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14 May 2017
00:10Caspy7One of the Moz devs made a "Container sidebar for managing tabs"
00:11Caspy7apparently making sidebar tabs addons is all the rage nowadays
00:12Mardegthey're all trying to keep Steve Gibson happy so he doesn't abandon Firefox when treestyle tabs dies
00:13Caspy7Mardeg: ...who is Steve Gibson?
00:19noninoMmm rexboy excites me
00:21MardegCaspy7: you know when people say "Hack the Gibson"?
00:22Mardegwell that's not him
00:22Caspy7ah, now it's clear
00:23Caspy7hmm, I think I might have used that once
00:23Caspy7long time ago
00:26Caspy7gotcha, is he some sort of TST faithful person I guess?
00:26Mardegwhat's TST?
00:26Caspy7tree style tabs
00:26Mardegoh, he won't shutup about it
00:27Caspy7also, if there's going to be a sidebar and they finish the API to hide the tab bar, why couldn't there be a full blown port or replacement?
00:28Caspy7bug 1332447
00:28firebot NEW, WebExtension API to hide the tabstrip
01:20CelmorCaspy7, remember my DRM/widevine issue?
01:21Caspy7Celmor: was it getting stuck and not playing after a while?
01:21Celmoryou gave me 3 options to try, did that
01:21Celmorother videos don't work once FF gets into this state
01:21CelmorHWA is disabled
01:22Celmorand I did turn off DRM and on again to redownload that plugin
01:22Celmorbut if other videos don't work it shouldn't be the fault of that plugin
01:23Caspy7Celmor: remind me of your OS and browser version?
01:23Celmorwait, I just turned off DRM and on again and now other videos do work
01:24Caspy7well that's funky
01:24CelmorI did that last sessuib to try to get an up-to-date plugin version
01:24Celmordidn't imagine that it could fix my problem somehow
01:24Celmor4.10.12-1-MANJARO #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Apr 21 08:19:46 UTC 2017 x86_64 GNU/Linux
01:25Celmorfirefox developer: 53.0a2 (2017-03-01) 64 bit
01:25Caspy7wait, what?
01:25Celmorwhy what?
01:26Caspy7you're on a very old build of a prerelease
01:26Caspy7could have bugs in it that got fixed already
01:26Celmorlooks like ff can&#39;t update, just givers me &quot;updates available at <URL>&quot;
01:27Caspy7dunno what went wrong, but I&#39;d say next stop would be to download the binary
01:27Caspy7get current
01:27Caspy7...however, note that Dev edition is currently stuck in a bit of limbo. Beta is actually more developed that Dev right now
01:28Caspy7Dev is 54 (at the end of the last cycle) and Beta is 54 and being actively tested/developed
01:28Caspy7sometime before june they will automatically transition Dev users to Dev Edition Beta b/c Aurora is gone
01:29Caspy7nothing will change in terms of the experience
01:30Celmorcan you find the developer/beta edition on their ftp?
01:31Caspy7Celmor: Developer Edition Beta does not yet exist. It is (apparently) in development. Though you can get most of the current features on Beta
01:32Caspy7I can&#39;t help with the icon unless you want to compile yourself...
01:32Celmorso I should just get the latest beta version?
01:32Caspy7probably what I&#39;d do
01:32Celmoras long as I can get the same dark style...
01:32Caspy7you can have the same setup, same theme
01:32Celmorbut iirc there was an add-on that does that
01:35Caspy7no need any more, the theme is built in
01:35Caspy7you may need to switch to it, but it&#39;s in the list of themes
01:35Celmorah ok, thanks
03:29azaki<Caspy7> azaki: someone on reddit just commented about Photon saying &quot;the refresh button&#39;s back in the correct place&quot;
03:29azakilol, heathens! =p
04:56MardegChrome seems better at detecting that an image doesn&#39;t need to be reloaded than Firefox
04:57* Mardeg files bug 1364722
04:57firebot NEW, Unnecessary requests re-sent for a cached image with only the hash at the end of the URL changed
06:57significantI need some help with downgrade options of Firefox 53 to 51 or lower
07:02advcomp2019_significant, what is wrong with 53?
07:04significantI want let silverlight work
07:04significantI am working on ArchLinux system..
