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15 Apr 2017
00:17gtgCaspy7: adnauseum
00:19gtgsorry it's AdNauseam
00:19Caspy7yeah, I found it
00:21Caspy7I find it funny that their website, to me, looks like it's got a bunch of ads
00:21Caspy7lots of little annoying boxes scattered all over
00:22gtgit has 0
00:22gtgits figurative ;p
00:22Caspy7I know. It's more the annoying effect
00:25gtgthis thing is cool actually
00:26gtgI recall asking em if there was plan to develop some a server-based 24/7 node client for us to host for the cause against the freaking out-of-control ads industry
00:27gtgthese guys are fighting against big players ;p actually I think those hate such Ads Obfuscator much more than Ads blocker
00:27Caspy7gtg: you're still downloading all that data :P
00:28gtgyou refer to my node thing ?
00:28gtgI know, but at least I wouldn't have to use it in my daily browser
00:32gtgI like the concept much better than brave
00:33gtgwhile Brave's concept is pretty legit on paper.. i'm not totally convinced that it's (brave) just an effort by the ads industry/lobbyists to catch back on their loss stems from all those adblocker
00:55Caspy7gtg: think I've been following it long enough to say that that theory does not line up with reality
00:55gtgI'm all open to be wrong
00:56gtgmind to elaborate ?
01:00gtghaving some sound opinion would be awesome actually ..
01:04Caspy7gtg: I don't have a highly prepared argument, but a couple things come to mind...
01:05* gtg all eyes open
01:06gtgand thanks in advance for taking time to .. apreciate
01:06Caspy7for one, whatever you think of him, I think Brendan Eich is a straight shooter and considers the current model flawed
01:06Caspy7I don't think he's popular with the ad companies
01:07Caspy7the main thing the browser does right now is block ads
01:07Caspy7frankly I think the ad networks have been entirely too myopic for a long term approach that starts with hurting their revenue
01:07Caspy7and I believe users can simply choose to block ads outright
01:07Caspy7the bitcoin stuff is optional
01:08Caspy7but I think that sites can participate *directly* with the micropayments in order to go straight around the ad networks
01:08Caspy7that's not at all in the ad network's benefit or profit
01:09Caspy7that would be a pretty dumb flow for them to invent
01:28gtgdamn sorry I've got a call
01:28gtgreading [..]
01:37gtgCaspy7: well I can't have much opinion on Brendan right now, as I know to few of him and his background, else than he's Mozilla's former CEO ..
01:38Caspy7ok, you can ignore that bit then
01:38gtgbut the rest is interesting
01:38gtgI mean.. got me thinking
01:39gtg(disclmr rmder: not english-native) ;p
01:43gtgi'm not sure what you mean by "sites can participate *directly* with [...] to go straigh around the ad networks
01:45Caspy7gtg: Brave let's you pay sites directly. No ad network needed.
01:45gtgactually, I think thats yet another topic i'm too misinformed to provide my own insight on
01:45Caspy7they also stop tracking, which has become one of the ad network's bread and butter
01:46Caspy7because ads are extremely ineffective now
01:46gtgthey let you pay site but you need to watch the ads first, no 6
01:46Caspy7gtg: no
01:46Caspy7no ads
01:46gtghmm oh
01:46Caspy7not hard to understand
01:46Caspy7no ads, no network
01:47Caspy7you pay the site directly. Done.
01:50gtgneed to read.. I thought brave was just acting similar to some kind of "broker" between user, site and ad providers, by splitting the ads revenu between all three
01:50gtggoing to have more reading
01:50gtgthanks for sharing
01:51* Caspy7 nods
01:53azakigtg: caspy7 was referring to some controversy involving brendan back when he initially became ceo; if you're interested you can google it, it's probably on wikipedia. given that the ceo position is half-figurehead, and half actual management, i think people's concerns were justified.
01:53azakihe's still a great engineer though, and when it comes to open source / free software, his motives and intent are clearly altruistic
01:53Caspy7azaki: I had no desire to bring that up and in retrospect should not have mentioned him
01:53Caspy7it's a distraction, no need to chase that rabbit
01:54Caspy7gtg had a misunderstanding of the facts about Brave
01:55azakiCaspy7: i figured, since you told him to forget about it afterwards, that's why i didn't explicitly mention what it was. =p
01:55Caspy7except that you brought it up. Again.
