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14 Mar 2017
00:35OperatorIs there a way to drag links from Firefox into a folder on my OS and download the file instead of creating a link
00:35OperatorCtrl+Drag almost looks like it would work (cause the Shortcut mouse cursor disappears) but it doesn't work
00:50advcomp2019Operator, that sounds you might need an addon but not sure tho
00:51TimvdeOperator: ctrl-s is not an option, I suppose?
00:51TimvdeIirc, it remembers the last place where you saved a page
00:52OperatorTimvde: Ctrl+S wouldn't be related to what I was asking about
00:54TimvdeOperator: I'm sorry, it's getting late, I mesread
00:55TimvdeI thought you wanted to save a page...
00:55TimvdeRight click > save link as?
00:55Timvde(Which you can also access with Right click > k)
00:55OperatorThank you captain obvious for the non-answer
00:55OperatorI would have never thought of "Right Click > Save Link As"
00:56advcomp2019Operator, is this what you want:
00:56Operatorand that's why I wasted my time coming on IRC to be very specific and ask about "Is there a way to drag links from Firefox into a folder on my OS and download the file instead of creating a link"
00:56Operatorso that I could find out about "Right Click > Save Link As"
00:56OperatorTimvde, use your brain, please.
00:57TimvdeOperator: Hey, no need to be harsh
00:57TimvdeYou might have missed the shortcut
00:57Timvdeor whatever
00:58Timvdeadvcomp2019: no, he wants to drag a link to download a file
00:58OperatorI get harsh when I ask for something specific and then somebody comes back telling me to make some big compromise and do something I was clear that I didn't want to do (right clicking, navigating through dialog boxes, going through the filesystem to find a folder, etc)
00:58OperatorThat's very different from what I asked
00:58TimvdeOperator: Like I said, Firefox should save the last file location, so in any case, you should only navigate through the file system once, either in your file manager or in Firefox itself
00:59OperatorSo it saves the last file location, how is that related to my question?
00:59OperatorI never said anything about saving everything to the same folder.
00:59TimvdeI supposed that'd be the big advantage of dragging
00:59advcomp2019yea but i was trying to track down a bit more info as i was wondering if that is close to what he wants
00:59OperatorI'm dragging the links to various different explorer windows.
01:00TimvdeBut whatever, I'm tired, and you're clearly not appreciating my effort
01:00Operatoradvcomp2019, not close
01:00TimvdeSo goodbye
01:00OperatorI wasn't doing anything related to saving a web page
01:02TimvdeOperator: What you want, is afaik not possible out of the box, so unless you can find an add-on, you probably have to do with a workaround, which is what I was trying to provide
01:02OperatorTimvde, obviously I know how to save a file to disk ...
01:02OperatorIf I was ready to [have no solution] why would I even bother asking here?
01:03TimvdeFYI: works in Dolphin
01:03TimvdeDragging asks me to copy or link
01:03OperatorWell, on Windows, I only get to make a shortcut.
01:03TimvdeWell, I provided you with an actual solution now
01:04TimvdeSo you can't blame it on my anymore ;)
01:04OperatorSolution: Change OSes
01:05OperatorNo I can't blame you for actual useful information ("It works on Linux")
01:07TimvdeAnyway, I'm really off now
01:42XaptiIam wondering why I no longer have Adobe Primetime plugin on my Firefox, as well as how to get it back
01:45MortimerHoughtonThat looks like your problem
01:47MortimerHoughtonIt probably was a NPAPI plugin; support for these (other than flash) have beein removed from v52 and higher
01:50Xaptiit doesn't say that it was removed though
01:50Xaptijust that it isn't included in new installations
01:50XaptiI have the same installation as from a long time ago, and the plugin was specifically removed
01:50XaptiThis is the only way I can play HTML 5 video. I've been unable to get it any other way
01:53MortimerHoughtonI'm uncertain then, but if it was from a while ago, it almost certainly was a NPAPI plugin
01:53MortimerHoughtonEven if it hadn't disappeared, it still wouldn't work under FF52
01:53Xapti seems to say that it was specifically removed from existing installations as well
01:53firebotBug 1304899 FIXED, [EME] Don't download Adobe Primetime CDM by default
01:56XaptiI feel like that was my last option for being able to view HTML5 video
02:10Caspy7Xapti: see bug 1329538 and the first comment
02:10firebot FIXED, Make Adobe Primetime CDM non-visible in Firefox
02:11Caspy7a) no longer visible b) scheduled to be completely removed
02:13SoItBeginsHey, speaking of media streaming, Ive been having some problems with regular HTML5 videos on my version of Firefox (54.0a2 - Aurora)
02:13Caspy7that ghacks article is not quite accurate
02:13Caspy7a statement I could make all to frequently
02:13SoItBeginsPut quite simply, videos will play when the browser launches, but eventually videos will load but refuse to play.
