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19 May 2017
01:07auenf2what causes "couldn't load XPCOM" ?
01:10Caspy7sometimes a broken build
01:24auenf2broken build on release channel?
01:26Caspy7you asked, I was just giving a possibility I remember
01:26Caspy7it's happened before with builds, but I don't remember if any were release or all were prerelease
01:28* markh is more interested in dolske's recent visit to the twilight zone (at least according to his twitter)...
01:32Caspy7markh:'ll have to be more specific
01:33markh and related
01:36auenf2Caspy7, its hard enough to guide a certain user to click the start button, let alone talk him through reinstalling firefox to fix XPCOM :P
01:39Caspy7auenf2: you have a user who is struggling with the start button and you're doing support?
01:39Caspy7got any drugs?
01:39auenf2nothing strong enough
01:41auenf2you know theres those phone scams, where 'microsoft' rings up and says your computer has a virus?
01:41auenf2then they remote into your computer to 'fix' it
01:41auenf2i'd love to see how frustrated they'd get if they tried that on this user
01:44Caspy7I love reading accounts of people messing with those guys
02:18firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
02:18firebot Manish Goregaokar: Mentally Modelling Modules
03:40ziggyHi there!!! Anybody knows when will be released version 54 of firefox???
03:42Caspy7ziggy: June 13
03:43ziggyCaspy7: Thank you
03:45ziggyAnother quick question, what are mozilla's recommended settings//hardware to run firefox??
03:45Caspy7ziggy: there's a "minimum requirements" page somewhere, but don't know that there's any official recommendation...
03:46ziggyCaspy7: I love firefox but it's been slow lately
03:46ziggythat's why i'm asking
03:46Caspy7sorry, it does say "recommended" there
03:48ziggyCaspy7: thnx again!!
03:48Caspy7ziggy: sure. There are a couple things you can try to try and improve performance...
03:48Caspy7one is test in Safe Mode, to see if any of your addons are unduly slowing you down
03:49Caspy7you may also consider doing a Refresh, which imports your main data into a fresh user profile
03:49ziggyI'm on archlinux, and i'm using profile-sync-daemon
03:49Caspy7have a look at the page for Refresh though before you do, it says what data stays and goes
03:49ziggyand i don't want to reset firefox. I have several addons but they are needed
03:50Caspy7yes, well, a Refresh also leaves behind possibly errant settings
03:50Caspy7you may try testing in a fresh profile to see how performance is
03:50Caspy7and safe mode like I said, to at least determine if any of your addons are at fault
03:50ziggyI have some addons that are failing according to what firefox outputs in the terminal
03:51Caspy7even if you consider them essential, you should know the culprit
03:51ziggybut i don't know how to find who is the responible since it only gives a uuid or something not a name
03:51Caspy7does Arch ship with their own Firefox addon too?
03:51ziggyi don't think so
03:51Caspy7do a "find" for the uuid in about:support
03:52Caspy7sometimes Mozilla builds are better than the distro build
03:53ziggyi know facebook and messenger are heavy pages, but lately i get a lot of warnings that says that some script stopped working
03:54ziggyand i think it might be due to the slow hardware of my computr
04:02Caspy7ziggy: try to catch the location/origin of the script, if it's from a website or local, which is an addon
04:02Caspy7then search for the ID in about:support
04:03Caspy7if it's a webpage, well, I'd recommend uBlock Origin, that should help page performance
04:12Burdsi find that ublock origin often breaks pages
04:13ziggyCaspy7: ublock is installed, i had adblock but ublock performs better
04:13Caspy7ziggy: ublock *origin* right?
04:14ziggyCaspy7: and the failing script is from fbcdn
04:14ziggyCaspy7: yep, ublock origin
04:14Caspy7ziggy: fbcdn? is that a facebook media server?
04:15ziggyCaspy7: I think is facebook's content delivery network
04:15Caspy7Burds: works pretty well for me. Possible you've checked a few too many boxes in the 3rd party filters list?
04:16Caspy7ziggy: unsure why that's happening. One experiment for you might be to go to the 3rd party filters tab in the uBlock dashboard and check the Social section
04:16ziggyBurds: it also works good on my computer
04:17ziggyCaspy7: Also under about:support it says multithreading windows have been disabled by a complement
04:17Caspy7complement? You mean addon?
