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19 Apr 2017
00:41SoItBeginsHey, Im having some trouble with the new iteration of the debugger.
00:42SoItBeginsThe interface has changed a bit - how do you blackbox JS sources now?
00:50Caspy7SoItBegins: you may also try #devtools
00:51SoItBeginsOh, thanks.
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07:48firebot This Week In Rust: This Week in Rust 178
07:52mboldanHi everyone! Join us for today's Bug Verification Day via #qa IRC channel! Feel free to check for detailed instructions on how to get involved. Have fun!
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08:18firebot Daniel Stenberg: curl bug bounty
11:10HussamHi. I just read an article that says Aurora branch is getting shut down. Will it be trunk -> Beta -> Release from now on?
11:13anbog_Hussam: This should cover your question and more
11:13Hussamanbog_: thank you.
11:19HussamI was actively filing bugs against Aurora branch. But I understand the sentiment. Users are usually either release, beta, or full bleeding edge trunk.
12:55gde34should I fill a bug for this? The idea is...
12:55gde34to be able to add extra options to the datalist
12:55gde34sadly they are ignored until a key is pressed
12:55gde34and the sandbox doesn't listen to dispatching a keyboard event
12:56gde34the resut is that one has to use libraries to build from scratch a build in feature
12:57gde34but I'm nto sure if I'm missing something here
12:57gde34can all those search autocomplete implementations use the datalist in some way I dont understand?
13:03gde34ah there is a bug
13:34WG9sgde34: my general answer to this is that you have a well thought out issue with steps to reproduce, had there net been a g=bug already which I guess it the case you should have filed one anyway either as a bug or as a request for enhancement.
13:34gde34WG9s: thanks
13:35gde34I'm still reverse engineering what it is actually doing
13:35WG9sseems like you have enough idea of what you are doing so you don;t ened to ask.
13:35WG9sdon't need to ask
13:36gde34I'm not actualyl using this atm, it just seems silly to toss such a nice feature aside while it is so close to being perfect.
13:36WG9ssorry i have 2 keyboards active and this one is a stretch for me to reach so even more prone to typos than the one directly in front of me.
13:36gde34everyone is using the giga libs to do something that should work out of the box
13:37gde34hehe, np dude ;)
13:37gde34WG9s: try use synergy, its godly
13:38gde34can have macs and windos computes, many linuxes, even kolibri
13:38gde34all with the same keyboard
13:38WG9snot to say i don;t get typos on the one in fornt of me
13:38WG9sfront of me
13:39gde34If I switch on the lap top far away on the table overthere *points finger* I can mouse into it rightaway
13:39WG9ssometimes I have these arranged beter. I just moved them
13:40WG9sthis seems better
13:40WG9son is just on IRC the other is the one I am actually using to do coding debugging etc.
14:01WG9sprobably would better with 2 monitors and one computer.
14:01WG9sbut then I would just end up typing int he wrong window.
14:46gde34WG9s: Synergy will allow you to use any number of computers
14:50gde34I would send you a link but you probably cant open it :P
16:06est31"Google Chrome is required to run the new Google Earth. Please try this link in Chrome"
16:06est31just. wow.
16:12Timvdeest31: Yes, Reddit already raged about that :P
16:12TimvdeThey're using NaCl
16:12TimvdeIt doesn't even work on Vivaldi...
16:12est31thats just horrible
16:14Timvdeof course, when I say Reddit, I mean /r/firefox
16:14TimvdeNot Reddit in its whole
16:16Tokoyamiwas looking for the old r/linux page on that to add to the reddit list when I saw a new entry and it has this :D
16:21est31still sad
16:21est31hangouts broken, now this too
16:21est31lets hope both get fixed
16:22Tokoyamiwasn't there an announcement recently that hangouts is coming soon? like last week I think.
16:22est31its like if microsoft used activeX to implement office online
16:22est31they did not, instead they used emscripten and asm.js
16:22mazullaest31: You're surprised that the most evil corporation on this planet is actively locking out competitors?
16:22est31mazulla: Google didn't appear to me as evil
16:23est31usually that's microsoft's job
16:23mazullaThen you haven't been paying attention. :/
16:23Tokoyamimm, it was just a support entry :(
16:23b4handHow do I get around a about:neterror? The URL I am trying to access is correct.
