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19 Mar 2017
00:35TiagoTiagoEver since the update to version 52, new tabs will randomly not load. Sometimes it gets to the point of loading the title of the page, but the page remains blank. Sometimes reloading makes it load, but not always. Any idea what is going on?
00:38TiagoTiagoActually, now that I'm thinking about it; I think there have been a few times pages have failed to load after clicking a link in the same tab. I guess because it is random and I've been mostly browsing stuff on multiple tabs I forgot of the few times it happened without going to new tabs.
01:08Caspy7kbrosnan: I've filed I've filed bug 1348610
01:08firebot NEW, The Stub installer is installing 32 bit Firefox on 64 bit Windows.
01:35mib_pnmsvu"mach build" generating errors after cloning it
01:35mib_pnmsvunot sure what to do
01:35mib_pnmsvucan someone help me?
01:36mib_pnmsvuA snippet of the error
01:36mib_pnmsvu0:18.95 Traceback (most recent call last): 0:18.95 File "c:\mozilla-build\python\Lib\", line 162, in _run_module_as_main 0:18.95 "__main__", fname, loader, pkg_name)
01:36arai-awaycan you post entire log to ?
01:38maelcumhello. the sandbox part with pulseaudio support and no alsa support, where is that?
01:38arai-awaymib_pnmsvu: sounds like you're using different python than expected
01:38maelcumi'm maybe interested in implementing the alsa part. i've been kind of looking for a rust project anyway and i want alsa support. i have quite some c++ experience.
01:39Caspy7maelcum: I do not quite understand what you mean about sandbox.
01:39maelcumi guess it's for plugins that access audio?
01:39Caspy7maelcum: so, the place to try may be #media but it's the weekend
01:39maelcumCaspy7: thanks.
01:39mib_pnmsvui have both python 3 and 2.7
01:40mib_pnmsvuwhat is the expected version?
01:40Caspy7maelcum: they're on New Zealand time for the most part I think :)
01:40arai-awaymib_pnmsvu: 2
01:40Caspy7so I'd check the time and day
01:40arai-awaymib_pnmsvu: but I think everything is stored in mozilla-build
01:40mib_pnmsvupython 2.7 is stored in mozilla-build
01:40mib_pnmsvuyou are right
01:40Caspy7maelcum: also, debianuser is currently away, but he was talking with them about how to further developer ALSA
01:41arai-awaymib_pnmsvu: try removing the python3 from PATH
01:42maelcumCaspy7: heh right, i've talked to him about it earlier on freenode #alsa.
01:42maelcumhe's away there, too, so i just went ahead...
01:43Caspy7sure sure
01:45mib_pnmsvudo i remove python3 from my system completely?
01:45arai-awaymib_pnmsvu: no
01:46arai-awaymib_pnmsvu: if you see its path in PATH environment variable, just removing that part will work
01:46arai-awayif not, I don't know how to avoid the issue :P
01:47arai-away(I thought Windows has some tricky things around that
01:50mib_pnmsvuthat worked
01:50mib_pnmsvuthanks :)
02:15TiagoTiagoWell, I gotta go; will try again some other time. Cya.
02:32eightfoldhi there. i'm wondering if there really isn't any way of backing up my firefox configuration for later restore (i'm reinstalling android)
02:32eightfoldno, i'm not keen on uploading my everything to "the cloud" (firefox sync)
02:34Mardegsomeone in the #mobile channel may know
02:59gde34I want/need firefox to not delete cookies asociated with domains for which I have passwords saved and delete everything else after each session
03:00gde34the one extension that allowed you to set a bunch of domains that should never be deleted sadly has expired
03:00gde34I find doing this by hand mega frustrating
03:01gde34I have thousands of them!
03:04gde34some of my cookies are very hard to make, I would just delete everything but having to log on everything in is about as much work as going over the thousands of cookies and deleting them manually
03:05gde3410 minutes in I'm still on those starting with a
03:28gde34ahhh it lives under custom settings for history
03:32Caspy7gde34: ...are you deleting cookies to increase your privacy?
03:32gde34Caspy7: for speed
03:33gde34Caspy7: I visit thousands of websites per day
03:33Caspy7is this based on information from the 90's?
03:33gde34you think it doesn't make any difference?