07:05significantSo it&#39;s working with Pipelight, not with silverlight..
07:07advcomp2019_it is because firefox dropped support for lots of plugins but for flash
07:08significantYea i know. But i want it working.
07:08significantSo i need to downgrade.
07:08advcomp2019_look into 52esr then
07:09significant52esr works with silverlight?
07:10advcomp2019_52esr is the last version that supports the plugins
07:11significantThx. I will search
07:11significantDo u got the url for the download?
07:11significantgot it
07:15significantStill doens&#39;t run.
07:15significantOh lol... Joke. it does.
07:15ashleethis was reported in #moc if any help - on the ESR page: the links to system requirements & Release notes are redirecting to version 45, instead of the current ESR version
07:17significantIt&#39;s running and silverlight plugin is activated. thx!
07:17ashleeok great!
07:18significantI dont know why ZiggoGo still needs silverlight, i hate it. They should move to html5
07:40est31one by one, the providers are switching
07:40est31I&#39;ve uninstalled flash in 2010 or 2011 or something
07:40est31back then you had to append ?html5=1 to youtube urls in order to watch them without flash
07:40est31everything was still experimental
07:40est31and in flux
07:41est31and of course the other sites all required plugins
07:41est31but one by one they got less
07:43est31german tv websites almost all work now in live
07:47kazumai reinstalled windows last month
07:47kazumaand so far have been able to live without flash
07:48kazumaseems most things i use have html5 available now
12:07distransientHello, not sure if this is the best place to ask; I&#39;m experiencing a bug and I can&#39;t tell for sure exactly what the cause is, so I can&#39;t tell if it&#39;s listed in bugzilla already.
12:09distransientIt&#39;s svg rendering; this simple gist on win10 ff 53 quickly consumes all available cpu/ram
12:09distransient(link to just the raw text because opening the svg kills my computer)
12:11distransientI figure the culprit&#39;s one of clip-path, text-path, transform (rotate), or a combination of the three.
12:11BtbNit sure has something going on there
12:12distransientit&#39;s good to know you can replicate it
12:13distransienti don&#39;t have access to a good number of windows computers :P
12:13BtbNRAM usage just keeps going up
12:13distransientlikely a memory leak somewhere
12:18distransientbut I guess the place I&#39;m stuck at is just finding if this is an existing issue in bugzilla
12:19distransientand I&#39;m worried about opening one that&#39;s a duplicate
12:24distransient_okmy web browser crashed
12:24Caspy7distransient_ok: I may have to go in a sec, but don&#39;t stress about a dup. It&#39;s better if someone files something that get&#39;s duped than if a bug slips through the cracks. Dups are cheaper than missing actual issues. So search bugzilla and if you don&#39;t find it, go ahead and file.
12:55Tokoyamidistransient_ok: how long do you have to wait for the ram to start leaking? mine doesn&#39;t seem to move after ~5min. only about half a core of the CPU is used while rendering. no other changes.
12:55Tokoyamithis is on latest nightly, updates a few minutes ago
12:59BtbNit gains roughly 1GB per second for me.
13:01Tokoyamistill hasn&#39;t moved here.
13:01Tokoyamishould probably mention this is Linux.
13:03distransient_okGood information @tokoyami
13:04distransient_okim working to produce the simplest svg possible to produce the problem and then I&#39;ll create the issue if I still can&#39;t find it, thank you @caspy7
13:04Tokoyamirunning two copies now. one directly from the gist (just in case github is at fault for some reason) and one local
13:05distransient_okI think that if memory usage doesn&#39;t immediately shoot up, and do so quickly, it&#39;s not going to happen on your platform/build
13:05distransient_okjust what my gut is saying
13:06TokoyamiI&#39;m just making sure it&#39;s not happening, but slower :)
13:06distransient_okthat&#39;s fair :)
13:15distransient_okI&#39;m logging out. I&#39;ve opened in the meantime; I can be reached via if anybody wants to talk about this thread more
13:15firebotBug 1364743 UNCONFIRMED, Svg with animated &quot;transform: rotate()&quot; textPath inside a clip-path container leaks memory
15:46kermitdid they ever make a 74 bit of fire fox
15:46kermit64 bit
15:47araithere is
15:49kermitI though fire fox said they would never make a 64 bit version
15:51kermiti forgot the page that it could download it from but is it official
15:52Mardegit is
15:52Mardegthey never said never
15:54Caspy7which will also be my next tattoo
15:57Mardeg&quot;XP 64-bit forevah!&quot;?
