firefox
03:07arai-awaysettings are shown as modified (or user set) if the value is not default
03:08arai-awayso, even if the setting is modified by internal, it's shown as modified
03:18SoItBeginsCaspy7: On the video problem: its not Ghostery. Testing NoScript now.
03:24Badnickthere should be a "browser set" instead of "user set"
03:24Badnickso we can see which ones were configured by the browser internally or by extensions or whatnot
03:29arai-awaythere might be a chance to remember which part of the code set the pref value, but I'm not sure if it's easily distinguishable whether it's browser or user
03:32arai-away(also I'm not sure where to store that information
03:52Caspy7arai-away: I think they'd have to build an entire separate mechanism to keep track of who modified what
03:56DaggerI /think/ you could do it by looking at the backtrace whenever a pref is set
03:56Daggerbut there's a lot of call sites. would be hard to map them all
03:57Daggerand some cases are tricky (what does it count as if you toggle one option and it changes another pref as a sideeffect?)
04:24Caspy7sounds like fun, fairly unnecessary fun
04:29Burdsis it normal for firefox to use about 13% cpu usage when starting up/shutting down or loading web pages?
04:32Caspy71) totally subjective on a variety of factors part including your individual hardware 2) sounds find to me
04:33Burdsthat sounds like a lot of cpu usage
04:34arai-awaythese days webpage does a lot of things
04:34Mossop13% sounds like hardly any cpu usage to me
04:35* Mossop would hope that we use 100% cpu usage during startup
04:35Burdsits roughly what a game uses
04:41Burdshow do you prevent firefox from being fingerprinted?
04:41Burdsbrowser fingerprinting in other words
05:20MossopYou can't stop fingerprinting, only minimize it
05:26Mardegthe "z" in minimize fingerprints Mossop as American :P
05:26Mardeg(unless he's deliberately throwing us off the scent)
05:28MossopOr undeliberately
05:28HavvyI like to think Mossop as a British person, but that could totes just be my imagination.
05:29MossopWould a British person be up at this time?
05:30Havvy4 AM? Probably not.
05:30Caspy7blue, red and yellow are examples of...?
05:31MardegI just noticed Rust isn't listed at all in
05:32Caspy7well, kinda new on the scene
05:32MossopNeither is Go
05:32Caspy7also, where would Rust fit?
05:33Mardegwhat's the new one Apple uses for iOS?
05:33Mardegah yeah
05:33Mardegalso not listed
05:33MossopIf you actually tried to list every programming language it would make for a rather large table
05:34Caspy7right, that's what I was going towards
05:34Caspy7Rust needs to pick up more mindshare and proven usage before it can be easily justified for that list probably
05:35Caspy7oh, I see that languages can show up on multiple rows
05:35HavvyCaspy7: Imperative through Functional.
05:36* Mardeg looks up SPARQL
05:36Caspy7aka, everything that C++ is listed for
05:37HavvyCoffeescript should really be removed from that list.
05:39Caspy7Havvy: why?
05:39HavvyCoffeescript is JavaScript
05:41MardegTIL uses SPARQL
05:44MardegI wanna see a head-to-head between and tackling the same task
05:47Mardegshits and giggles
05:51Caspy7those reasons never made much sense to me
05:51Caspy7I mean, if something make me giggle, bring it on
05:51anonymousdid you read about the state of Missouri doing thought raids?
05:52anonymousthe moga morons think they have the right to raid thoughts and murder people
05:54MardegCaspy7: also, Sydney versus Melbourne rivalry. A Sydney uni teaches Julia, a Melbourne one teaches Joy
06:02Daggernow we just need you in #thunderbird
06:05globDagger: sorry, i don't have ops there. you could as for an ircop in #moc if you need someone kicked/banned
06:20Burdsis about:memory supposed to show which tabs are eating the most memory?
06:20HavvyBurds: If you know how to read it correctly, which is not easy.
06:20Burds243.98 MB (14.18%) -- compartment([System Principal], inProcessTabChildGlobal?ownedBy=chrome://browser/content/browser.xul)
06:20Burdsstuff like this tells me nothing
06:21Havvychrome:// URLs are the browser itself.
06:22Burdsso its not one tab?
06:23HavvyThat's the entire UI for the browser.
06:23Burds250 mb seems pretty high
06:23Burdsfor just the UI
06:25HavvyDo you have any extensions installed?