01:59azakiwell, it's not like i could've predicted your reaction, it was your statement that prompted me to say what i said. and i feel it was courteous of me to not specify.
02:03azakiby the way, speaking of brave, have they talked about what happens if websites begin to self-host their ads? all adblocking tech seems to focus on domain blacklists right?
02:03azakii've already started to notice a few websites self-hosting the ads on their own domain
02:03gtgare you guys using Brave or FF as your main browser ?
02:03gtgsorry to raw-cut in
02:04Redhat71seamonkey 9_9
02:04azakithis 'arms race' could essentially lead to every website using self-hosted ads that cannot be bypassed without actually editing the page itself and blocking elements. which suddenly makes adblocking filters way more complicated..
02:05azakigtg: I use firefox, and sometimes chromium =o
02:05gtgRedhat71: thx
02:05azakilooking forward to some changes like removal of legacy addons (and the many performance enhancements this will pave the way for), and the continuing maturity of e10s,
02:06gtgazaki: why chromium over brave ? is brave that distinct from chromium ?
02:06azakigtg: uhm, i dunno, i just haven't really been interested in brave. i heard about it when it launched and about how it blocked ads by default and stuff
02:07azakii don't remember if they had a linux build at launch, either, i forget.
02:07gtgk ..
02:09azakii probably won't use chromium either once e10s matures in firefox
02:09Caspy7azaki: been reading the Quantum Flow posts?
02:10azakionce the legacy addon support is gone, it seems like a lot of the "chrome-parity" performance bugs will get fixed much more quickly, so i'm looking forward to that.
02:10azakiCaspy7: i read a little about the quantum project as a whole, seems to be integrating technology from servo into firefox in a piecemeal way
02:10Caspy7azaki: not entirely, there are non-servo based projects
02:11Caspy7Quantum Flow is one of them
02:11Caspy7technically it's more of a grouping effort, kinda like memshrink
02:12azakidoes browser.html qualify as a servo technology? i know it was originally developed on servo, but yeah. that one interests me
02:13Caspy7eh, browser.html is....just HTML/web tech iirc
02:13azakiyeah, i know. browser engines have become more or less like graphical toolkits over the years, with all the new functionality. so it makes sense to build the UI itself using web technology.
02:13Caspy7you could run it straight on gecko
02:14azakii'm skimming the post you linked
02:14Caspy7heh, good luck
02:15Caspy7right now keeping up with a lot of the technical fun stuff that's going on, I'd recommend reading the Nightly "These weeks in Firefox" blog posts and the Quantum Flow posts
02:16azakihm, so they're using telemetry to identify stuff that seems to cause the most performance/responsiveness problems, and then targeting those issues
02:17Caspy7and using the profiler addon
02:17azakitelemetry doesn't send actual website URLs to mozilla does it?
02:18Caspy7don't think so, but it's not even on for release users
02:18azakii use dev edition
02:18Caspy7still, think the answer is no
02:18azakiah. ok.
02:19azakilately i've been seeing some gpu process crashes, with all sorts of sandbox errors and other stuff. although i have a session with way too many tabs, i probably need to start closing some.. =\
02:22Caspy7oh, they've turned the GPU process on for Aurora?
02:22azaki[GFX1-]: ClientLayerManager::BeginTransaction with IPC channel down. GPU process may have died.
02:23azakiit's errors like that one
02:23azakiso yeah, i guess they have. =o
05:52starscreamusing mach build is a pain
05:53starscreamwhy cant firefox use gnu build procedure
06:14galacticushello there :)
06:14galacticushow are you?
06:15galacticustell me, i want to save all of the tabs into signets on my Android version of Firefox and then i want to save the data on an external support... do you know where the folders of Firefox on Android and how to save all the tabs? thanks!
10:05daegontavenhey guys, i have some trouble with firefox crashing on startup on linux mint
10:07daegontaveni created a new user with sudo privileges, then encrypted the home folder. Then when i tried to launch, it's crashing and rash reporter opens up
10:07daegontavenany way to fix this
10:08Timvdedaegontaven: It would help if you could provide the crash reports
10:08TimvdeYou can retrieve them in about:crashes
10:08TimvdeCopy the link here
10:08daegontavenbtw the crash only occurs on the new user with encrypted home
10:09daegontavenTimvde: i can't open firefox how will i get crash reports
10:09Timvdedaegontaven: Oh, right... Good point.
