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18 May 2017
01:38TrelA while back there was some JS depricated in Firefox, anyone recall what version that happened in and what was the last to support it?
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01:56TrelI don't recall which JS functions it was, but it was apparently a big thing at the time because it broke compatibility with a lot of embedded things.
02:16Caspy7Trel: are you talking about the deprecation of NPAPI plugins? (not JS)
02:58TrelCaspy, no. Definitely JS functions
02:58TrelI want to say the last version is 42 or 43 or something low 40's.
05:51CorkTrel: only big js change i can remember from around that time was how let works, might that be it?
05:56TrelCork, that could be it
05:58TrelWait, anything that could cause a line like 'ifi++)' to work but then later say missing a semi-colon?
06:03Corkhmm, too little context to say
06:04TrelCork, it&#39;s odd, there&#39;s two lines that look odd, another like this: &#39;c = md5_chrsz);&#39; <--whole line, but in firefox 43, it works, but in latest, it doesn&#39;t
06:05TrelIt&#39;s an older Dell switch that they don&#39;t update, so nothing I can do to actually fix it except keep an old version of FX around
06:06CorkTrel: ); means you have to have a starting ( somewhere
06:06TrelYou&#39;d think so, but not from what I can see unless it starts outside a function, but ends inside it.
06:08CorkTrel: javascript (meaning the mozilla implementation of ecmascript) has support for function declarations wihtout blocks ({})
06:08Corkso it might not be what you think it is
06:09TrelCork, line 101
06:10TrelI got an error there from the console
06:10Trelbut not in 43
06:10CorkTrel: i would suspect that closes the for loop, but ya it looks strange
06:11TrelBut keep in mind, it does NOT work on current versions
06:12Corkya, cause that isn&#39;t syntax valid in ecmascript
06:12Corkso how ever it works in older versions it shouldn&#39;t
06:13TrelYep, I&#39;m trying to find out what change in Firefox changed the behavior though
06:14CorkTrel: best option is to use mozregression and step through the nightly builds until you find what nightly build chokes on it
06:14MardegI mean, not to mention there is WebCrypto now which makes that entire script redundant now
06:15Corkthat will point you as the bugzilla issue causing it and from there it is quite easy to say
06:16TrelMardeg, dell switch which hasn&#39;t recevied a firmware update since 2011. Redundant or not, that&#39;s what I got.
06:16TrelUntil I buy a new switch, but since this is a home network, replacing it with something newer....isn&#39;t cheap.
06:17MardegTrel: then why are you on about Firefox versions? Web Crypto is in the newest Firefox
06:17CorkMardeg: the switch sends the script
06:17Corkand the script is inside the switch firmware
06:17Mardegreally? firmware&#39;d javascript?
06:18TrelYes, Dell Powerconnect 2024
06:18Corkthe webservice sure
06:18TrelWeb managed switch
06:18Mardegand a Scriptish userscript can&#39;t just replace the functions with webcrypto equivalent in Firefox?
06:19Corkyou prob can
06:19Corkscriptish is dead though, but greasemoneky can do it
06:20TrelThat&#39;s of course assuming that&#39;s the ONLY thing that broke. There&#39;s other scripts that error out too. Probably from similar syntax issues. Either way, easiest thing here is just keeping a copy of Firefox I launch whenever I need to get into the switch.
06:20TrelUnzipped to a directory + -profile + -no-remote and blocked from updating
06:21TrelI wanted thought to make sure I got the absolute last release version that still worked
06:21Corkthat is your best option
06:22TrelI&#39;ll give it a try over the weekend. In the mean time I know 43 release works, so that&#39;s a good starting point.
06:23Trel(for the last known good)
06:25TrelDanke, now I&#39;ll sleep
06:39testmanHello. Question regarding the new layout in Nightly: Is it possible to get the Refresh button on the right side of URL bar instead of it&#39;s currently fixed can&#39;t-change-it-in-Customize on left side?
06:39testmanOr are dudes at Mozilla really going to force me to change my habits and start pressing F5?
06:48Corktestman: you can install classic theme restorer
06:49Corkthe built in ui isn&#39;t customizable
06:49TewI am somewhat surprised CTR still works for that..
06:49Corkit will most likely break in a few versions when none webextensions gets removed
06:50Tew:-D it will definitely break then
06:54testman>mfw I need addons to add on previously available functionality
06:55testman>mfw I have no face
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10:26GioraHey umm is there a way to change default permissions in ff?
10:26Kejust out of curiosity, what default permissions?