06:25BadnickDagger, instead of doing a backtrace at all call sites.. All it needs is to flag it as user-set from about:settings when the user sets it
06:26Badnicklike, assume it's browser-set, unless it sees the user setting it
06:26Burdsnothing that makes the UI super flashy though
06:26Burdsjust one that makes it look like classic firefox
06:28Burdsi dont understand how im supposed to decipher this
06:30DaggerBadnick: except there's lots of prefs that are set via user action in other parts of the UI
06:52Burds1,381,065,248 B (100.0%) -- js-main-runtime
06:52Burdsthat seems a lot
06:52Burdsis that javscript?
07:02Burdswhat the? i had a bunch of blank "new tabs" eating up 225mb of memory each
07:03HavvyBurds: Or possibly 255 mb together.
07:05Burdsyea i guess
07:05Burdsstill cant figure out whats eating up so much memory though
07:06HavvyYou're not likely to find much of use in there. It's mainly there for developers to work on lowering memory issues and finding memory leaks.
07:07Burdsthen what options do end users have to find out what is eating up memory?
07:07SoItBeginsWell, you know abou about:memory, so
07:23gde34what could be preventing save as from working on pdf links and documents?
07:23gde34I'm not getting a file window (ubuntu)
07:23gde34I can save everything else, txt, img, html etc
07:24gde34if I disable the viewer it loads about:blank
07:33Tewwebsite, mitm blocking it? (pdf missing?) random works-for-me pdf link: (at the top)
07:36Tew(and as usual: "try safe mode")
07:38TewBurds - about:memory => you can either track it down (hard for most ppl), or submit its memory dump + about:support (= addons present etc, important) to bugzilla
07:47globbugzilla isn't really the place to get that sort of help
08:39Mardegno results yet for"youtube+to+aPNG"
08:39Mardegonly a matter of time now with Chrome supporting aPNG
08:40Mardeganimated PNG
08:41SoItBeginsTIL animated PNGs are a thing and wish this was more broadly known and supported by social networking sites, etc
08:50mboldanHi everyone! Join us for today's Bug Triage Day via #qa IRC channel! Feel free to check for detailed instructions on how to get involved. ;)
08:59cbaueris there an add-on or something that let's me limit bandwith a site uses?
09:00cbaueri can't limit FF on an os level (all bandwith apparently goes through my antivirus proram, avp.exe)
09:06mr_booCan anyone help me with interacting with javascript layer from android java layer
09:07arai-awayis it about Firefox for Android ?
09:09arai-awayI'd suggest asking in #mobile then
09:09mr_boosorry am new to this. thank you
09:09arai-awayno problem
09:20cbauerI'm trying to install a language pack for spell checking in firefox-developer v54.0a2 (and there's even a newer version apparently), it says it's incompatible, will I never be able to install language packs when staying on the latest version then?
09:28fflemonI'm using the firefox developer edition and since an update last week I've noticed that DOM nodes are not highlighted automatically when hovering over them in the inspector.
09:28fflemonis this a bug? do i have to enable this feature somewhere?
09:29arai-awayworks for me
09:30arai-awayin about:home
09:30arai-awaywith 54.0a2 (2017-03-20) (64-bit) on OSX
09:32fflemonto be clear: when I right click an element on a page and select "inspect element" the "Inspector" tab is opened, the node is highlighted in the inspector tab but on the page itself the element is not highlighted
09:33fflemonwith 54.0a2 (2017-03-16) (32-bit)
09:33fflemonon Windows
09:33arai-awaycan you update?
09:33fflemonno, apparently I'm on the latest version
09:34Tewglob - posting (about:)memory dump on bugzilla was specifically advised to me on #memshrink (but yes, it's probably not-that-great in many cases)
09:34arai-awayfflemon: where does it happen?
09:34arai-awayfflemon: and which element?
09:35fflemonalways / everywhere?
09:35arai-awayI cannot test on "everywhere" :P
09:35fflemonWindows 10, 54.0a2 (2017-03-16) (32-bit)
09:35fflemonno matter which website.
09:36arai-awayand which element?
09:36arai-away(actually, google returns different page for each person and it's hard to test...