16:24est31mazulla: in the past it appeared to me that google have been treating their customers least shit compared to other cloud companies
16:25est31mazulla: also, google always supported open standards, and even developed their own like vp8/vp9
16:25est31and now av1
16:26decebalusyou can use standalone Gogle Earth
16:35Mossopest31: Well, they bought vp8, promised to encode all of youtube with it and then never followed through
16:35est31vp8 has an encode overhead over h264
16:35est31in cpu time
16:35est31vp9 much worse
16:36est31(or at least vp9 has, can't remember)
16:36est31and ofc if you re-encode, you suffer from generational loss
16:36est31but yeah, they made that promise and never followed
16:36est31like their promise to drop support for h264 in chrome
16:39Caspy7est31: that was a bit of a "we're friends" moment in which you're holding hands and then they guide you into a pole
16:42Tewpolandball, for you internets
16:43Tew(/jk, trying to confuse you a bit more in case you were)
16:43Caspy7est31: like a telephone pole or something
16:47Caspy7est31: Google had given Mozilla assurance about the H264 deprecation and Mozilla acted in accordance with that
16:48Caspy7by not implementing H264 support for much longer that hurt Firefox on desktop and mobile
16:48Caspy7there are other things they've done that directly and specifically hurt Firefox too
16:49Timvdeest31: The worst about VP9 is its lack of hardware decoding
16:50TimvdeIs there any way to see whether Firefox is using hwa for a video, btw?
16:51est31newest generation hardware does have hardware decoding support
16:51TimvdeLol, apparently I'm in a "Flash as Click-To-Activate" test group, but I don't even have flash installed :P
16:51est31at least intel, and i think amd and nvidia as well
16:51Timvdeest31: I don't have new hardware :(
16:51TimvdeIntel Ivy Bridge i7
16:52est31Timvde: H.264 had a big head start, and hardware manufacturers actually have to make economic decisions what to put into their silicon
16:52est31and they have slow release cycles
16:53est31a generation takes years to unfold
16:53Timvdeest31: Youtube is using a crazy amount of cpu lately, and I just don't know why
16:53TimvdeIt's not even the video
16:53TimvdeEven software decoding of video was maybe 50% of a core
16:53est31btw, firefox doesn't support video hw decoding on linux any way
16:54est31I do have the hardware required, but no browser supports it :/
16:54est31not even chrome
16:54Timvdeest31: Oh. Yea, see, so that's definitely not the issue of the higher cpu usage
16:55est31(not that I'd switch to chrome/chromium if it did)
16:55twospoI have signon.autofillForms.http set to "true", but FF still only shows the warning. Any idea what's up with that?
16:56Timvdetwospo: What do you want to do?
16:56TimvdeDisable the http password warning?
16:56twospoI don't care about the warning, but I'd like to have the "login name" autofilled
16:59Timvdetwospo: Heh, I want to try something, but I literally can't think of any website where I have an account that still does not have https for its password forms...
16:59firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
16:59firebot Air Mozilla: The Joy of Coding - Episode 98
16:59firebot Nathan Froyd: on customer service; or, how to treat bug reports
16:59est31Timvde: your router?
16:59firebot Alex Gibson: My fourth year working at Mozilla
16:59firebot Mozilla Localization (L10N): Localizing Nightly by Default
17:00twospoTimvde: it's on localhost
17:00twospoactually, it would really be nice if firefox didn't consider loopback traffic "insecure"
17:08Timvdetwospo: Hmm, Firefox *used* to do that with its url bar warnings, they probably overlooked that :P
17:08TimvdeLocalhost should be a trustworthy url:
17:09twospoIt's not "localhost" directly, it just resolves to 127.0.0.X
17:10TimvdeOh, maybe that's why
17:11twospobut that doesn't explain why signon.autofillForms.http does not work
17:14Timvdetwospo: True. I haven't looked into it before, and I don't see why it wouldn't work, sorry
17:19twospoI guess I could configure nginx to use https, but I feel like I rally shouldn't have to do that just to get username autocompletion...