10:09TimvdeLet me see :P
10:09daegontavenyeah this is a pickle
10:11Timvdedaegontaven: Right. Go to ~/.mozilla/firefox/Crash Reports/submitted
10:12Timvdeexecute `ls -t | head -n 1`
10:12Timvdeand copy the crash id here
10:12Timvde(it's the file name without .txt)
10:13daegontavenTimvde: there is no file without a .txt
10:14Timvdedaegontaven: No, I mean
10:14TimvdeTake the file name, remove .txt
10:14Timvdethat's your crash id
10:15daegontavenaaah okay one sec
10:15daegontavenTimvde: here it is bp-b378e517-6b95-4ad0-b93b-e91442170415
10:16TimvdeHmm, that's incredibly non-helpful.
10:16daegontaventhe crash reports
10:16Timvdedaegontaven: I suppose that this is Mint's Firefox, which you installed through the package manager?
10:17daegontavenummm it came as a default, but yeah i reinstalled it
10:17daegontavensudo apt-get install firefox
10:17TimvdeOkay, package manager.
10:17daegontaveni also tired --safe-mode
10:18daegontavenit's still working for the other user though
10:18Timvdedaegontaven: I think you might have hit an actual bug
10:19daegontavencould it be because of the encrypted home
10:19TimvdeCould you try the official build?
10:20daegontavenTimvde: yeah okay, one sec
10:20TimvdeAnd if that also crashes, could you try Nightly?
10:21Timvde(It's the latest development release)
10:24daegontavenokay one secs
10:27daegontavenTimvde: what do i run after extracting the archiev
10:27Timvdedaegontaven: Hmm, strangely enough, Firefox seems to be crashing in libnss, which is network
10:27Timvdedaegontaven: the "firefox" file
10:27daegontavenstill giving me an error then
10:28daegontavenlemme try nightly
10:31Timvdedaegontaven: If it crashes in Nightly, I'd suggest you file a bug report on and include the crash report in the description
10:32daegontavenyeah that crashed as well
10:32Timvdedaegontaven: Do you have another browser to file the bug report? :P
10:32daegontavennot really :(
10:32TimvdeI'll file it for you then
10:33daegontavenwell, i better give you the full details then
10:33TimvdeAre there any other details I should know about?
10:33daegontavenyeah loads
10:33Timvdedaegontaven: Oh, if you run Firefox from terminal, does it give any interesting output?
10:33daegontavenyups indeed
10:33daegontavenmostly exception handles
10:34TimvdePlease use a pastebin :)
10:34daegontavenkay one secs
10:36Timvdedaegontaven: Note that Firefox runs far from "clean" when it comes to its output, so lots of that is probably noise
10:37daegontavenTimvde: that's true as well, but there are still some more things you should know
10:37TimvdeSure, just send it to me :)
10:37daegontaveni could just type it here
10:38daegontavenfor a start the os is running as live from a usb on easy2boot
10:38daegontavenwith persistence
10:38Timvdedaegontaven: Oh, I though you were going to paste the terminal output
10:39daegontaventhe terminal output you said was not relevant
10:39TimvdeOr well, it can be relevant
10:40TimvdeJust saying that lots of it is also "normal"
10:40daegontavencome to think of it how do i paste it to pastebin without a browser
10:41Timvdedaegontaven: Good point.
10:41TimvdeWell, you could install another browser for now, that's probably useful anyway
10:44daegontavenTimvde: okay i installed hastebin on cli to paste it
10:44TimvdeI get redirected to the homepage :(
10:44daegontavenhuh really
10:45Timvde404 Not Found
10:45daegontavenlemme try again
10:47daegontavenTimvde:what about this one
10:48Timvdeworks :)
10:48daegontavenyeah but it's not much data to go on
10:49TimvdeI know, the crash report is probably the most important piece
10:49Timvdedaegontaven: In fact, would you mind getting the crash report for Nightly for me?
10:49TimvdeAs it's an official Mozilla build, it might be more helpful to them
10:49daegontavenyeah sure once secs again
10:50TimvdeSince they know exactly how it was built
10:50TimvdeAnd they have the exact binary available to them
10:51Timvdedaegontaven: Is that the *only* terminal output by the way?
10:52daegontavenTimvde: ummm not really no there is one more line
10:52TimvdeBut that line doesn't seem relevant?