09:36Tewprobably <body> in dom inspector should make the page blue (but doesn&#39;t for him)
09:38fflemonha, that&#39;s interesting ... seems to be an odd one. it actually works on
09:38fflemonbut on my local dev sites it doesn&#39;t
09:38cbaueris there something similar to &quot;responsive design mode&quot; from firefox-developer edition to throttle only bandwith but not response time?
09:39arai-awayfflemon: only on your local site?
09:45fflemonarai-away: yes, apparently only on sites on my localhost/ it doesn&#39;t work anymore. valid html sites
09:46arai-awayis it somehow publicly accessible?
09:46arai-awayor, can you create a minimal testcase ?
09:52fflemonarai-away: I&#39;m trying. a very basic html site is actually working. I&#39;m trying to recreate the issue. the html is valid, there are no missing resources, still looking for the bug
09:53arai-awayalso, it would be nice to test it on nightly
09:53arai-awaythere may be some chance that it&#39;s already fixed there
10:01fflemonarai-away: I can reproduce it. I have an import url line at the top of my css and when I remove it, it works. Here are the 4 lines that break the highlighting behaviour:
10:02arai-awaycan you create standalone testcase?
10:06fflemonarai-away: yes, it&#39;s definitely the import url statement, testcase here:
10:07arai-awayfor me, &quot;inspect me&quot; is highlighted with lightblue
10:07arai-awaymaybe os specific
10:07fflemonok, that doesn&#39;t work for me
10:07fflemonwhen I remove the import url, it&#39;s working as expected
10:08fflemonhow/where can I file a bug report?
10:09arai-awayclick &quot;new&quot;
10:09arai-awayenter &quot;inspector&quot; and choose &quot;Developer Tools : Inspector&quot;
10:09arai-away(I guess you need to login before that
10:30arai-awayfflemon: note that the pastebin will be expired within 23 hours
10:33fflemonarai-away: I&#39;ve filed the bug, in case the pastebin has expired when the report is handled I&#39;ll just upload the testcase to pastebin again
10:34arai-awayyou can attach the HTML file to the bug
10:34fflemonah ok, thx for the tip
10:34arai-awaythe &quot;Attach File&quot; link
10:35arai-away(the link is a bit small at this point. I think there&#39;s a plan to improve the discoverability...
10:46firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
10:46firebot Daniel Stenberg: 19 years ago
11:11firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
11:11firebot Daniel Stenberg: curl up 2017, the venue
11:45dob1hi, i developing in php, uploading files to the server but even if i use f5 ctrl-f5 firefox load or old pages/data
11:45dob1i am cleaning the cache too
12:05ibrahimsharafHello everybody, anyone up for a GSoC proposal review?
12:06dob1looking at shift-f5, it continues to transfer a page from the cache
12:07dob1i don&#39;t know how to remove it
12:12Corkdob1: make sure the file on the server is the new file, and that you don&#39;t have a transparent cache server between you and the server
12:12Corkdob1: cause shift+f5 should solve it
12:13Corkdob1: also you can have a look in the developer tools, firefox will print there if it loads it from cache or not
12:13dob1Cork, shift-f5 gives me these informations, but it is loading data that are not on the server... it&#39;s really strange
12:14Tewctrl-f5 is full refresh, shift-f5 is a shortcut for devtools - Performance .. ?
12:14dob1i tried this too...
12:14Corkah, right
12:14Corkdob1: have you checked with something that doesn&#39;t have cache like curl or wget?
12:14Corkand it is the correct dat?
12:14Tewfwiw, there is &#39;[ ] disable cache&#39; in devtools options (gear icon), last rightmost section
12:14dob1yes, i found the modification i did
12:15dob1Tew, where is?
12:15Corkin dev tools
12:16Corkthe gear on the right, &quot;Disable HTTP Cache (when toolbox is open)&quot;
12:16dob1just to give an example, i load the page, i get the old informations, ok so i use ctrl-f5, now i get the new informations. but if i return to the page i still get the old informations
12:16Corkdob1: sounds like it might be worth trying to clear the cache completely
12:17Corkctrl+shift+del > details select only cache and &quot;everything&quot;
12:17Corkthat should fix the cache problem
12:19Tew(not sure what &quot;return to the page&quot; exactly is, it might be &quot;wrong&quot; (like, back to state A again when you already saw state B, on the same profile) but in your sequence description it might also be plain &quot;still in cache, as expected&quot;. fwiw, tab&#39;s history &#39;back&#39; (also a kind of &#39;return to the page&#39;) may not even try to use network to redisplay the page..)
