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16 Apr 2017
00:20firebotMathCubes: Welcome to #firefox! Just ask your question and someone should be with you shortly. If you don't get an answer after a while, you can try taking a look through the support site:
00:26JonathanSWow, there is a lot of sandbox violation for Firefox in macOS
00:38MathCubesHow can I force firefox to stay "Always below" Becuase I still want to see my other applications like skype calls, etc...
00:54BineroDo you guys know that thing where if you type in "word" into the URL bar, it changes to "" instead of searching for "word"? Is there a way to turn that off?
00:55BineroIt's one of the few things in Firefox that really annoys me a lot.
00:56Redhat71browser.fixup.alternate.enabled ?
00:57BineroRedhat71: does that require a restart? It doesn't seem to do it.
00:57Redhat71try & know
00:58BineroRedhat71: Given the amount of tabs I have hopen, it's impractical, but I guess I'll notice it in a few days if it hasn't worked!
00:59Redhat71try it in a new profile & know 9_9
01:00Redhat71nobody knows if restart is required for sure when toggling a pref, until "try & know"... it's never *fully* documented
01:07Caspy7in *most* cases
01:07Caspy7we can tell you that toggling hardware acceleration requires a restart :)
01:47Juesthello, how do i do partial updates if i have a .mar file?
01:51Redhat71i tried once long time ago, not worth the trouble
01:51Juesti ended up doing a complete update successfully
01:51Juesta in-place upgrade
01:51Juestits tor browser
01:51Juestbecause i dont like installers
07:26TimvdeMathCubes: I think it's your window manager
07:27TimvdeFullscreen programs are usually on top
07:27TimvdeCould you try with another program? I don't think this is a Firefox issue.
08:38macwhen I'm starting ff it returns:
08:38maclibGL error: failed to open drm device: Permission denied
08:39maclibGL error: failed to load driver: nouveau
08:39macwhat is starange it shows only once
08:39macafter I run ff again there is no such error
08:39macI use Linux 64 bit
09:54sam113101how can I install unsigned addons?
09:55Seburosam113101: Hi. Use Firefox Nightly
09:55sam113101I don't want to use nightly
09:57SeburoUse Firefox Developer Edition.
09:58Seburoor use one of the unbranded builds.
10:00sam113101actually I can use unsigned addons
10:00SeburoHow are you doing that?
10:01sam113101I haven't done anything
10:01sam113101that's the fedora build
10:01sam113101from the fedora repos
10:02SeburoWhat is you user agent?
10:03sam113101however I can't make my extension link work
10:06SeburoI have to go. Your best bet is to use a Mozilla build of Dev or Nightly. Feel free to pop back here during the week and we can take another look at this. Bye :-)
10:15Tewsam113101 - if you can use unsigned addons due to fedora's build config, then the most likely case for "extension link doesn't work" is that you are linking .xpi directly - that's not allowed. try opening a local xpi file from about:addons
10:16Tew(s/linking xpi directly/entering xpi location in urlbar .. http...xpi )
10:56sam113101Tew: I'm trying to make it load a directory
13:38mozillakillaIf I start Firefox like this, it will go to that URL and open a stand-alone console box. How can I make it do the same thing as if I were to press F12 after loading the page, thus not having the console as a "free-floating window"?
13:38mozillakillafirefox.exe "" -jsconsole
13:41Tew#devtools might have some advice regarding that
13:41Tewnote: weekend, holiday
13:42mozillakillaThere is always some damn holidayl
15:14starscreamfirefox on atom without x264 and x265 is so smooth, memory usage went down 1/3 too
15:15starscreamaurora custom build without tests and debugging, sorry the debugging is powerful but I will run out of disk space and ram with it
15:16tokagefirefox without images and js is also very smooth :3
15:16starscreamyeah js is a bitch
15:16starscreamwonder how it works on cherryview
15:16starscreamthe GPU is much more powerful than this N450
15:17starscreamI have uhm SSSE3 tops
15:19starscreamcherryview has none
15:39Caspy7starscream: I feel like there's missing details here. What's your main issue?
15:40starscreamI have no issues it is working perfectly fine and smooth.
15:40starscreameven the alpha
15:41Caspy7"it" is Firefox? If things are working fine, what brings you here?
15:42Caspy7frequently people comment here if they have questions or issues regarding Firefox
15:42starscreammaybe I join the dev channel then
15:43starscreamjust saying it is a great analytics board and a rather fine web browser
15:44Caspy7starscream: did you mention that you disabled h264 video?
