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16 Jul 2017
00:25[R]Does right-click -> save as, not work?
00:37Caspy7last I remember imgur had hacked around things to somehow force Firefox to get the gifv HTML code or something
01:15TrelDagger, do you have a tutorial for that?
01:15TrelThe first one, not wget
01:28DaggerTrel: you'll need an extension
01:28Dagger gives the general idea
02:07TrelAh, so....wget or curl then. Got it
11:36zinkeri did block images via "page information" (translated) , how can i unblock it again
11:37zinkeri found it in 52 theres a checkmark , sorry
11:42zinkerwasnt there a way to block domains ?
11:55zinkerthis googlelogois unlogical
11:56zinkerboth O should be red and the E yellow
11:58zinkerno wondeer i find nothing
12:06zinkerand my room isso untidy :)
12:07zinkerassotiation brain wash
12:11zinkeris there a engine utilizes : google bing yahooand others ?
12:13zinkerit should be "clicks engine" or like ,but i didnt find in weeks or clikx or clickx oror
12:14zinkerbased on clicks
12:21zinkerklix with k infrontlike this , plsehelp me
12:48CowzillaIs it possible to get a version of Firefox whose UI contains NOTHING whatsoever except a basic address bar? No "search bar". No searching ANY search engine when you make a mistake. No "useful" links in context menus. No "search suggestions". No keylogging. Nothing whatsoever except for the Firefox "engine" to render HTML 5/CSS/JavaScript in the least possible privacy-invasive/insecure manner? Zero ads, default bookmarks, or ANY of that
12:48Cowzillaworthless shit that nobody except Mozilla wants. If this isn't already a project, it really ought to be.
13:00zinkermight try int he developer forums a post ....
13:02zinkeror post a html5 bug and tell what you need
13:20azakiCowzilla: wow, confirmation bias much? "no one except mozilla wants"
13:20zinkerbing: how to report a bug to mozilla id start
13:20azakii'm sorry but you are describing the shittiest browser ever made pretty much
13:21azakijust use torbrowser if you want privacy
13:22azakii think they may be getting rid of the search box in photon though. i forget.
13:23zinkerah youre not a developer, you want a different browser, sorry im thinking always ahead)
13:23azakibut the address bar will still function as a search box of course, as it should.
13:24azakiaddress bar is kind of useless nowadays unless you add more functionality to it, after all most people click links to navigate the web, so people hardly ever type something in there manually unless they want to search.
13:24zinkerhe might want userchrome.css and its settings.... ifs justlayout
13:25azakithe whole point of extensions is to make these kinds of tweaks. torbrowser already ships with many such extensions in by default, and some other changes.
13:25azakiso it seems like a good fit.
13:28azakiCowzilla: by the way, do you know that websites can track you based on browser window size? because of responsive-design techniques, the website often knows the browser window size.
13:29azakithat's why torbrowser for instance recommends against resizing the window.
13:29azakiyou have no idea how crippled a "privacy" browser really ends up when you remove every single tracking method imaginable.
13:30azakiyeah, i presume they want to have modern html5 features though, while still having privacy. =p
13:33zinkervpn is a start andthen configure firef
13:34zinkermedia peer cookies,tracking sites...
13:35zinkerbut then your fav pornsite letsnyou not in:=
13:36zinkershare databut electit, this the futurei think
13:38zinkeri dont usevpn due itssoslow
13:39zinkerecept you paymuch butthen againis the datathere
13:40zinkerand who can afford suchvpn , werbackatgooglemicrosoft inteletc.0
13:44zinkerit ait all began with a simple cookie ..
13:52zinkeraslong you dont get gay advert be hapy .)
13:53azakiwhat if i want a gay advert? =o
13:54zinkerthen click the site , laugh
13:56zinkerthese days google grabs data at internetnodess, so privacy,nice idea
14:00zinkernone have a solution for privacy sofar
14:03zinkerthe problem is tcp wth its layers as i undrstand , there must be on work
14:07zinkerbutnsawill notalloww3.orgto change
14:10zinkerim wrong , all beganwith a log file laugh not cookie , this dmanlogs
14:12zinkerfree speech to logicriminal to log internetis ok ,theresthe bassic problem
14:15zinkerc:\<log.txt was the end of the beginning,reversibl ? idont think
14:16zinkerim off, enough talking .9
14:53amezarashi97Hello ;) Are the installers and such source code available on mozilla-central?