04:18ziggyCaspy7: Maybe, its in spanish
04:18Burdscaspy7 : well without 3rd party filters, ublock origin blocks almost nothing, with 3rd party filters, ublock origin often breaks pages
04:18Burdsi think the problem is that 3rd party filters dont bother testing stuff before they update their filters
04:18Caspy7Burds: I did not suggest disabling them all
04:19Burdsthey dont bother to check if whatever they add will break a page
04:19Caspy7just not enabling too many of them
04:19ziggyCaspy7: Under social there is no filter enabled
04:19Caspy7maybe try enabling some, see if that stops the cdn issue, just guessing here
04:20Caspy7trying stuff
04:20ziggyCaspy7: I'll try asap
04:20Caspy7ziggy: if what it says is disabled by an addon, then one or more of your addons are preventing multiprocess
04:21ziggyCaspy7: yeah but how do i find which one
04:21Caspy7you can use this to more easily see which are compatible or incompatible
04:25ziggyCaspy7: Its the addon user-agent-switcher the one who doesn't support multiprocess
04:26Caspy7ziggy: any of these that say "compatible w/ firefox 57" will be multiprocess compatible
04:26ziggyCaspy7: That is lifesaving info
04:27ziggyCaspy7: Also gnome-theme-tweak is not compatible
04:27Caspy7ah ha! Distros often include addons and this is what I was talking about
04:28Caspy7Ubuntu also has something that disables multiprocess ...and they don't care
04:28ziggyCaspy7: but i installed gnome-theme-tweak by hand
04:28Caspy7ah, I see
04:29ziggyCaspy7: i wanted to be able to install gnome extensions from
04:29Caspy7I see
04:31ziggyCaspy7: i have uninstalled all the not working addons and still says that multiprocess has been disabled by an addon
04:31Caspy7ziggy: did you restart the browser?
04:32ziggyCaspy7: Yes i certainly did
04:32Caspy7ziggy: I wish I had a proper translation so I knew it's just an addon
04:33Caspy7I wonder if Arch also customizes the theme. I've heard reports of that doing it even though it shouldn't
04:33Caspy7another sometimes error there is that accessibility disables it
04:34Caspy7you could try a Mozilla build, see what happens
04:34Caspy7that frequently works actually
04:35ziggyCaspy7: I restarted in safe mode in english and it still says disabled by add-ons
04:36Caspy7honestly, it seems like these distro builds are always customized in such a way that this happens and I don't know if it's possible to undo. You could force multiprocess, though don't know if whatever's the issue will cause any further performance problems
04:36Caspy7I'd also give a mozilla build a try at least
04:41ziggyCaspy7: downloading
04:44ziggyCaspy7: It states the same with the binaries i've downloaded from
04:45ziggyCaspy7: I'm using openbox as desktop with xcompmgr as compositer if that's of any help
04:45Caspy7ziggy: can you paste the original text here?
04:45Caspy7I'm wondering if it means accessibility
04:45ziggyVentanas multiproceso 0/1 (Deshabilitado por los complementos)
04:46ziggyModo Seguro false
04:46ziggyCaspy7: Multiprocess windows 0/1 (Disabled by add-ons)
04:46Caspy7bollocks, it does say addons
04:47ziggyCaspy7: It detected my original profile of the distro's version of firefox
04:47Caspy7ziggy: if you disable *all* your addons and restart does it work? Also, do you have a custom "complete" theme?
04:47Caspy7ziggy: yeah, it'd be worth trying in a fresh profile
04:48ziggyCaspy7: No custom theme, i've never installed one. I'm going to try the refresh, although i don't like the idea
04:49Caspy7well, I'd *test* in a fresh profile first to see if that setting changes
04:49Caspy7you don't lose data
04:52ziggyCaspy7: Yeah!!! It worked. It now says 1/1 Enabled by the user
04:54Caspy7something funky going on in your profile. A refresh will likely do the trick. Though, yes, you'll have to reinstall addons.
04:55Burdswhat does multi process windows mean?
04:55ziggyCaspy7: Everything i've ever loved is leaving!!! So sad!!
04:55Caspy7ziggy: what do you mean?
