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18 Apr 2017
02:33tpw_rulesso it seems no longer possible to drag a file into the url bar and get a file://? it just automatically opens the download dialog
02:33tpw_rulesi need the old behavior
02:45firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
02:45firebot Air Mozilla: Mozilla and Stanford Law Panel on Intellectual Property Law and the First Amendment
03:15firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
03:15firebot About:Community: Firefox 53 new contributors
04:05firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
04:05firebot The Servo Blog: This Week In Servo 98
08:07CircleCodeHi, I'm using firefox nightly on gnome. I activated gnome global dark theme, and since, highlight in address bar has no effect. Is there any known issue on this?
08:09lpancescui think a new firefox release is planned for today. will firefox developer edition also switch from aurora to beta today?
08:18JuPanameyou need shell account for free ? contact me =)
09:25ohmhow do I get the google search bar in a specific language? I have tried searching for add-ons like "google german", "google DE", "google deutsch", "Google English" but only some weird results, not what I am looking for.
09:26ohmI am using different languages in different context, so I want to have search engines for one specific language
09:26ohmthere were some weird tutorials for fiddling around with about:config but I wonder if there is an easier way??
09:26[R]Try using and
09:31ohmthanks philipp, perfect!
12:46firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
12:46firebot Gervase Markham: MOSS End-of-Award Report: Mio
12:57kazumais there anyway to block websites auto playing videos
12:58kazumathey are very annoying :(
13:02kazumai googled and people recommend disabling flash
13:02kazumabut i don't have flash installed
13:03araidepends on the video
13:03redarrowkazuma: I found this one though I haven't tried it
13:03araisome video is flash and some others are not
13:04kazumathat seems to have done it redarrow
13:04redarrowfor flash you can try Flashblock
13:05kazumai don't have flash installed
13:05kazumaso they must be using html5
13:05kazumawould be nice if i could whitelist domains like youtube, but setting media.autoplay.enabled to false will do for now
13:05kazumathank you
13:35redarrowkazuma: you're welcome
13:53TrelI just read that Aurora is being killed off and being transitioned to the beta channel. Will the beta channel still allow unsigned addons (with the use of xpinstall.signatures.required)?
13:53TrelMy developer's edition shows it's on the Aurora channel currently.
13:55The0x539AIUI there will be the beta build, which doesn't if it doesn't already, and dev edition will be beta with devedition features, including unsigned addons
13:55The0x539if not there's always nightly which nowadays has the stability aurora used to
13:55globThe0x539: that isn't true
13:56The0x539I understand incorrectly, then
13:56globsearch for 'Will I still be able to test add-ons with Developer Edition'
13:57globbut other devedition features should be available (automatic separate profile, etc)
13:57The0x539hm, seems like a bit of an odd decision but sure
13:58globThe0x539: yeah - that part was not without internal debate
13:59Trelglob, thanks I'll check that link. I saw the news on a third party site and they didn't mention the link directly
14:05tpw_rulesso it seems no longer possible to drag a file into the url bar and get a file://? it just automatically opens the download dialog. is there a way to change that back to the old way? i need that because i have an app which i can only open a file through its uri protocol handler. so i drag in the file and change file:// to <protocol>://
14:09tpw_rulesor maybe a way to say that files of a certain type/extension automatically invoke that protocol handler?
15:58mazullaI was fiddling around in my nightmarish maze of bookmarks in the UI and suddenly, I had deleted the parent dir instead of a subdir. I tried to undo this, but there was no way, and it doesn&#39;t seem to store deleted recently bookmarks in a &quot;bookmarks trash can&quot; or anything. Is there no way to get that whole dir of bookmarks back?
15:59dolskemazulla: Bookmarks -> Show All Bookmarks, Star button (in the Library window) -> Restore
15:59dolskethat lets you restore to a recent backup.
16:02mazullaNot what I wanted.
16:02mazullaThen I would lose all changes.
16:06firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
16:06firebot Armen Zambrano: Docker image to generate allthethings.json
16:07Tewtry ctrl-z (undo), if it&#39;s not too late?
16:08Tewor was your &quot;I tried to undo this, but there was no way&quot; actually &quot;i tried Undo, but it did not work&quot;? (because Undo is even in the menu..)
16:08mazullaYes, I did try &quot;undo&quot;.
16:08mazullaIt only undid the text I had in the address bar.
16:08mazullaWhere are these .json files stored? Maybe I can extract the bookmarks from looking directly at them.
16:09Teware you in the bookmark manager (Library) even? json is in %ff profile%/bookmarkbackups/
16:10Tew(but it&#39;s actually jsonlz4; you would be better off to import it anyway, even if it&#39;s into a new temporary ff profile.. possibly export as html, edit, reimport)
16:12Tewand make backups
17:07mazullaNothing can ever be simple and logical.
17:23smallfoot-Why doesnt Ctrl+Shift+D bring up GtkInspector in Firefox?
17:33smallfoot-How is it going with Wayland?
17:33smallfoot-Where is the Wayland port?
17:34smallfoot-And why haven&#39;t you guys fixed <input type=&quot;date/datetime/time&quot;> yet
17:38MossopThe datetime picker is almost done
17:38tpw_rulesso it seems no longer possible to drag a file into the url bar and get a file://? it just automatically opens the download dialog. is there a way to change that back to the old way? i need that because i have an app which i can only open a file through its uri protocol handler. so i drag in the file and change file:// to <protocol>://
17:59smallfoot-Mossop, omg that is really nice. I&#39;ve been waiting *forever* for that!