14:56Mossopamezarashi97: Yes
14:58amezarashi97@Mossop yes? =)
14:58Azrael_-i just backed up my ff-profile on an old winxp-machine and replaced the profile-contents on the new win10-machine but it didn&#39;t take any settings. can you give me a hint how to do it properly?
15:01Azrael_-nm, got it
17:29zinkerhow can i manually switch html5 And flash
17:30zinkeras peruser
17:32zinkerdisable flash plugin or ask?
17:33zinkerbtw whats the correct term for html5 video ?
17:35MrControllI&#39;m fairly sure it&#39;s just &quot;html5 video&quot;
17:38zinkerdo ya hate me if i prefer flash , html5 vido stutters ifnot line is 200% good
17:39zinkernot stutter, just drop outs frame missing
17:40zinkerof no reason
17:40TheSilentLink It should be the other way around as flash uses a lot more cpu usage
17:41zinkermight html5 server problem ?
17:42TheSilentLinkare you running both at the same quality settings?
17:52Caspy7zinker: what OS are you on?
17:52AliGeekhi all, resource:// and chrome:// URL not working , FF tries to resolve those URLs in google search
17:52AliGeekcan anybody help?
17:53zinkerwindows , and every minute of no reason drop put
17:54Caspy7zinker: what? I just wanted your OS. What version of Windows/
17:54zinkerw10 downtoxp
17:55Caspy7...which are you currently using?
17:57zinkerxp due better routing doi needwitch,michttakes15mins
17:58Caspy7ok, that&#39;s going to get no hardware acceleration for video then. You&#39;ll be getting CPU decoding of WebM/VP9 videos with HTML on youtube and H.264/MP4 videos with Flash
17:58Caspy7which may be getting hardware acceleration (through the GPU)
17:59zinkersorry im having lunch
17:59Caspy7so Flash may get better performance in that case
18:00zinkerno i did disable hardare accelarationonw102 core
18:00Caspy7it doesn&#39;t really matter with regards to video on Windows XP
18:00zinkernoeffect,after 1minute a droout andagain
18:00zinkerisnt html5 h265 ?
18:01zinkerregardlessifxp orwin10
18:01TheSilentLinkno html5 is h 254
18:01zinkeri did play1 month with tcp
18:01zinkerah ok
18:02zinkeri watch html5 with h265 ccodechdtv2
18:02zinkermight aframe missmatch
18:05Caspy7...HTML video allows for both VP9 and H264 (H265 is not supported in Firefox), but there is no *native* support for H264 in Firefox on Windows XP, so youtube will always use H264 for HTML video.
18:05Caspy7sorry, I meant WebM/VP9 for that last bit
18:06Caspy7for HTML video
18:06zinkerthis explainsit,buteven on win10itdrops
18:06Caspy7for Flash I believe it always uses H264
18:06Caspy7zinker: ensure that your graphics drivers are completely up to date according to the manufacturer&#39;s website
18:07Caspy7zinker: why don&#39;t you replace your keyboard?
18:08zinkercaspy tsfelxible if dirty putunder water,iknow....
18:08Caspy7you&#39;ve been in here multiple times and blame your keyboard for your near-illegible writing
18:08zinkerbetter typos as dirtykeyboard
18:08zinkeri did contct logilink to enhance it
18:09zinkernowi dontblame the keyboard, im thatdumb:)
18:09zinkerthey areworing onanewseries
18:13zinkerbutbeforewetalkaheadi mustrecheckthish265,it seems afallbackin the videograbber
18:14zinkergive me one day or 5
18:14zinkerjust264 thiscant wor
18:15Dagger...just get a new keyboard. the burden of dealing with your broken keyboard shouldn&#39;t fall on the people you&#39;re trying to communicate with
18:15zinkerbuttheresnobtterwaterproof keyboard
18:15zinkeri careabout, andtksfor carryme
18:18zinkerthsexpllan1 minutedropout like aclock
18:20zinkerletme rereadall mauals, offtsforpssion
20:02TograI&#39;ve been hearing lots of loud talking that alsa support for firefox is going to really, very seriously be gone in the future, not just tricky. Lots of politics and yelling etc... but what about sndio? Will it be sticking around as an option?