02:14SoItBeginsThe same applies for any <audio> as well, I think.
02:14SoItBeginsRestarting the browser fixes the issue.
02:14Caspy7SoItBegins: hm, how long does it take normally?
02:14SoItBeginsCaspy7: Well, I havent been keeping track.
02:14SoItBeginsIll try testing it tonight, as I restarted Firefox last night.
02:14Caspy7SoItBegins: you&#39;re sure this happens for audio?
02:15SoItBeginsCaspy7: No. But, like, Bandcamp stops working, so...
02:15Caspy7SoItBegins: two thoughts include that it&#39;s hardware acceleration related or possibly some general leak. But more often the former
02:16SoItBeginsThis is on a Mac, by the way.
02:16SoItBeginsHardware accel is currently [enabled].
02:16Caspy7SoItBegins: be interesting to see if it continues if you disable that (and restart)
02:16SoItBeginsWell, restarting Firefox always fixes it, so...
02:16Caspy7I don&#39;t know I&#39;d consider that a &quot;solution&quot; necessarily
02:17SoItBeginsbut next time it happens I will try disabling/restarting.
02:17Caspy7yes, but you continue testing
02:17Caspy7remember that it requires a restart to take effect
02:17Caspy7and please consider it a workaround
02:17SoItBeginsOh yeah, one other situation that will cause a video to stop being able to play:
02:17SoItBeginsThough this wont affect future videos playing in the browser (probably).
02:18SoItBeginsIf a headphones is plugged into the headphone jack, the video will stop playing and be unable to resume unless the page and video are reloaded.
02:19Xaptiso Adobe Primetime is hidden but there?Can Iunhide it or enable it somehow?
02:20XaptiI already have media.gmp-eme-adobe.enabled, media.gmp-eme-adobe.forceSupported, media.gmp-eme-adobe.visible set to true
02:24Xaptior any way for Firefox xon Windows to not rely on Windowsss codecs or such? I have OpenH264 on firefox, but it doesn&#39;t seem to help anything for viewing HTML 5 videos
02:27Caspy7Xapti: are you on XP?
02:27XaptiI&#39;m on Windows 7 with windows media stuff removed
02:28Xaptifor this scenario, saying that I&#39;m on XPwould probably work the same
02:28XaptiI do have a machine on XP that presumably has the same problem thoug
02:30cpearceXapti: Firefox relies on Windows&#39; audio and video decoders to play patent encumbered video formats. You&#39;ll need to install the appropriate Media Feature Pack to get patent encumbered video formats playing on your Windows 7 machine.
02:30Caspy7Xapti: XP once used Primetime H.264 decoding, but it was crashy so they disabled it. There is a hack to enable it though. However, Windows comes with it&#39;s own video codec. They are not crashy.
02:31Caspy7cpearce: I see your ears were burning :)
02:32XaptiAdobePrimetime worked, but I can&#39;t use that anymore. Where would Iget an appropriate Media Feature Pack?
02:32cpearceCaspy7: more like,
02:33Caspy7Xapti: why don&#39;t you want to user Microsoft&#39;s Codec?
02:33cpearceXapti: Try
02:33XaptiI am probably fine with it
02:34Caspy7but probably cpearce&#39;s link...
02:34XaptiI just installed a stripped version of Windows and aparently a bit too much may have been stripped
02:34cpearceLol, I was about to say Caspy7&#39;s link ;)
02:34Xapti I&#39;m on this right now
02:35Caspy7yeah, the link I gave is sure to be kept up to date I&#39;d say
02:35Caspy7go with that
02:35cpearceXapti: that&#39;s the one that hass been tested.
02:36XaptiI oh Ithink I may have been here before
02:36XaptiI already have a KB968211 303 MBfile on my PC, and Iwouldn&#39;t install
02:36Xapti*it wouldn&#39;t
02:37cpearceWhen you said you installed a &quot;Stripped down version&quot; of Windows, what did you mean? How did you strip it down?
02:38cpearceThat page directs you to a download for Windows N and KN, which is mostly sold in the European and Korean markets. So, assuming you&#39;re in Canada, I&#39;d be surprised if you had that.