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17:19firebot The Mozilla Blog: Firefox faster and more stable with the first big bytes of Project Quantum, simpler with compact themes and permissions redesign
17:52decebalusHe-he! Mozilla guys finally admit that Firefox is slow. I'm wonder if this will be resolved in next years. Btw, notice frequent mention of Chrome :P
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17:54firebot Air Mozilla: Weekly SUMO Community Meeting Apr. 19, 2017
18:00Caspy7decebalus: please share the quote from that article which you're referencing
18:01Caspy7the only thing I'm seeing is "Recent telemetry numbers (see link below) have shown us that the majority of our slowness comes from display list building and layer building (~80% combined on slow paints)."
18:02Caspy7searching for "slowness" and places where you're slow is something that any browser will do, including Chrome. That's very different from "admitting that Firefox is slow"
18:04MossopOh we know we're slower than we should be in some places. So is any software. Not sure how this is news
18:04Caspy7to aid in your translation and understanding of the sentence: "We want to be faster, in what areas are we slow?"
18:05Caspy7Mossop: I'm not arguing against that
18:05Caspy7mainly the constant trolling
18:06MossopYeah it's getting very old
18:06decebalusah..ok.I;m trolling shure..
18:07Caspy7decebalus: you have been a constant source of complaining.
18:07Caspy7decebalus: You said you'd go to Chrome. But you have not kept your word
18:10decebalusCaspy7: wrong again. I'm not going ever to Chrome..I'm on PaleMoon new, for about couple weeks..The real Firefox.
18:10Caspy7decebalus: please leave the channel then. There is nothing more for you here.
18:10MossopOh good. Then can you leave this channel and stop complaining?
18:11HavvyWouldn't it make more sense to say Firefox is the fake PaleMoon?
18:11Caspy7whatever narrative helps him move on
18:13decebalusJust watching if a bug will be resolved. Caspy7: I hope you found that I have not talked, just now.
18:14Caspy7decebalus: just CC yourself to that bug. You do not need to be in the channel to do so
18:14Caspy7also, bug resolutions do not come up in this channel
18:14Caspy7it's just as effective to reload the bug once a day
18:17decebalusAs usual, I'm the black sheep of course
18:18Caspy7decebalus: please address why you will not follow any of these suggestions
18:20Caspy7Generally speaking we try to keep users, but if someone is toxic to the developers and other users, then it's best for the project and everyone to lose them
18:22decebalusCaspy7: because I still find some interesting things here..And I do not know why you mind if I say nothing?
18:24Caspy7decebalus: why I mind? Because for a very long time you have been sniping. Complaining. You have been toxic to this channel. That's why I mind.
18:24Caspy7your words effect others and that matters
18:27decebalusCaspy7: was not my words.. One of the devs posted on ""
18:32Caspy7decebalus: No, it wasn't his words. It was yours. You said, "He-he! Mozilla guys finally admit that Firefox is slow." Which isn't accurate. *I* quoted his words.
18:34Caspy7decebalus: no one's arguing that Firefox is the fastest. That post discusses one of the ways it can get better/faster. But your constant antagonism is toxic to this community. And yes, that really really matters.
18:37advcomp2019i think 53 just broke my favorite theme
18:38decebalusCaspy7: oh, never mind, I will be quiet like a fish
18:40Caspy7decebalus: based on past experience, that is not true
18:41advcomp2019o.. got that fixed
18:42advcomp2019my theme had an update that did not get installed
18:42Caspy7advcomp2019: do you have automatic updates off?
18:43advcomp2019i have had firefox open for weeks without restarting it
18:45advcomp2019so it might not have got the theme update.. plus it looked i had 3 version back of my fav theme
18:49firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
18:49firebot Mozilla VR Blog: WebVR Google Daydream support lands in Servo
18:49firebot Wladimir Palant: Is undetectable ad blocking possible?
18:59Seburoadvcomp2019: Hi. Is it the theme that breaks, or Fx? Can you still use Fx?
19:00advcomp2019it was just theme
19:00Caspy7advcomp2019: FT Deepdark?
