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15 Jul 2017
11:57zinkeri want write a email to mozilla firefox, how ?
12:12iMaczinker maybe something here
12:13zinkernot really , i found this after 3 hours buts not email
12:13zinkerdontaskme how
12:14iMacDoes not finding an e-mail address make you mad?
12:14iMacOr sad rather.
12:15zinkerbutnobody will reeadthis :) with eailthey had to
12:15zinkerwell they want userchrome.cssi haveto stop it
12:16zinkermadsad it makes me
12:18zinkeror theymea editable menubar
12:20zinkerelseelementaryis thedeal they have bookmarks first
12:20zinkerseemsmsisgenius tomozilla
12:21zinkerhowcoulditbe20 years the other way with netscape aka firefox
12:25zinkertks however ,lets praybookmarks get before history
12:41dionysus69hello all
12:42dionysus69can anyone explain to me whats wrong with my element selector?
12:42dionysus69I have to toggle dev tools in order to get it working properly
12:43araiwhat's the problem?
12:43dionysus69it highlights elements on screen depending on which dom elements i select in dev tools
12:44dionysus69but I want legacy behavior of element selector, like selecting on screen and it telling me where it is in dom tree
12:45araiwhat's the reproduction steps?
12:45dionysus69I cant
12:45dionysus69it happens randomly
12:45dionysus69at least for now
12:45araiI think you can select by clicking the box+arrow icon next to "Inspector" and choose the element
12:45dionysus69i just push f12 close dev tools and open it again, works fine then
12:45araiyou mean you don't click the box+arrow button?
12:46dionysus69i do
12:46dionysus69but sometimes inspector has weird behavior like I posted
12:46araiso, after you click the box+arrow button, it doesn't enter the mode that allows you to choose element?
12:47dionysus69yep it doesnt
12:47dionysus69it allows different mode where you need to hover over dom tree in dev tools
12:47dionysus69and it highlights elements on screen too
12:47dionysus69and shows element dimentions
12:47dionysus69thats all
12:48araiactually, you can also choose from DOM tree
12:48araiso, I think the issue is that the content area doesn't respond
12:49dionysus69that sounds about right
12:49araiif the issue happens, does clicking the box+arrow button again help?
12:49dionysus69my version is 54.0.1 on linux
12:49araior only reopening dev tools helps?
12:50dionysus69nope it doesnt only closing and reopening dev tools
12:50dionysus69i tried pretty much anything
12:50dionysus69only dev tools toggle helps
12:50araihow often does the issue happen?
12:50dionysus69once every 5 minutes for me since I am doing lots of dom inspection
12:50dionysus69i am web developer :D
12:51araiis it possible to test on safe mode for a while?
12:51araito see if there's any conflict between addons
12:51dionysus69theres another thing too actually
12:51dionysus69I have another window open
12:51dionysus69maybe thats the issue
12:51dionysus69in another monitor
12:52dionysus69nope its not the fault of another window, i moved the tab in main window
12:52dionysus69ok I can try safe mode
12:52dionysus69will post back results brb for now
12:54dionysus69arai same just happened in safe mode with single window open
12:55araican you also test on nightly?
12:55araito see if the issue is already fixed there
12:55araiif not, it would be nice to file a bug
12:55dionysus69unfortunately I cant file a bug
12:56dionysus69I already tried once and I spent 2 hours and I coulnt file a bug
12:57dionysus69if you send me some specific guide on how to file a bug
12:57araiif you have a question regarding filing a bug, feel free to ask here
12:57dionysus69otherwise I cant spend so much time on it
12:58araimaybe this?
13:07iMacI can't access in Firefox. Anyone have any idea what I might have done to break it?
13:07iMacFirefox cant establish a connection to the server at
13:08araican you post a screenshot?
13:08araior, post whole message to ?
13:08iMacIt's just the standard message.
13:08iMac"Firefox cant establish a connection to the server at "
13:09iMacLike I'm not connected to the internet.
13:09iMac(which evidently I am)
13:09iMacTried clearing cookies and cache. Tried restarting in Safe Mode. Doesn't help.
13:09araidoes the same issue happen on other browser now?
13:10araidoes it mean you can access?
13:10araido you have any proxy configuration on either one?
13:10iMacNo proxy in either browser.
13:11Caspy7iMac: try in a Private window
13:11araido you have any anti-virus software?
13:11iMacSame thing in private. NoAV.
13:12iMacIt just randomly stopped working late last night. Not having done any updates to Firefox (or anything else for that matter) since it las worked.
13:12iMacWhich was less than 24 hours ago.
13:13araican you open developer tools Network tab and try opening the URL?
13:13araido you see access log to the page there?
13:14araiif you see "GET /" there, choose it, that will open side bar, and there's "Remote address" field under "Headers" tab
13:14araicheck if the address is correct
13:17iMacI don't see remote address.
13:17araiwhat do you see?
13:17iMacRequest URL:
13:18araiis that all?
13:18iMacHang on I'll take a screenshot.
13:26arainow I'm trying to reproduce the same thing
13:26araibtw, can you also try clean profile?
13:27araiso far, I see the difference on the screen between mine (that tries to access non-existent HTTPS website)
13:28araithe circle+i mark next to the URL has dot in your capture
13:28araibut not for me
13:28araimaybe it has some info?
13:30iMacIt says connection is not secure.
13:31iMacSame as it does when visiting sites with self signed certificates.
13:31iMacI dunno Guess I'll restart router and stuff at some point. Just can't right now because stuff running.
