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13 Aug 2017
00:01Caspy7m2ys4u: is this a distro build or did you get it from Mozilla's site?
00:02m2ys4uCaspy7: A distro build
00:03Caspy7m2ys4u: I'd try testing with a Mozilla build. You may also bring this up with Arch folk. They may have an idea or seen others with the same issue
00:05m2ys4uCaspy7: Sure, I'll give that a go. Thought I'd try here in case it was a more common issue. Thanks
00:05Caspy7first I've heard of it so far
00:06Caspy7though if the moz build fixes it, I'd recommend notifying the Arch people anyway
00:06Caspy7make sure it's on their radar
00:06azakiuhm... did the nightly icon change.. again.. lol
00:06azakii don't mean the rainbowy one
00:10azakimy nightly icon is 'hobbes' from calvin and hobbes. lol
00:16m2ys4uCaspy7: I get the same thing with a build from Mozilla - although somebody on the Arch IRC channel said they had the same issue but it resolved itself (and then quit before I could follow up D:)
00:19Caspy7m2ys4u: hrm, perhaps an issue that's mainly manifesting on Arch...dunno
00:19Caspy7m2ys4u: you may try filing a bug
00:21azakiapparently there's a bugzilla entry where they say they'
00:21azakiwhere they say they're rolling out a new nightly icon every day for the next few days or something
00:21azakito make sure their new icon isn't going to break stuff or something =o
00:21azakianyone know what bug that is?
00:23azakiholy netsplits, batman!
00:23Caspy7azaki: I didn't see anything about every day, just figured it was for the weekend
00:24azakiCaspy7: someone said something about it in the reddit thread i linked
00:28Caspy7azaki: well, it's possible, but I see no evidence of more days atm. We'll have to see
00:30Caspy7sorry, I mean more days other than tomorrow's
00:34mefistofeleswow,upcloud crash
00:42azakiCaspy7: just my luck to have upgraded nightly right when they have this icon. lol
00:42azakii was looking forward to the rainbowy one
00:42Caspy7azaki: I *think* it's likely to come back on Monday
00:45azakiby then i'll be too hyped about the new game of thrones. lol
00:45azaki(i usually watch on mondays. no time on sunday)
00:46azakii'll probably forget to upgrade nightly.
00:46azakii'm still wondering what the "wonderful visual change" will be that dolske teased in his blog...
01:04Caspy7azaki: ...that was the new icon... you've seen it
01:04Caspy7I mean, I think you've seen it
01:06azakii thought this change was supposed to be a change to firefox in general, not just nightly
01:07Caspy7azaki: this is the Nightly version, there will be a Release version that should be pretty close to this except for the color scheme
01:08azakihm, so it's a move to a flat-like icon design?
01:12Tylerazaki: essentially
01:13azakito be honest, i think dolske may have overhyped it a bit ;o
01:13azakibut it's cool though
01:15Tylerazaki: new icons don't come around that often
01:15Tylerthis is just the fourth iteration, and honestly I think it's pretty much the best
01:20Caspy7azaki: the person replying to this comment is a Mozillian
01:21romarewhat's new about it
01:21romaream I missing something
01:22Caspy7The icon. It's getting and update. Check out the current icon and see it's different
01:22Caspy7The Firefox release icon that is
01:23romareoh yeah it's more minimal
01:23romareI wonder what will come after this minimalism trend
01:32azakiromare: perhaps i lack imagination, but i think this is it.
01:35azakii don't see flat as a trend personally, i feel like UIs in general have been shedding complexity for a very long time, and the flat design aesthetic brings simplification to the themes as well, rather than just the actual design elements of the UI
01:36azakior to specify, it's a trend in the sense that it's catching on as a change in many apps out there, but i mean i don't think it's a trend in the sense of a "fashion trend", where like next year there could be another trend.
01:48Caspy7Anyone know in what ways a private window might affect the results of a benchmark test?