19:01advcomp2019Caspy7, yep
19:01Caspy7(not a hard guess given the probabilities)
20:29Caspy7The Register wrote an article that wasn't caustic toward Firefox and/or Mozilla
20:38zinkeranyflash help on latest firefox presentation
20:39zinkerany flash help on latest firefox presentation
20:39zinkerit asks me to store flsh is allowed,and reasks me 1000000000000000000000000000000 timesaday
20:40zinkerimsure , nota bug ,feature
20:40zinkerhwcan idisablethis feature
20:40zinkerhows this new ms browser
20:41zinkerasback up , soncee chrome operaand else are some something
20:41zinkerhence i ar and mozilla support is down
20:41zinkerike every day
20:42zinkernd yu cantget nws in inet
20:42zinkerhtml 55 needstime
20:42zinkerat least u need ai7 2000000000 giga
20:43zinkeruntil then isflash ok
20:43Mossopzinker: Sorry, you aren't making much sense. What is the issue?
20:44zinkerflash does always ask to be allowed ,evenit isin page properties securty
20:45MossopThere's a bug where sometimes Firefox thinks a page is trying to use flash
20:46zinkerim using flash , but it dont remeber stored sites , even firefox allows
20:46zinkera flahplayerbug?
20:47zinkera flash player bug?
20:47zinkeri want firefox surpressany notifaction about flash
20:47zinkereven itsaflash bug, then itwont show up
20:48MossopI don't know if there is a way to stop the notification
20:48zinkerits nervy
20:51zinkerwhy not keep flash, so hackers go thereandwehlp fash
20:51zinkerbeforethey hack my browserinhtml5
20:52zinkerits agood well okmovieplayer
20:52zinkerflsh is only unliked of the authorities ........
20:52zinkernot uers
20:53zinkerlet u vote allself
20:53zinkeripreferr flash
20:54zinkerhow uch securityisinthere... 10years
20:54zinker15 , i dont know
20:54zinkerandhtml5 isnaked bby
20:54zinkerand html5 is naked baby
20:55zinkerdo i make sense
20:56MossopNot really sorry
20:57Caspy7zinker: if you go to your plugins list, look at Flash and set to to always allow
20:58zinkerithinkitsthegoodbyeof flash
20:58zinkeritsnnouncedsince years
20:58zinkerbut i dont seewhy itshould leave
21:00zinkerno matter , tks for helping
21:00zinkerbut haveonlythebrowser asplayer
21:01zinkerflash did 15 yearofsecurity
21:02zinkeri hope flash stys ...
21:03MossopFlash has been a source of constant stability and security problems. I'm looking forwards to it being gone
21:04zinkeragainst what ?htm 5 ?
21:04zinkerppl hach the code
21:05zinkersoyou watch video andgetremote
21:05zinkerallnot that easy
21:05zinkerand firefox :)
21:05zinkerwereglad it strts :) laugh
21:05zinkerflash got told a leak ndfixed
21:06zinkerbuttheycant fixahead
21:08zinkerand flash is free
21:09zinkerithinkits tokeep
21:10zinkerdid tryvlc , vlc is aart, but standalone
21:10zinkerand html5 ,whomadethecoded
21:11zinkermakenosense reallynow,mightin 10 years
21:12zinkerwhat a name for a player html5
21:12zinkereven this makes frighten
21:12zinkerif they called it , amgedon
21:12zinkerhtml5 , osnt that a language code
21:13zinkercomuter language
21:15zinkertml 5should lastforthefirstincontrol elemnts
21:15zinkerbutton forward
21:16zinkerflash could make interface to html5
21:16zinkerits only alanguag
21:17zinkerand pl getanamefor hmtl 5 playerembed
21:19zinkerim done blbla blaa
21:31kazumafix your connection Mighty_Warthog
21:42db`hey guys.
21:43db`<db`> I&#39;m sure its already known..
21:43db`<db`> but has there been any fix for this?
21:43db`<db`> I got a master password on firefox
21:43db`<db`> and firefox has my passwords stored.
21:45Caspy7careful, about pasting here
21:45db`Well, I was saying that one could use chrome to import passwords from firefox
21:45db`just by being a system admin,
21:46db`by simply bypassing master password mechanism
21:46db`Has there been any update/awareness reg this one?
21:48Caspy7db`: no idea on this question. #security is probably a particularly appropriate place
21:48MossopThere shouldn&#39;t be a way to get the passwords out of Firefox if the master password is set short of brute forcing the database open. I&#39;ve never heard of this
21:49db`I got master password set
21:49db`but i was able to import passwords from firefox, on chrome
21:49db`I was only asked the sytem admin password, and not the masterpass
21:49MossopAre they the same?
