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17 May 2017
00:00DaggerCaspy7: can't see anything about those extra hashes in Google's v4 API docs
00:01Daggerit looks like it creates multiple hash prefixes for each URL you check, which would make it even easier to figure out what the URL is
00:01Caspy7Dagger: well, it would be done browser side. I'm really too not-with-it to mount a defense. I just remember a developer explaining it previously.
00:03Daggerit says this: (and then "Once the set of suffix/prefix expressions has been created, the next step is to compute the full-length SHA256 hash for each expression")
00:04Daggerthen you truncate it and send the truncated hash of each expression off
00:04Daggerand Google knows what the hash of "a.b.c/" and "b.c/" are, because they have a massive database of URLs->hashes
00:05Daggerof course many URLs will have the same prefix, and they couldn't normally tell which of those URLs you were looking up... but if you hash multiple versions of the domain and send them all off, suddenly it's quite easy
00:06Daggerbecause you just look for the domain that's in all of the {sets of URLs with the same prefix} for each prefix the client sends
00:06Dagger...that's if I'm reading these docs at all accurately, of course
03:02David3kany reason that Nightly hasn't had a new build out in over 24 hours?
03:11Caspy7multiple issues
03:11Caspy7I forget, but I think the main one was the addons being messed up
03:12Caspy7the description I seem to remember was that all addons got enabled while being marked as disabled
03:12Caspy7but there was another too iirc
03:14Caspy7David3k: looking back on the convo, they said that there was "a really crashy thing landing" and tomorrow's build should fix it (and updates come back online
03:14Caspy7had a couple of doozies the past couple of days
03:15David3khas something to do with a bunch of extension-related stuff being merged into a single json file?
03:17David3kone thing I also noticed in the "current" nightly build is that while my webextension addons SAY they're enabled, none of them are actually doing anything
03:17David3kbut, I assume that's already known
03:18Caspy7what date is your build?
03:19Caspy7the bug in question is bug 1364878
03:19firebot FIXED, All extensions are force enabled and marked as disabled in about:addons & about:support in Mozilla F
03:19Caspy7though apparently there was another crasher (maybe) which I don't have a number for
03:20Caspy7here's the comment acknowledging that's the one that disabled updates
03:20Caspy7maybe the person telling me about the crasher was thinking about the error in previous builds (which I think got fixed) that was crashing some sites like gmail
03:21Caspy7just the content process, not the parent
03:38gschanuelhello! :)
03:39gschanuelfolks, i'm trying to run another firefox version. To do that i installed firefox on another path and i'm starting it with
03:39gschanuelLD_LIBRARY_PATH=/opt/container/firefox/lib MOZ_PLUGIN_PATH=/opt/container/firefox/lib/firefox/ /opt/container/firefox/lib/firefox/firefox -no-remote
03:40gschanuelit's working fine, the only problem is JAVA.. i also installed java on this same "container" but firefox still gets the system java
03:41gschanuelI tried to add "JAVA_HOME=/opt/container/firefox/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-jre/jre/" to that command, no success
03:43gschanuelany ideas?
03:45deorwineI live in USA currently, but prefer to use UK English. Now Firefox changed my & search engines to & What the Hell?! Don't micromanage users like that. Also, I can't re-add them yet because as says, some extensions prevent that
03:47Burdsi restarted firefox in safe mode (all addons, etc disabled), but with the only active tab being about:performance, the cpu usage can spike to 8%. about:performance does not show what is using up so much CPU when firefox is idle. Is this normal?
03:51Caspy7Burds: I don't have ready answers off the top of my head, but would be interesting to test in a fresh profile (using the profile manager )
03:52Caspy7huh, guess deorwine left...
03:53gschanuelI have also changed the link /opt/container/firefox/usr/lib/mozilla/plugins/ to point to the container jre
03:58Burdscaspy7 : firefox on a new profile seems to use much less cpu usage when idle, but that is of course, with only 1 tab open
03:59Caspy7Burds: how many tabs do you have open?