02:38cpearce(I&#39;m assuming your in Canada as you linked to a Canadian Microsoft page)
02:41Xapticustom Windows installation created through programs like RT Se7en
02:42Caspy7this isn&#39;t my bag, but I&#39;m wondering if whatever it is that stripped out the codec is not repaired by installing this codec pack
02:42Caspy7also it&#39;s silly
02:43cpearceOK, that makes sense that the feature pack won&#39;t work then; it&#39;d be for a different version of Windows.
02:43XaptiWell I think it&#39;s more the case of whatever is stripped out is also causing this update file to fail
02:43XaptiNamely Windows update
02:44Caspy7well, the solution is for it to be unstripped out, clearly :)
02:44Xaptior at least some parts of it
02:44Caspy7perhaps stripped in
02:44cpearceI&#39;m not sure how to add components to a RT Se7en, but you need to restore the media components somehow.
02:45Xaptiyeah I think I&#39;d pretty much need to reinstall windows
02:45Xaptigoing to jump to 10 if Ido that
02:46Xaptithis wasn&#39;t intended to be my main install of windows, but my SSD failed (twice, actually)
02:47Xaptiso just stuck with this one one I had already installed on my HDD
02:47Xapti(as a test)
02:51Xaptioh whoops. I had windows update agent disabled. It&#39;s there, but just wasn&#39;t enabled
02:51Xaptiunfortunately like you said, I don&#39;t get any errors, but instead now says that &quot;this update is not applicable to your system&quot;
02:52XaptiI bet there&#39;s some funky way to hack that, but probably too much work
02:52Xaptimaybe it would be as simple as unpacking thisMSU and running the right program on it though
02:56Xaptieh doesn&#39;t look like it. Just a .cab full of data files or something
04:22TUauscompgeek evand XDS2010 prosody jet emilio
04:24evandThe qemu channel in oftc also got flooded by this nonsense
04:24ploopeverywhere on oftc is getting it real ba
04:25ploopfor months now
04:30Caspy7I think we can firmly let that ban stands
04:37HavvyHonestly sounds like a channel that&#39;s in need of some hacktivism.
04:38* glob cleans up the ban list
05:31[R]glob: FYI you can change multiple modes at the same time, eg: /mode #firefox -bbb ban1 ban2 ban3
06:06Springso that issue I was experiencing with the broken HTML5 media playback controls turned out to be an outdated FF theme I&#39;ve been using.
06:07SpringAny tips on who I could add the new theme files to the old theme?
06:12Springalso also tried extracting the default XPI theme using 7zip but it errors stating 7zip can&#39;t open the file
06:53xandraI love mozilla
06:54Springor now, moz//a
06:56xandraWhat does that mean?
07:00xandraFirefox is the best
07:00xandraI think the community needs to help Mozilla stay grounded and not chase so much corporate cash
07:01xandraI personally use icecat and tor browser and while it&#39;s great to be able to strip the garbage out of Firefox to use it, that is a step that should be unnecessary
07:08Springxandra, Mozilla recently changed their logotype to resemble a URL scheme
07:16xandraOh cool I didn&#39;t know that
07:17xandraGonna check that out now!
08:45Timvdedecebalus: The author does not know how to graph. Disregard.
08:45OperatorIt&#39;s not like the 32 bit version is usable anyways
08:46Timvdedecebalus: Also, if 32 bit performs better, that just sounds like a very good reason not to ship 64 bit yet by default
08:46OperatorUnless you&#39;re like a newbie who keeps facebook and your other 5 tabs open
08:47OperatorThe 32 bit version can&#39;t restore any of my sessions
08:47advcomp2019Operator, i use 32bit still and have 50 or so tabs and it restores tabs fine
08:47OperatorI&#39;m talking about 1500 tabs
08:48Operator32 bit version only works with small amounts like 50 tabs
08:48OperatorOn my session, it just dies, tabs don&#39;t get loaded and go into a half state where tabs have no title
08:48OperatorIt&#39;s pretty retarded
08:48TimvdeIt probably is with e10s, though :)
08:48TimvdeSince you can have multiple processes
08:48OperatorEven 32 bit E10s can&#39;t handle it
08:48TimvdeOperator: create moar processes! :D
08:48OperatorNot worth it
08:49OperatorAnd it has other problems
08:49TimvdeBut fwiw, I&#39;m on 64 bit too, of course
08:49decebalusIt is only his opinion/test...but I feel that difference when I tested Fx17 ...wich is incredible faster than 51/52, ofcourse also due to the old code
08:49OperatorThis is such a non issue, the 32 bit version is obsolete, it&#39;s not worth even testing
08:50Timvdedecebalus: But the graphs are very misleading
08:50TimvdeThey don&#39;t start at 0
08:50TimvdeThe differences are *much* smaller than they appear to be from the article
08:51OperatorThat&#39;s really silly to ship 32 bit by default
08:52Operatorwho are they catering to, some crap NPAPI plugins from 2008 ?