03:33Caspy7like, "IE's screwing up, better clear cache and cookies."
03:33gde34I'm basically just trying stuff to remedy slow page loading
03:33Caspy7no, I don't
03:33gde34jsut keep the whole shitkebab?
03:34Caspy7Firefox will manage them and delete them over time
03:34gde34I have it set to keep things
03:34Caspy7also, the way the database works it should not affect browser performance
03:34Caspy7maybe it would have with Netscape, I dunno...
03:35gde34Caspy7: this page is a nice example
03:35gde34how fast does it load for you?
03:35gde34and if you open the same page in a different tab?
03:36gde34mine is done now
03:36gde34takes almost a minute to load
03:36gde34but every time
03:36Caspy7oh, takes a couple seconds for me
03:36Caspy7gde34: sounds like you've got other problems then
03:37Caspy7because the answer to the question nowadays "What can I do for better performance?" is not "clear you cookies"
03:37gde34--- ping statistics ---
03:37gde3417 packets transmitted, 17 received, 0% packet loss, time 16018ms
03:37gde34rtt min/avg/max/mdev = 147.045/157.863/264.042/27.133 ms
03:38gde34not a great ping
03:38Caspy7like I said, took a couple seconds to load for me
03:38Caspy7you can start doing normal troubleshooting steps
03:38Caspy7a good start
03:38gde34what could I try to figure out what is wrong?
03:38Caspy7first test in safe mode
03:38gde34that page?
03:39gde34clear cookies is still nr 2 on the list :P
03:40Caspy7think I may have a talk with someone in sumo about changing that. Because it is not a high priority cause nowadays
03:48firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
03:48firebot Manish Goregaokar: I Never Hear the Phrase 'INHTPAMA' Anymore
03:56judge--Hi guys, where's the volunteers channel?
03:56Caspy7judge--: what type of volunteering are you thinking about?
04:00gde34I signed up for "helping improve the eu website", they had a facinating task for me. They would present a topic and one sub menu of their site menu extended with a few non existing categories then they would ask where I expected to find that topic
04:00Caspy7judge--: well, are you looking to do some sort of programming development? #introduction is a good channel for that
04:00gde34the site menu has sub sub sub sub menus and they host tons of information
04:01Caspy7judge--: also, would check out
04:01gde34I was amazed how easy everything could be found
04:01judge--Well, I was hoping I could do some programming for non profit orgs
04:01judge--while I learn, I help others
04:02judge--really need to get up to speed with front end
04:02gde34imagine you would ask users where they would expect to find Catch settings. Then have them answer like: under advanced > network?
04:02gde34or maybe they wouldn't think it was there at all :P
04:02judge--and I believe that learning on the job is more effective.. so I was hoping I could find some non profit that needs some web development
04:03gde34judge--: php?
04:03Caspy7judge--: yeah, the two places I mentioned are what I know for now. And you explored the site you linked?
04:04gde34first thing to learn about front end is to never ask why something works the way it does
04:06judge--gde34 PHP is fine
04:07Caspy7judge--: did you ask in #introduction for direction?
04:07arai-awayI haven't heard of projects using PHP in mozilla. webdev is mostly using python. and some perl
04:08gde34yeah, I acidentally thought to steal your developer. Lets pretend I didn't go there :P
04:11gde34good site this whatcaido thing
05:33firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
05:33firebot Air Mozilla: Denise Graveline on Graceful ways with Q & A
05:48firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
05:48firebot Alex Vincent: A practical whitelist in JavaScript: es7-membrane, version 0.7
06:01Tewgde34 - I don't think Privacy - Cookies exceptions can do more than 1 domain at a time, but you might be able to export list of passwords' domains (not sure - an addon?) and then import it (outside ff) to cookies.sqlite as 'allow'..