13:32araithis is what I get
13:33araifrom the circle+i
13:34iMacI get the top half but not the bottom half.
13:35iMacI mean I guess the connection can't be secure if there is no connection.
13:37ion_cebotariHello! I am using Firefox 54 under Ubuntu 17.04 and have a strange problem with the Arial font - it doesn't display properly the cyrillic text, showing gibberish. If I change the font-family to sans-serif, the text is ok. I don't have this problem in Chromium. How can I further troubleshoot this?
13:37araianother possible reason would be, those 2 browsers are getting different address
13:38araiand one that firefox gets has some trouble
13:41araimaybe you could look into packet capture or protocol analyzer
13:41arailike wireshark
14:50not_an_expertHi, my firefox seems to stop runnin java since last upgrades. This is a mess beacause a lot of goverment task required it. There is any way to get it working again?
14:51firebotnot_an_expert: Welcome to #firefox! Just ask your question and someone should be with you shortly. If you don't get an answer after a while, you can try taking a look through the support site:
14:51DuClarenot_an_expert: Maybe you can switch to 5 2ESR
14:58not_an_expertyep, I was reading but still a mess, install 52ESR, reinstall certificates ... feel quite annoyed...... I understand that Mozilla priorize security.... But I still cant believe that all computers who uses this kind of configuration profile stoped working with this update.
15:00kvikendeim curious about something. is there a way to get details about which webpage is consuming one core cpu because about:performance shows everythinhg a green :S
15:04Caspy7not_an_expert: they did. Java's use is very low now and organizations who still use it should have upgraded a long time ago - at the very least switch to Java Web Start
15:05Caspy7Mozilla gave a warning that it was going away more than a year prior to it. A year and 7 months I believe
15:05[R]IIRC Slashdot even covered that announcement
15:06[R] <-- it did
15:07kvikendei looked at the properties of a firefox process and is it normal to have this mangled stringprefs? screenshot:
16:56Sonicould firefox use separate IPv6 IPs for each domain?
16:57Soniall requests to use IPv6 A, uses IPv6 B, from uses IPv6 B (or A, depending on configuration?), etc?
16:58DaggerIPs need to be added to the system which usually requires admin access, so it&#39;d require some sort of daemon to help
16:58DaggerLinux sets a max of 16 IPs by default but that could be increased
16:59Daggerand all the IPs will be in the same /64, but at least it would obfuscate which machine is making the requests
16:59Daggerprivacy addresses already do that, but on a day-by-day basis rather than a site-by-site basis
17:39SoniDagger: then add an API so that IPs don&#39;t need admin access
17:39Sonialso, that&#39;s false
17:39Soniif you use linux as a router, for example
17:39Sonithe machine it&#39;s connected to can also act as a router itself
17:39Soniso you&#39;d have linux with a virtual router
17:40Soniand thanks to IPv6 it can work just fine
17:40Sonino admin access required if the API is done right
17:41Soniand then I&#39;d be able to have separate IP addresses for separate android apps within the same phone, which would also defeat anti-thethering stuff since each app would effectively be a thethered client
17:41Soniand then we have a better world where anyone can thether
17:42Soniand I&#39;m probably going too far with my ideas :P
17:42Sonibut yeah it&#39;s a nice idea
17:42Daggeryou want Firefox to set a tunnel up, and then run its own virtual networking stack? eh...
17:43SoniI want the kernel to have an IPv6 manager
17:43Daggerbind() is a) easier, b) less effort to get working crossplatform
17:43Soniper-process, too, so that crashes don&#39;t leave interfaces behind
17:44Sonithe internet is in a new era of IP technology but OSes are lagging behind
17:44Sonioh also
17:45Sonisuch an API would let httpd run without root
17:45Sonisince there&#39;s no issue binding to ports less than 1024 if you have the IP address all for yourself
17:46Soniand that&#39;s when we&#39;ll enter the ipv6-only era
17:46Soniwhich is awesome :D
17:47DuClareIt&#39;s easy to allow users to bind low ports without root. But letting users use arbitrary ip addresses might be a little more complicated.
17:48DuClareBut that oughtn&#39;t be too hard either
17:50Soninot &quot;arbitrary&quot;, since you&#39;re limited to a /64
17:55Sonibut yeah
19:08SuikodenHi all .... Help needed here
19:09SuikodenMu issue is with using a proxy server
19:09rctgamer3Suikoden don&#39;t ask, just ask
19:09Suikodenevery time I use proxy server I get Secure Connection Failed
19:09rctgamer3what proxy?
19:10Suikodena proxy server
19:10rctgamer3what proxy server?
19:11Suikodenyou want me to give you the proxy server ? I dont get it
19:11Suikodenwhere you change connection settings by putting a proxy with a port
19:13Suikodendid I do something wrong ?
19:24SuikodenSorry by mistake: I can not connect to any website when I use a proxy (VPN) a message shows &quot;Secure Connection Failed The connection to the server was reset while the page was loading.&quot; I have to reinstall Firefox again to get in to use it again and when I disable the proxy (VPN) and when I re-enable it the same happens and needed to reinstall firefox .
19:24SuikodenI have Bitdefender installed
19:25Suikodenand even if I disable the bitdefender nothing changes
19:25Suikodenhelp need please
21:54Rich246Hi, is it possible to remove the bar at the bottom when hovering over a link?
23:42TrelHas anyone found a way to successfully save gifv/webm/mp4 from yet?
23:46Daggerfilter the Accept: header to not accept html
23:46Dagger(or you can just use wget, if you feel like copy/pasting every time)
16 Jul 2017
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