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17 Jul 2017
03:02werwolfhi, could somebody help me a bit with CSS please? In #css is verybody sleeping
03:03araiwhat's the question?
03:04werwolfhi arai I would like to center the logo in the view for phones
03:05werwolf@media (max-width: 480px)
03:05araiwhat's logo and what do you mean by "for phones" ?
03:05werwolfthe "smiley" above
03:05werwolfat the top of the page
03:06* werwolf speaks much better Spanish and German than English
03:06werwolfthank you a lot
03:06araithen, what's the issue?
03:06werwolfI tried, but it is still left
03:06araiwhat did you try?
03:06werwolfI want it centered
03:07werwolfmargin-left /margin-right: auto;
03:07werwolfthe same with padding
03:07araiI think float is conflicting
03:07araitry removing it
03:08werwolfon what ellement_
03:08werwolfOK, I will try. Thank you. And then I will put the margins / paddings?
03:08Caspy7werwolf: (another channel for the future is #webdev )
03:09werwolfah, great Caspy7
03:09araimargin-left/right to auto
03:09arai(maybe the element isn't what you're trying to center?
03:09werwolfyes, I never did versions for phones
03:09werwolfit is
03:10werwolfbut the image is set as background of the div
03:10werwolfbecause of the 3D rotation efect
03:10araisetting margin and removing float makes it centered for me
03:11werwolfcould you give me the code per PM, please_
03:11araiI did in Inspector
03:11werwolfah, understood
03:11werwolfthank you a lot
03:11* werwolf is in Argentina and likes to work in the night
03:12werwolfarai: do you use firebug?
03:13werwolfok :)
03:13* werwolf will try
03:16werwolfarai: did you try it in the view for phones?
03:16araijust reduced the width of window
03:19werwolfInkspector, Do you use chrome?
03:20werwolfah, there is an inscpector also in FF?
03:20arai"Inspect Element" in context menu
03:20werwolfah, ok, sorry. I will try in FF
03:24werwolfarai, does not work for me
03:25werwolfit is still to the left
03:25araiwhat did you do?
03:25werwolfwidth: 150px;
03:26werwolf margin-top: 10px;
03:26werwolf margin-bottom: 10px;
03:26werwolf margin-left: auto;
03:26araiany channel op available now?
03:39globarai: morning
03:39araihi, thanks
04:40firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
04:40firebot Robert O'Callahan: Confession Of A C/C++ Programmer
06:27cbauerfor some reason firefox seems to have forgotten about a windows (last time ff was running it showed that window but displayed all tabs as "new tab"), how do I restore only the session from a profile backup (while keeping any new bookmarks, etc)?
07:14Corkcbauer: copy the sessionstore.js file
07:21cbauergonna try first reverting from the sessionstore.bak, but currently trying to figure out why I have multiple similar profiles
07:31cbauerthe sessionstore files from 'sessionstore-backups' where the same as the latest sessionstore, had to use sessionstore.js from my backup
08:01mboldanHi everyone! Join us for today's Bug Triage Day via #qa IRC channel! Feel free to check for detailed instructions on how to get involved. Have fun!
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10:41firebot Soledad Penades: Organising files in Google drive
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10:56firebot Firefox Nightly: Preview Storage API in Firefox Nightly
11:03khorrthHello, anyone here?
11:04khorrthI want to report about a problem with fonts in Firefox, what should I do?
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13:56firebot Wladimir Palant: Easy Passwords released as a Web Extension
16:24Tonnesis there some size limitation for the sessionstore.js file? it keeps getting corrupted around 16MB for soem reason
16:27TonnesCould not write session state file Error: TypeError: invalid 'in' operand exn
16:32Tonnesha, bug 1375974
16:32firebot UNCONFIRMED, Could not write session state file
16:44Caspy7Tonnes: what version of Firefox are you on?
16:44TonnesCaspy7: 54.0.1 but I think I also suffered it in previous releases
16:45Tonnesalso found that it impacts performance, but when running Nightly on that profile - or rather a copy of it with - does not.
16:46Tonnes3rd time this week it happens tho
16:46Caspy7Tonnes: I think I've heard of sessionstore getting larger than that, so unsure that there's some sort of corruption going on specifically b/c of the size, though I will mention that they've put a new size limitation per page in 55 (iirc) such that each page can only have 2kb I think - but this will only count for new saves
16:46Caspy7Tonnes: wait, are you using the same profile in nightly and Release?
16:46Tonnesah good
16:47Tonnesno, I don;t
16:48Caspy7they've been making session changes, so sharing profiles between versions is much more likely to break something I'd say
16:49Tonnesyup I read something like that
16:51Tonnessome weeks ago I created a new profile for release, importing important files. Including the sessionstore.js file at first, causing the same issue. Then did the same without that file, no issue. A new session leads to an empty file so no issue either, but as soon as several windows and tabs are opened, such as currently 6 windows with about 628 tabs in total, the issue returns
16:51Tonnesfiles is around 16MB so hence the thought
16:51Tonnesof a limitation
16:52Tonnesbut read about file sizes around 80MB in bugs
17:17zeeHey Mozilla getting a cross over custom installer image which shouldn't be thr...i changed the firefox.icns and got this... any ideas how to fix it?