04:56Caspy7Burds: well, if you have any multiprocess windows, that means multiprocess is enabled. Otherwise it will say that it's disabled
04:56Burdswhat do you mean by "multiprocess"?
04:57Caspy7Firefox is split up into multiple processes. A parent process and content process (tabs)
04:57Caspy7soon it will be multiple content processes
04:57Caspy7there are security and responsiveness benefits
04:57Caspy7and stability
04:58Caspy7if a page would have crashed your browser now it only crashes its content process and makes for a much quicker recovery
04:58Burdswhats the downside?
04:58Caspy7though I don't really get many crashes
04:59Caspy7Burds: hm, well it uses a bit more memory and also some older style addons are not compatible with it
04:59ziggyCaspy7: I logged in into my firefox sync account and it's reinstalling all of my addons. Let's see if it doesn't crashes again
04:59Caspy7when firefox sees them it must disable multiprocess mode
05:02ziggyCaspy7: It worked, i have all my old addons installed and it still says 1/1 enabled by the user
05:02ziggyCaspy7: SOmething tricky happened with my old profile
05:06Caspy7ziggy: is performance readily noticeable, or hard to say?
05:12ziggyCaspy7: Kinda the same
05:13Caspy7ziggy: one thing you may consider is running the Places maintenance addon
05:13Caspy7the Places database is one of the few things that does not get sanitized in a Refresh
05:13ziggyCaspy7: Will it help if i enable http pipelining under about.config
05:14ziggyCaspy7:Also disableing the tiles under newtab
05:14Caspy7heh, it's often the about:config custom stuff that can get you in trouble :)
05:14Caspy7no, I don't think disabling tiles is going to help your performance
05:15Caspy7off the top of my head I don't know much about http pipelining
05:15Caspy7you may try asking at a different time if no one else chimes in
05:16ziggyCaspy7:Http pipelining is a techinque that allows to do multiple http requests while doing other things not waiting for every single http connection
05:16ziggyCaspy7: Its like threading http requests
05:17Caspy7ok, well, I don't know why it's not enabled by default then. Sometimes the defaults are defaults for a reason I mean
05:17ziggyCaspy7: Besides there are some configs that are only available under about:config
05:17ziggyCaspy7: Like disabling pocket
05:17globpipelining isn't enabled by default because some sites break when it is
05:18markhglob: aren't you supposed to be working? ;)
05:18Caspy7ziggy: you're right, there are some things only accessible there, but some things can get you in trouble as well.
05:18glob/kick markh
05:18ziggyglob: If that happens then the websites are wrong, not firefox
05:19Caspy7that's a conversation winner there
05:19globziggy: true, but the users will blame firefox
05:19globsee also: html
05:19ziggyglob: i don't
05:19globziggy: you aren't like most users
05:19Caspy7ziggy: you are not a good representation of the larger user base
05:19globproof: you're in this irc channel
05:19Burdsis there any known way to force firefox to use my nvidia GPU instead of integrated card? nvidia control panel isnt working.
05:20ziggyglob: Thanks, i guess
05:21globziggy: heh :) "most users" are weird. there was a conversation with our ux team, and they have data that shows most users don't use ctrl+c/cmd+c to copy
05:22globwhich boggles my mind
05:22glob"less than 1%"
05:23ziggyglob: What would happen if they discover vim??? The continous space-time would possibly break
05:24globziggy: lol. and they would restart their computer to quit vim
05:25ziggyglob: They would possibly reinstall the OS to "fix" it
05:26ziggyCaspy7: How can i enable compositing??? It says opengl is disabled and i think thats the reason why youtube videos are so crippled
05:27Caspy7sorry, I don't readily know...and am getting too sleepy to be helpful
05:29markhziggy: might be helpful/dangerous
05:29markhand I *think* about:support tells you if your card is blacklisted
05:30markhah - "Decision Log" on about:support
05:30ziggymarkh: blocked by default: Acceleration blocked by platform
05:31ziggyCaspy7: Before you sleep, Thank you very much for your help.
05:32Caspy7no problem, glad to help
05:34globziggy: are you using a mozilla provided build?
05:35ziggyglob: i did earlier tonight and it says the same as the arch provided binaries
05:36globie. it looks like a compile-time decision
05:36* glob isn't sure
05:38ziggyglob: what am i looking at???