03:59Burdsnormally, i have a lot of tabs open but only a few are active
03:59Burdsare inactive tabs supposed to use cpu resources?
04:00Caspy7they should not
04:03Burdsmaybe i should file a bug report
04:04Burdsive got another problem where firefox is using my integrated GPU for hardware acceleration instead of my nvidia card
04:04Burdsaccording to about:support anyway
04:04Burdshow do i make it use my nvidia card?
04:04Caspy7that...I don't readily know
04:05Burdsok, who would know then?
04:06Caspy7well, may not be the best time of day, you could ask in #gfx
04:08Burdsalright, thanks
04:10Caspy7I don't actually know the predominant time zone there.
04:11skierpageThe Flash plug-in isn't working and not in about:plugins for my Firefox Nightly on Fedora 25. It's present in /usr/lib64/flash-plugin/li with a symlink in /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins/, but maybe it needs to be somewhere else? I did a `sudo dnf reinstall flash-plugin`
04:14skierpageHmm says it looks in /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins and "Some Linux distributions search additional directories to handle the Adobe Flash player plugin or to support 32-bit plugins in a 64-bit environment", but it's very old.
04:16* ziggy
04:18skierpageYeah, Fedora's system firefox finds /usr/lib64/flash-plugin/ Is this a bug in Nightly? That directory layout is pretty standard for 64-bit Linux.
04:21skierpagewell, strace shows system Firefox reads the directory /usr/lib64/mozilla/plugins and follows the symlink.
04:32David3kCaspy7, 20170515030205
04:33auenf2Burds, does your intel/nv GPU operate via optimus?
04:33Burdsauenf2 : yes
04:33auenf2so you have in the nvidia control panel to choose which GPU for each application?
04:34Burdsyes, i already set firefox.exe to use the nvidia gpu
04:38Burdsthis shows the unmasked renderer as my intel card as well
04:39Burdstried setting webgl.enable-privileged-extensions to true and restarting but no dice
04:39auenf2my optimus laptop is at home, so not sure where to look atm
04:40firebotBug 1125466 WORKSFORME, Firefox Nightly crashes on notebook with Nvidia Optimus when running on Nvidia GPU
04:40auenf2as per that comment, wonder if there is a different .exe that needs to have optimus set on it also
04:41auenf2although, i would have thought setting the firefox.exe should have been enough
04:41auenf2but i cant check with mine for about 5hrs
04:42Burdsaccording to that ticket, renaming firefox.exe was an attempt to allow the nvidia control panel to set firefox to use the GPU
04:42Burdsthats not the problem here though, i can set it to use the gpu in nvidia control panel
04:42auenf2or avoid a driver blacklist
04:43auenf2but the result of that thread was an updated driver from nvidia
04:45skierpageIs there a way to display the values in modules/AppConstants.jsm from the browser's JavaScript console?
04:45auenf2i'll look at my optimus laptop tonight and see what i can see
04:45auenf2which version of firefox Burds?
04:46Burdsim using 53.0.2 64 bit
04:49auenf2Burds, in about:config, what is webgl.enable-provileged-extensions flag set to?
04:50Burdsi just set it to true
04:50Burdsand restarted
04:51Burdsbut that test site still says the unmasked renderer is intel
04:52auenf2yea, that setting was only for exposing info to the page
04:52auenf2but its not needed to be enabled now it seems
04:52auenf2so set it back to false
04:52Burdswhats the downside of having it enabled?
04:54Burdsalright, thanks
04:58firebotBug 865138 UNCONFIRMED, Run EVERYTHING (Flash, WebGL, acceleration) on Nvidia GPU in Optimus setups
04:58auenf2but nfi if that works, will test it tonight
05:00Burdswell the last post in that ticket says prefer native GL is not ideal?
