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16 Mar 2017
00:33asdffdsaIs there a version of firefox for android that has a functioning "about:debugging" where one can "Load Temporary Add-Ons"?
01:02Caspy7asdffdsa: you may also try #devtools and #mobile
01:16asdffdsaCaspy7: thanks
01:24Caspy7asdffdsa: oops, should have included #extdev
01:50ploopis there any way to look at which cookies i'm sending to a site without extensions?
01:55allizomploop: developer tools, network tab
01:58ploopallizom: where are cookies in there? I can only see a list of files and their domains, sizes, times, etc
01:59allizomploop: click on one of the rows, then look into the side panel for the cookies tab
01:59ploopah, thanks
09:46firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
09:46firebot QMO: Extra Testday event hold by Mozilla Tamilnadu community
10:21sprogHey all
10:23sprogIm using a Power Mac G5 wit OS X 10.5.8, using the last supported version of firefox (Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X 10.5; en-US; rv: Gecko/20120306 Firefox/3.6.28) trying to install an addon (
10:23sprogIt give me because: Signing could not be verified. -260
10:24sprogI get "because: Signing could not be verified. -260" for any add on at all
10:24philipphi, probably the tenfourfox builds from would be the better choice in your situation
10:28TewFirefox/3.6.28 should not care about addon signing.. ?
10:29sprogI removed the meta folder in the addond
10:30sprogSo the signing infomation is no longer there
10:30sprogAs i seen that was a suggested work around for many instances of this issue
10:30sprogWhich worked for those users
10:32decebalusFirefox 3.6.28 ?????? Is still working?
10:32Tew3.6 (3.6.28 from 2012) simply should not have signing checks (signing support/requirement) at all.. but it might be triggering.. something.. ?? if deleting signature files is a solution for anything but modified addons (that will make addon unsigned, but pass signed+not matching contents check)
10:33sprog3.6.28 is just fine on this old mac - except for this one little problem
10:33sprogNot sure how to get around this since it shouldnt be doing it at all?
10:34decebalusTew: maybe is working on windows too ?;)
10:35TewI'd try philipp's suggestion first to see what that version does; I don't have any idea.. yeah, besides downloading the 3.6 version myself and checking what addons do on win, but..
10:37sprogIll download and test now, just a sec
10:41sprogTenFour is just fine
10:42sprogNo issues at all
10:56sprogany way of getting firefox 3.6 to play nice in this case?
11:11Timvdesprog: I would suggest you to upgrade to TFF only, Firefox 3.6 is *very* old and insecure
11:24sprogYeah i realize the age and risks that go with it
11:30Tewpossibly not as exploited on ppc mac.. ?
11:30sprogYeah possibly, its not a daily machine
11:32sprogIts a step back in to 2005
11:32sprogTo run all the old ppc games and stuff i have
11:39sam113101I wish I could go back to firefox 51
11:52decebalussam113101: And why uou can't?
13:20Tomashey ! i've a problem with ffx on youtube. whenever i open a new video the volume is reset to the maximum value and that's super annoying... i'm on a debian testing distro.. anybody observed this issue before or can help? :(
13:25Tewmy yt vids keep their audio volume which I expect is via cookie/equivalent (= don't block/discard cookies etc), but debian may do some OS master audio volume stuff.. (I am on Win; my simple re-check was setting yt audio to low, then opening a suggested vid in another tab to confirm that the audio there is set to the same level)
13:28decebalusTomas: work well on windows
13:32Tomas:( i don't want windows.. cookies are allowed Tew.. it's just weird because it resets the system volume sg i didn't know js can do from there
13:32The0x539a website...changes the system volume? yeah that shouldn't happen
13:45TomasI updated the system and restarted. Incredibly it's fine now.
14:05Tewnot 'the website', but yt -> ff -> OS master I remember hearing some complaints related to that (plus some bugs filed because it was in a different yes/no state the users wanted.. ?)
14:52Rickhi, whats the place to report a bug on the mozilla website?
14:59Caspy7Rick: possibly
15:35TomasTew, mm i guess in my case it was some undesired functionality of some gnome audio related package (in deb testing)
15:35WulfSince when does firefox recommend to not use sha-1 for certs anymore?
15:36gchristensenmonths now, Wulf
15:36WulfI found
15:36WulfBut is there anything older?
15:37WulfI'd like to shove this into someone's face who bought a 5 years valid wildcard cert in May 2014
15:37Wulf(which doesn't work anymore)
15:42firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
15:42firebot Doug Belshaw: What does it mean to be 'digitally employable'?
16:58Caspy7how does one get firebot to come in and stay in a channel?