08:52OperatorWho gives a crap
08:52OperatorIf those people are trying to use some ancient garbage, they can go out of their way to download a 32 bit version
08:52TimvdeOperator: NPAPI plugins got removed in Fx 52 32 bit too
08:53OperatorSo what&#39;s the point
08:53TimvdeThat there&#39;s no point anymore :P
08:53decebalusTimvde: maybe it is so..but that is no so important ..Concerning is that an very old version of Fx is much faster than one new
08:54TimvdeOperator: Couple of open issues left:
08:54firebotBug 558448 NEW, [Tracking bug] officially support Windows 64-bit builds
08:54advcomp2019Operator, how about people that is still on 32bit os ;)
08:54Timvdesome testing, some infrastructure, some optimization
08:55Timvdeadvcomp2019: it&#39;s about the default download for people on Win x64
08:55Operatorso that&#39;s why, it doesn&#39;t work with the Flash game Farmville 2
08:56Operatoradvcomp2019, they can auto-download 32 bit version ...
08:56koloI have a very frustrating behaviour on FF, tested on 45.8.0 and nighty. Three is a tab that close another tab, whatever is the domain on the other tab
08:56OperatorHaving a 32 bit OS in 2017 is pretty bizarre
08:57Operatormaybe in poor countries, it makes sense, where they&#39;re using CPU&#39;s from 2005
08:57advcomp2019Timvde, yea.. i am still on firefox 32bit on my win7 64bit and win10 64bit for bug reason
08:58decebalusTimvde: you do not have to do just test Fx 17 vs 52 on a clean profile..There are pages where 17 is 50% faster than 52 (without visible losing of elements)
08:58Operatordecebalus, file a bug
08:59kolothe only way I have to &quot;break&quot; the link between the tab and the other one is to reload the first one.
08:59decebalusOperator: filed already
08:59OperatorThat&#39;s a valid bug which will get legitimate technical responses and attempts to fix the performance regression
08:59OperatorOh, ok
08:59firebotBug 1343490 DUPLICATE, Firefox (new versions) visible slower than older versions
08:59advcomp2019Operator, i have people irl with windows 7 32bit on their machines.. these are some of the first windows 7 machines when they was still putting 32 bit on them since they have 2gb of ram
09:00Operator2 GB of ram
09:00Operatormy phone has 4 GB
09:06advcomp2019Operator, these people only use web browser and email.. i am in the process of getting the only xp machine replaced
09:16decebaluskolo: I just switched on ESR 45.8.0 and I have not noticed such a problem
09:16koloI guess it&#39;s because of the website
09:16kolomight be some js sorcery under this
09:16kolothe tab A open the tab B
09:16decebaluskolo: what link?
09:17kolohold on
09:18kolo to avoid the js &quot;lock&quot; on the right click or on the mouse middle click you need to ctrl click the offer
09:18kolothen on the tab open change the domain
09:18kolodo whatever you want
09:18koloand click on another link on the trivago one
09:18koloit will close the other tab
09:19koloand open a new one
09:19koloI can&#39;t understand how a tab can &quot;control&quot; another
09:19koloisn&#39;t it supposed to be isolated?
09:22decebaluskolo: so you said that I open a link from this page in an other thab and then in this new open tab I change domain is closing other tab?
09:22kolook let met rephrase it :) that&#39;s not how it happens
09:22decebalusI&#39;m not too good with englsh :s
09:23kolo1. (tab A) go to trivago thing. open a offer by pressing ctrl click(in a new tab). 2. on the new tab (tab B) go to 3. on the tab A ctrl open another offer
09:23kolothis will result in the tab B being closed
09:24decebaluskolo: I open links with right click->open link in a new tab
09:25kolodecebalus: an offer ?
09:25decebaluskolo: just a moment
09:26kolook, it seems to works with their option
09:26kolobut the ctrl click doesn&#39;t work
09:26koloyou need to ctrl click to reproduce
09:27decebaluskolo:tried with ctrl click and no such a behavior
09:28koloI should try without any addons
09:28decebaluskolo:..hmmm that&#39;s hard to do
09:31kolook I tested without plugins I still have this issue
09:31decebaluskolo: if it is an addon the addon can influence just in bad way the behavior of FF not in good way
09:32decebalusnow I take a break
09:33Timvdekolo: can reproduce
09:33kolo\o/ I&#39;m not alone
09:34TimvdeI did lock up my Nightly trying to use the devtools on that website...