15:44starscreamwill build ffmpeg or gstreamer later with no not-supported codecs
15:45Caspy7ah, ffmpeg is recommended, if not required at this point
15:45Caspy7also, don't think Firefox will support h265 video at all
15:45starscreamI guess the software is smart enough to choose between "good" and "bad" codecs
15:45starscreambecause this board only supports xvid
15:45starscreamor H.263
15:46starscreamnot sure
15:46Caspy7on Youtube, if both are available only on the CPU, between H.264 vs VP9, it should default to VP9
15:46starscreamarch installed x265 along firefox
15:47Caspy7I don't have a full understanding of the logic for enabling and disabling VP9 on youtube anymore. It used to be a bit more simple
15:47Caspy7well, it may be there, but I don't think Firefox supports H.265
15:48Caspy7FYI, H.265 refers to the codec format and x264/x265 refers to the actual decoder (of which there are others)
15:49starscreamyes I am propably doomed with modern web standards
15:49Caspy7like libVPX and ffvpx (iirc) are separate decoders for VP9, which is the codec format
15:49starscreamcan I use standalone VP9 decoder instead of ffmpeg?
15:50Caspy7Firefox on linux requires ffmpeg as far as I'm aware
15:50starscreamwell that is criminal that ffmepg
15:50Caspy7why would you want something separate?
15:51Caspy7ffmpeg is going to use ffvpx which is fully OSS
15:53starscreamyeah will propably build that and check some HTML5 video standards
15:54starscream+ speech codecs of course since they are just nice
18:58lunaBinero hehe nice nick thats a reseller of domain names in Sweden
18:59Bineroluna: Yup, I am well aware. They are the reason I can't get my sweet @binero twitter handle. ^^
18:59lunahehe alright
20:02bufgixSometimes I have strange delays in Firefox. Wireshark shows a 21 second delay between the DNS response and the TCP SYN. Looking for suggestions other than "disable all extensions", "use a new profile", "disable IPv6"
20:06bufgixHm I get A and AAAA responses for Wikipedia, but the SYN goes to the IPv4
20:07bufgixIm using Windows 7
20:22markymarktest message
20:23bufgix4 A and 5 AAAA requests for the same hostname within 36 ms
20:24Daggerif you have v6 (which you apparently do) then it should use v6 first... what does `ping -6` for a site give?
20:31markymark_Test message
20:32marcus69Test message
20:42Caspy7please stop with the test messages
20:50MardegTestical massage
21:10bufgixDagger: works fine
21:13Daggerbufgix: I can't think of anything that would cause ping to work fine, yet cause Firefox to sit and not even attempt to connect for ages
21:14Daggerbufgix: I was thinking the delay might be caused by NDP lookups of the v6 router or something, but if `ping -6` works fine then obviously not
21:14Dagger...and also Firefox does a backup v4-only connection after 300ms, so that shouldn't even cause a delay anyway
21:15bufgixMaybe Tab Kit Plus does something strange, it has options affecting page load behaviour (I just want a multiline tab bar :()
21:18JordanGS-W10i was wondering about Firefox profiles and command line shortcuts. I am using the following command
21:18JordanGS-W10C:\Development\Mozilla\Firefox\current\firefox.exe -no-remote -P "Dev"
21:19JordanGS-W10to open firefox in a new window, for the profile Dev. I was wondering if there is a way to open as a new tab, because if the profile is currently open. It will say "Firefox is already running, but is not reaspong. The old firefox process must be closed to open a new window."
21:22Caspy7JordanGS-W10: Sorry, once a profile is opened with -no-remote you cannot pass any more command options to it
22:09JordanGS-W10Caspy7: is there a way to open a profile and still open new tabs to it?
22:10Caspy7JordanGS-W10: you can have only one non-remote profile. That should be able to get new tabs
22:11Binerobufgix: If that is the case you might want to look into the Tab Center plugin, that puts all the tabs in a sidebar.
22:12Caspy7JordanGS-W10: so, now that I've said that, I've not experimented with -new-instance
22:12Caspy7seen here
22:13Caspy7looks like the command for new tab is: -new-tab URL
22:15bufgixBinero: thanks, looks interesting
22:49JordanGS-W10Caspy7: sorry for late reply, i was eating. I have 5 non remote profiles haha
22:49JordanGS-W10i didnt kjnow you could only have one but 5 works lol
22:51Caspy7JordanGS-W10: I didn't say you could only have one remote profile, just that you can only have one *non*-remote profile
22:51JordanGS-W10makes sense
22:51Caspy7otherwise the OS doesn't know where to send messages
22:51JordanGS-W10how do i set the url from the cmd line?
22:51Caspy7like if you open a file or http link or whatever, it needs to have one program to send that to
22:52JordanGS-W10C:\Development\Mozilla\Firefox\current\firefox.exe -new-instance -P "Dev"
22:52Caspy7you can do -new-tab from the command line, but only for opening it the first time if that profile is not open yet
22:52JordanGS-W10is trying to open
22:52Caspy7once it's open, you cannot sent URLs to
22:53Caspy7as I said, I've not experimented or know much about -new-instance, just -no-remote
22:54JordanGS-W10thanks :D
22:54JordanGS-W10i'll play around it all
22:54Caspy7my past knowledge is that -no-remote is necessary to have multiple profiles open simultaneously
23:22JordanGS-W10ij don't know, not sure
23:22JordanGS-W10i can have multiple if i launch them from firefox profile manager
23:22JordanGS-W10not sure if that appends a no remote command
17 Apr 2017
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