17:05MossopCaspy7: Just inviting him works unless he's at his channel limit
17:06Caspy7Mossop: but he won't stay iirc. How do you make sure he rejoins?
17:07kbrosnanbut the auto join requires bot admin
17:07Caspy7on connect or netsplit, etc
17:08Caspy7kbrosnan: so you mean someone like glob?
17:08kbrosnanhe is firebot's operator
17:09kbrosnanthough he is in or around your timezone
17:09Caspy7ok, well, I guess I don't have the dictionary to understand this. What are the steps to get Firebot invited and stayed
17:11kbrosnanmore or less ask glob to add the channel to the autojoin
17:39EOBeavIs there a way to improve the printing functionality of FF? I'd like to be able to get a preview of what I'm printing before I send it to the printer, much like what Chrome does natively. Thank you.
17:42firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
17:42firebot The Rust Programming Language Blog: Announcing Rust 1.16
17:42firebot Air Mozilla: Reps Weekly Meeting Mar. 16, 2017
17:46Caspy7EOBeav: under the File menu do you have a Print Preview option?
17:48EOBeavCaspy7: Didn't check that, but I'll go look.
17:49EOBeavYeah, it's showing now. Also some other features I hadn't seen before. I guess just placed differently than in Chrome, so I need to get used to where those are located. Thanks for the feedback.
18:26booferffwhy do I get this bad display on ubuntu?
18:26booferffthe page just shows up as white and when I scroll down it just rolls over up again?
18:29grahamperrinbooferff: please let us have the URL that is in the screenshot
18:35booferffgrahamperrin: ? I use ubuntu
18:35booferffIs it a java issue?
18:35booferffor is it due to the extensions that i use?
18:35booferffI use grammarly,random agent spoofer .etc
18:49Tewyou can check addon interference AND gfx hardware acceleration with safe mode (Help - Restart with addons disabled == firefox -safe-mode from cli). HWA alone then is in about:preferences#advanced (Advanced -) General 2nd last [x]
20:02g00si found a cool extension for chrome called toby. seems like tab groups done right. i was wondering if there was something like this for FF ...
20:03g00si kinda like i can switch contexts and just have those tabs appear. like work / personal
20:03g00swould be cool if they were separate contexts like the new FF experiment too
20:09Caspy7g00s: one thing you may try is installing it, probably on Nightly, with Chrome store Foxified (use the direct install link: )
20:09Caspy7Chrome store foxifed, btw, is a Firefox addon
20:10Caspy7g00s: I actually just installed it on Nightly, but don't really feel like getting familiar just to test it out and see that everything is really working
20:11g00sCaspy7 ok thanks, never heard of Chrome store Foxified
20:11Caspy7the webextensions that are most recent are on Nightly, which can be installed on the same computer. Though I would test in a fresh profile. If it works, you may test on other trains including Dev Edition and Beta - I'd do fresh profiles there too
20:12Caspy7however, you could start with Release if you like
20:12Caspy7it's a gradiation of likelihood I suppose, as more webextension apis are present on prereleases
20:13hashharI wanted to start work on a patch and wanted to know how do I go about working with mozilla-unified. I did read the version-control-tools ( page.
20:13hashharI am slightly confused about whether to use the mozext or firefoxtree extensions?
20:14hashharThey both tell the same things in their helps (hg help extname).
20:15Caspy7hashhar: you may get better results in #introduction
20:15decebalusg00s: it's the same thing with "one yab"
20:15decebalus*one tab"
20:16g00si tried one tab - lost everything when FF crashed on shutdown
20:16g00si guess any extension could do that though
20:18decebalusg00s: in the past time I had never a crash on shutdown
20:18Tewsomeone said tab containers can be hidden by some criteria (show group X only?), I read your original phrasing pretty close to that..
20:18g00sdecebalus happens pretty often for me. my machine only has 4G ram, i notice it more when there is high memory pressure
20:19g00sthe longer i have FF up and I'm using it heavily, the more likely it is to crash on shutdown. I've even reinstalled everything for fresh state, i just accept it as is now
20:19decebalusg00s: untill a couple days ago I had also 4G Ram
20:20ronhello! in the past few months my FF has become slower and slower, until the point that I have to restart it every day a few times. I've tried to 'Refresh Firefox', ending up reinstalling only the add-ons I wanted and it definitely worked a lot faster. then m Sync kicked in, and... it's back to square one. how can I handle that without potentially losing important things?
20:20g00sas long as i get my session back when i restart, its ok i guess :D
20:24Caspy7ron: if the slowness is caused by a leaking addon, this may be the issue
20:24Caspy7ron: after a restart it is fine and then it gets slower over time?