20:04Caspy7Togra: no politics. Just yelling. :)
20:05Tograright. I don&#39;t plan on moving to pulse audio, though. right now my choices when I install are pulseaudio, alsa, and sndio.. and I&#39;m fine with alsa and sndio
20:05TograI was wondering if sndio is going when alsa does, or if it&#39;s just alsa support that&#39;s being dropped
20:06Caspy7Togra: this is not my expertise. From what I&#39;m aware Alsa was already dropped on release Firefox. I&#39;ve never heard of sndio
20:07Tograright, yeah I was under that impression too, but it&#39;s still an option with freebsd&#39;s ports, and sound does still work :<
20:08Caspy7Togra: I&#39;ve seen of distros that still build with it. Mozilla has said they will not support it on their own, but are willing to leave it in if they can have someone owning it
20:08Tograoh, interesting
20:09Caspy7so far there have been some who seem willing to &quot;get it working again&quot; but not doesn&#39;t really equal maintaining it
20:10TograI know long ago, there was also an OSS option when installing firefox on freebsd, which was nice and the obvious choice since freebsd uses OSS
20:10Caspy7well...Firefox still is OSS
20:10Tograone day it got removed, and someone, I believe I found, submitted a bug report to mozilla asking where it went.. turns out mozilla never had it, it was whoever was maintaining the freebsd port that added it
20:11Tograreally? huh, weird
20:11DuClareI don&#39;t think sndio support will go away as long as the openbsd guys keep it up
20:11TograI like sndio, it&#39;s simple and requires no configuration, plays nicely
20:11DuClareYeah it&#39;s bliss
20:13Caspy7Togra: the only complaint that some will give is that Firefox will download a DRM module for playing stuff like Netflix. But many/most distros will disable that when they build anyway.
20:14Caspy7also, you can download the &quot;EME free&quot; version from Mozilla that has the option toggled off so it doesn&#39;t download at all
20:14Tograoh, right, that makes sense. I can see that getting more praise though, people love netflix
20:15Caspy7of course, you could just remove it if it did download. It&#39;s sandboxed code that&#39;s only allowed to do the thing it&#39;s required for
20:15Tograthat&#39;s good, I can see people turning that off
20:15Caspy7well, anyway, that&#39;s the main attack that comes to mind when people might say that Firefox isn&#39;t OSS.
20:15Caspy7(but it is)
20:17spixiI switched to FF 53.0.3 today and now file uploads are impossible
20:17spixiclicking on the Browse ... button fails
20:17spixiGNU/Linux 64-bit Gtk
20:17Caspy7spixi: is this a distro build or downloaded straight from Mozilla?
20:18spixiits compiled by source
20:18spixibecause the binary is very instable
20:18spixii had many crashes with the binary
20:18Caspy7then I&#39;d guess it&#39;s something to do with your build and would try #introduction
20:18Tograoh, when I say OSS, I mean freebsd&#39; Open Sound System :<
20:18Caspy7Togra: oh, OSS is typically used for &quot;open source software&quot;
20:19Tograyeah, hah, yeah that&#39;s a much more common acronym
20:20spixiwhat can i do? 45.8.0 worked well, but it is missing await and async
20:20spixiso i had to update firefox
20:22spixithe binary provided in portage is unusable, because CCGraphBuilder::NoteJSChild crashes very often
20:22DuClareCan you please try the binary provided by mozilla?
20:22spixii will try it
20:36spixiit does not work with the downloaded binary
20:37spixii tried it with 54.0.1 and 53.0.3
20:37spixiboth from mozilla
20:38spixithe binary from gentoo worked, but it had other issues (crashes)
20:38firebotspixi: Welcome to #firefox! Just ask your question and someone should be with you shortly. If you don&#39;t get an answer after a while, you can try taking a look through the support site:
20:39araiwhat do you mean by &quot;does not work&quot; ?