21:49db`and I could see all the passwords in plain text ofc
21:49db`no they are not same.
21:50db`You can try it yourself.
21:50db`I&#39;m using windows server 2012 r2
21:51kbrosnanbrute foring the db is a thing
21:51db`well, I didn&#39;t brute-force or anything.
21:51db`I just went importing stuff into chrome
21:52kbrosnansure but Chrome can,
21:52db`Honestly, I don&#39;t use chrome. I wanted to import the passwords of firefox into &quot;google passwords&quot;
21:53db`kbrosnan ain&#39;t that brute-force?
21:54db`That link you pasted talks about brute force
21:55kbrosnanit does.
21:55db`I&#39;m not talking about any kind of hack as such.
21:55kbrosnanit is from 2009
21:55db`Its more of a glitch
21:55kbrosnancomputers are faster, google has some smart engineers
21:56MossopI can&#39;t reproduce, Chrome just can&#39;t import my passwords
21:57db`Mossop: I was asked to close running instances of firefox & start the import process.
21:57db`What error do you see?
21:58MossopNo error, it just doesn&#39;t get my passwords
21:59db`Is there a possibility that I&#39;m able to import them coz I&#39;d unlocked the masterpass when I turned the system on?
22:00db`When I turn system on, and open firefox; I&#39;m asked to enter the master
22:00MossopDid always have master passwords turned on?
22:00db`Let me try rebooting my system
22:00db`I&#39;ll try then
22:05nONoNonOjust upgraded to firefox 53 and now my master password and all other passwords are gone
22:05db`It doesn&#39;t work anymore
22:05db`I guess it works once you key in the master password for the first run of firefox post restatr of system
22:05db`And, doesn&#39;t the master password sync?
22:06db`nononono try loading your profile
22:06db`goto run and try &quot;firefox -p&quot;
22:06nONoNonOit did remember all my tabs
22:07Caspy7nONoNonO: what about your bookmarks & history?
22:07Caspy7ok, remembered tabs, sorry, misread
22:07nONoNonOalso remembered
22:08Caspy7nONoNonO: so when you go to view logins in preferences there&#39;s nothing there?
22:08nONoNonOtools - options - security shows no master password
22:08nONoNonOand no saved logins
22:08nONoNonOi *did* have a master password
22:08nONoNonOand /maybe/ fips...
22:09nONoNonOi&#39;ll see if downgrading back to 52.x.y helps
22:09db`btw, there a way to store the firefox passwords on google account? (
22:10db`I mean apart from storing it in mozilla db, can I back them up on google account too?
22:10db`I hope my query is clear.
22:10nONoNonOlast version was 52.0.2?
22:11Caspy7yes, I believe so
22:11Caspy7it seems unlikely to help, but you&#39;re welcome to try
22:11Caspy7that&#39;d be interesting
22:14nONoNonOwell... it did help
22:14nONoNonOand i had fips enabled in 52.0 and fips is broken in 53
22:14Caspy7...what&#39;s fips?
22:14nONoNonOfederal somethinh
22:14nONoNonOsecurity device
22:15MossopOnly allows Firefox to use Government approved security algorithms as I understand it
22:15Caspy7hm, possibly connected. We haven&#39;t had a rash of passwords being lost from what I can tell
22:15nONoNonOtools - options - advanced - certificates - security devices
22:16nONoNonObug 1357436
22:16firebot NEW, FIPS can no longer be enabled, saved passwords inaccessible
22:16nONoNonOfix it or remove it, but this is bad
22:17Caspy7bug 1337950 for Firefox
22:17firebot NEW, Cannot enable FIPS in Firefox 53.0a2
22:17Caspy7nONoNonO: hm, they indicate that it works in 52
22:17Caspy7of course that was the thunderbird bug you linked
22:17nONoNonOuhuh... i reinsatlled ff52 and got my passwords back
22:18nONoNonOthen disabled fips in 52 and i&#39;m goot to upgrade
22:18nONoNonObut it&#39;s bad if you don&#39;t know what happened and you lost all your passwords
22:18Caspy7nONoNonO: would you please tell your story in a comment in the bug I linked?
22:19nONoNonOand i haven&#39;t tested what happens if you start adding new passwords in fx53...
22:19nONoNonOwould that destroy yuor old db?