01:59TylerCaspy7_away: tracking protection
02:50[R] <-- having an issue with the new tab page not showing previews or the pin button
02:50[R]Help -> About, says that firefox is up-to-date
02:56Mossop[R]: Using a non-default theme?
03:00[R]It&#39;s the high-contrast Windows theme
03:00[R]Firefox picks up on the colors
03:01MossopHmm, I wonder if that is a bug
03:01azakiCaspy7: i noticed you posted what i wanted to ask more or less on this bug
03:02firebotBug 1348278 FIXED, Speculatively connect on mousedown on links
03:02azakibut i also am curious if it covers the &quot;right-click, open in new tab&quot; case
03:08Caspy7azaki: well, I got no response, you&#39;re welcome to ask your question too :)
03:10azakiCaspy7: but... that would require me doing things... =c
03:11* azaki flops around
03:13Caspy7they&#39;re probably shooting at least for the most wide use case which for most users is the basic left click
03:28azakii almost never use it because i dont trust websites to open in new tab. lol
03:28azakithey often just open in existing
03:29Caspy7the majority of the time it works
04:47grahamperrin-MWhen raw data is copied from `about:support`, is that data JSON format?
08:15steve-_--Mquestion regarding ublock origin keyboard shortcut usage: I set alt-x on macOS to trigger the element picker, but after updating to 1.13.9RC0 this is no longer working in FF beta + nightly. known?
08:20steve-_--Mthis is the setting
08:33TitanNanoguys what is this??
08:45steve-_--MTitanNano: a temporary tribute icon to calvin and hobbes in nightly
08:49guysoft42hey all, my firefox starts then crashes after a few minutes, using latest ESR on Ubuntu. I have an strace, should I post it anywhere?
09:17j605guysoft42: can you try with an empty profile to see if it is reproducible
09:31guysoft42j605, probably not, i think its a tab that is causing it. I just dont know which one. And why. I want to know why, not file a bug really.
09:33j605I don&#39;t know enough to look at a trace so maybe others in the channel will help you
09:38David3khow do I remove the &quot;send page to device&quot; context menu?
10:10iratedownloaderOn android, Firefox doesn&#39;t load AMP version of a site like Chrome does, due to which loading webpages takes much longer. Is there any fix to this? It&#39;s the only thing right now that&#39;s preventing me from setting Firefox as the default browser on Android.
10:10iratedownloaderReddit & howtogeek both load AMP versions on Chrome, but not on Firefox :(
10:11Mardegfirebot: AMP bugs
10:11firebot1651 bugs found. Five shown, please message me for more.
10:12firebot UNCONFIRMED, daniel when publishing on the net, SeaMonkey will always make &quot;&amp;&quot; into &quot;&&quot;, violating W3C guidelines, d
10:12firebot UNCONFIRMED Step 2 example is overlaid on form
10:12firebot UNCONFIRMED Do not prompt if I really want to use HTTP authentication for URLs like when
10:12firebot UNCONFIRMED I can not write mixed content (English-Persian for example) correctly in an e-mail
10:12firebot UNCONFIRMED userChrome-example.css doesn&#39;t say _why_ a @namespace line is required for correct functioning
10:13Mardegamp being part of the word &quot;example&quot; is about the worst term to search for:/
10:16steve-_--Manybody using nightly + ublock origin?
10:17iratedownloader%Mardeg: What is the gist of all that? There are too many bugs with AMP?
10:17iratedownloaderas of now?
10:18Mardegif only there was another way to search for it
10:19iratedownloaderI don&#39;t get it, is it a yes or a no when it comes to too many bugs?
10:20Mardeglike if it stood for some other, more unique phrase
10:22iratedownloaderfirebot: Accelerated mobile pages
10:22firebotiratedownloader: Sorry, I&#39;ve no idea what &#39;Accelerated mobile pages&#39; might be.