12:20Corkback button doesn&#39;t even tear down the document if i remember correctly
12:21dob1idk i still get old informations
12:22Corkeven after clearing the cache??
12:22Corkthen your not seeing a cache problem
12:23anonymouswhat now?
12:24dob1i go to the page
12:24dob1i see the old data
12:24dob1ctrl-f5 new data
12:25dob1but i have to redo this every time
12:25Corkwhen you get the old data what do you do then?
12:25Corkno, i meant how are you getting to the page then
12:25dob1sorry, what you mean?
12:26Corkyou open a new tab and type in the url or what?
12:26dob1no, i close firefox
12:26dob1type the url
12:26Corkuh, you mean you start firefox, and restore no tabs
12:27Corkand then type the url?
12:27dob1yes, i just retype it, it&#39;s in the search bar, just need to type some letters
12:28Corkin search bar?
12:28dob1address bar
12:28Corkso you google it?
12:28dob1no no
12:28dob1trying with wget again, i get new data
12:29Tewif it&#39;s your server, just set it to no cache while you are changing stuff... (I would hope that it could ask for match (etag?), but obviously it&#39;s not what&#39;s happening here - if it&#39;s just the end server in play..)
12:29dob1more than this, i have a javascript script and it still use the old data
12:30Tewor disable browser cache altogether, if it&#39;s a temporary thing
12:30anonymouswhat now
12:31dob1thanks a lot for the advices guys, sorry but i have to go
12:31dob1i will try to investigate.... really strange
12:37anonymouscan anybody find a phone?
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12:56firebot Daniel Stenberg: curlup 2017: curl now
13:47ShakespeareFan00Seems Google updated it&#39;s site
13:47ShakespeareFan00I am having some problems addign replies
13:47ShakespeareFan00Anyone here want to try with a clean profile?
13:48ShakespeareFan00So I can confirm it&#39;s an issue in Firefox (and not as proved previously an issue with poor compatibility testing at Google).
13:49ShakespeareFan00It works fine in a Chrome based browser
14:08lol768I asked in here yersterday, but it was Sunday
14:09lol768Is column-fill: auto; known to be broken with later versions of Firefox? It causes all content to stay in one column
14:12Corklol768: use mozregression to find what commit caused the change
14:12Corki would bet it is a csswg spec change
14:12lol768Cork: thing is, not sure if it ever worked
14:13lol768I guess it&#39;ll make me verify my --good build anyway
14:14Corkya, it does
14:17ShakespeareFan00Anyone able to help with the site issue I mentioned above/
14:18lol768ShakespeareFan00: What doesn&#39;t work?
14:18lol768I can compose a post
14:18ShakespeareFan00In a chrome based broser you get a form element pop up to add a reply
14:18ShakespeareFan00I don&#39;t
14:19ShakespeareFan00At least not in Firefox 52.0.x esr
14:19lol768fine for me in 54.0a2
14:19ShakespeareFan00Okay , Then i can assume it&#39;s a version specifc issue
14:19lol768could try --find-fix
14:19ShakespeareFan00what is ---find-fix?
14:20lol768You can use it in combination with mozreg to find when the post system began working
14:20ShakespeareFan00I&#39;m still on XP :(
14:20* ShakespeareFan00 waits for the howls of laughter, catcalls etc
14:21ShakespeareFan00Alternatively it&#39;s an addon
14:22ShakespeareFan0052.0.1 esr is my current version
14:22lol768hmm :/
14:23CorkShakespeareFan00: you could give the safe-mode a try
14:23Corkalso... xp isn&#39;t safe to use to access the net from...
14:23ShakespeareFan00Cork: That was going to be what I did next ;)
14:24ShakespeareFan00Cork: I don&#39;t need protection! I have something stronger! ( Holds up copy of &quot;Windows Secrets!&quot; ) ;)
14:25CorkShakespeareFan00: you know there are zero days out for xp (with no patch) where you can attach it with a single tcp packet right?
14:25ShakespeareFan00NO I didn&#39;t
14:25Corkthat is what i was talking about >_>
14:25ShakespeareFan00but I am aware I need to upgrade
14:25Corkso seriously, you want to get away from xp...