09:35koloand people wonder why I don&#39;t use javascript.. :D
09:37Timvdekolo: Thank you for that, I can&#39;t stand all those websites having more JS than HTML...
09:37TimvdeOkay, maybe that&#39;s not very hard, now I think of it :P
09:37* kolo throws a virtual eatable cookie to Timvde
09:39decebaluskolo: you have right. I do not execute correctly the instructions
09:40SoItBeginsCaspy7? You there?
09:40SoItBeginsWell, its happening now.
09:40TimvdeSoItBegins: What&#39;s up?
09:40SoItBeginsCaspy and I were troubleshooting a bug where the video player stops working.
09:41SoItBeginsHe suggested disabling HW accel and restarting Firefox, and also keeping track of when it hits.
09:41SoItBeginsI was going to tell him, but he is not here.
09:44decebaluskolo: In fact when pressing again another offer the Tab B is not closing, just the new offer is open in Tab B where already was another link open
09:45koloand wherever you go on the tab B
09:45koloit might replace whatever
09:45kolobut I wonder what else it can do
09:45kolostarting from the point it can close a tab, can it access it ?
09:46decebalustell dev&#39;s
09:46Timvdekolo: I suspect (but I could not confirm, because my dev tools were locking up...) that it&#39;s loading the tab with a specific target set (e.g. _blank)
09:46koloyeah I&#39;m trying to devtool it
09:47kolootherwise I&#39;ll fill a bug
09:47Timvdekolo: hmm, disregard that, I might be wrong
09:48TimvdeI can&#39;t easily reproduce my idea in a 5 line HTML file without JS
09:48Timvdekolo: do you have other browsers installed to try it?
09:48kolosame behavior
09:48koloon chromium
09:48TimvdeThen it&#39;s probably not a bug, but an intended website feature
09:49koloeven if it&#39;s being aweful
09:50TimvdeAnyway, gotta go, bye :)
09:51kologrmbl minified js
10:13koloso it seems that it keep a reference on the tab
10:13kolowhatever you do on the page
10:13koloexcept for the url, I don&#39;t see much thing it can do, perhaps a postMessage or something
10:14koloI wish I could inject js in this fonction in a easy way :(
10:14kolowell I&#39;ll do my report and dig later
10:15sam113101must be hell to develop addons for firefox
10:26amarpandeyany mozilla developer group ?
11:22firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
11:22firebot Air Mozilla: Catt Small on The Full Story: Presenting Complete Ideas
11:51amarpandeyany mozilla developer group ?
11:52firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
11:52firebot The Mozilla Blog: A Public-Private Partnership for Gigabit Innovation and Internet Health
12:10philippamarpandey: there are a couple of development related channels on irc. what are you looking for?
12:10ShakespeareFan00The font scaling is wrong
12:10ShakespeareFan00On the sidenotes
12:11ShakespeareFan00The relevant formating sets font-size: 83% which is seeminlg ybeing ignored
12:11amarpandeyphilipp I am looking for someone who could review my gsoc application for mozilla!
12:13wrytShakespeareFan00: eh?
12:13philippamarpandey: says #introduction would be the channel for that
12:13ShakespeareFan00wryt: The sidenotes should be smaller than the main text as font-size is set in the CSS that formats them
12:13ShakespeareFan00What I am seeing is bigger text
12:13ShakespeareFan00That should NOT be happening
12:14ShakespeareFan00Is there a setting I need to change to force it to obey what a page ACTUALLY tells it to do?
12:15wrytis the gsoc in your eyeball?
12:15philippShakespeareFan00: looks fine from here
12:16ShakespeareFan00Screenshot please
12:16ShakespeareFan00And what are your EXACT settings
12:16philippclean profile
12:16amarpandeyphilipp thanks
12:17ShakespeareFan00I don&#39;t have anything installed that SHOULD be overridding fonts in a way that would break it
12:17philippamarpandey: sure, yw. best of luck
12:18wrytphilipp: argh?