10:22Mardegnow we&#39;re getting somewhere :)
10:22iratedownloaderfirebot: Accelerated mobile page
10:22Mardegfirebot: Accelerated mobile page bugs
10:22firebotiratedownloader: Sorry, I&#39;ve no idea what &#39;Accelerated mobile page&#39; might be.
10:23firebot FIXED, kg &quot;Log In To My T-Mobile&quot; flash text is mispositioned, when loading &quot;My T-Mobile&quot; page in background t
10:24iratedownloaderfirebot: Accelerated mobile
10:24firebotiratedownloader: Sorry, I&#39;ve no idea what &#39;Accelerated mobile&#39; might be.
10:24iratedownloaderfirebot: Accelerated
10:24firebotiratedownloader: Sorry, I&#39;ve no idea what &#39;Accelerated&#39; might be.
10:25iratedownloaderfirebot: Accelerated mobile page bugs
10:25firebot FIXED, kg &quot;Log In To My T-Mobile&quot; flash text is mispositioned, when loading &quot;My T-Mobile&quot; page in background t
10:25j605go to bugzilla and search
10:27iratedownloaderDoes this have anything to do with enabling AMP on Firefox android?
10:45Mardeghmm.. says nothing about an AMP parser, just that javascript is used
10:48Mardegthe consensus is not good: &quot;Google AMP is bad news for how the web is built, it&#39;s bad news for publishers of credible online content, and it&#39;s bad news for consumers of that content. Google AMP is only good for one party: Google. Google, and possibly, purveyors of fake news.&quot;
10:50iratedownloaderWhy is it bad?
10:51Mardegthat&#39;s from if you want to read further
10:57iratedownloaderok, so I take that &quot;What it is, is a way for Google to obfuscate your website, usurp your content and remove any lingering notions of personal credibility from the web.&quot; is the problem. How exactly is it removing personal credibility? I just visited amp version of howtogeek & it clearly shows it&#39;s Frankly, it seems minor issues are being exaggerated to hell
10:59iratedownloaderAlso &quot;Anybody can cram an illegitimate idea into a web page and so long as it&#39;s encoded as AMP content it&#39;ll look like it&#39;s from a legit new organization endorsed by Google. Because everything in AMP looks the same. Content shown in Google&#39;s AMP view is stripped of all branding as if the content were from a legitimate news agency. There&#39;s a not so subtle message behind this lack of
10:59iratedownloaderbranding: it&#39;s that the source of information doesn&#39;t matter so long as Google got you there.&quot; So many legit looking sites in 2017 is actually hard? o.O
11:00iratedownloaderThere are so many flaws with all those articles. Seriously now, can I enable AMP on Firefox Android?
11:00iratedownloader*making legit looking sites
11:04Mardegit&#39;s javascripted psuedo-tags, so there&#39;s nothing on the browser side to &quot;enable&quot;
11:06iratedownloaderWhat? Then only google can enable it for Gecko Firefox Android?
11:07iratedownloaderMozilla can&#39;t do anything about this?
11:07Mardegif pages don&#39;t work, then the pages have been authored with errors the AUTHORS need to correct
11:08iratedownloaderI pages don&#39;t load AMP version. Why are all AMP authors unanimously not supporting firefox then?
11:09Mardegask them
11:09Mardegperhaps they just ignore Firefox hoping it will die
11:10MardegSomeone wrote an extension to switch between normal and AMP versions of a page
11:12iratedownloaderWokay, then I guess you were weong about that &#39;nothing on the browser side to &quot;enable&quot;&#39; thing..I&#39;ll check that out
11:12Mardegextensions can manipulate server headers
11:13Mardegso technically not &quot;wrong&quot;
11:13iratedownloaderWhich are working from the browser, it is. I am doing a browser side change, extension is not a separate entity :)
11:15Mardegthey intercept before the &quot;browser&quot; parser sees it. Powerful enough for malware to attempt controlling
11:15Mardeghence the need for signed extensions, etc.
11:16Mardegand extensions not signed by Mozilla .. on the server side .. won&#39;t load
11:16iratedownloaderYeah & mozilla is pretty good at analysing addon malware unlike Chrome.