20:39spixiit just has no effect, no dialog appears
20:39spixiwhen you click on Browse...
20:40araidoes the issue happen on safe mode?
20:40araiand also a new profile?
20:40spixii tried everything
20:40spixiand there is no such issue on 45.8.0
20:40araican you try mozregression to find out when the issue started happening?
20:41spixii can try it
20:42araiif you find the change that causes the issue, it would be nice to file a bug and refer the bug in the comment
20:44spixii already file a bug
20:44spixiwait a moment
20:44spiximozregression has so many dependencies ...
20:44araiit might be nice to install it under virtualenv
20:45araiinstead of globally
20:46spixiso i installed flake8, but mozregression does not work
20:46spixisyntax errors
20:46spixiRunning: |flake8 --max-line-length=100 mozregression tests ./|
20:46spiximozregression/ F821 undefined name &#39;xrange&#39;
20:46spiximozregression/ E901 SyntaxError: invalid syntax
20:46spiximozregression/ E901 SyntaxError: invalid syntax
20:47kentuckyfriedtakaheTogra: the short term plan for ALSA support is to make it available in --disable-content-sandbox mode
20:47araiCaspy7: ^
20:47* Caspy7 sighs
20:47kentuckyfriedtakaheI don&#39;t know what the sandboxing story for freebsd is
20:47Caspy7hrm, how does one do this...
20:48araithanks :)
20:48spixisorry for flooding
20:48araiit sounds like you&#39;re running python3
20:49spixiok, do I need python2?
20:49spixithe same issue with python2 ./
20:49spixiPython 2.7
20:49araican you post the whole error to ?
20:50kentuckyfriedtakaheCaspy7: the deal with EME on Linux is that it is off by default and requires user consent to enable. That seems to keep most distros happy enough
20:50Caspy7kentuckyfriedtakahe: ah, great, thanks
20:50spixino problem
20:50Caspy7wasn&#39;t sure if that was the case on linux
20:51Caspy7kentuckyfriedtakahe: I&#39;m bothered when they intentionally break EME in their builds
20:51araiis flake8 using python2 ?
20:52kentuckyfriedtakaheCaspy7: I&#39;m not aware of anyone doing that but that doesn&#39;t mean much given that I live on the far side of the world
20:52kentuckyfriedtakahe(or more accurately, most people live on the far side of the world, and I live on the near side)
20:52araiit looks like the script is running other commands, and there may be some chance that at some point it&#39;s switching to python3
20:52spixithis may be possible
20:53Caspy7kentuckyfriedtakahe: I always figure it&#39;s difficult drinking liquids when you&#39;re upside down
20:53spixiflake8 is installed for python 2.7.12 and 3.4.5 target
20:53kentuckyfriedtakaheCaspy7: you just drink from the far side of the glass
20:54DuClareBut real men drink solids
20:54Caspy7kentuckyfriedtakahe: I remember one person reporting that their build had no option to enable the CDM, then they got the moz build and they were fine
20:54spixii try to globally switch to 2.7
20:54spixione moment pls
20:55spixinope, still does not work
20:57araioh, there&#39;s conflict
20:58spixiit seems so
20:58araihave you entered virtualenv?
20:58araiit might help
20:58spixiwhat is virtualenv?
20:59araiyou can create isolated environment
21:00araiso you can use the new environment only for the tool, and there won&#39;t be any conflict
21:00spixii will try it
21:01arai`pip install virtualenv` would work
21:01spixistill the same issue
21:01spixi(emerge virtualenv on gentoo)
21:01araithen, &quot;virtualenv test&quot; or something to create environment
21:02araiand &quot;. test/bin/activate&quot; to activate the environment
21:02spixithe conflict
21:02spixioh, wait
21:03spixii forgot activate
21:03spixiyes, it seems to be better now
21:03spixiit is installing all the eggs
21:04spixioh ant the next issue ...
21:05spixiImportError: /tmp/easy_install-GwqI7z/cryptography-1.9/.eggs/cffi-1.10.0-py2.7-linux-x86_64.egg/
21:05spixifailed to map segment from shared object
21:06spixii give it up.