15:59Caspy7&quot;If you&#39;re not Window 95 compatible, you&#39;re not even trying&quot;
16:00Mardeg&quot;640k is all anyone will need&quot;
16:05* Mardeg looks through view-source:
16:05firebot UNCONFIRMED, Svg with animated &quot;transform: rotate()&quot; textPath inside a clip-path container leaks memory
16:06kermitthat page that you download the 64 bit from has always been out even when fire fox them selves said they would never nake a 64 bit browser from fire fox im talking about the one with all the langues and 32 bit with the 64 bit next to it
16:09kermitas trying to find the page where fire fox said that but the website i was looking for but this was the site but similar to that im talking about is this
16:10Mardegyou won&#39;t find the quote from anyone official, it&#39;s a misquote
16:10Caspy7you&#39;re still going to stick with &quot;they said they&#39;d never do it.&quot;?
16:11Daggerthey did have a general attitude of &quot;this is pointless, why would you even want 64-bit, let&#39;s bin it&quot;
16:11Daggerwhich magically turned into &quot;we&#39;ll do a 64-bit version soon and in fact we&#39;ve been working on it for years&quot; about 2 months after Chrome released a 64-bit version
16:12Daggertotally ignoring the fact that the only reason we still had an (untested, not tier 1) 64-bit Nightly build was because Nightly users complained enough when we announced we were going to drop it
16:13kermitthank you dgger
16:13Caspy7I seem to remember the attitude of &quot;it&#39;s not worth it right now&quot;
16:13Mardegthey definitely were averse to supporting 64-bit XP
16:14Caspy7Mardeg: something specific about that OS?
16:14Caspy7some particular complaint or issue with it?
16:14Mardegas long as there are absolutely no follow-up questions, yes.
16:20kermiti was confused to what fire fox announced they will never a 64 bit browser and the web page that 3rd party page was showing the 64 bit download because real download was from that was 32 bit
16:23Caspy7someone may have argued that the current benefits were not worth the cost and losses, but they did not say never. If you&#39;re looking to play the &quot;hypocrisy!&quot; or &quot;liar!&quot; card.
16:26Tew&quot;specific about that OS&quot; / I think 64bit xp was some specific sub-edition of xp, years later, so that very very few ppl used it
16:35hatmanI hate my computer sorry
16:37hatmanthank you for the help
16:43Redhat71anyone tried this find a replacement?
16:47Daggerand useless for many extensions until we make it possible to /make/ a replacement in the first place...
16:48MardegDagger: let&#39;s call it the &quot;Down the Gurgler&quot; feature :)
17:06Redhat71i hate jokes i don&#39;t understand... 9_9
18:28user_trisquelWhat is &quot;Servers&quot; in certificates menu (Firefox)?
18:29araiwhich part of the UI do you mean by &quot;certificates menu&quot; ?
18:30user_trisquelI have a Russian Firefox locale, I will try to translate on English.
18:31araithis one?
18:32user_trisquelarai: Yes.
18:32user_trisquelAlso almost every certificate is expired.
18:33user_trisquelor revoked
18:34arai#security might be a good channel for that question
18:35araior, bug 733716 may have some story
18:35firebot NEW, Improve Certificate Manager, show explicit trust, work better with distrusted certificates
18:43user_trisquelWhat is &quot;Others&quot; in this menu?
18:51user_trisquelI used only Private Browsing mode but Let&#39;s Encrypt/Yandex CAs were added into my browser.
18:51user_trisquelI&#39;m using IceCat (based on latest Firefox ESR).
18:56Caspy7user_trisquel: I don&#39;t know what might cause it. As mentioned #security is a better channel probably. Also, is that version based on 52ESR? or 48ESR?
18:57user_trisquelCaspy7: I think 48ESR.
18:57Caspy7then that&#39;s not the latest
18:57user_trisquelCaspy7: Ah, I will check again.
18:58user_trisquelMy IceCat isn&#39;t latest too.