14:26ShakespeareFan00Cork: Time to implement a nag screen if the browser detects XP?
14:26CorkShakespeareFan00: firefox 52 is the last firefox supporting win xp so...
14:26Corka bit late
14:26ShakespeareFan00&quot; Yes we know it&#39;s hard to make a change, but XP is a disaster wiating to happen...&quot;
14:27Corkthe current approach is to update normal firefox users to esr to give them the esr cycle
14:27ShakespeareFan00In any case I need to upgrade because XP doesn&#39;t do some advanced Unicode stuff I need in respect of advanced fonts
14:27Corkbut that is less then a year, and after then there isn&#39;t anything
14:28Corkand ya... the browser isn&#39;t really the problem here...
14:30lol768I gave up on the mozreg, set --good=<a year back> and it still didn&#39;t work then
14:30lol768so I suspect it never worked
14:30lol768 filed anyway though
14:30firebotBug 1348839 UNCONFIRMED, Column-fill: auto doesn&#39;t fill as expected, content ends up in one column
14:31Corklol768: also check the csswg draft for column and make sure it is actually firefox doing the wrong thing
14:32Corkas i said, those specs are very new and are still twitching around a bit as browsers fix bugs
14:35Caspy7check out caniuse
14:40Corkcaniuse isn&#39;t always up to date
14:40lol768The spec isn&#39;t hugely helpful :P
14:41Corklol768: it isn&#39;t?
14:41Corkit specifies exactly how the calculation is suppose to happen
14:41lol768the only example they give for column-fill: auto doesn&#39;t have enough content
14:43lol768I *think* if height: auto was something more restrictive it would use the other columns
14:43Corkheight auto means there is no height
14:44lol768so it&#39;s a dumb example
14:44lol768because the content will always &quot;fit&quot; in the first column
14:44Corki&#39;m trying to find the link for the implementation spec of the csswg
14:45Corkhaving a problem finding it right now :/
14:45Cork(have the stupid link at home but...)
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15:57firebot James Long: How I Became a Better Programmer
16:04jsyn-MHey guys.
16:05merkatorixWhen I inspect the HTML elements of my homepage Firefox tells me something like &quot;Other filterruls with this attributes&quot; (Weitere Filterregeln mit dieser Eigenschaft&quot;. The effect is that the CSS style is not applied. But what does the message mean?
16:05jsyn-MI&#39;m investigating a bug we&#39;re seeing on our product, and it seems to be similar (if not the same) as one marked as resolved on bugzilla for FF52
16:06jsyn-MHow would I go about reopening that? Create a test case for it, presumably?
16:08Mossopjsyn-M: That is the tooltip on a button to the right of a css rule, it allows you to filter the list of displayed rules to only those that include that css property so you can easily see what is setting or overriding it. Clicking it shouldn&#39;t affect the style of your page though.
16:09Mossopjsyn-M: A testcase would certainly help, what bug?
16:09Mossopjsyn-M: Sorry, ignore that first message
16:09Mossopmerkatorix: That is the tooltip on a button to the right of a css rule, it allows you to filter the list of displayed rules to only those that include that css property so you can easily see what is setting or overriding it. Clicking it shouldn&#39;t affect the style of your page though.
16:11* jsyn-M sent a long message: jsyn-M_2017-03-20_16:11:54.txt -
16:12jsyn-Mwhen using the `subtle.generateKey` API
16:13Mossopjsyn-M: I&#39;d open a new bug, comment in the old bug saying you&#39;re still seeing it and link to the new bug. Providing a testcase will certainly help with getting it looked at faster
16:14merkatorixMossop: OK, I see the &quot;main{&quot; CSS Rules twice on the right. But I don&#39;t understand the problem, because i have no contradicting parts. border-color: black exists twice, is ruled out and followed by this &quot;hopper&quot;-symbol giving me the message.
16:15merkatorixI thought it should work.
16:15Mossopmerkatorix: Can you give me a link to the page so I can look?
16:17merkatorixOK, give me a minute, I have to upload it first.
16:22merkatorixIt is my first try using html since 2004, I guess.
16:24Mossopmerkatorix: Ok, and what part is giving you trouble?
16:24merkatorixI wanted to make it respoinsive so getting rid of all the unnecessary Stuff, when having less than 800px. When I had problems with a 5 pixel wide gap of background on the left, I wanted to switch on the border.