22:19Caspy7nONoNonO: from what I know, passwords are stored in key3.db and logins.json in your profile
22:19nONoNonOurm... i filed that bug :-)
22:20Caspy7so I think you can shut down firefox and make a copy of those
22:24nONoNonOi added my findings about upgrading to fx53
22:24nONoNonOi think the bug needs some more attention and higher priority though...
22:24Caspy7it may be something that needs escalated
22:25Caspy7nONoNonO: maybe needs brought up in #security ...
22:25nONoNonOmaybe.... but i won&#39;t do that today anymore...
22:26nONoNonOwell... it&#39;s 00:25, so i&#39;ll maybe do it today, after a good night sleep
22:27* Caspy7 nods
22:28nONoNonOthe problem is known for two months already... only fx53 is out now, so i think more ppl will report this
22:29nONoNonOeither here or on sumo, kitsune or lithium
22:29MossopThe problem is we didn&#39;t know that it would break users upgrading. I just chatted with one of the security folks about it
22:30Caspy7left a comment and it mid-air collided with someone who was escalating it...
22:30nONoNonOah, great... hope it van get fixed at all... they mentioned something about apple signing preventing it
22:31MossopWe probably don&#39;t want to fix FIPS but do want to fix the upgrade path
22:32nONoNonOgood... and maybe in the process of fixing the upgrade path, remove fips... (at least the gui for it for now)
22:32MossopThe gui for it is gone in Nightly already
22:32nONoNonOit is?
22:33SoItBeginsIm actually glad I moved all my passwords to the Mac Keychain a while ago.
22:33MossopAt least I can&#39;t find it anymore ;)
22:33MossopOh there it is
22:33nONoNonOshould be easy to remove though
22:33nONoNonOcan even be done with userChrome :-)
22:34nONoNonOanyway, i go to sleep...
22:34nONoNonOhave to be back up in less then 6 hours
22:35nONoNonOg`nite all
23:14DevrimIs it possible that Quantum Compositor is enabled on Firefox even if it isn&#39;t mentioned in about:support?
23:14Devrimabout:support doesn&#39;t mention the pid for me but I do have 3 processes running
23:14DevrimBefore v53 I only had 2 processes running
23:15Caspy7Devrim: yes
23:15MossopDevrim: I don&#39;t think we mention it in about:support at all
23:16Caspy7Devrim: Mossop: well, there&#39;s GPUProcess under the Graphics section.
23:16DevrimCaspy7 kk
23:16Caspy7I think that&#39;s it
23:16DevrimMossop ghacks showed it in a screenshot
23:16Caspy7I believe it&#39;s enabled for everyone on Windows
23:16MossopMaybe we&#39;re talking about different things
23:17Devrimvs mine
23:17DevrimI&#39;m pretty sure it&#39;s activated tho because of the increase proces count
23:17Caspy7Devrim: are you on windows?
23:17DevrimYes, Windows 7 SP1
23:18Devrime10s enabled
23:18Caspy7odd, do a search for GPUProcess in about:support
23:18Caspy7that&#39;s curious
23:18DevrimNope, doesn&#39;t match anything
23:27Caspy7Devrim: you&#39;re on 53 release and not Beta, correct? What is the value of layers.gpu-process.enabled in about:config ?
23:27DevrimCaspy7 it is set to true
23:28DevrimI&#39;m on EME free and 64bit version btw
23:28Devrimnot sure if it matters
23:30Caspy7chatting w/ someone in another channel about it, waiting on any reply
23:31DevrimCaspy7 here is the text output of about:support
23:32DevrimI might be gone in a few mins, but will respond later if you need other info
23:32Caspy7Devrim: the developer just indicated that it doesn&#39;t show it unless you&#39;re on nightly/aurora
23:33Caspy7so that screenshot was likely from a prerelease
23:33DevrimCaspy7 kk =)
23:35Caspy7he indicated maybe they should show the PID as per the screenshot, but guess the button is not intended to be on release at all
23:37Devrimyeah, it might be actually usefull to see if quantum compositor is enabled from about:support since taskmgr shows all 3 firefox.exe pids just as Firefox
23:37Caspy7alright, so, learned something new. There&#39;s no GPU button in about:support for Beta & Release users
20 Apr 2017
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