05:01Burdsgonna restart computer, be back in a bit
05:27Burdscan anyone explain why about:support shows this :
05:27Burdsbroken by runtime: RenderTargetViews need recreating
05:28Burdsbroken by runtime: RenderTargetViews need recreating
05:29Burdsahhh thats probably because firefox insists on using the intel GPU instead of nvidia
06:01Tewafter upgrade 45 esr -> 52 esr, opening 4 tabs with flash games takes about 5 times as long, 2 of them fail to load, and the whole window is unresponsive to the degree I saw only in unthrottled webgl/tech demos that want at least twice as good computer than I have..
06:13Tew(no idea which channel should I rant about this in)
06:13kazumado you have latest flash?
06:22TewI can't tell if it's a network issue or the flash for games is simply so slow (or rather constrained, it did not seem to peak cpu core) that they can't even connect in reasonable time.. (2 fail with "sync" issues, 3rd "could not connect to server" after first click today)
06:23ziggyNight y'all. Bye
06:25Tew*firefox's side network issue; I did it in 45 ESR instead (took the usual 3 minutes)
06:27Tew(that's 3 min to closed tabs, not loading intensively. in 52 ESR 8 minutes gets me 3 tabs switched and 1 failed click)
07:13auenf2Burds, what timezone are you in?
08:00mboldanHi everyone! Join us for today's Bug Verification Day via #qa IRC channel! Feel free to check for detailed instructions on how to get involved. Have fun!
09:09ychaoucheHello #firefox
09:09ychaoucheI am launching firefox from a terminal, and it keeps printing things to it. Can I disable this ?
09:09ychaouchethings like : (firefox:4158): GLib-GObject-CRITICAL **: g_object_unref: assertion 'object->ref_count > 0' failed
09:10ychaouchelots of these
09:38Timvdeychaouche: Well, the obvious answer is probably redirection stdout and stderr to /dev/null?
10:13Corkychaouche: what version of firefox are you running?
10:23ychaoucheCork: 52 for firefox
10:23ychaoucheTimvde: what about a firefox that is already running and I don't want to close neither the browser nor the console ?
10:24ychaoucheTimvde: I was more thinking about a setting in the about:config pannel ?
10:26lol768Are containers still a Nightly thing?
10:28Tokoyamithis test pilot extension allows you to use them in release
10:28lol768I'm aware there's a test pilot, more curious as to when they will ship in dev ed/release natively
10:30Tokoyamithe meta bug doesn't have a version set yet (
10:30firebotBug 1191418 NEW, [META] Contextual Identity / Containers Bugs
10:31lol768that's useful to know though, I'll follow that bug :)
10:33Tokoyamiychaouche: you can probably background the process and close the terminal :) other than that I cannot think of anything that would easily shut it. those come from GTK so firefox doesn't really have control over them
10:39ychaoucheoh, ok.
10:52whoisxyI've noticed recently that session manager for firefox upon restoring tabs will actully attempt to make a request foreach one now for me this is becoming an issue I have 100's of tabs which I don't all want to be loaded when I open firefox. I'm running firefox 53, I've noticed in the change logs
10:52whoisxyMedia playback on new tabs is blocked until the tab is visible
10:53whoisxyisn't working ateast as expected as the media on each tab does start in the background unless this is an issue with how session manager loads tabs
10:56whoisxyhowever it didn't used to be an issue prior to the upgrade.
11:44firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
11:44firebot This Week In Rust: This Week in Rust 182
13:01auenfBurds, using nightly that alteredqualia feature test page shows the nvidia using 'ANGLE' for me
13:17auenfBurds, and it looks like 53.0.2 is the same
13:19auenfUnmasked Renderer: ANGLE (NVIDIA GeForce GTX 850M Direct3D11 vs_5_0 ps_5_0)
13:24auenfand just testing speed with fishgl, with the 850M i get 40-44fps with 200 fish
13:24auenfwith the intel HD 4600 i get 20-23fps
13:25auenfand yes i can see activity with gpu-z
13:25auenfall i did was set firefox.exe to use the NV gpu using the nvidia control panel
13:34amosbirdHello, anyone knows how to implement this ?