10:53daegontaventhis is the line "Failed to open curl lib from binary, use instead"
10:53daegontavenand then it waits
10:53daegontavenprolly a thread waiting
10:53Timvdedaegontaven: Since it's only a few lines, I'm just going to include the entire output
10:54TimvdeSo is that line before or after the ones you pasted before?
10:54Timvde(not sure whether it matters, but hey, let's be as complete as possible here)
10:54daegontavenit's after the crash reporter opens up
10:54TimvdeOh. Hmm.
10:54TimvdeProbably not relevant, then
10:54daegontavencould be related to the crash reporter
10:54TimvdeLet's not include it
10:55Timvdedaegontaven: Do you have the Nightly crash id for me?
10:55daegontavenokay i think is the one , not sure bp-51a21f61-6c34-4810-bf34-59cdc2170415
10:55daegontavendoes the report mention build 55
10:57TimvdeYes, thank you
10:57daegontavenbtw my keyboard's question button stopped working (hardware fault) so thats why my question dont seem like questions
10:58Timvdedaegontaven: Nightly has more debugging enabled, so this crash report looks way more interesting
10:58daegontavenaaah that's wonderfull
10:58Daggerhere's one you can copy/paste -> ?
10:59Dagger(also alt+63 on numpad)
10:59daegontavenim on a laptop , no numpad ^_^
10:59daegontaventhanks for the question mark
10:59TimvdeDagger: That doesn't work on Linux
11:00Dagger...good point
11:01daegontaventh encrypted home setup (ecryptfs) probably triggered this if it's a bug
11:01Timvdedaegontaven: Anything more you want to add?
11:01Timvde(It's the raw text, you can just wget/curl it)
11:01daegontavennice :)
11:02TimvdeI'll add ecryptfs
11:02daegontavenalso add that it's a live os, and that it works from the live user account which is mint
11:03TimvdeI mentioned a live usb, and that it works when not using an encrypted home directory
11:03daegontavenso works fot mint@mint but not for daegon@mint and both has sudo
11:03Timvdebut I'll elaborate a bit
11:04daegontavenyeah since there is a chance it might not be the encryption
11:04daegontavenothere than that the os is pretty much vanilla, havent changed anything
11:04Timvdedaegontaven: Well, if you are willing to go one step further, you can create a new user without an encrypted home and see whether it crashes
11:05daegontavenhmm that's not a bad idea, lemme try that
11:13daegontavenTimvde: okay i started to get new and unusual errors now
11:13daegontaveni dont know what changed
11:14daegontavenTimvde: im getting this output on all users
11:14daegontaveneven the one that was working :(
11:15daegontavenit works if i do sudo firefox, but not firefox now
11:16daegontavenit used to work for firefox
11:16firebotdaegontaven: Welcome to #firefox! Just ask your question and someone should be with you shortly. If you don't get an answer after a while, you can try taking a look through the support site:
11:21Timvdedaegontaven: Sorry, I was AFK for a minute
11:21daegontaventhanks for coming back
11:21Timvdedaegontaven: MIR, the display server?
11:21daegontavendunno wierd
11:21TimvdeI'd be surprised if Mint uses that by default
11:22daegontaveni wouldnt know, i just stared using mint
11:22daegontavenlike 3 hours ago
11:22TimvdeThis seems pretty unrelated
11:22Timvde(and not even a Firefox issue, actually)
11:23daegontavenwell so far firefox is the only thing not working :(
11:24TimvdeYou shouldn't ever need to do "sudo firefox", that's for sure
11:24daegontavenoh wait the old errors are back now
11:24TimvdeBut if you did it once, it might have messed up the permissions of some files, maybe?
11:24daegontavenim so confused
11:25daegontaventhe new errors, was my mistake i think, i did something stupid
11:25Timvdedaegontaven: I'll just post the bug report on Bugzilla and wait for developers to respond
11:25TimvdeChances are that that won't happen until next week
11:25daegontavenwell here's for hoping
11:26daegontaveni'll just have to make do with wget till then
11:26Timvdedaegontaven: I'm sorry, I noticed I said "He" in the bug report. That's fine, right? :)
11:27daegontavenwhat's wrong with "he" ?