06:02gde34Tew: It would just be sexy if it would organize the flat list
06:02gde34something with check boxes and shift/ctrl click highlighting
06:02gde34with buttons like [check/uncheck selected]
06:03gde34check/uncheck all
06:03gde34invert selection
06:03gde34check/uncheck loggins
06:04gde34could also make the exceptions window more sexy
06:04gde34with domains rather than exact urls :/
06:05gde34could pre-populate that with saved password domains
06:05gde34it doens't have priority ofc
06:05gde34lots of other things should happen first
06:30Tewnot sure if webextensions can iterate over permissions.. actually, I thought there was some webext api for passwords, but I don't see it at a glance now (unfortunately passwords fit in my sarcastic "webextensions don't want you to have that", too)
08:15Mardegwow! 380+mb of pending crash reports
08:16* Mardeg deletes them
08:26SoItBeginsYou could send them :P
08:47Mardegnot now
09:01TimvdeI always send my crash reports immediately
09:01* Timvde is a good guy
09:09* Gasspard is thinking if Timvde is a good guy
09:49Timvdegavin: can you (or someone else) please disable the 50% capital letter limit (or at least make it less strict)? It is broken and blocking totally ridiculous things. For example, it just blocked "Yes I am!".
10:40GasspardYep, I sent Yes I am, and this room blocked my message as well
10:42TimvdeGasspard: It's *actually* checking if at least 50% of your characters are lower case letters. But if you're using short words, spaces and punctuation count heavily against you...
10:43GasspardTimvde: Got it.
10:43TimvdeAnd it's just plain annoying of course...
10:43TimvdeIt should be like > 10 letters, > 80% caps or something before it can actually be useful
10:44TimvdeCapitalized abbreviations are also fun
10:44TimvdeTalking about add-ons like CTR, TMP, or even just HTML or XUL
11:05Kewait wat, does freenode allow pre-filtering of messages?
11:06Keactually this is not freenode even, but mozilla IRC
11:23GasspardKe: Nice nick name
12:54merpnderpTrying to use bugzilla to post a url autocomplete not working, but there are a ton of opens bugs about it already going back 6 years.
13:07Timvdemerpnderp: Indeed, I still have it disabled...
13:07TimvdeBut I'm running into other bugs now because of that, so ugh.
13:07merpnderpTimvde: you set it to disabled in about:config, or it's stil broken?
13:08Timvdemerpnderp: You can disable it in about:config
13:08merpnderpTimvde: I know. I'm asking if you disabled it or have the same bug as me.
13:08TimvdeBut with the new unified complete, it can show *both* "Visit" and "Search" if you enter something that looks like a url (like when you want to go to, and it breaks muscle memory
13:08Timvdemerpnderp: You haven't mentioned your bug yet :)
13:09merpnderpTimvde: url autocomplete stopped working as of two updates ago in FF Dev.
13:09Timvdemerpnderp: Oh, no, that's not what I meant
13:10merpnderpI didn't post to bugzilla because there are open bugs going back to 2011.
13:12Timvdemerpnderp: about it completely not working?
13:12TimvdeThat would surprise me
13:12Timvdemerpnderp: Have you tried in safe mode or in a new profile?
13:12TimvdeSounds like it could be caused by an add-on
13:12merpnderpokay, I'll try in safe mode
13:15merpnderpNo tab autocomplete in the awesome bar with addons disabled.
13:33Timvdemerpnderp: Wait, tab autocomplete?
13:34TimvdeWhat are you exactly trying to do?
13:34merpnderpyes, in the awesomebar you type goo then tab and if you go to google a lot it autocompletes ""
13:35merpnderpAnd I used to get lots of suggestions when typing in a url. Now I only get suggestions from already opened tabs.
13:35Timvdemerpnderp: with the default settings, it should automatically fill to while you're typing, and a pop-up should appear
13:35TimvdeOkay, that helps me
13:36TimvdeIf you go to about:preferences#privacy
13:36TimvdeThere's an entry about the Location bar
13:36Timvde"When using the location bar, suggest:"
13:36TimvdeIs everything ticked?
13:36merpnderpokay j/s :)
13:36merpnderpjust a second, sorry
13:36merpnderplooking now
13:37merpnderplol, I swear I didn't change those settings....I don't think.
13:37TimvdeI'm probably getting old, I don't know the abbreviations of the young people anymore :(
13:37Timvdemerpnderp: Did that solve your issue? :)
13:37merpnderpTimvde: naw, the abbreviations are like local dialects. Too many for any person to know them all.
13:37merpnderpHaven't checked the boxes and tested but I'm 99% sure it is. J/s :P
13:38merpnderpyes that was it :)
13:38TimvdeOkay.. I wonder how they got flipped :P
13:38GasspardJ/s = Just a second?