16:24merkatorixThe &quot;main&quot; tag in the div between the header and the footer has the conflict.
16:27Mossopmerkatorix: I see a black border on that element, do you not?
16:27firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
16:28firebot The Mozilla Blog: WebVR and AFrame Bringing VR to Web at the Virtuleap Hackathon
16:30merkatorixIt is visible when there is less than 800px width. I should have edited the CSS to make it visible right away for lager Screens.
16:31MossopAh, I see
16:31merkatorixWhen shrinking the second almost identical rule kicks in and apparently all the similar rules are not applied anymore.
16:32merkatorixAnd that is, what I consider as weird.
16:33Mossopmerkatorix: So your problem is the &quot;border&quot; rule that comes after the &quot;border-color&quot; and &quot;border-style&quot; rules. border is a shorthand property, you only specify the size (1px) so the style defaults to &quot;none&quot;. You can see this if you click the arrow to the left of &quot;border&quot; there.
16:34Mossopmerkatorix: Because it is listed after the border-color and border-style rules it wins. Your other style block has them in a different order which is why you see a different effect
16:35merkatorixAh, ok. Thx.
16:35merkatorixYou helped a lot. It also means that if I look up that command and use it correctly, I can write everything into one command, can&#39;t I?
16:36merkatorixwidth, color and style without repeating the &quot;border&quot; all the time? Although from a bandwith perspective it won&#39;t take any effect. It is funny with Css3 my pages are going to be a lot smaller than back in the times when animated gifs were everywhere :D
16:37MossopHeh yep
16:37merkatorixA last question, since I already bothered you: As a firefox person, is there a way to type the code directly into firefox or do use people liking firefox a lot still editors like notepad++?
16:38MossopYou can edit directly in the style editor but you have to manually tell it where to save. Most people still use external editors
17:31CircleCode(Cross post from GIMPNET/#gnome-shell) Hi, I have installed chrome-gnome-shell (from git) and firefox extension gnome-shell-integration (from AMO), but when I browse to, this error is triggered in the console, and I cannot manage my extensions: firefox-external-messaging: runtime.sendMessage error Error: Could not establish connection. Receiving end does not exist.
17:31CircleCodeany idea?
17:31CypherousDear god firefox why have you become so broken in the last 2 days -.-
17:33Tewprobably coma
17:33CypherousAnd now it just crashes on startup even on a blank profile
17:36CypherousAnd ofc no log files or crash files are generated
17:39CypherousI feel dirty having to use edge to search google
17:41CypherousEvent viewer says xul.dll mostly but occasionalyl mozglue.dll
17:44kbrosnanCircleCode: firefox 52?
17:45CircleCodekbrosnan: firefox nightly (I forgot to mention it)
17:45kbrosnanas i recall the gnome extension manager is a NPAPI plugin which are disabled in 52
17:46CircleCodekbrosnan: I&#39;m using the new addon specifically design to work with the new versions (
17:47kbrosnanah ok
17:47kbrosnanyeah just saw that in a search
17:49kbrosnanmaybe the gnome shell api changed? gnome folk are on
17:50kbrosnanthe other thing to try would be an earlier release of Firefox such as aurora/dev-edition, beta or release
17:50CypherousRight well i&#39;m going to point a finger at a certain feature that windows seems to have re-enabled after the last update
17:50kbrosnanif it works with one of those then would be the place to file a bug.
17:51kbrosnanif it does not work with any of those then i would suspect an api change in gnome shell
17:52CircleCodekbrosnan: thanks for the pointers, I also posted on, but no answer for now
18:08Tew(Cy - fwiw, my Nightly on windows broke (crash on startup) on March 10 (= ~10 days ago), I did not care to get installer and reinstall it and see yet..)
18:11CypherousWell it seems more likely to be MS breaking stuff, one of the updates seems to have turned fast start back on
18:12CypherousThat feature has always caused me headaches
18:13Tew(if fast start == fast startup (boot), I don&#39;t think that&#39;s what happened to me)
18:14CypherousFast start is what MS called their &quot;Enabled by default really terrible hibernation feature&quot;
18:15CypherousWhen you hit shut down you don&#39;t actually shut down, it hibernates
18:15CypherousAnd we all know how well windows runs if its left on for long periods of time :P
18:58firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
18:58firebot Air Mozilla: Mozilla Weekly Project Meeting, 20 Mar 2017
19:06decebalusI think Mozilla became paranoids. Again flash was disabled for &quot;vulnerability&quot;
19:06Daggersadly, no. flash is just that bad
19:10decebalusWhat is speed.