20:25ronCaspy7: yeah. I also suspect it's a leaking addon, but no idea how to figure out which one.
20:26Tewif you use adblock plus, that seems to be a popular ?is it this? atm
20:27ronI've switched to ublock a while back
20:27decebalusg00s: If you close the PC immediately after exit FF it is posible to have crashes, because FF is not realy closed even they dissapeared from the screen, you should watch on Tskmgr untill processes is gone (especially if you have many tabs open)
20:28g00sdecebalus i'm gentle with FF, and just let it close on its own
20:28g00sit takes about 30 seconds to write its state to disk before quitting, that always seemed excessive to me
20:29g00swhatever its doing to save it sessionstate.js perhaps, seems inefficient lazy
20:29Caspy7ron: well, one approach is to do a "binary search" approach where you split your addons in half into two groups disable one group and see if the problem is the same, and then the other. Once you find the offending group, do it again and again.
20:29Caspy7ron: another approach is to list your addons here and some people may be able to suggest what they see could be a problem.
20:29Caspy7ron: do you have LastPass?
20:30Caspy7or HTTPSEverywhere?
20:30ronI have LastPass, yes.
20:30ronHTTPSEverywhere is disabled or removed.
20:30Caspy7ron: yeah, it's probably LastPass
20:30DuClareHi ron
20:31ronhello DuClare
20:31Caspy7I've heard multiple reports now that it's really hurting performance
20:31ronCaspy7: well, that's not good. It didn't used to be like that, so could be something they introduced a few versions back.
20:32ronI can try disabling that specifically for now, and use their app to get the passwords. see if that affects things.
20:32Caspy7ron: if you find success, please report back to me. I am thinking of trying to escalate this with Mozilla, but would like more input
20:32ronI remember reading about a week ago that they're retiring the previous version entirely.
20:32Caspy7ron: which version are you on?
20:32ronCaspy7: not a problem, but isn't that more of an issue to be addressed with LastPass?
20:33Caspy7ron: yes, but it may be helpful to get Mozilla involved too. Many people don't differentiate their browser from their addons. They just blame Firefox.
20:33ronto be honest, I'm a lonely wolf at the office. the only one using FF where others use Chrome. It's hard to argue in favor of FF when I keep restarting it. I know it's the addon(s) but can't really use that as an excuse.
20:33Caspy7and they clearly don't care enought right now
20:33ronheh, see ^^
20:34ronI realize it's not FF itself
20:34ronif I run it without addons, it's blazing fast.
20:34Caspy7well, you're not the majority I think :)
20:34ronalways considered myself special
20:34Caspy7in the sense of understanding it's not Firefox's fault
20:34Caspy7what version are you on?
20:34Caspy7of Lastpass?
20:34ronlemme check
20:35ronwait, I think that's the version they're going to retire
20:35Caspy7ron: try the beta
20:35Caspy7which I *think* is what they're putting out on their website
20:35ron <-- yup
20:36ronI don&#39;t mind using the beta. I use their beta on my phone.
20:36ronyeah, on their website they offer 4.0. beta is 4.1. let me try that.
20:37ronomg everything is so fast now
20:38Caspy7anyway, I&#39;ll be interested in the end result if you wouldn&#39;t mind sharing at some point
20:39ronof course, I can hang out here. I don&#39;t think I have this network through my bouncer, but logging in is not a big deal
20:39ronany other major known addons?
20:40Caspy7that&#39;s the biggest one that comes to mind
20:40Caspy7I&#39;m just one person though
20:40ronthat&#39;s cool. kinda nailed it on the first attempt.
20:42ronI have to say things generally seem to load faster now, but it is after a fresh restart. will test it for a few hours.
20:42ronit does feel a bit &#39;jumpy&#39; when loading pages, but one step at a time.
20:43ronthanks for the help, Caspy7
20:47decebalusha-ha..Fx 3.3.2 is blazing fast...Try 52 :P
20:48ronthat&#39;s the addon&#39;s version... fault
20:49ronI&#39;m normally a Nightly user, until a few months ago something really broke for me and I switched to stable.
20:50Seburoron: Hi. What broke?
20:51Caspy7Well, it is nightly. Think if something broke I&#39;d switch to Dev temporarily
20:52decebalusactual releases are slow
20:52ronwho remembers, it was a while back. I think it was e10s which was on by default with every update (even if disabled the previous day) and it just wreaked havoc.
20:53ronit just came to the point that it really interrupted my daily work (which is browser focused) and I couldn&#39;t afford the time wasted.