11:18iratedownloaderAnyway, that extension doesn&#39;t seem to provide any option on Firefox Android to toggle. Seems it wasn&#39;t made for the mobile version :(
11:19Mardegthere&#39;s some irony
11:19iratedownloaderThat it&#39;s made for AMP but doesn&#39;t work on mobile? kk
11:20Mardegthe extension author seems responsive to reviews
11:23iratedownloaderNo wait, it needs Firefox 57+. Stable hasn&#39;t reached there I think.
11:25Mardegthat label is to let people know it&#39;s a webextension instead of a legacy extension which won&#39;t run in Fx 57+
11:25Mardegwebextensions work in stable Fx already
11:27iratedownloaderSo legacy addons will be disabled once stable gets to 57? A huge number of addons have not been updated for that yet. Pretty sure this is gonna annoy a lot of people.
11:27David3kiratedownloader, IIRC downthemall in particular will have no replacement at all
11:27David3konly gimped versions like the ones you see on the chrome extensions store
11:28David3kno download batches to target folders, no smart renaming masks, no hashing
11:28David3kno filename truncation
11:28iratedownloaderAnd I think Flashgot too. It&#39;s the only reason I have firefox installed.
11:28iratedownloaderThis is terrible.
11:29David3kI tried flashgot before, I never got it to work with downloading everything in a page to a particular target folder
11:29David3kit&#39;s so simple with DTA
11:30David3kI download things on pages to separate folders, so that simple feature is actually 80% of my browser use case
11:30iratedownloaderI use it to directly send links to different download managers. Some sites download better with JDownloader. And they don&#39;t allow making second requests.
11:30David3k(work related)
11:30David3kiratedownloader, that sounds really cumbersome
11:31gelswipseems like they&#39;re gonna play another icon joke for todays release:
11:31David3kI&#39;m trying to figure out a way right now to toggle firefox sync without having to always logout and login
11:31iratedownloaderDavid3k it&#39;s cumbersome without Flashgot, yes
11:32David3kit sounds cumbersome regardless: different programs to download different batches?
11:32firebotBug 1388778 FIXED, Nightly Icon Update - Iteration - 02
11:33David3kalso, what if you want to download stuff on [page a] to a new folder called [folder a] then proceed to download a new page to[ folder b]?
11:33iratedownloaderYeah depending on the source links. What&#39;s cumbersome about that? it&#39;s just changing the download manager option in Flashgot.
11:33David3kiratedownloader, sounds like it would take you more than just three clicks to achieve what I do in two
11:36iratedownloaderI wouldn&#39;t know, I don&#39;t use it for the purposes you are asking. It&#39;s as simple as it gets, as far as integrating download managers go. Flashgot dialog box asks me to choose download manager, then I approve once more when download manager dialog shows. This is not cumbersome by any means. A cumbersome setup would be when I have to open up a different browser because i can only integrate 1
11:36iratedownloaderdownload manager on a browser at a time.
11:37iratedownloaderOnly 1 will be able to receive & display download requests.
11:37Fusldoes someone know what&#39;s going on in firefox&#39;s head when it does this?
11:37Fuslit consumes 100% cpu since hours without any tabs open (just about:blank)
11:41Fuslthat fd=93 is actually a socket file descriptor, lets see if i can track that :S
11:41iratedownloader - Thank me later, those who have autoupdate enabled. Remember, 56 is the deadline
11:43Fuslnevermind, i missed that there are other fds listed as well
11:47David3khow do I toggle/disable sync without logging out
11:48iratedownloaderDisable sync without logging out? Why would you want to do that?
11:49David3kso I can make small changes without every step being synced up
11:49David3kalso to disable options and submenus that are in the way
11:49iratedownloaderWhen you toggle it back on, it will track all those changes & sync them.
11:50David3kthat&#39;s what I want
11:52iratedownloaderSo your just delaying sync? What exactly is the point of doing changes them syncing later? If menus are your issues, why not try this - ?