19:35est31flash at least has hw video decoding accel
19:35est31while firefox does not (on linux at least)
19:42decebalusI&#39;m not talking about videos..but Firefox browsing speed
19:48Timvdeest31: I think you can force-enable it, no?
19:48est31Timvde: no
19:49est31Timvde: its not implemented
19:49est31bug 1210729
19:49firebot NEW, Add VDPAU hardware decoding support on Linux
19:50Timvdeest31: okay, nvm then :P
19:50est31mhh probably bug 1210726 is more relevant
19:50firebot NEW, Add hardware decoding capabilities on Linux
19:51est31but still not implemented :)
19:58firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
19:58firebot Roberto A. Vitillo: What technical leadership means to me
20:38waglecan i talk anyone into glancing over my patch to and just saying whether I&#39;m taking the right approach?
20:38firebotBug 418864 NEW, Bookmark contextual dialog is not resizable
20:39waglemy first ajor patch, an I dont want to waste time on the wrong approach
20:40waglemy first major patch, an I dont want to waste time on polishing the wrong approach
20:43Mardegyou can ask for feedback instead of a full review in bugzilla
20:43firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
20:43Caspy7wagle: not the greatest channel for development... Maybe another channel would be better
20:43firebot The Servo Blog: This Week In Servo 95
20:43wagleyeah, i got this confused with fx-team
20:44wagleMardeg: oh! that would be appropriate.. you ask in english, or is there a checkbox or such?
20:45* wagle looks for a checkbox-or-something
20:46Mardegbefore they changed the format it was easier to see everything :/
20:47Mardeglet me see if I can find a bug I saw that happen in
20:48wagleyeah thanks, i&#39;m not finding anything obvious
20:50wagleMardeg: found one on the attachment
20:52wagle.. but I dont understand the diff between ? + and - (searching help)
20:52Mardeg? is requesting feedback
20:53Mardeg+ or - will be set by the one giving feedback
20:53MardegI found someone requesting feedback from two people in at
20:53firebotBug 157846 FIXED, Incorrect implementation of padding on textarea elements (scrollbars/resizer wrongly positioned)
20:56Mardegwagle: I think they set - if they&#39;re the wrong person to give feedback, and + if they have given the feedback
20:58Mardegwagle: I could be wrong and + means &quot;right approach&quot; and - means &quot;wrong approach&quot;
21:03Mardeggood luck :)
22:03RobinStamerHow do I make the F12 console have a monospaced font?
22:03Caspy7RobinStamer: you may also ask in #devtools
22:43firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
22:43firebot Roberto A. Vitillo: On technical leadership
23:13Caspy7est31: wow. Based on some of those comments, sounds like they will be compromised in minutes
23:13est31yeah indeed
23:16est31if it were a parody, I wouldnt laugh because it would&#39;ve been too exaggerated
23:21Caspy7est31: since when are we talking politics?
23:22Caspy7est31: making a joke
23:25Timvdeest31: Thank you for that
23:26TimvdeI could really use the laugh
23:47Timvdeest31: Hmm, bug is for authorized users only now
23:49WG9s_Mardeg: not sure roc cares anymore.
23:50Timvdeest31: I bet someone hacked them already :P
23:50est31see reddit thread
23:50est31&quot;hacked&quot; as in got the table dump onto their computer
23:50The0x539the attacker&#39;s computer?
23:51WG9s_Mardeg: and looking at the timestamp on your msg you probably have no clue what i was referring was about the bug with 2 needinfos
23:54TimvdeI&#39;m not sure if I find this hilarious, or just sad
23:54TimvdeI do feel kinda sorry for them
23:56Daggerfor somebody that doesn&#39;t use parametized SQL queries and doesn&#39;t hash passwords? not doing those things is willful incompetence at this stage
23:57Caspy7Timvde: why not both?
23:59WG9s_Dagger: well hashing passwords is not really sufficient. hashing the password but then passing the hashed vaue in clear text is the same issue as passing the password in clear text. youneed more than just hashing.
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