20:53SeburoAh, okay. There are times when it can be a little shaky, but Nightly tends to get fixed swiftly.
20:54ronoh yeah, I know. I think I&#39;ve been using Nightly since the 6 week release cycle started (could be completely wrong here, been a long time). had good experience with it. rarely needed to switch back for a while, but it happened.
20:56ronenjoyed taking part of some of the experimental features. sad some features are gone, but, life and so on.
21:03The0x539random bookmarks of stuff I might&#39;ve visited in the past keep showing up for me
21:19Mardegmust be nostalgic
21:21sjohnsonThe0x539: try unplugging the microwave.
21:25DuClareNice that lastpass blog.. with js disabled, the content of the post appears, then an ajax loading screen gets in front of it
21:28mib_vm148ihello,i have the classical &quot;i lost my tabs&quot;- problem on my android device....
21:28mib_vm148iafter the crash, the recently closed tabs feature worked, but i closed the browser before recreating the tabs leaving me with 0 recent tabs
21:29mib_vm148iis there a chance to regain those tabs?
21:29Caspy7mib_vm148i: maybe also ask in #mobile
21:29mib_vm148iok, thanks
22:42thoreauHi. I&#39;ve change my configuration in a way that when I start a new session, it loads the tabs used in the last session.
22:42thoreauHow do I tell Firefox to NOT do that?
22:43Caspy7thoreau: open Options/Preferences > General Tab, maybe the fourth option down
22:45thoreauThere is a &quot;Tab&quot; session here.
22:45thoreauThe options are &quot;Open new windows in a new tab instead&quot;
22:45thoreau&quot;Dont load tabs until selected&quot;
22:45thoreau&quot;When I open a link in a new tab, switch to it immediately&quot;
22:46dolskeout of mild curiousity, why don&#39;t you want it to restore tabs from your previous session?
22:47thoreauWell, mostly because it tend to clutter. I does not make me think what is actually important to keep.
22:49thoreauAnyway, these options don&#39;t seem to address not saving my opened tabs.
22:51JacopoToreho everyone
22:51JacopoTorefirefox is telling me that I&#39;ve not installed PulseAudio
22:52JacopoToreI&#39;m using Lubunt with a pre-build versione of firefox
22:52JacopoToreI don&#39;t know why I have not this problem since 2 week
22:52JacopoTorenow I can&#39;t listen music
22:52JacopoToreon youtube for example
22:52MossopFirefox 52 requires pulseaudio if you want to hear audio
22:52JacopoToreok I understand it
22:53JacopoTorebut I really don&#39;t know how to get it
22:53JacopoToreI went here but I don&#39;t understand how I can install it
22:53dolskethoreau: on that pref page, under startup, there&#39;s a dropdown for &quot;When Firefox starts:&quot;. Is it currently set to &quot;Show your windows and tabs from last time&quot;?
22:53MossopJacopoTore: I would assume your distribution&#39;s package manager allowed you to install it but I don&#39;t know anything about Lubunt
22:54thoreauWow, I see...
22:54JacopoToresorry Lubuntu*
22:54JacopoToreis a lite version of Lubuntu
22:54thoreauThat&#39;s strange. No it&#39;s on &quot;Show my homepage&quot;
22:55JacopoToremaybe I need to install the package and put in the directory in firefox...but I don&#39;t know how :( nobody can help me? In the link that firefox suggest to me for this problem I can only read this
22:55JacopoToreYou may need to install the required PulseAudio software
22:55JacopoToreStarting with Firefox 52, the PulseAudio software is required to play any audio from Firefox. Most Linux distributions now come with PulseAudio pre-installed. If you see a notification saying &quot;To play audio, you may need to install the required PulseAudio software&quot;, it means that Firefox cannot find or use PulseAudio. Use your system&#39;s software package manager and ensure that PulseAudio is correctly installed.
22:55dolskethoreau: then I would guess either (1) you have an addon installed that&#39;s restoring things or (2) something is causing Firefox to crash, which will result in your tabs being restored when you restart.
22:57dolskeJacopoTore: PulseAudio is a component of Linux, not Firefox. I&#39;d suggest asking on the relevant forums or irc server for your distro (unless someone just happens to know here)
22:57JacopoToreok thank you
22:57MossopApparently Lubuntu is the only variant of Ubuntu that doesn&#39;t come with PulseAudio preinstalled and they haven&#39;t been bothered to document how to install it :(
22:57JacopoToreI&#39;m sorry to disturb your community
22:59dolskethat&#39;s fine, just that the experts you seek are probably not here. :)
23:07TimvdeMossop: You might find something on the Arch wiki, it is in general very good
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