18:00smallfoot-Mossop, when will it ship?
18:00smallfoot-Mossop, is it in nightly yet?
18:00smallfoot-Mossop, what about date and time?
18:00MossopI don&#39;t know the details, just seen patches landing
18:01smallfoot-Oh cool
18:01smallfoot-thanks alex_mayorga
18:01alex_mayorgasmallfoot-: Sure, NP.
18:01smallfoot-I tried nightly today, and it doesn&#39;t work on Wayland. When is Wayland going to work?
18:01smallfoot-I cant even start nightly on Wayland, it crashes
18:02MossopNo-one is working on Wayland support to my knowledge
18:02smallfoot-4 years since that bug report and still no datetime support. Talk about holding back the web. Firefox is the new IE6.
18:03alex_mayorgasmallfoot-: please send patches.
18:03firebotBug 635134 NEW, Firefox Wayland port
18:05smallfoot-alex_mayorga, yeah I subscribe on that bug. But I don&#39;t know why its not working yet. There are screenshots of people gotting it to run and videos on YouTube. There are builds built for ArchLinux.
18:06smallfoot-and why is hiroshi working on backporting Wayland fixes to Firefox ESR 52 when it doesn&#39;t even run Wayland at all?
18:08alex_mayorgasmallfoot-: Maybe ask nicely in #graphics?
18:08smallfoot-oh, thanks
18:08smallfoot-oh that channel is empty
18:09smallfoot-And on Chrome and Edge I can paste images on GitHub <textarea> and on Firefox I can&#39;t :(
18:09smallfoot-why doesn&#39;t Firefox have ctrl+v paste image to website?
18:10smallfoot-these assholes are making a new user interface that is a rip-off of Microsoft Edge, but they not fixing Wayland, image paste, and input type date
18:11smallfoot-Firefox is just copying Edge and Chrome, might as well run Edge or Chrome then
18:12MossopKeep your language clean please
18:53decebalusHe-he!..Moore angry people here :O
19:02Tewwait, firefox is changing to edge ui now? :)
19:07smallfoot-first they changed to chrome (with Australis)
19:07smallfoot-now they changing to Edge
19:08The0x539TIL australis looks anything like chrome
19:08decebalusFirefox turn into anything else but not in Firefox
19:08smallfoot-with Photon
19:08smallfoot-Photon aka Microsoft Edge
19:23Tewiono, old firefox change did look very chrome-ish to me
19:26Tewthe article says nothing about edge; I don&#39;t really know what edge looks like.. (don&#39;t link images, no point; I would have to investigate what is windows ui and what&#39;s browser and that&#39;s far beyond effort I want)
19:26The0x539edge is chromium but with square tabs
19:27decebalusAnyway, at least for me not the UI is so important
19:43smallfoot-yeah, the current UI is fine
19:43smallfoot-the problem is functionality is lacking
19:44smallfoot-I can&#39;t paste images from clipboard which I can with Chrome and Edge
19:44smallfoot-I can&#39;t insert times and date with <input type=&quot;date|time|datetime&quot;>
19:55Timvdesmallfoot-: You can set dom.forms.datetime and dom.forms.datetime.timepicker to true in about:config to enable the datetime elements
19:56TimvdeHmm, apparently there&#39;s also dom.forms.datetime.others now, let&#39;s set that to true too
20:05alex_mayorgasmallfoot-: That&#39;s site implementation thing IMHO, I can paste images just fine on
20:05alex_mayorgasmallfoot-: Same on
20:06alex_mayorgasmallfoot-: And on chat
20:09alex_mayorgasmallfoot-: And also on
20:10alex_mayorgasmallfoot-: I use Firefox Nightly, so it might be that.
20:20SoItBeginsI heard Aurora is dying.
20:20SoItBeginsI run Aurora.
20:20SoItBeginsNow what?
20:21Caspy7SoItBegins: you will be automatically updated to Dev Edition Beta. Everything will transfer and nothing should be disrupted
20:21SeburoSoItBegins: Hi. I guess you have two choices - wait and be moved to Beta, or make the move to Nightly.
20:21Seburo(Unless we are talking about Android, where the auto option is a move to Nightly)
20:21Caspy7but the update will not happen tomorrow likely, sometime over the next 6-8 weeks apparently
20:22SoItBeginsWell, which do you think is better: => Dev.Beta, or => Nightly?
20:22SoItBegins(Im on Mac.)
20:23Caspy7SoItBegins: Beta will be a more stable, Nightly will be less stable but have the most cutting edge changes and features
20:24SeburoSoItBegins: I have been using Nightly as my main browser on phone and laptop for almost a year.
20:30SoItBeginsAh, I see.
20:32SeburoSoItBegins: Yes, it can be &quot;interesting&quot;, but the telemetry helps Mozilla, your get new features and it is not as crashy (for me at least) as people think (goes to look at about:crashes...)
20:32SoItBeginsI, uh, turned telemetry off, IIRC.
20:32SoItBeginsBut yeah.
20:32SeburoLast crash was a month ago.
20:32Seburo(I did not really notice it...)
20:32SoItBeginsBut yeah, Im guessing Nightlys about as stable as Aurora?
20:33SeburoLet me find you some stats....
23:35Caspy7is it accurate to say that Gecko implements &quot;hundreds of web APIs&quot;?
23:36Caspy7I&#39;m writing something and was fact checking myself
23:45dolskehundreds seems fine. wouldn&#39;t be surprised if &quot;thousands&quot; was also accurate.
23:45dolskedepends how you count.
23:46* Caspy7 nods
19 Apr 2017
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