13:38merpnderpTimvde: those were some impressive skills.
13:38merpnderpGasspard: maybe? I've always used it that way.
13:39Timvdemerpnderp: Sorry for taking so long to actually understand what your issue is
13:39GasspardOk, I just know this abbreviation, seems nice
13:39TimvdeI was completely off track at first
13:39Gasspardthanks merpnderp
13:40merpnderpTimvde: but very curious about what caused this. I bet it is opt-in for privacy's sake. I didn't know those suggestions come from the default search engine. I thought they were pulled from history.
13:40merpnderpGasspard: I was glad to see a dictionary had that abbreviation in case I've been using it wrong all this time :P
13:40Timvdemerpnderp: Nope, they're enabled by default
13:41Timvdemerpnderp: They are from local history
13:41Gasspardmerpnderp: That dictionary is very cool IMO
13:41TimvdeSearch engine suggestions indeed are disabled by default, but you'll need to be at about:preferences#search for that
13:42Timvdemerpnderp: Location of preferences isn't always 100% logical, Mozilla is planning a redesign, and will also add a search bar
13:42merpnderpTimvde: that's a bit confusing as there's a link to #search right under the privacy suggestions checks.
13:43merpnderpTimvde: I'm just glad to have Firefox as a browser option.
13:43TimvdeWell, who isn't? ;)
13:43Timvde(Apart from ~90% of people)
13:43TimvdeBut they're obviously wrong!
13:44GasspardAny movie about Mozilla? any suggestion?
13:44Gasspardor documentry ?
13:45GasspardI want something like Mozilla: The Movie, :P
13:50Tewthere is a netscape movie, Code Rush
13:52GasspardI have that DVD, Mozilla sent it to me a few years ago
13:56Seburo(It is available on AirMoz for download)
14:36Cypherousmerpnderp: it misses out one of the obvious ones, just saying :P
15:06CypherousSo, random suggestion, the "check spelling" language should default to your system set language rather than american english, especially when i have the british english dictionary installed :P
15:09Tewwhat does british english firefox default to?
15:10CypherousNo idea, its the stub installer that decides what version is installed
15:13TewI don't know if there is some heuristic for stub installer (maybe accept-language order??), I always get en-us suggested, but I never use stub. you can pick firefox-language on
15:14CypherousThat mac downlod icon annoys me, the line goes outside the arrow >.<
16:45TheManTheMythThePenguinhey lads, this the right channel for technical firefox questions?
16:49SeburoTheManTheMythThePenguin: Hi. We will do our best to help. What&#39;s up?
16:49Seburooh, okay....
16:50Tewyeah :-|
16:54WaltS48-visitingIf they stay around long enough. :)
16:56decebalusBecause is weekend:
16:57WaltS48so what the heck is about:checkerboard for?
16:57Seburodecebalus: I have seen him live. Amazing (and very funny).
16:59firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
16:59firebot Mozilla Reps Community: Reps of the Month February 2017
17:00decebalusSeburo: yes is amazing
17:02decebalusbest beatbox ever seen (for me)
17:03Caspy7WaltS48: checkerboarding refers to when the browser is displaying a part of the webpage that is not yet finished rendering to the display. That page helps developers get measurements and stats about it
17:06Caspy7nowadays that section of the unrendered page will generally (always?) show as white, but previously, and in development, it would be given a checkboard pattern to be more easily identified
17:06Caspy7...and they&#39;re gone
17:11lol768Is column-fill: auto; known to be broken with later versions of Firefox?
17:11lol768or has it not been supported?
17:40Caspy7lol768: dunno about this time of the day on a weekend, but you may try #webdev as well
17:44lol768cheers Caspy7
18:17booferffwhich is the best add on for gpg? for firefox
18:17booferffnot enigmail that is for thunderbird
18:23Sheogorathasking for &quot;the best&quot; is always difficult
18:35Sheogorathin general: <-- there is no much
18:35Sheogorathbut possibly this is somethig for you:
18:49Tew(&quot;the best that will work at the end of the year&quot;)
18:49deb_byAfter cloning comm-central &quot;mach build&quot; command is giving me errors
18:50deb_bycan someone tell me what to do?