18:59Tew45 esr -> 52 esr, no 48
19:01user_trisquelAh, it&#39;s 52.0.2.
19:01user_trisquelIt&#39;s 52ESR [bypass 50%]
19:15Caspy7Tew: sorry, my bad, 45
19:54Tewit will come up anyway, might as well link it now,
19:55Caspy7I prefer for fewer insane comments
20:15steve-_--Mquestion about wikipedia search (again): how would I add english wikipedia search to firefox searches (german OS locale here). guess it&#39;s an add-on iirc, but I don&#39;t find anything when searching for wikipedia english:
20:20Redhat71i don&#39;t really care but these special pages like success/failure/etc look like carton for kids... XD
20:22steve-_--MCaspy7: shouldn&#39;t those be listed on the official mozilla website with SSL protection?
20:24Caspy7steve-_--M: dunno. I can say that those search &quot;plugins&quot; are extremely simple. Just a couple of lines and not a security threat, and anyone can host one. But yeah, would be nice at least if mycroft had https
20:25Caspy7one advantage with mycroft there is that it&#39;s not officially Mozilla, so anyone can submit search plugins and Mozilla doesn&#39;t have to worry about the backlash if the site doesn&#39;t like it
20:25steve-_--MCaspy7: sure, thx for the link
20:25steve-_--MI find it somewhat confusing the way search is handled in firefox
20:25Caspy7how so?
20:25steve-_--Mor rather managing search listings
20:26steve-_--MI think I brought this up a while ago already. but since you ask, as a user I&#39;d expect to have some &quot;+&quot; icon when on settings > search to add more searches
20:27steve-_--Mwhen I click &quot;add search engines&quot; I find myself on the confusing add ons website with no clear search result for &quot;Wikipedia english&quot;
20:27steve-_--Mso I am unsure how the workflow is expected to be for this task
20:29Caspy7steve-_--M: you are right
20:29steve-_--Mand as this instance now shows, I keep forgetting how to properly solve this. I ran into this already...
20:32Celmorstill having issues with video playback, needing muiltiple attempts, loading the same webpage and having delay till the video is finally playable
20:32Celmorboth on amazon video and youtube
20:32Celmorusing 54.00b7
22:09Caspy7Timvde: did you see bug 1362058
22:09firebot FIXED, Further limit the amount of sessionStorage data we store and serialize
22:09TimvdeCaspy7: &quot;further&quot;?
22:09TimvdeAs in, further than the 2kB?
22:10Timvde(or however much it was)
22:10Caspy7it was 10MB
22:10TimvdeNo, not further. I saw that bug, yes :)
22:10Caspy7I don&#39;t know what &quot;further&quot; is supposed to be in reference to here
22:10TimvdeHmm, am going to set that a little higher, though
22:10TimvdeJust to be sure
22:10TimvdeLike, 50kB or so
22:10Caspy7apparently that doesn&#39;t include page cache, and most pages don&#39;t need or use it
22:12TimvdeI know. But &quot;most&quot; pages is not &quot;all&quot; pages, and if they don&#39;t need it, I guess most don&#39;t use it either
22:12TimvdeI never really had problems with my sessionstore.js
22:12Timvde~1.5MB atm
22:13Timvde(that&#39;s with it set to 2kB though, but that also the size I seem to recall from earlier, so I guess it effectiely doesn&#39;t make a difference for me)
22:13Caspy7yeah, I&#39;m unsure if it&#39;s a problem for;s ~42MB
22:14Caspy7I think the big thing her is better performance
22:14Caspy7less IO
22:14Caspy7less jank/latency, etc
22:31TimvdeCaspy7: Oh wow, 42MB? :/
22:31TimvdeLots of Google tabs open? :P
22:32Caspy7lots of tabs open in general maybe. Not sure
22:34TimvdeCaspy7: Me too. I&#39;m at ~800 atm. I&#39;d be surprised if you have 28 times as many :P
22:35Caspy7you&#39;re right, I don&#39;t have more than that
22:41TimvdeIs there any way to override scroll hijacking in websites?
22:41TimvdeThis is horrible...
22:43Caspy7my guess would be something that blocks JS
22:44TimvdeCaspy7: Probably correct, but I expect more to break when you do that
15 May 2017
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