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17 Apr 2017
00:32firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
00:33firebot Karl Dubost: [worklog] Edition 062. AOL, Etsy and redbubble
00:33firebot Karl Dubost: [worklog] Edition 063. Spring is here
00:48mozillakillaIf I start Firefox like this, it will go to that URL and open a stand-alone console box. How can I make it do the same thing as if I were to press F12 after loading the page, thus not having the console as a "free-floating window"?
00:48mozillakillafirefox.exe "" -jsconsole
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02:55Redhat71more like the end of *power user* 9_9
02:58Redhat71not sure if i understand it right, but it seems weird to still maintain *dev edition* when it's just "beta + a theme"
03:02Caspy7Redhat71: the value of dev edition mainly comes from the branding aspects and customizations and those are moving to beta
07:30sosewhy cant view source?
07:46sosehow can an addon be published under foss mpl and hide source code?"
07:47Tewfwiw, xpi file is just a renamed zip
07:50sosehow to dowload /not add to firefox?
07:50Tew^ its view source gives "Oops! Not allowed. You tried to do something that you weren't allowed to." fyi, there are addons that don't have view source link. (I'd say "view source link is broken" as a more specific desc)
07:51Tewif you do see the link, you can rightclick and 'download as'
07:51Tewversion section has 'install anyway' if you are below f48
07:51soseyes the person is clearly hiding it even on his home page
07:52sosewhich is fine but doent fit the licence does it?
07:52Tewmeh.. clearly hiding.. there is not much to hide, and majority of ppl wouldn't even make effort
07:52sosei want to learn desu
07:54Tew*reads source* .. ugh.. totally glad to see that addons get reviewed.. /s
08:00sosewhat is wrong with it
08:03[R]MPL has similar wording the the GPL in regards to how you're supposed to get the source-code. Specifically, they don't need to actually give out the source until asked (but they have to explain how to ask for the source).
08:06Tew[R] - not sure if AMO has that edge case supported to the point of 'view source' link present but not viewable.. I mentioned the Oops in #amo, because I think it's some error.
08:07[R]Aye, I was mostly answering how it was allowed.
08:17Tew(and the source is not that bad, I just got triggered by few things at a glance)
08:17sosewhat would be the simplest way to redirect a url using webextensions?
08:18Tewfwiw, there is #webextensions channel
08:18Tewbut many ppl are on US work hours
08:48[R]How's that compare to node.js?
08:49Timvde[R]: As I read it, it compares to electron
09:06MardegTimvde: any examples of games using Nidium?
09:14TimvdeMardeg: Nope, just saw it on /r/programming
12:49firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
12:49firebot Cameron Kaiser: 45.9.0 available
13:53nemeHello! I hope you are doing well. With all the news going around about DRM, I recall blogs mentioning that Mozilla would support it just to keep it's users. That made me feel quite sad to hear. I was wondering however, seeing that this does not reflect the true values of Mozilla (as I interpret them), is DRM enabled by default and permanently enabl
13:53The0x539enabled by default, yes, permanently, not at all
13:54nemeThe0x539: Thanks for the information. How can I disable it on Linux 64 Bit
13:54The0x539just a checkbox in the options that says "Play DRM content"
13:55nemeThe0x539: In `about:preferences#content`?
13:55The0x539believe so, yes
13:55nemeThanks for your help The0x539! Take care :)
13:56The0x539surprisingly pleasant for someone concerned about DRM
14:40TimvdeThe0x539: How so?
14:40TimvdeWhy would people who care about DRM not be pleasant?
14:40TimvdeI kinda feel offended
14:40The0x539well, not care
14:40The0x539I'm concerned about it
14:42The0x539You know the people, though, coming in here, or just talking elsewhere, about the inclusion of widevine in firefox, not usually as nice to interact with on the matter
14:42TimvdeAh, like that :P
14:42TimvdeThey usually come in and rant about Mozilla renouncing their core values etc
14:42TimvdeYea, I guess that's true :P
14:42The0x539yeah, thay
14:58DigitallyBornMorning everybody.
14:58MardegI've seen the rant done well and properly addressed to the W3C
15:01DigitallyBornI'm working on backporting a bug fix to the 45esr, but I'm having a hell of a time getting ff to compile. Generally issues with jsmath.cpp, but the error seems to change everytime I try to build. Is there any known hiccups I should look for?