21:06kentuckyfriedtakaheCaspy7: you should be able to use DRM on your own build by default but that will change
21:07spixiFirefox 45.8.0 perfectly worked
21:07spixithe only reason i had to switch is that await and async were missing
21:07Caspy7kentuckyfriedtakahe: well, not *my* build, but ok. Why will it change?
21:08spixiis it possible to backport this function? i don&#39;t need the UI changes of the new Firefox
21:08araihmm, if mozregression doesn&#39;t work, the other way would be manually bisecting
21:08kentuckyfriedtakaheCaspy7: because DRM sucks
21:09Caspy7I mean, no arguments here
21:09araiit won&#39;t be backported at least officially
21:10Caspy7kentuckyfriedtakahe: will distros still be able to have it?
21:10spixiwhich version should i try? so, I know, that 54.0.1 and 53.0.3 are broken and 45.8.0 is fine
21:11araihere&#39;s nightly build
21:11arai&quot;??????-mozilla-central&quot; directory contains Nightly
21:12kentuckyfriedtakaheCaspy7: I hope so
21:12Caspy7(I&#39;m not on linux, but still)
21:13spixi56.0a1 is also broken
21:13arai(fwiw, async/await is added in bug 1185106, that is for firefox 52)
21:13firebot FIXED, Implement async functions (ES 2017 proposal)
21:14spixii have no problem with async/await, but thi means, I require at least version 52
21:16spixiso this is my bug:
21:16arai45-53 would correspond to 2015-12-14 to 2016-11-14
21:16firebotBug 1381336 UNCONFIRMED, <input type=&quot;file&quot;> broken
21:17araiso, first, it would be nice to check if the build from 2015-12-13 works
21:17spixibut 45.8.0 is from 7 March 2017
21:18spixiits a very new version
21:18araiyeah, but that&#39;s based on 45
21:19araiand any non-critical changes after 46 aren&#39;t reflected after to it
21:19araireflected to it :P
21:20spixido you mean this version: ?
21:21araiif it works, then the next thing is to check the build from 2016-11-14, and then the middle of them
21:23spixii know how binary search works
21:24Caspy7well, mozregression makes it easier
21:24spixii think, it works like git bisect
21:26spixithis is weird
21:26spixiit does not work
21:26spixithe bug still existed in 45.0a1
21:26spixiat least in the binary build
21:27araihm, then it might be some nighly-only feature
21:28araimaybe gtk3 ?
21:29spixino, because this version is working well: &#39;;
21:29spixii have gtk3, yes
21:29arailooks like gtk3 is used from firefox46
21:30spixiok ...
21:30araiso, 45.x is using gtk2
21:30spixithat may be the solution
21:30araiI&#39;m not sure if that&#39;s the solution tho
21:30spixiso, it is working, because 45.x uses gtk2
21:31araibtw, are you using KDE ?
21:31spixiis gtk2 still supported by version 52?
21:32araiI saw there was some issue with KDE&#39;s gtk3 (or something similar, I don&#39;t know the exact relation)
21:32spixino, I use Mate (a Gnome 2 fork)
21:33arailooks like there&#39;s some code for gtk2
21:34spixibut it is not used by the precompiled binarys or is there a about:config option for this
21:34araiiiuc, you need to build it yourself
21:37spixiwell, it will take too long if I build FF 45.8.0 again, it&#39;s late already
21:39spixithe build takes about 24 minutes on my host
21:39araihmm, I think it&#39;s better trying to fix the &#39;input type=&quot;file&quot;&#39; bug
21:39spixiyes, I think so
21:39arainow we know that it&#39;s something related to gtk2 vs gtk3
21:40araido you have any other gtk3 application that has file dialog ?
21:41spixii see that firefox was compiled with --enable-default-toolkit=cairo-gtk3
21:41araiif file dialog works there, the issue will be specific to firefox
21:41araiotherwise there may be some system-wide issue
21:42spixiso, Wireshark with GTK3 works. The file dialog opens
21:43araido you see any error message in syslog or somewhere, when you click browse button in firefox?
21:43spixignome-mplayer also works
21:43spixiyes, wait
21:45araiapparently not related to this specific issue
21:45araican you also check browser console?