12:21ShakespeareFan00Found the problem
12:21philippgood :-)
12:21ShakespeareFan00Minimum Font-Size had enabled itself
12:21ShakespeareFan00This for some reason overrode the CSS defined font-size
12:22ShakespeareFan00Working as designed, but not exactly intuitvie to users
12:23ShakespeareFan00As to me it meant , &quot;Minimum Font&#39;size for the font from which other scaling is calculated&quot;
12:23ShakespeareFan00not &quot;Minimum font size that firefox will use regardless
12:23ShakespeareFan00if nothing else is specified.&quot;)
12:24ShakespeareFan00Slight difference
12:24WG9sShakespeareFan00: mkinimum font size is supposed tooverrride. it is an accessibility thing. I have bad eysight and I can;t read font smaller than x is the point of this setting.
12:24ShakespeareFan00WG9s: Fair enough
12:24ShakespeareFan00I figured that&#39;s what it was
12:25ShakespeareFan00But It doesn&#39;t explain why it applied to the sidenote, but not the main body text ,
12:25ShakespeareFan00If it&#39;s as you say surely it should have applied to alll the text in the page equally?
12:25WG9sShakespeareFan00: yes it is designed to help those who are frustrated by the fact that web designers have 27 inch monitors and us home users have 11 inch laptops.
12:26WG9sit looks great to them but try on a home llaptop or on a tablet.
12:26ShakespeareFan00(Despite what any default font had set-up using a setting less than minimum... Ie Default font set-up to use 12 pt , but minimum font size set up at 14pt)
12:26ShakespeareFan00WG9s: I get annoyed about this as well
12:26ShakespeareFan00I have sites I can&#39;t use on 800x600 OLD screens
12:26ShakespeareFan00That can&#39;t handle higher
12:27ShakespeareFan00The layout&#39;s were clearly built on a Mac with a larger screen... whilst I&#39;m stuck with a PC....
12:28ShakespeareFan00WG9s: Don&#39;t forget tablet users...
12:28ShakespeareFan00and mobiles
12:28ShakespeareFan00I will also note that I;ve had some fonts become unreadable below 12 pt
12:28ShakespeareFan00(but that&#39;s probably more to do with the fonts then the render engine as such.)
12:29ShakespeareFan00dashs on e,f h and so on being particular letter forms to show this
12:29wrytWhat do you like about shakspear these_eyes?
12:30ShakespeareFan00wryt: He&#39;s an excellent writer ;)
12:30wrytinteresting olde english spelling
12:30ShakespeareFan00And to be honest I may have mistyped it when i choose it as a handle :)
12:31wrytWhat is the proper spelling?
12:31WG9sShakespeare IS the correct spelling AFAIK
12:32ShakespeareFan00Speaking of accessibility issues
12:32ShakespeareFan00Does anyone here know if future versions of firefox will have speech capability?
12:32ShakespeareFan00(I wasn&#39;t aware of many &quot;free&quot; TTS options though)
12:33ShakespeareFan00Probably better done as an add-on, but having in-built screen-reader capability might be of interest to some people
12:33wrytYou know I had a not quite dejavu but an interesting heindsight whilke playing a video game.
12:34ShakespeareFan00(Aside: Why is it some Video games have better themed UI&#39;s then business apps ;) )
12:34TokoyamiShakespeareFan00: reader mode has text-to-speech since a few versions
12:35TokoyamiI think only the desktop one though
12:35Tokoyamiand only windows
12:35ShakespeareFan00Ah... Must check that
12:35ShakespeareFan00I asked because I found this the other day -
12:35wrytWhat shakespeare lit do you fan for?
12:35ShakespeareFan00wryt: Not anything specfic
12:36ShakespeareFan00It was a convenient handle when i needed a Unique login name for something
12:36ShakespeareFan00It sort of stuck
12:36WG9sShakespeareFan00: Video games designers are trying to sell the game. if the UI is crap pople won;t buy it. BUsinesses should learn from this that more pople would buy their product if there web UI was more user friendly, but they seem to be on this &quot;if you want to do business with me then deal with it&quot; atitude. that might not work well in the long term, however.
12:37ShakespeareFan00Good UI design is hard
12:37ShakespeareFan00NO user thinks the way a designer expects them to ;)
12:37ShakespeareFan00I had crossover effects movign from paintshop to GIMP
12:37ShakespeareFan00(which does things differently)
12:38TokoyamiFx 29 is proof enough :P
12:38ShakespeareFan00Same thing when moving from an ancient vector drawing tool ( like Corel which had &#39;&#39;fake&#39;&#39; Italic in it&#39;s font options to Inkscape which doesn&#39;t.....
12:39ShakespeareFan00Fx 29 ?