11:27TimvdeThat you might not be male :P
11:28daegontavenwell you are correct in assuming i am male, but i know for fact that irc only has 0.02 % females
11:28TimvdeIt's just that in Dutch, the male word is the default when the gender is unknown, so I also tempt to use it in English
11:28Tewor you could be Dagon
11:29Timvdedaegontaven: Not going further down that rabbit hole, just wanted to make sure that "He" is okay ;)
11:29daegontavenyups, it's fine. I am a dude, guy, male
11:30daegontavenTew: what;s dagon
11:30TimvdeTew: what component should I file this crash under?
11:30TimvdeNetworking, since it's related to NSS?
11:30Tew~fish god (history and cthulhu)
11:30TimvdeBut the crash only seems to happen when the home directory is encrypted, which is odd
11:30TimvdeI can also go for "untriaged" of course
11:31daegontaveni failed history multiple times sorry
11:31TimvdeI'll just post it untriaged
11:32firebotBug 1356785 NEW, Crash in
11:35daegontavenjust typed in the link manually into my phone ... whew
11:36daegontaventhanks a lot Timvde for the help and filing the bug report :)
11:36TimvdeYou're welcome ;)
11:37TimvdeSorry for not being able to help you better
11:37TimvdeBut well, bugs happen
11:37daegontavennah im a gui developer myself and i know the struggle ..still thanks
11:38daegontaveni'll be gone now, bye :)
11:38TimvdeBye :)
11:38Timvdedaegontaven: oh, one more thing
11:38daegontavenoh.. yes
11:38TimvdeYou can add yourself to the CC list if you want, so you get updates through email
11:38TimvdeI do think you need a Bugzilla account for that, though
11:39TimvdeOr you can just visit the link, of course :P
11:39daegontaventhanks for reminding me , i'll keep that in mind :)
11:40daegontavenkay see you guys/gals/*
13:15Timvde"Nightly seems slow... to... start."
13:15TimvdeYou don't say :P
13:16TimvdeBut no, Firefox, not going to reset.
13:17decebalusHappy easter guys!
13:20Timvdedecebalus: You must be living far more east than I
13:20TimvdeBut thanks ;)
13:21decebalusTimvde: In fact for us tommorow is.
13:55wCPO_I use '* { cursor: none !important; }' in userContent.css to hide the mouse, but after upgrading from Firefox 47, to 51 with e10s and then 53 (FF 53 fix userContent.css so it works with e10s).
13:55wCPO_I need to move the mouse before the cursor is gone, which is a bit annoying.
16:14uzyszkodnik[lolololo]just general question - is it possible in ff to open a website in separate window without tabs and other decorations - something like in chrome/chromium "Add to desktop" ?
16:15uzyszkodnik[lolololo]I remember there was some workaround with firefox profiles - is it still up to date >
17:16Mardegfirebot: prism
17:16firebotMardeg: WebRunner, formerly known as Prism (which was formerly known as WebRunner), let you run separate web applications from your desktop. No longer being developed, see
17:52MardegI think this wins the "Most Proprietary License" award on AMO
17:58TimvdeMardeg: lol, 47 users
17:59MardegFakeSteveJobs wouldn't be allowed to use it
18:00Mardeg"You may not ... (11) impersonate any person or entity or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity;"
18:32TimvdeNice! Wasavi finally works as a webextension in Nightly :D
18:38Tew"wasavi changes a textarea element to virtual vi editor"
18:51TimvdeTew: correct
18:52TimvdeI've been waiting for that add-on to get e10s compatible for ages
19:12Caspy7probably best they skipped straight to WE...
19:13Caspy7Timvde: what's the status on the alt tab groups WE?
19:30TimvdeCaspy7: Afaik no-one is working, and the necessary APIs won't be available
19:30Timvdeworking on it*
19:35TimvdeOh, clicking now gives an error
19:35TimvdeHere's the blog post:
19:35gde34Not sure what the solution would be but on websites and about:performance (for example) I'm often trying to click something that is dynamically updated then the click happens after the update while I'm clicking before it.
19:36gde34a solution seems hard
19:37Caspy7Timvde: this issue came up years ago, but I don't remember the resolution. It seemed to mostly go away
19:37TimvdeCaspy7: You can toggle network.IDN_show_punycode to true
19:37gde34I had to implement the "are you sure" dialog on my aggregator, I'd hate to see that happen all over.