13:37Tokoyamiamosbird: not fully sure but maybe 'overflow: auto' instead of 'overflow: hidden' in the CSS linked in the ticket
13:39Tokoyami'overflow: scroll' if you want scrollbars all the time, even if all the text is visible in the viewport.
13:41amosbirdok, let me try that
14:33amosbirdTokoyami: um, it doesn't work
14:37Tokoyamiamosbird: mm. I don't really have any other ideas.
14:37TokoyamiI usually just try stuff in the dev tools till it works :)
15:37vngHi - I'm trying to run a mochitest where I need a file on the local filesystem loaded.
15:38vnghow do i go about copying fixture data directories over in mochitest? My working directory when the test runs is `obj-x86_64-apple-darwin16.5.0/_tests/...` but that seems to only get my js code and not recursively copy over my directory named `fixture`
15:50firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
15:50firebot The Mozilla Blog: Improving Internet Security through Vulnerability Disclosure
16:05firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
16:05firebot Mozilla Open Policy & Advocacy Blog: Working Together Towards a more Secure Internet through VEP Reform
16:20grooveylooking for estimated release date for update 53.0.3 - hoping it includes fix for bug 1360574 (as it seems to allude)
16:20firebot FIXED, Firefox stops working after 900 connections when using NTLM proxy
16:22grooveyestimated release date for update 53.0.3 ?
16:40grooveyany active helpers?
16:42Timvdegroovey: I don't know the answer to your question, sorry
16:42TimvdeThe calendar ( doesn't include dot releases
16:44Caspy7groovey: you saw this comment?
16:44firebotBug 1360574 FIXED, Firefox stops working after 900 connections when using NTLM proxy
16:46grooveyyes i did. looking for release date of 53.0.3 i think. either that, or wondering if that fix will be included in v55? (ref: Status (regression bug RESOLVED as FIXED for Firefox 55) )
16:47grooveynew to bugzilla, and how to interpret some of the info there
16:47Caspy7well, it will definitely be included in 55 & 54
16:51grooveythanks Caspy7.
16:52grooveyany idea on how often the release info page gets updates?
16:55Caspy7groovey: just asked someone relevant: "
16:55Caspy7"Maybe tomrrow or friday"
16:58grooveyCaspy7: Thanks again. signing off
17:02Caspy7hope they understood I meant that it was being released tomorrow or friday and not about the wiki page
17:15firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
17:15firebot Kim Moir: The Managers Path in review
17:45firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
17:45firebot Air Mozilla: Weekly SUMO Community Meeting May 17, 2017
17:53JordanGS-W10_firefox has been really slow since it's latest update, main window randomly freezing. Is there anything i can do to troubleshoot/debug?
17:54JordanGS-W10_like i click on a link
17:54JordanGS-W10_and i don'
17:54JordanGS-W10_and i don't see it select the link for 2-3 seconds
17:54SeburoJordanGS-W10_: Hi. Have you tried a refresh?
17:58JordanGS-W10_Seburo: thanks, ill try to for some time and hopefully it fixed it
19:05firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
19:05firebot Daniel Pocock: Hacking the food chain in Switzerland
19:05firebot Air Mozilla: The Joy of Coding - Episode 100
19:09Seburo^ isn't that called "cooking"?
19:11Tokoyamino? it's always been about coding. it's based on "The Joy of Painting" by Bob Ross.
19:12SeburoTokoyami: Sorry, I meant the "Hacking the food chain" article. The Joy of Coding is excellent \o/
19:13Tokoyamium, ok, yeah, I guess that is more related :D
19:13Tokoyamibut my brain was: coding ~ cooking
19:14SeburoThat is also right, I guess the Joy of Coding is a masterclass by a top chef. :-)
19:15Tokoyamihehe :D
19:15Tokoyamilooked at that other one. it's actually about producing your own food, not cooking it.
19:18SeburoA great article (I will watch the TED video). Open source is amazing and can be used in so many ways.
21:07MardegI thought it was based on "The Joy of Sex" book our parents gave us instead of "the talk"
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