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17:26firebot Mozilla Open Policy & Advocacy Blog: Mozilla files comments to save the internet again
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18:27firebot Aaron Klotz: Win32 Gotchas
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18:42firebot Will Kahn-Greene: Antenna: post-mortem and project wrap-up
19:27firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
19:27firebot Air Mozilla: Mozilla Weekly Project Meeting, 17 Jul 2017
19:32idlecoreI seem to have this bug with autoscroll(or mouse wheel scroll), that I can't find a reference to anywhere else. I middle click to start auto scroll, works fine, I left click to disable it, works, then the first mouse wheel scroll I make, up or down doesn't matter, never works. The next mouse wheel scrolls work fine.
19:33idlecoreDoes anyone know a workaround, a solution, if there is some discussion about it elsewhere? Can you replicate it?
19:34idlecoreThis on Firefox 54 - 64 bits, Fedora 26.
19:35Seburoidlecore: Hi. Are you using a distro version of Fx or one from Mozilla?
19:38idlecoreSeburo, The distro version(1.0).
19:38Seburoidlecore: Ah, right. Can you try with a Mozilla version?
19:39idlecoreSeburo, I can. I'll be right back.
19:39Seburoidlecore: ok, no problem.
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19:42firebot Gervase Markham: Turns Out, Custom T-Shirts Are Cheap
19:42idlecoreSeburo, can't replicate the bug. Seems to work fine.
19:43Seburoidlecore: \o/ :-)
19:44idlecoreSeburo, This is odd. The Firefox I just installed is using the same settings as Firefox from the distro.
19:45idlecoreI don't mean, using the settings is odd, I mean, it's configured the same way, I expect similar behavior.
19:45Seburoidlecore: Yup. Welcome to the weird world of distro versions. You will also find that crash reports supply more information now.
19:46idlecoreSeburo, I should probably mention this in freenode#fedora instead then.
19:46idlecoreSeburo, Thanks for the help. Have a nice day! ^_^
19:46Seburoidlecore: Distro versions have the same/very similar front ends, but come with other changes that can cause issues. In a perfect world, everyone would use a Moz version.
19:48Seburoidlecore: It is the same with the Ubuntu version. You lose a small amount of integration with the desktop environment, but gain so much more.
19:48SeburoNo problem, glad we got it resolved swiftly. :-)
19:49idlecoreSeburo, Sounds like a reasonable argument. I'm sure they have good reasons as well.
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20:12firebot Mozilla Addons Blog: Add-ons at Mozilla All Hands San Francisco
21:11* WaltS48 learns something new everyday.
21:12WaltS48Desktop Firefox for Windows 10 will work on a Windows 10 phone. Amazing!
21:12MardegI wonder if that's unintentional from Microsoft
21:12Mardegaccidental standards LOL
21:12Caspy7WaltS48: link?
21:13kbrosnanwhere is that from?
21:13kbrosnanseems very doubtful to me
21:13kbrosnanarm vs x86/x64 code
21:13MossopHighly doubtful
21:14WaltS48Well, I didn't try it. Just pointed out a Wiki post in aresponse to a post on m.s.firefox that development had stopped, and another poster said they could just install the desktop version.
21:14Mardeggreat.. a "poster"
21:15MossopI wouldn't trust everything you read on the internet
21:15WaltS48This was the Wiki I quoted in my reply to the question.
21:17kbrosnanThe windows builds were part of the xul fennec. They supported Windows Mobile which was in development from 2000 to 2010
21:22Caspy7if it's possible, you'd want some hecka CSS tweaking going on
21:24WaltS48Caspy7: The whole thread if interested.
21:25WaltS48Pardon my ignorance of things Widows :)
21:41WaltS48er Windows.
21:46Adnolis this channel for the mozzarella firefox
21:49SeburoNo. That is somewhere else. :-)
21:49AdnolOk coolio
21:49Adnoldo you use mozzarella firefox?
21:52SeburoNo. I use Mozilla Nightly.
21:52SeburoHow can we help?
21:52Adnoli use Godzilla firefox
22:13Seburovpal: Hi. How can we help?
22:15SeburoI have to go, but the people here should be able to help.
22:16vpalI have been able to build firefox for android and run it on my phone.. where can I find a bug to work on?
22:19mefistofelesvpal: I guess
22:20mefistofelesvpal: actually here
22:21Caspy7firebot: contribute
22:21firebotCaspy7: To get involved with Mozilla in various ways, see and /join #introduction
22:21Caspy7vpal: ^
22:24kbrosnanvpal: see #mobile as well
22:26plujonWhich of the directories in correspond to ? latest-date? latest-mozilla-central?
22:26plujonlatest-oak? latest-jamun?
22:27plujonMossop: Ah, thanks.
23:44zinkerwhyis theproject stop have each firefoxaseperateexe
23:45zinkerwhy is the project stop have each firefox a seperateexe
23:45[R]That still doesn't make much sense
23:45zinkerfirfo jups on hard usage 100% ie not due hve seperate exewindows
23:46zinkerandys i have awterproof cherry keyboardineyes , gimme 2 eeks
23:47zinkerwhy mozilla nt new window new exe or tab nex exe
23:48zinkerthey didhave5 years ago
23:48zinkerit makesn sensei neednew keyboard ... sorry
23:48[R]Are you asking why multi-process isn't working?
23:51zinkeritdid some times,theniwas tolddueuser accounts itsstoppeed, i dont understand
23:52[R]What version of Firefox? Do you have the compatibiltiy checker plugin?
23:52zinker52 esr
23:53zinkeratversion 40 they hadseperteexes for each wondow
23:54zinkerbutnow th ffkernelrises1005 if awindowi complicate
23:54zinkerneed close ll windows
23:59zinkera tip to all programmers in this world, taskmnger in taskbr see cpu usge
23:59zinkeri hadthat onwin95
18 Jul 2017
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