11:53iratedownloader*then syncing
11:54David3kiratedownloader, I don&#39;t care if the sync is delayed, I just want to turn if off and on as I please
11:54David3kI don&#39;t sync to multiple devices or accounts
11:55David3kI only have sync for this pc and this profile, sometimes I create new profiles and sync content to it and destroy it afterwards, but that&#39;s all locally done
11:56David3kso naturally I want to be able to turn sync on and off without having to relog every few minutes
11:58iratedownloaderSo you make new profiles, turn sync On for them to sync & then delete them locally?
11:59David3kiratedownloader, when I&#39;m done with them, yes
11:59David3kdisposable profiles, if you will
11:59David3kI turn on sync to them, let the stuff come in, disconnect sync
12:00iratedownloaderHow does Firefox sync handle same account used with multiple profiles? Wouldn&#39;t it just sync content of first profile to second one?
12:00David3ksometimes I have something on it that I&#39;ll want to resync to my main profile, at which case I re-enable sync
12:00David3kbut most of the time I just dispose of the profile
12:02iratedownloaderHave you considered using a password manager then? Depending on how you setup your password manager, you wouldn&#39;t need to enter a password to login
12:03David3kiratedownloader, uh, what?
12:04David3kiratedownloader, run another program to do the thing I&#39;m doing entirely within firefox?
12:04iratedownloaderYeah, because it makes things easy to perform once you set it up properly.
12:05David3kno it does not
12:05David3kit&#39;s cumbersome
12:05David3kI used download managers before (keepass)
12:05iratedownloaderYour definition of cumbersome is very twisted lol
12:06iratedownloaderkeepass is cumbersome, try enpass or lastpass. Lastpass only needs an addon to work.
12:06David3kI don&#39;t trust those
12:06David3kI barely trusted keepass
12:07iratedownloaderEnpass works completely offline. You can block internet access to it with Firewall.
12:07David3kat any rate, the fact that I have to run a separate program to log me in to something I shouldn&#39;t have to constantly login to is silly
12:07David3kiratedownloader, I don&#39;t trust it
12:07David3kit&#39;s not OSS
12:09iratedownloaderAnybody who thinks they don&#39;t require a password manager is pretty silly, tbh. It&#39;s just ignorance, trust me, I used to be one of those. If you block internet access, then it wouldn&#39;t matter if it&#39;s open source or not. It can&#39;t transmit.
12:09David3kI don&#39;t trust it enough to run it locally
12:09David3kbut if I run it remotely or sandboxed, what&#39;s the point?
12:10David3kit won&#39;t automate anything, then
12:12David3kthing is, if the program itself was blocked network usage, since it&#39;s running locally, what&#39;s to prevent it from calling another program to send a locally generated file for it?
12:12David3kblocking the program itself doesn&#39;t stop it from calling other programs from transmitting a file for it
12:15David3kI can block firefox.exe from all network access, but as soon as you feed it a URI for another program, the system launches that program and is fully able to talk to the network
12:15David3kiratedownloader, this is why you can&#39;t trust a password manager that isn&#39;t OSS
12:17iratedownloaderA behaviour like that would be easily detected by heuristic analysis, password manager companies will never take that risk. You don&#39;t need programs to be open source to analyse it. That&#39;s how most malwares are analysed. :)
12:18David3kiratedownloader, and how do you know this? we don&#39;t have a community to audit the code
12:19David3kand what happens when you update from a &quot;safe&quot; version to one that suddenly compiles your passwords and decrypting key to a file then transmits it online?
12:19David3khow do you get those passwords back?
12:20David3kiratedownloader, and besides, I shouldn&#39;t even have to be relogging into sync constantly.
12:20David3kI should just be able to turn it off for a while then turn it back on when I want
12:21iratedownloaderWell, if anyone hasn&#39;t tested it already. Someday someone will test that &#39;malware&#39; version & that will be the end of thier business. Why do you think password manager companies would do something that would end thier business?