19:38Timvdegde34: Yes, auto-updating stuff are a PITA
19:38TimvdeIn terminals, you can press ctrl-s to freeze the screen
19:38TimvdeThat's obviously not a solution in browsers
19:38gde34I just killed a bunch of extensions trying to click the offending one :P
19:39Timvdegde34: in about:performance, you can set the refresh rate
19:39gde34I have no idea which :P
19:39gde34it will still happen if there is lag
19:40gde34if there is enough lag you can click, see it refresh then see it assing the click to something you dont want
19:41gde34to make it even more funny, killing the wrong extensions killed the browser
19:41gde34I dont even know which :P
19:41gde34Dagger: haha
19:42gde34I also passionately hate pages jumping up and down while loading. No clear solution there either.
19:44Caspy7hm, once they split extensions to a separate process, I wonder what will happen if you kill the process
19:44Caspy7especially since there will surely be content scripts in the content process(es)
19:44gde34they will just err?
19:45Daggerit's a Chrome feature so there's a decent chance we'll implement that too
19:45Dagger(kinda sad how accurate that is...)
19:45gde34phew, gladly I didn't delete greasemonkey and luse all my scripts :P
19:51hhhh1612getting this error running ./eslint .Any advice.
19:53hhhh1612Or suggest me a channel where I could get my answer please !
19:54Caspy7hhhh1612: the answer for you is pretty well always #introduction
19:55hhhh1612Caspy7:no one active there :(
19:58Caspy7Timvde: did you see the punycode discussion on reddit?
19:59TimvdeCaspy7: no
21:46firebotgtg: Welcome to #firefox! Just ask your question and someone should be with you shortly. If you don't get an answer after a while, you can try taking a look through the support site:
21:46gtgwhat the channel named #moc stands for ?
21:47azizLIGHThow do i see the time/date of visited sites, in history
21:48gtgnvm, someone answered. (a: mozilla operations center)
22:11TewazizLIGHT - you can rightclick the headers and add more ('most recent visit'), but it's also in Library (~= bookmark manager) menu as Views - Show Columns
22:11azizLIGHTyeah but thats just recent visit
22:12azizLIGHTall i can see in the history dialog box is the left sidebar that has folders with a vague time range: month
22:12azizLIGHTonce i click hte month, i dont have more specific time/date
22:12azizLIGHTi just know the order of the websites visited, when looking at that month
22:14azizLIGHTfor instance, if i visit a site everyday, and i see it in the march folder in my history, then the 'recent visit' column shows todays date
22:15azizLIGHTinstead of seeing when i visited it in march... all i know is i visited it in march many times, not what dates/times
22:24DaggerFirefox only stores the most recent date you visited any particular URL (which you can see in the Library)
22:27Caspy7given the nature of frecency, I wonder if it stores more in the DB that's just not displayed in the Library
22:29Daggerhm. possible, but I'd expect it to calculate new frecency scores by calculating from the previous frecency score, rather than storing all of the raw data
22:30* Caspy7 nods
22:30Daggerperformance should be a lot better if you can manage to do it like that, so it seems reasonable to assume that's how they did it if at all possible
22:37azizLIGHTSo I need an addon for the capability to see all url visits' time/date?
22:37azizLIGHTIn my history
22:43Caspy7azizLIGHT: no, it seems likely that each visit is not in fact recorded, just the number of visits and the last visit
22:47Caspy7The full Photon spec is up
22:53Mardeghmm.. seems stuck at "Loading Your Experience" (50% loaded) for the last few minutes
22:54Mardegoh wait, there it goes
22:54Mardegnot much of a progress bar
22:54azizLIGHTI see
22:54Caspy7someone posted it on reddit. It's possible they're getting slammed
22:54azizLIGHTSo it's not even possible with a addon?
22:56Caspy7azizLIGHT: it is likely the information is not recorded at all. So an addon is unlikely to help you. You could use an sqlite viewer to view the actual history database to prove it I suppose.
22:56Mardeg"made with invision, so you'll see nothing if you don't tick Accept Cookies"
23:19MathCubesHello can anyone help me with a basic problem with firefox
23:19MathCubesIt isn't with any plugins or addons
23:20MathCubesWhen I full screen it though the F11 key, It then ignours my request to be always on the buttom and decides for me to be always on the top. I don't want that. I do I fix it? And Yes I need it to be full screen too.
23:20MathCubesAny ideas?
23:21MathCubesOn Arch Linux 64, OpenBox for the WM
16 Apr 2017
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