18:56Tewtry #introduction if you don&#39;t get a response here
21:47GatorsWhy has firefox rendered itself useless, are you trying to lose users?
21:48GatorsAny reason firefox was sabatoged like it was?
22:01Caspy7Gators: How about let&#39;s backup and describe what your issue is?
22:01Gatorswhen I try to join a google hangout, I get a window telling me firefox doesn&#39;t do that anymore.
22:02GatorsI rely rather heavily on google hangouts.
22:04Caspy7Gators: I can provide an explanation of why this happened as well as a workaround if you&#39;d like
22:04Gatorscould you call in to our show to explain this? 984-664-2723
22:05Gatorsplease call, ask for jonny
22:05Caspy7over a year ago Mozilla announced that they&#39;d be deprecating the NPAPI plugin architecture...
22:05Gatorsaw....Dune wanted to hear the explanation too
22:05Caspy7we can get into more of the reasons for that in a sec, but short version is that Google knew about this change for a long time
22:06Caspy7they already use a non-plugin version in Chrome
22:06Caspy7however it is non-standard WebRTC
22:06Caspy7a chrome-specific version
22:06Caspy7the workaround currently would be to use Firefox 52 ESR which still supports NPAPI plugins
22:06Caspy7and will for a year
22:07Caspy7Google said they&#39;re working to fix their code
22:07Caspy7so in the next few months (one would hope) they will have the plugin-less version available
22:07GatorsYeah, but the bottom line is, your update breaks something people use.
22:08Caspy7it was rather disingenuous of Google to link to a newer announcement of Mozilla&#39;s about the deprecation. As if they just found out about it :-|
22:09Caspy7that gets to the issue of relying on the dated and insecure NPAPI...forever
22:09Caspy7there was plenty of warning. And yeah, people running IE 6 get annoyed when websites stop supporting them
22:10Caspy7doesn&#39;t make it the wrong thing to do
22:10Caspy7just because people are using something we just support that thing for eternity
22:10GatorsWell, you know, google doesn&#39;t have much incentive to keep alternate versions of their stuff working for your new specs if it means you get to break our own browser for them.
22:11GatorsIt might not be right, but, it&#39;s what happened.
22:11GatorsI hate chrome. I have it installed now.
22:11Caspy7Gators: indeed, I think this was an intentional decision on Google&#39;s part. They could have made it standards based webrtc and have it working, but they chose not to. This lag period was intentional.
22:12GatorsWell, you could have held off instead of playing into the breaking it.
22:12Caspy7wasn&#39;t my decision, but given the strategy, it would have just gone on for a long time then
22:13Caspy7&quot;We won&#39;t change because it will break something.&quot; &quot;They&#39;re not changing, so we don&#39;t need to fix our crap.&quot;
22:15Caspy7Mozilla literally has developers helping *Google* to fix their code. Limit-resources Mozilla is helping near-infinite-resources Google. Because Google doesn&#39;t give a shit.
22:18GatorsWell, if you want to learn how to install a bidet, check out the live stream,
22:21agrecascinoever since e10s have rolled out, browsing with large amounts of tabs is a mess
22:21MardegI hope it doesn&#39;t include a live demo
22:22GatorsThe listeners get to decide if there&#39;s a live demo or not.
22:22Mardegmaybe just in the face
22:22MardegSquirty McSquirtface
22:22agrecascinofirefox will now just at times stop being able to connect to new sites
22:23agrecascinoand becomes somewhat unresponsive
22:23agrecascinoanyone else get this?
22:29gmooreI get something like that but I think it&#39;s just my internet connection. Usually if I disconnect from the wi-fi and reconnect it helps.
22:29gmooreI&#39;m not sure if it really becomes unresponsive in my case though. Probably not the same problem.
22:32Caspy7agrecascino: curious, are you forcing e10s?
22:32agrecascinoCaspy7, no, got it after 52.0.1 rollout
22:37MardegGators: Plumber&#39;s Cleavage
22:43Caspy7gmoore: how frequently does this happen?
22:48gmooreCaspy7: Uhh it kind of depends on the day. I think it is most likely just my router though (it&#39;s a wireless connection and I think it just doesn&#39;t work that well sometimes).
23:04chatterhey guys
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