05:38firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
05:39firebot Ehsan Akhgari: Quantum Flow Engineering Newsletter #10
05:42markhbug 1323284 might also be relevant, which ends up pointing at
05:42firebot FIXED, Disable acceleration by default on Linux
05:44ziggySo developers disabled compositing because is hard to fix???
05:44Caspy7oh, yeah, right, hardware acceleration is disabled by default on linux. I think you can force it and "See what happens" some people it works, some people is very crashy
05:45Caspy7the HWA story on linux is poor
05:45ziggyNot the answer i expected but anyway.
06:16Burdsis there any known way to force firefox to use my nvidia GPU instead of integrated card? nvidia control panel isnt working.
06:39markhBurds: I'm really not sure, but I don't think Firefox chooses what adaptor to use, so can't make an alternative choice
08:04firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
08:04firebot Daniel Stenberg: curl: 5000 stars
08:39lunaSeems like someone forgot too cancel the Reps Meeting on so it has been streaming nothing for 17 hours :D
08:51BtbNHow do I temporarily ignore "SEC_ERROR_OCSP_TRY_SERVER_LATER"? (too many capital letter aparently...)
08:52BtbNCan't reach any of my own sites because LetsEncrypt is messing something up
08:52philippyou can disable the ocsp verification in the advanced settings > certificates...
08:53BtbNDisabling that has no effect on the error
09:00BtbNSo it seems like it's entirely impossible for me to reach half a dozen sites, because someone elses server exploded? Great...
09:01BtbNMakes me thing twice about using OCSP in the first place
09:12Tewsame url opened beforehand, middle click on "Switch to tab" used to open it 2nd time in a new tab, now (45 esr vs 52esr-now) it is treated as leftclick so you need to switch to tab, wherever in your windows it is, and then middle click refresh to open it 2nd time.. (and possibly drag it to where you actually wanted it)
09:44ZIVI have problem with Downloads
09:45ZIVWhen download failed there is Refresh button. It doesn't make it.
09:45ZIVBut if
09:46ZIVI go to the page and hit again the download it does download
09:46ZIVso I think there is a problem with the Refresh button.
09:52ZIVIt doesn't ask me if to continue the old or to make new download
10:09ZIVregarding .part extension
10:09ZIVcan't it include the info for resuming that download?
10:10ZIVmaybe at the end of the file? So that Firefox could continue this download?
10:13ZIV.part file is corrupted and the user want to make the file/download completed.
10:26Tewrefresh button likely sends the identical to old request, which servers may not accept (~ request expired, you could typically encounter that in filehosts that don't let you use the generated file link for 24 hours)
10:31Tewas for download resumes, DownThemAll has a better resume mechanism (but, afaict, firefox built-in can recover from some interruptions), but ofc DTA will be killed by firefox 57
10:48ZIVTew, I think in my case it has something to do with slow connection
10:49ZIVIt last just couple of minutes
10:50ZIVI don't know. It seems it does the same request, but succeded only from opening the page
11:23Me-methere's this blue bar
11:23Me-meunderneath the address bar
11:24Me-meit appears on all websites
11:24Me-meand I can't right click i
11:24Me-mestrike that, it doesn't appear on all websites
11:27Tew(but if it's not a website issue, you need to try Safe mode, to see if it's one of your addons acting up)
11:56nyuszika7hI have a problem in Firefox 53.0.2 on Windows 10, since recently whenever I load a page it often fails to do the DNS lookup but if I reload it always works fine
13:30boki have adwaita-dark theme + breeze-dark icons for gtk2/3, firefox uses adwaita (bright) thats ok, problem is firefox also uses my system icons set in ~/.config/gtk-3/settings.ini ie breeze-dark instead of breeze (bright)
13:30bokwhat do
13:38blamsI am having problems with the website gumtree in firefox
13:38blamshow do i get the problems fixed?
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16:00firebot Hacks.Mozilla.Org: Showcasing your WebVR experiences
17:35firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
17:35firebot Manish Goregaokar: Teaching Programming: Proactive vs Reactive
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18:55firebot Air Mozilla: Gecko And Native Profiler
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19:55firebot Air Mozilla: Webdev Beer and Tell: May 2017
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