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15 May 2017
01:07weaksauceis there a setting on windows to allow "bookmark all tabs" again?
01:12weaksauceso now you have to right click on the tabs to get that function? this seems like a step back in ux
01:15markasoftwarehow difficulty would it be to introduce a patch to firefox that brings in an optional dependency?
01:21Mardegmarkasoftware: you'd have better luck asking that in #introduction
01:33Caspy7weaksauce: ctrl + shift + D still works for me
02:48firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
02:48firebot Karl Dubost: [worklog] Edition 066. Removing knots
04:04amosbirdhi, is there a key for scroll down half page?
04:10Caspy7pretty sure not natively
04:10Caspy7maybe an addon
04:10Caspy7there's always holding down the space bar :)
04:34kazumapage down
04:36globiirc how far pgdn scrolls depends on os; eg. on osx it's a full page, not half
04:38Caspy7oh, sheesh, my brain thought the desire was to scroll down to half of the current page length
08:34mboldanHi everyone! Join us for today's Bug Triage Day via #qa IRC channel! Feel free to check for detailed instructions on how to get involved. Have fun!
11:52TimvdeHuh. Nightly marks all my add-ons as disabled, but they *are* enabled
11:52TimvdeIt's even weirder, Nightly has re-enabled add-ons which I had disabled before
11:53Tew*pat pat* (I have no explanation, only comfort)
12:02TimvdeTew: thanks :P
12:04TimvdeHmm, restarting has disabled them for real
12:04Timvdeokay, let's re-enable them
12:04TimvdeHmm, not all of them
12:04TimvdeSome legacy add-ons are still enabled
12:04TimvdeIt's just weird :P
12:46philippTimvde: only those legacy addons not marked as e10s compatible should get disabled
12:48TokoyamiAll get disabled though. Here, too.
12:48Timvdephilipp: Even WebExtensions got disabled
12:49philippthen something is really off :-/
12:49TimvdeAnd some legacy add-ons that have been disabled for months, are actually (at least partially) enabled
12:49Tokoyamimy non-LEGACY ones were Test Pilot, Containers and Wayback Machine
12:49TimvdeAlthough they show as disabled
12:50Timvdephilipp: The non-e10s cut-off happened somewhere last week, and I lost literally no add-on to it
12:50TimvdeI generally only use add-ons that are properly supported :)
12:53Tokoyami already an issue even. mozillazine people are fast :)
12:53firebotBug 1364878 NEW, All extensions are force enabled and marked as disabled in about:addons & about:support in Mozilla F
14:23ash_workzI screwed up firefox somehow
14:23ash_workzI mistyped something and now code-mirror doesn't register the tab key correctly
14:24ash_workz(or whatever wysiwyg uses.
14:24ash_workzany ideas on that?
15:20firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
15:20firebot Gervase Markham: Caddy Webserver and MOSS
16:05firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
16:05firebot Jeff Walden: Guys! The Mojave Desert is hot and dry. Who knew?
16:15firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
16:15firebot The Rust Programming Language Blog: Two years of Rust
16:50firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
16:50firebot Daniel Glazman: W3C Advisory Board elections
18:44mazullaI had created an SVG in InkScape and saved it. I then opened it in Firefox, and then resized the window (made it smaller). To my surprise, the image didn't also scale down, but kept its initial sizes, instead getting scrollbars. What's with that? I thought the whole point of SVG was that it's vectors?
18:48DaggerSVGs are treated more like HTML documents. they don't scale down when you resize the window either
18:58mazullaDagger: Doesn't make any sense.
19:15firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
19:15firebot Air Mozilla: Mozilla Weekly Project Meeting, 15 May 2017
19:15MossopIt depends on how the SVG is written as I recall
19:37Mardegyes, the width and height attributes of the svg tag can be percentages. Inkscape typically doesn't author them that way
19:45firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
19:45firebot The Mozilla Blog: WannaCry is a Cry for VEP Reform
20:25Mardegooh! "I'm also helping out with the U2F/WebAuthn project, which will most likely be our first project that uses Rust for the systems call side ofhardware access."
20:25firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
20:25firebot Mike Taylor: text-shadow in ::selection, still not great
20:27firebotBug 836897 NEW, Implement the WebMIDI API
20:40Caspy7Mardeg: which part are you excited about? The inclusion of Rust?
20:40Mardegboth! I have a U2F key sitting around not doing much right now
22:30firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
22:30firebot Eric Rahm: Firefox memory usage with multiple content processes
22:32Daggerwould've been useful to see the memory consumption of Firefox without e10s as a comparison too
22:51JordanGS-W10hello, i was wondering if anyone knows how to configure noscript just to block redirects and pop-ups?
23:00firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
23:00firebot Mozilla Addons Blog: Add-ons Update 2017/05
16 May 2017
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