12:23David3kand how long does it for people to notice that between three versions of a program, one particular version pushed out their passwords to some online service?
12:23David3kthey could introduce then subsequently remove that kind of function in a minor revision before anyone is the wiser
12:24David3kyou won&#39;t find out if its one of your many network-facing processes that sent the file
12:26David3kiratedownloader, also, people generally don&#39;t care
12:27David3kif they did, lastpass wouldn&#39;t even be around anymore
12:27David3kor did you forget that even happened?
12:27iratedownloaderMinor version? That still puts them at a risk of thier buesiness being ended, since you are taking a chance. Chance can come really crashing down to you when that are thousands of people using your program. Anyway, I&#39;ve seen some people here on IRC are paranoid way beyond anything reasonable, going to scenarios unlikely to happen. You might as well be worried that someone might murdur you the
12:27iratedownloadermoment you get out of your house, why? Because people can. There is nothing stopping people from murduring you. Do you never get out of your house then?
12:28David3kit&#39;s a password manager
12:28David3kthe only password manager I can even trust is one that is OSS and has been audited
12:29iratedownloaderhuh, they only got hashed passwords. You can&#39;t do anything with them. :/
12:29David3kbreached is breached
12:29iratedownloaderNot to mention I&#39;m was talking about an offline password manager an entire time.
12:29iratedownloader*the entire
12:30David3kso you think there is no way someone can slip in something malicious?
12:30David3kbut, regardless, that&#39;s beside the point
12:30iratedownloaderBtw, what&#39;s stopping hackers from infecting your computer with a zero day vulnerability & injecting trojan to steal all your passwords?
12:31David3kregardless of what you&#39;re trying to sell me
12:31David3kI shouldn&#39;t even HAVE to relog to firefox sync
12:31David3kat all, it should be something that can be toggled
12:31David3kyou keep trying to get me off-point, here
12:32David3kiratedownloader, do you use windows?
12:33iratedownloaderExited to see what your next super paranoid statement is going to be xD
12:34iratedownloaderMicrosoft knows all my passwords? Microsoft will take all my money by logging into my bank account?
12:51whidgleHello guys, i&#39;m sorry to ask for it but i try to see PR for firefox nightly but i don&#39;t know where ? I found Bugzilla but it&#39;s for bugs, i&#39;m lose =/
12:52whidgleThere are some repo for Firefox mobile on github but not for Firefox desktop
12:57j605it is not on github
13:18iratedownloaderDavid3K: I have found the solution you needed. You need to switch to Firefox v3
13:20David3kI&#39;m back
13:21David3kwhoa, a lot to unpacked, there.
13:22David3kiratedownloader, I was asking because you&#39;re strangely comfortable with random binaries running
13:23David3kalso, that last &quot;solution&quot; is just you being a dick
13:34iratedownloader&quot;I was asking because you&#39;re strangely comfortable with random binaries running&quot; Yeah, a well reputed one, not random by any means as you have assumed. I am more secure than anyone who doesn&#39;t use a password manager, that&#39;s for sure. Man, I posted that solution since there was no other option I could find. You don&#39;t have to call me names for doing that. Is that how you treat people? That&#39;s
13:34iratedownloaderterrible. If you don&#39;t like my solution, you can politely disagree.
13:35David3kgeez, calm down
13:36David3kI don&#39;t understand why you&#39;re getting so personal because I don&#39;t trust password managers
13:36David3kexcept keepass, but only the verified binaries
13:37David3kyour suggestion was &quot;downgrade to firefox 3&quot; which is a non solution, which is a joke, which is why you&#39;re &quot;being a dick
13:38David3kbecause I&#39;m trying to figure out a solution and you throw that at me
13:41David3kCaspy7, off the top of your head, do you know if services.sync.enabled still works?
13:41David3kdoesn&#39;t seem to be toggling it for me
13:42merpnderpFirefox has always been my default browser, but when I see people discussing it online, they say it isn&#39;t very secure. Anyone know what they could mean?