12:39Tokoyamifirefox 29
12:39wrytah the ancient vector drawing tool
12:39wrytthe fabled
12:39Tokoyamithe australlis update is from that version
12:39wrytand in a day and half we rebuild the hill?
12:40ShakespeareFan00Truly user friendly Ui design, is usally niche specfic
12:41ShakespeareFan00In somethings it&#39;s got a lot better...
12:41wrytisn&#39;t 0 day such a cold thought?
12:41ShakespeareFan00Modern Ticket machines are miles better with full graphic touch screen compared to LCD 2 line displays
12:41ShakespeareFan00Speaking of which...
12:42ShakespeareFan00How do you do touch screen for web now?
12:43Tokoyamiyou just make the website and catch touch events
12:43Tokoyamioh, the reverse for your question. the browser catches the touch events and sends those to the site
12:44Tokoyamithere should be a backwards compatability where the first touch point is always considered the mouse pointer
12:48ShakespeareFan00I started when you had overlay keyboards
12:49ShakespeareFan00(which seem to be practicaly unused these days)
12:50ShakespeareFan00everyone now uses touch screen
12:50ShakespeareFan00Even retail :)
12:51wrytwhy started what ShakespeareFan00?
12:51ShakespeareFan00Tokoyami: Remeber the &quot;wheel hoax&quot; one April 1st?
12:52Tokoyamiyou mean that apple one button keyboard thingy?
12:52wrytI was listening to one of my agents earlier. The surrealness of her.
12:52wrytEverything seems scripted.
12:52wrytHer being the compainion of my agent.
12:53wrytSuch ignorance should it be portrayed as innocence? Or &quot;ditz&quot;
12:56wrytShe doesn&#39;t know what he is explaining.
12:58wrytWe&#39;re getting somwhere, modulate phase shifting.
13:00wrytand ShakespeareFan00 which screen reader?
13:01wryttalk about man
13:01wrytman&#39;s best friend
13:09wrytdoes screenreader work well with cmd?
13:12wrytnobody does not like the hard disk is it so?
13:19orogori have some issues with forefox 52-53 on windows/linux connecting to an iis server over https
13:20orogorcertificates are valid and stuff but i get faillure of the scure connction error , with connction reinitalised during page loading
13:20orogorpage loads fine on windows/linux using chrome or ie
13:25wrytwhat do you want?
13:25wrytbig reaction?
13:26wrytso your line is not secure
13:27orogoreven on i get the same issue
13:31wrytuse ie
14:00WG9sOK we are now being silly. The why use IE question is irrelevant and no one has asked the obvious what is the URL you are trying to connect to question.
14:22firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
14:22firebot Christian Heilmann: Want to learn more about using the command line? Remy helps!
14:22Caspy7WG9s: was just one person and they were just trolling for the lols
14:31geekodour08 I am using to get the Artifact Desktop build, I am using arch linux after downloading files from AUR, it shows this error
14:32geekodour08any workaround?
14:35Caspy7geekodour08: you might also try #introduction
14:35Caspy7they deal more with build type issues
14:41geekodour08Caspy7: I tried there, I waited for 2 hours no reply
14:42Caspy7geekodour08: worth noting the time in the US where a lot of devs are
14:43geekodour08Caspy7: Ah, I&#39;ll see what I can do, thanks anyways!
15:27GorOmouleHello, is this repo ( reference to the current firefox dev tools ? If not, where can I find the source code of the perfomance dev tool please ? :)
15:33TokoyamiGorOmoule: seems like the new (react based) ones are part of mozilla central. but it&#39;s best to ask in #devtools
15:34GorOmouleTokoyami: ok thank you
17:19OperatorSome of the &quot;Google Search&quot; in my sessionstore are > 1 MB per page
17:22firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
17:22firebot Mark Ct: Conduit Field Report, March 2017
17:24Operatorabout:sessionstore says:
17:24Operator Disk writes to sessionstore.js over an 8 hour day: 37,109,930,880 bytes (37 GB)
17:25OperatorHow can I avoid writing terabytes of data to my sessionstore
17:31TokoyamiOperator: browser.sessionstore.interval in about:config determines how often to save to disk. default is 15000 ms.
17:31Tokoyamithat&#39;s one way.
17:32decebalusOperator:huh..that&#39;s very bad for hwo use SSD
17:32Tokoyamithere are other options there.
17:32firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
17:32Tokoyamiyou can also look up all the FUD articles about Fx trashing SSDs. A lot of suggestions there, too :)
17:32firebot Firefox Nightly: These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 12
17:33decebalusTokoyami: what is FUD?