21:46araito see if some error is logged everytime you click the button
21:48aerishello #firefox !
21:49aerisi have a folder on my home directory, named exactly as my domain name, and so, everytime i type my domain on address bar, firefox redirect to file://~/mydomain instead of http://mydomain
21:49aerisis there any way to disable this default fallback to file:// instead of http://?
21:50spixihow do I open the web console, it has disappeared after the update
21:50araitools-web developer-browser console
21:51arainot web console. that&#39;s for current web content
21:52araiaeris: what&#39;s displayed in address bar when you type the domain? before hitting enter or something
21:52spixiin web developer is only &quot;view source&quot;
21:52spixii don&#39;t know how its in english
21:52spixii have the german version
21:52araiwhich version number are you using now?
21:53spixiin 45.0.8 there were web inspector and other tools
21:53spixithey have all been removed in 53.0.3??
21:53araiare you using mozilla&#39;s binary?
21:54araiis there any chance that your extension or user style hides them?
21:54spixii am in safe-mode
21:54spixiend even a fresh profile has this issue
21:54spixiofficial mozilla build, yes
21:54arailooks like UI is very broken
21:55spixii meant 45.8.0 above
21:55spixibut 45.8.0 is not broken
21:55araican you hit ctrl+shift+J ?
21:55araithat&#39;s shortcut key for browser console
21:55spixinothing happens
21:57spixiis this related to the SyntaxError: illegal character (resource:///modules/CustomizableUI.jsm:2679:13) issue?
21:57aerisarai: oh, seems related to vimperator !
21:57araiso it happens on safe more?
21:58aerisfirefox address bar is ok, vimperator one not
21:58spixiyes, also on safe mode
21:58spixiwhat is vimperator?
21:58spixithe address bar works fine
21:59spixiI don&#39;t have the vimperator plugin installed
22:00araispixi: can you check the line 2679 of resource:///modules/CustomizableUI.jsm ?
22:00spixihow do I access this URI?
22:00araijust type it
22:01araiit&#39;s valid address
22:01spixiit will always search for it on DuckDuckGo
22:01spixioh i found it
22:01spixii had to press Return with the cursor before the address
22:02spixii check the line, please wait a moment
22:03spixiwell, the file does not seem to have a valid character encoding
22:03araican you post the entire file to pastebin?
22:04arai(sounds like your installation has corrupted file
22:04spixiI can recover the file with the /usr/bin/strings
22:05ethan_ Firefox is having trouble downloading .pptx files?
22:06spixiyes, the file is corrupt
22:06spixii post it on pastebin
22:06araiwhat&#39;s the URL ?
22:07ethan_arai: You probably won&#39;t be able to try it... its through moodle
22:07Caspy7ethan_: please provide the Console error
22:07ethan_Console error: &quot;Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end users experience. For more help;
22:08araiethan_: what&#39;s the trouble actually?
22:09ethan_I click the link to download a pptx file, and it will show that its downloading. After a few seconds it will say fail. I also notice that it can&#39;t tell me the size of the file when trying to download it
22:09arai(I asked the URL for pastebin of spixi&#39;s file above)
22:10ethan_arai: whoops. I logged out for a few seconds lol
22:10spixiwait a moment
22:11araiethan_: what exactly do you mean by &quot;its downloading&quot; and &quot;say fail&quot; ?
22:11araiwho says? firefox&#39; UI or web page?
22:11spixii have to install xclip, because i cannot open the file with Pluma to copy it into the clipboard
22:11ethan_firefox ui,
22:11spixiah, yes, the file is also in the firefox us
22:11ethan_and it will not download, it will stop and say &quot;Failed&quot; underneath
22:12spixii forgot this
22:12spixithe pastebin does not work. Query failure: Data too long for column &#39;code&#39; at row 1 ...
22:13araispixi: oh, there&#39;s some limitation on the size
22:13araiwas it so large?
22:14araiethan_: can you download the same file when you use other browser and do the same steps?