10:27GioraWhat used to be in about:permissions
10:41GioraFor example I would like to change the settings for &quot;access your location&quot; to &#39;block&#39; from &#39;always ask&#39;
10:53philippGiora: you can set &quot;geo.enabled&quot; to false in about:config
10:54GioraI&#39;ve tried that but whenever I open up page input and go to the permissions tab it still says &quot;always ask&quot;
10:54Giorapage info*
10:54GioraMaybe its a bug in ff I don&#39;t really know
10:57GioraIt seem to me that changing &quot;geo.enabled&quot; will disable it entirely instead of changing the default permission to &#39;block&#39;
10:58GioraNot to mention that even if I whitelist any site it wont be found under about:config which leads me to believe that perhaps its stored elsewhere
14:26MichaelOFhi all, help please :-) On my wife&#39;s (OpenSuse 42.2) laptop buttons in some webpages, e.g. CUPS, are not shown anymore. Should look like this (my pc, also OpenSuse 42.2):, but looks like this: Any hints?
14:29MichaelOFBoth machines Firefox 52.1.1, OpenSuse distro version
14:39Caspy7MichaelOF: sorry, what&#39;s CUPS?
14:41est31CUPS is a linux and mac os printing service
14:41est31I&#39;m sure when you ever printed using linux, you have used CUPS
14:42Caspy7...I&#39;m not on Linux :)
14:42Caspy7so, not so much
14:45Caspy7MichaelOF: is this for more than just local pages? One thing I&#39;d suggest trying would be to use the profile manager to test in a fresh profile on her computer
14:47MichaelOFthat&#39;s a good idea, I&#39;ll try
14:58MichaelOFCaspy7: COOL idea, new profile DOESN&#39;t have this issue. I&#39;ll try to compare the settings for both profiles, maybe I&#39;ll find the differennce. THANK YOU, Caspy7
14:59Caspy7MichaelOF: sure. Yes, Settings and addons are the most common differences. You may also keep the &quot;Refresh&quot; option in mind
14:59Caspy7Also, safe mode disables all addons
15:12MichaelOFCaspy7: Weird :-) I just wanted to compare option by option the different settings for my test-ony profile and my wife&#39;s &quot;I haven&#39;t change ANYTHING&quot; profile. But as i was not able to find any diffs, I restarted firefox with my wife&#39;s profile. and the issue is gone, whyever! This issue has been present for days, including reboots etc.. And this time I haven&#39;t changed anything, promised :-D
15:14Caspy7well, clearly *I* fixed it with my oblivious geniusness
15:16MichaelOFCaspy7: I agree, absolutely :-D
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16:04zinkeri did deleteall mybookmarks ,anywayto recover?
16:13zinkertks ,is tere a way to recover a delted history
16:21zinkerwillawindowssystem restorefix it?
16:21zinkerwill a windows system restorefix it?
16:22zinkeri try
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18:49David3kis there a known issue with the url bar requesting to re-enable search suggestions in the latest nightly build? (20170518030213)
18:49David3kI keep clicking &quot;no&quot; but it never goes away
18:50SeburoDavid3k: Hi. I am not aware of such an issue, but you may want to ask in #nightly. :-)
18:50David3koh, wrong room
18:51SeburoDavid3k: No worries, just they may be more aware of any issue and better placed to help. :-)
18:52David3kstop using smiley faces, it niggles the hell out of me
18:52Seburook :-|
18:52David3kwelcome to /ignore
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19:00Caspy7Seburo: has no chill. No worries. I think you&#39;re awesome.
19:08SeburoCaspy7: Thanks for the vote of support. I was just doing my best to help. Not worried about one person not too keen on a welcoming and positive approach to trying to help. I have plenty of other things to worry about.
19:09David3kCaspy7, I&#39;m dealing with something, so you&#39;ll excuse me if I&#39;m a bit abrupt
19:10David3kYou know what? I wish your legs get crushed, too.
19:12SeburoClearly not a Mozillian.
19:18Caspy7Seburo: that seemed uncalled for to me. Didn&#39;t that seem uncalled for to you?
19:19SeburoNoooo, it seemed perfectly reasonable to wish physical harm to people that are just trying to help.
19:34Caspy7Seburo: to be fair, I totally smiled at him in a provocative manner ;)
19:36* Seburo noted for the next time I am tempted to bait a troll ;-)
20:33Caspy7someone read the backscroll
22:35TrelCan anyone check something for me, if you right click the video on this page, what format does it try to save it in?
22:38Caspy7Trel: &quot;gifv&quot; because that&#39;s not a simple/straight video you&#39;re playing
22:38Caspy7also, the media codec used for gifvs could vary depending on the client. For me this on is an mp4
22:39Caspy7(i.e. H.264)
22:39TrelCaspy7 I consistantly have it offer the actual gifv with a URL inside
22:39Trelrather than the mp4
22:40TrelUseragent spoofing prevents it
22:40Caspy7yes, like I said, that is not a straight up video you&#39;re seeing. It&#39;s some HTML and other stuff along with a video
22:41Caspy7checking the page&#39;s source can show you it&#39;s not just a plain video
22:41TrelI know, but that&#39;s not what I mean
22:42TrelIf I make my useragent &quot;asdf&quot; then refresh and right click the video and choose save, I get the real mp4 file. If I do it with the normal useragent, I get the gifv.