15:03MardegDigitallyBorn: most people online with that info are in the #introduction channel
15:03DigitallyBornMardeg: Awesome. I'll hop over there. Thanks
15:03Mardegall the best
15:16onii can't check atm but does ff beta auto update on linux
15:17onii just noticed the dev edition can
15:34firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
15:34firebot Mozilla Release Management Team: Dawn project or the end of Aurora
15:36Mardegwow, Dev Edition is going away?
15:37TimvdeMardeg: Aurora is going away, Beta is going to be rebranded Dev edition
15:39MardegMossop: were you responding to me or Timvde?
15:39MossopMardeg: You
15:39Mardegso beta is becoming Dev Edition then?
15:39oniwill it auto update
15:41Caspy7oni: yes, Dev Edition users will autoupdate to Dev Edition Beta essentially
15:42Caspy7Let's just call it that for ease of understanding
15:42SeburoOn desktop, Dev people will move to Beta, on Android they will move to Nightly. Dev edition stickers are now "classic".
17:09Caspy7"Between April and June, Firefox Aurora on Desktop (54) will continue to receive updates for critical security issues and the Aurora and Developer Edition populations will be migrated to the Beta update channel."
17:10Caspy7So, sounds like Dev Edition Aurora users will be migrated over a period o a cycle (~6 weeks) to Dev Edition Beta
17:43Soniwhy does firefox not attempt to respect ulimit/RAM limits?
17:44Soniwhy can't I run firefox on a 1990's PC with windows 95?
17:44Soni(I tried to limit firefox RAM to 256MB but it just crashed)
17:45Soni(I'm not actually on a 1990's PC with windows 95)
17:46sam113101I remember running firefox on a PC that had 256 mb of ram
17:47sam113101worked fine, except for flash that kept causing segfaults
17:49Tewtry using an older (much older) ff?
17:51SoniTew: I need to be able to run discord
17:52Tewnot with 256 mb you don't
17:52sam113101what's discord?
17:52Tewjust argue with him a lot /jk
17:52Caspy7Soni: Firefox stopped supporting Windows 95 a long time ago
17:53SoniCaspy7: yeah I'm aware
17:53Sonibut why can't I run it with 256MB of RAM?
17:53Tewcome on! next you tell me xp is unsupported too..
17:53Caspy7Soni: what OS?
17:53Sonilike, why not disable JIT if you see not enough RAM? why not fallback to manual swap if you see no RAM? etc
17:53SoniCaspy7: Arch Linux
17:56Caspy7Soni: well, I can see the current minimum RAM requirements on Mac & Windows is 512MB. Linux isn't listed on the page I'm looking at
17:57Caspy7I'm guessing that 256 MB is well below capabilities on Linux
17:57sam113101worked fine for me
17:57sam113101except for flash
17:57SoniI need to look more into ulimit, see if there's a way to make it swap more
17:58Caspy7sam113101: you're talking about Linux with the most recent Firefox version with 265MB?
17:58Tewgiven the linux, I'd try just somewhat older ff
17:58sam113101Caspy7: no, that was in 2008 or 2009
17:59Caspy7then it doesn't really apply here
17:59sam113101are you saying firefox is getting less efficient?
17:59SoniI'd use google chrome but it has stupid proxy settings
17:59Soniit also doesn't have container tabs
18:00Caspy7sam113101: it is using more memory by necessity. Particularly as web technologies have expanded over time. Also web pages have grown too.
18:00Soniuh I'm pretty sure it's not by necessity
18:00Caspy7yes, it is
18:00Sonimostly because somehow google chrome made it work
18:01Sonigoogle chrome somehow use a lot less RAM than firefox for the pages I have open
18:02Caspy7wasn't comparing to Chrome, was comparing it to itself.
18:02Caspy7which was the question
18:02SoniI just said it's not by necessity
18:02Caspy7Soni: I said it is
18:03Soniok let's see
18:04Sonidoes firefox load NPAPI even if you don't use it?
18:06Caspy7Soni: my point was that between 2009 and now, that web technologies have expanded and the browsing engine has had to expand too. Yes, some of it can be loaded lazily. But some is just used commonly.
18:14Sonihow does google chrome do it?
18:26Caspy7Soni: I expect that Chrome has had to expand as well, but they have from the beginning had a smaller footprint than Firefox with one or a couple tabs open. Once you get higher number of tabs, Firefox starts winning the memory game.