22:14ethan_umm.. let me get another browser to find out
22:14spixiwait a moment
22:16spixiHere is your file:
22:17araioh, indeed it contains several wrong characters
22:18araiI saw similar issue when there&#39;s harddisk trouble or CPU trouble
22:18spixiwhere is it located, so that I can replaxe it?
22:18araibut not sure if that&#39;s the case for you
22:18araiI&#39;d suggest reinstalling firefox
22:18spixii had some issues because of the Haswell TSX bug
22:19spixipython3 and gcc are also affected
22:19araion your current system?
22:20spiximy gcc sometimes segfaults, but this is only the case on very large projects like firefox or libreoffice
22:20araiis TSX enabled now?
22:20spixiit is disabled
22:21araiwas it enabled when you install firefox?
22:22spixii don&#39;t know, it seems that a few applications, namely python3 and gcc are affected
22:22ethan_arai: google chrome successfully ~instantly~ downloaded the file
22:22spixifirefox does not use TSX iirc
22:23araispixi: hm, anyway, can you reinstall firefox to see if the issue persists?
22:23araiethan_: does the issue happen if you use safe mode on firefox?
22:23ethan_Whoa there&#39;s a safe mode?
22:24Caspy7Help menu > Restart with addons disabled
22:25ethan_okay, brb
22:29spixiok, I finnaly found the location of the file. It is /usr/lib64/firefox/browser/omni.ja
22:30spixiit seems to be a corrupt zip file
22:33spixii try to replace this file
22:41ethan_Safe mode does not work :/
22:43spixireplacing the omni.ja with the omni.ja from the Mozilla build does not work ...
22:44araispixi: I think it&#39;s better replacing entire file, since there could be similar file issue in other files
22:45araiethan_: can you check the network log in developer tools network tab ?
22:45araiethan_: so, open the network monitor, and then download the file
22:46ethan__sorry, if you had already said that.. my chat was being screwy
22:46araiethan_: you&#39;ll see the log for the file you download, and there may be some info about the failure
22:47ethan__Okay, I have the network log
22:52araiethan_: what&#39;s the log data?
22:52ethan__206 Partial Content (I think that&#39;s important?)
22:54araiI&#39;m not sure why 206 is returned for download request...
22:54ethan_Me either
22:54araiwhat&#39;s the request data?
22:54araialso how the request is triggered?
22:55araimaybe it&#39;s triggered by JS and it has Range field?
22:55ethan__Request Method: GET
22:56ethan__I&#39;m not sure how it is triggered
22:56ethan__I&#39;m pretty sure the devs at my school just bodged this together.
22:56araiCause column
22:56araiin the log
22:57araialso, can you check the request headers to see if there&#39;s Range or something?
22:58ethan__Okay so all I can see for cause is &quot;subdocu...&quot; I can&#39;t figure out how to expand the column.
22:59ethan__Content-Range is what you want?
22:59araiisn&#39;t it response header?
22:59ethan__It says bytes and a bunch of numbers
23:00ethan__ &quot;bytes=40373-&quot;
23:00ethan__There you go
23:00ethan__That was the &quot;Range&quot; header
23:00araiis it Range header?
23:01ethan__I think so :/
23:02ethan__How can I send you a screenshot arai
23:02araiimgur maybe?
23:02ethan__ I&#39;ll google an image hosting service lol
23:02araiif the screenshot doesn&#39;t contain any personal info
23:02ethan__:/ it shouldnt
23:02arainote that Cookie may contain critical data
23:03arailike session id
23:03araiI haven&#39;t tried DCC
23:09ethan_What&#39;s dcc
23:10araithe way to transfer data between clients
23:11Caspy7DCC, that&#39;s a tech I haven&#39;t used in a long time...
23:12araimy network connection doesn&#39;t have opened inbound port :P
23:20spixii was able to recover the omni.ja file
23:20spixibut i have now other issues, but not today
23:20spixiit is already 1:20 AM in Germany
23:34spixiI fixed it
23:35spixithere were about 50 corrupt bytes in CustomizableUI.jsm
23:35spixiand now I fixed them all
23:35spixiand the file dialog works again
23:36araican you update the bug as well?
23:40spixiyes, i did
23:40spixithank you for your effort
23:41spixii have learned a lot this night
17 Jul 2017
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