22:42Caspy7I see
22:44Caspy7Trel: curious, have you downloaded the gifv file to see what it is?
22:44Caspy7do they give you a video file or html?
22:45Trelthe gifv is html
22:45Trel(also testing in Chrome, I get the mp4)
22:47Caspy7Trel: I&#39;m mentioning it in another channel to see if devs have input. May be something to file a bug on. Unclear if it&#39;s a webcompat thing or what
22:47DoganAfter being a Firefox for 15 years, I&#39;m going to stop using Firefox after version 57 (deprecation of old school &quot;XUL&quot; add-ons), it was good to know Firefox.
22:47DoganFirefox user*
22:47Caspy7but &quot;Save Video As&quot; I would expect to be an internal function that fetches *the video*
22:47Caspy7Dogan: what brings you here?
22:48TrelI can open a bug for it, but what channel would be the one to ask in?
22:49DoganRepeating my sentence
22:49Caspy7well, thanks for stopping by
22:49DoganAfter being a Firefox user for 15 years, I&#39;m going to stop using Firefox after version 57 (deprecation of old school &quot;XUL&quot; add-ons), it was good to know Firefox.
22:50TrelI mean I agree with you Dogan, but I honestly don&#39;t think it&#39;s going to do any good at this point. I think it&#39;ll take all the disgruntled users who don&#39;t realize yet exactly how many of their addons will break to get something to happen.
22:50DoganAnd move to a Chrome based browser, because Firefox will be JUST a Chrome clone
22:50Caspy7Trel: #media
22:51DoganEnjoy your losing your market share core dev team
22:51Caspy7Trel: I don&#39;t always direct people to more dev focused channels b/c they do their work there and don&#39;t want them to get constantly bombarded or distracted/annoyed
22:51Caspy7Dogan: this channel isn&#39;t really a megaphone to Mozilla. It&#39;s mainly a support channel
22:52DoganYeah I know
22:52DoganWhere can I megaphone to dev team
22:52Caspy7#mozillamegaphone should do the trick
22:52DoganI doubt it&#39;s a real channel
22:53TrelDogan perhaps a petition, but honestly, I think it&#39;s be severely underestimated just how impactful it&#39;s going to be. I&#39;m guessing it&#39;ll be reverted pretty soon once the outcry and migration to chrome.
22:54DoganTheir stupid decisions made Firefox worse in last 5 years
22:54TrelI&#39;m personally going to stick with the last version of Firefox that supports it until something better comes along.
22:54DoganThey are killing their own product
22:54Caspy7Trel: I think there will definitely be a strong reaction among some. Based on what I see and know, there will be no rollback
22:55Caspy7notably because they&#39;re starting to tear out the old legacy stuff as soon as 57 development starts
22:56TrelThing is I&#39;ve looked at my addons, and I&#39;m pretty sure most of them would be killed by this.
22:56Caspy7and when it&#39;s released 58 and 59 will be in prerelease
22:56TrelHell, it fully kills the tab groups feature.
22:56Treland addon that replaced it
22:56TrelIt kills tabmixplus which I&#39;ve considered 100% mandatory for years, as well as classic theme restorer
22:57Trel(which fixes all my gripes with the UI)
22:57Caspy7Trel: not saying it will or won&#39;t, but people are working on replacements like tab groups. There will also be a feature where legacy addons will have recommendations to replacements
22:57dolskeI&#39;m sticking with Netscape 4.71, the UI was perfect.
22:58TrelThe problem is without the ability to modify the UI, these addons CAN&#39;T be replaced. And from what I&#39;ve seen, the devs have called it quits.
22:59Caspy7the ability to modify the UI is becoming more restricted. They seem to be adding more APIs to allow some more customization like removing the tabbar
23:00DoganI tried WebExtensions version of Tile View, it&#39;s hilarious
23:01TrelThe status bar is a big example of something major that&#39;s going. With it, I can keep addons I use handy without having the UI constantly changing (url hover), or having to open additional menus, while also not shrinking my navbar to a miniscule size
23:02TrelHover over a link without a status bar and it obscures part of the page, but that section appears/disappears as it changes.
23:02TrelRight now, I disagree with the official view on if it should it exist, but fine, I use an addon to give it to me.
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23:40Caspy7dolske: since when did you get into the blogging biz?
23:41kbrosnan1990 something
23:41dolskeI dunno, about 10 years ago?
23:44Caspy7dolske: was being somewhat facetious. Your last post was Jan 2016
23:44dolskekbrosnan: technically :)
23:45dolskeCaspy7: that&#39;s the joke.
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