17:34Tokoyamiit&#39;s an acronym of that
17:35Tokoyamiinb4 I called them so because it was already pointed out several times that that much traffic is not *that* bad. Of course if it can be avoided it&#39;s better.
17:35rctgamer3why is the 15s disk write interval fud? don&#39;t have an ssd, but having it write less makes it a neat snapshot feature
17:36Tokoyamithere is a bug on bugzilla open to track bugs for reducing the data.
17:36Tokoyamirctgamer3: it was presented as killing your disks. that&#39;s why.
17:36Tokoyamilet&#39;s see if I can find it.
17:37[R]SSDs supposedly have a lower write count limit than spinning platters.
17:37decebalusTokoyami: thanks
17:40decebalusTokoyami: What is doing in fact sessionstore , it save the session in case of crashes, power failure...etc?
17:42Timvde[R]: First-gen SSDs certainly had. That hasn&#39;t been an issue in years.
17:43Tokoyamidecebalus: yes
17:47Tokoyamirctgamer3: this seems to be the main bug
17:47firebotBug 1330635 NEW, Sessionstore performance tracking
17:47Tokoyami the original one for the disk i/o
17:47decebalusTokoyami: but has any role for session restoring after exit and reopen Firefox? I think to disable it..or reduce drastic the writing interval
17:47firebotBug 1304389 NEW, Session Restore generates sustained large disk traffic
17:47DuClareabout:performance may currently be slowing down Firefox.
17:47DuClareAlways nice \o/
17:47kafloopascopeHi, I&#39;m using FF 52 on Linux, and have a WebEx meeting to attend, which depends on the java plugin. Am I SOL?
17:47firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
17:47firebot Air Mozilla: Martes Mozilleros, 14 Mar 2017
17:48Tokoyamidecebalus: if you disable it you will loose your session during a crash. that&#39;s pretty much it. it&#39;s ultimately your decision but it&#39;s usually better to keep it enabled.
17:50Tokoyamikafloopascope: get 52ESR
17:50Caspy7DuClare: have you been keeping about:performance open for extensive periods?
17:51Tokoyamiit will have plugin support for another year
17:51kafloopascopeTokoyami, thanks
17:51DuClareCaspy7: mayhaps
17:51decebalusTokoyami: just reducing the writing interval
17:51Operatorthe terabytes being written to my sessionstore are coming from Google Search
17:52Caspy7there is a bug to reduce the performance impact, but generally, it&#39;s not a chronic issue as people use it for diagnosis temporarily
17:52Operatorcause all the &quot;google search&quot; tabs are 500K - 5MB
17:52TokoyamiOperator: that&#39;s a different bug. I remember it was talked about here.
17:52Caspy7yeah, this had come up before, but I don&#39;t remember the exact conclusions
17:52Caspy7think if you turn off the automatic search suggestions it may help...
17:53OperatorSame as usual, somebody asks if you have &quot;google instant&quot; or &quot;automatic search&quot;
17:53OperatorThen you say No
17:53Operatorthen the conversation trails off from there
17:54OperatorSome person spread a rumor/misinformation that it was caused by &quot;Google Instant&quot; or &quot;Automatic Search Results&quot; (but it&#39;s not)
17:54Operatorand it&#39;s hard to get people to forget that, because that original person kept posting about it
17:54OperatorThey even posted *falsely* about it
17:55OperatorI.e.: I came to this chat and discussed how it&#39;s not cause by Google Instant
17:55Operatorthen they went on the thread and posted &quot;just got done talking to someone on IRC.. they said how it&#39;s caused by Google Instant&quot;
17:58firebotBug 938464 REOPENED, google search results page takes 100-500k in sessionstore file
17:58Operator^-- Completely fabricated post by &quot;Timvde&quot;
17:58Caspy7Operator: you&#39;ve got to be kidding me
17:59decebaluswhat is the difference (in coding) between ESR 45.8 and 51/52..? I see big difference for Facebook bug in favor of ESR 45.8
17:59OperatorThat never happened, he posted that falsely, in fact I had argued that Google Instant was disabled and that turning it off has no effect
17:59Operator*turning it On had no effect
17:59OperatorCaspy7, no, I&#39;m not
17:59Caspy7Operator: maybe it had a different effect on him
17:59OperatorNo, read his post
18:00Operator&quot;After some discussion on IRC, started by a user with the same problem, we found that disabling Google Instant improved the situation by a lot &quot;
18:00Caspy7decebalus: thousands and thousands of changes in the code
18:00Operatorif he was reporting honestly, he would have said &quot;After some discussi