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13 May 2017
00:12Redhat71 <-- all items end up with &quot;Disallowed Key Characters.&quot; , can someone confirm this?
00:38Caspy7Redhat71: looks fine to me
00:39Redhat71Caspy7: thanks
00:40Caspy7I am on Nightly though
00:40Redhat71i&#39;m on 47 XD
00:40Redhat71got the same thing with latest sm though
00:54Redhat71it seems the problem&quot;&amp;&quot;, do you see that in url or just & ?
01:59markasoftwarehow difficult is it to get a patch approved that brings in a new dependency?
06:53advcomp2019_anyone else getting ads on youtube even if you have ublock origin installed?
07:26mib_7u6mjnSee my concept
07:26mib_7u6mjnCan any make extension or this GUI please?
07:46mib_7u6mjn final version
09:00guiriScroll down
09:00guiriOops, wrong place. Sorry
09:01guiriSomeone remove if possible, thanks
09:13kazumait&#39;s not possible guiri
09:13kazumai guess you could ask everyone nicely to type /clear
09:29mib_2swby9New GUI
09:41Timvdekazuma: It can be removed from public history
10:24guiriWell, that&#39;s alright :)
11:01mib_2swby9new GUI final vers
11:14Tewyou could play with some graph library and some limited made-up dataset. from extension, you only want your page to provide some data (current tab list; possibly referers? tracking those might be the worst job, besides your disk access stuff - note that webextensions can&#39;t directly read disk) the grid display could be fairly simple, aiui. the bubbles.. who knows; it sounds like a custom
11:14Tewjob tailored to your wishes ($). d3 random similar to see the code example -
11:33mib_2swby9final all fixed
13:06CelelibiIs it possible for a greasemonkey script to save files automatically without asking anything?
13:07CelelibiGreasemonkey scripts don&#39;t have &quot;chrome&quot; capabilities.
16:29nabeelomerHello everybody, I wanted to get some information about the Marionette protocol in Gecko/Firefox, I want to know whether I can use the protocol directly without having to use Selenium and if so are there any Ruby bindings available.
17:35Caspy7nightly moved the reload button and it&#39;s throwing me off my game
17:36Tewb-b-b-but it&#39;s the chrome way..
17:37Tokoyamiisn&#39;t that because of the detachment of the buttons from the urlbar?
17:37Tokoyamithere is a separate bug to allow you to move them (not done yet)
17:39Tokoyamior not, because the detachement is for back/fwd and if ifdefed behind the photon theme
17:43Caspy7Tew: I certainly expect that this particular change is at least in part to help Chrome users feel more at home
17:48Redhat71why would they want to switch to firefox or anything for that matter? does chrome piss off their users as often as firefox? 9_9
17:48Tew:-D I hope you were not taking me seriously there..
17:48Tokoyamiok, it is part of the detachments (bug 1364090)
17:48firebot FIXED, Detach the reload and stop buttons from the location bar
17:49Tokoyamino idea why it moved though
17:52Tewthat&#39;s what I said when it moved away from back/forward
17:53Caspy7that one I&#39;m pretty sure of and made fair sense
17:54* Tew puts hands over ears and sings &quot;nananana&quot;
18:07azakiCaspy7, cant the button be moved using &quot;customize&quot; ?
18:07azakiin older versions of firefox back when they had square tabs, you could move it to either the chrome position or the firefox one
18:07Caspy7azaki: not currently, but they just made the change
18:08Caspy7like, with the most recent build
18:08azakibasically the way it used to work is if you moved it to the right of the URL bar, it would auto-merge into the URL bar and become the stop/gp/refresh button.
18:09azakiwould be cool if they made it work like that again with photon
18:16Caspy7azaki: so you prefer it in the combo button on the right?
19:14dhugheI have installed point linux (debian based) on my PC specifically to develop firefox. but when I try to run the bootstrap command to install the requesits I get ths error : NotImplementedError: Bootstrap support for this Linux distro not yet available.
19:23firebotdhughe: Welcome to #firefox! Just ask your question and someone should be with you shortly. If you don&#39;t get an answer after a while, you can try taking a look through the support site:
19:30Caspy7dhughe: #introduction is a good place for build type stuff
19:31dhughei tried that
19:31dhugheand Im stuck
19:34Redhat71do the images under Figure A/Figure B/etc... show for anyone? -->
19:39araiwith some delay
19:39araiinitially empty, and it fades in
19:40Redhat71arai: i have it opened for a couple of minutes and still no show... i&#39;ll try again, thanks
20:22kyanHi! Does anyone recognize what addon or feature provides this tab switcher? I&#39;ve noticed that it appears when I am scrolling and right-click, but I&#39;m not sure what is making it. Thanks!
20:24kyan(It&#39;s not part of Fx with a clean profile.)
20:25Caspy7kyan: your UI is heavily modified, so it&#39;s harder for me to say with confidence, but Firefox has an arrow built in to show overflow tabs
20:26kyanAh, I know that, and that&#39;s not it. It&#39;s some addon or maybe a weird non-default setting.
20:26kyanThanks anyway!
20:29kyanAh bingo, it&#39;s an addon called FireGestures. I love the addon but that feature got in my way more often than not
20:29kyanSorry for the noise :P
20:29Tewyeah, it&#39;s very not-default, but the tab list there is very similar to dropdown from the right of tab row (I think default only shows it when tabs overflow the window width - it&#39;s an arrow down next to + (new tab) then)
20:30Tewah, nvm, you found the trigger meanwhile :)
20:30kyanYeah, I like that tab overflow dropdown (in my setup, it&#39;s the button in the lower right corner, below the tab sidebar, and is always shown, regardless of overflow)
20:31kyanThe other one was annoying because I have middle-click+drag bound to scroll, and with that it&#39;s easy to hit the right mouse button by mistake and be suddenly teleported to some other tab
21:02azakiCaspy7, yes, i like the combo button, i felt it was a neat idea to save space on the toolbar/urlbar by merging stop, go, and refresh since you don&#39;t need to use them all simultaneously
21:04azakii&#39;m guessing that people who come from other browsers may find it confusing though, so i understand why the default is changing, but it&#39;d be nice to have the old behavior of &quot;when you put those buttons to the right of the url bar, they merge&quot;, which is how the customize feature worked in older versions of firefox prior to australis as i recall
21:04Daggerwell, you might do. they all do different things
21:04Daggeror would if we hadn&#39;t removed some of the behavior from Stop
21:05Caspy7azaki: right. I am thinking another browser (IE?) may have actually done the merge thing first, and it&#39;s still a merged button, but they did some UX testing or analyzing how people used the browser, and often people click in the location bar, type, and now the mouse is over on the right
21:06Caspy7so it made sense to have the stop and reload button right there
21:07kyanWait, stop/reload are getting split into 2 buttons? That makes me sad
21:08Caspy7it is still a merged button
21:08kyanOh, never mind, guess I mist something :P
21:09Caspy7is the easiest way to get a slightly older build to sort through these?
21:09Tewvery likely (the cdn link seems to be equal to &quot;ftp&quot; one)
21:10Caspy7ok, just a bit of a bother given that there are apparently multiple folders for different platforms but the names of the folders do not specify which
21:30Caspy7azaki: someone on reddit just commented about Photon saying &quot;the refresh button&#39;s back in the correct place&quot;
14 May 2017
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