18:28Soniactually no
18:28Sonimy firefox tends to use 3GB of RAM
18:28Soniand I only have like 20 tabs open
18:30Caspy7Soni: Your experience is not everyone's experience (nor is it a typical one). That type of ram usage indicates something more is going on. Frequently a leak due to an addon or issue in the profile.
18:30SoniI don't even have flash
18:31Caspy7ok? That isn't much of a factor here
18:31alex_mayorgaSoni: Try
18:50onii have 2 different sessions running with multiple tabs (a lot but maybe just 5-10 loaded) ram is about a gig
18:53Caspy7oni: Did you have a question? On the memory front, it's worth noting that unloaded tabs are not non-zero (and not close enough either). The work in bug 906076 will hopefully fix that.
18:53firebot NEW, Virtual tabs - lazily create linkedBrowser and other dependent elements for tabbrowser tabs to impro
19:44firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
19:45firebot Air Mozilla: Mozilla Weekly Project Meeting, 17 Apr 2017
20:35firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
20:35firebot Jennie Rose Halperin: Hello world!
20:44fwiwso this page causing stress to firefox
20:45fwiwI'm using ubuntu 16.04, firefox 52.0.2 iirc
20:45fwiwIs anyone experiencing the same problem?
20:46fwiw(that page is about text editor Kakuone, a vim family text editor)
20:47fwiwhm.. it consuming so much memory
21:06Tokoyamifwiw: that's the multiple videos playing at the same time on one page bug
21:07Tokoyamiit doesn't seem to stress my nightly much but it does eat more cpu than it should
21:10fwiwTokoyami: ah, yes, the CPU usage jumped a ton
21:11fwiwso this is a known bug then
21:11Tokoyamican't find a bug
21:11fwiwdoes turning off autoplay fix it?
21:11Tokoyamiit's possibly expected behavior
21:11Tokoyamiit should
21:12Tokoyamiwhen the tab is in the background it doesn't use as much resources
21:18fwiwTokoyami: ah, yes, it's much better now :)
21:19fwiwpreviously, I can't even scroll down the page
21:20Tokoyamifwiw: well, yeah, 7 or so videos were playing at the same time. if you have a weaker system or the decoding is heavy on resources it is expected
21:20Tokoyamialso if you don't have hardware acceleration (which on linux we don't really have, unless video is done separately)
21:21Caspy7Firefox automatically reduces usage when a video becomes a background tab
21:21Caspy7and I think when it becomes unviewed as well
21:23Tokoyamiyes, the video rendering is paused when the tab is not focused
21:24Tokoyamidoesn't help when you want to look at the page though
21:24Caspy7the video is not paused
21:26Tokoyamiuh, right. more accurately, the video *stream* rendering is paused. the frame timeline and the audio stream are not.
21:27Tokoyamiso, yeah, in general the video is not stopped but Fx doesn't render any frames while you are not looking.
21:27Caspy7I filed that bug...and then it was duped against a more *recent* bug...but I'm not bitter or anything
21:45fwiwI didn't know that there's a video in the page
21:45fwiwsince, it's hang when I try to scroll it down
21:49fwiwShould this optimization also apply to not only background tab, but also video that we can't see because it's outside of view
21:51Caspy7that's the question I'm unclear on at the moment...
21:51Caspy7most of the media guys are asleep I think
21:55Mardegfwiw: you can instead toggle the pref to true at about:config?filter=media.block-autoplay-until-in-foreground
21:56MardegI think that won't play until the video scrolls into view
22:35firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
22:35firebot Mozilla Addons Blog: Add-ons Update 2017/04
22:45Caspy7Mardeg: I think that's only per tab
22:49MardegCaspy7: didn't there used to be a pref more specifically about being in the viewport? It may have been replaced by that one :/
22:50Caspy7Mardeg: media.block-play-until-visible bug again I'm pretty sure it was the exact same UX. The new pref was just better code/implementation
22:50Caspy7allowed youtube playlists to continue to play for instance
22:50Caspy7didn't break as much stuff
22:53fwiwMardeg: ah, I just turn off autoplay altogether, i.e. setting media.autoplay.enabled to false
23:31gde34I just had a fun idea, if the cursor is at the end of a word wrapped line there should really be 2 cursors.
18 Apr 2017
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