13:43iratedownloaderlol, no. i have no problem with you not trusting Password managers. I only get personal when super paranoid people like you try to enforce thier beliefs on me, which you haven&#39;t done so far. So I have no problem. Here is a another solution, make an autohotkey script to login & sign out of Firefox sync, with just one hotkey. Let the script do the rest of the work. I use such a setup to toggle
13:43iratedownloaderGrammarly extension when I need to use it.
13:44David3kiratedownloader, I don&#39;t care if you use one, just stop trying to tell me I need to use one
13:44Caspy7David3k: I do not
13:45iratedownloaderdavid3k: that was just a suggestion, I didn&#39;t tell you to use password manager in my previous statement. Don&#39;t start the topic yourself when it has stopped.
13:45David3kiratedownloader, I haven&#39;t ONCE said you shouldn&#39;t be using a password manager, I&#39;ve only said I don&#39;t trust a closed-source password manager and I will not use one
13:46Caspy7merpnderp: perhaps the main shortfall previously was that it did not have a process sandbox. But that is now resolved for everyone with multiprocess enabled and will be true of everyone as of 57. Otherwise it&#39;s likely just hearsay gaining traction.
13:47David3kCaspy7, I&#39;ve always wondered where that statement came from, anyway...
13:47Caspy7merpnderp: Mozilla takes fixing security bugs quickly very seriously as well and preventing them. It&#39;s one of the motivations for replacing parts of it bit by bit with Rust code
13:48David3kCaspy7, outside of the process sandbox, Firefox has always been very secure
13:48merpnderpCaspy7: that sounds good.
13:48David3kI don&#39;t really get how that entire &quot;not secure&quot; statement even caught hold
13:49merpnderpDavid3k: wasn&#39;t firefox not invited to some security conference a year or two ago where people competed to compromise browsers?
13:49Caspy7David3k: &quot;You&#39;re not google [or MS] who brag about their security. And they&#39;re awesome and my favorite. You suck.&quot;
13:49David3kCaspy7, lol
13:50Caspy7merpnderp: yes. The reason given was basically strongly implied that it was because it didn&#39;t have a sandbox
13:50David3kmerpnderp, meaning what, exactly?
13:50merpnderpCaspy7: okay, that&#39;s what I think I remembered. But wasn&#39;t sure.
13:51David3kCaspy7, wait, wasn&#39;t that a decade ago?
13:51Caspy7it was like last year, (maybe two)
13:51merpnderpDavid3k: from what I remember, the conference said it was because firefox wouldn&#39;t have posed an obstacle to the competition.
13:52David3kI could&#39;ve sworn I heard that statement from way back, though
13:52merpnderpBut I really don&#39;t remember even the large details.
13:52Caspy7also, it didn&#39;t really make sense. &quot;Here, come to this contest to test your browser so you can find weaknesses and fix them. Oh, but not you.&quot;
13:52David3klike, maybe circa 2009
13:52David3kCaspy7, exactly my thoughts
13:52merpnderpCaspy7: that&#39;s what I thought too when I read about it
13:52Caspy7it was simply an intentional slight, it was political
13:53merpnderplol, just tested and Safari was giving me 20% less power consumption on a page. But with 50% of the fps. doh
13:57David3kCaspy7, why is the &quot;Send to Device&quot; context menu always present even with sync disabled?
13:58Caspy7I don&#39;t know. You can file a bug if you like.
13:58David3kCaspy7, your issue tracker on github yet?
13:59David3kcan you guys migrate to another platform?
13:59David3kbugzilla is such a mess
13:59Caspy7you can log in to bugzilla with a gh account
13:59David3kI know, and I do have a moz account for it
14:00David3kbut it&#39;s still a pain to file stuff on bugzilla
14:28TylerDavid3k: Mozilla built bugzilla so I doubt we are moving away from it
14:28TylerIt&#39;s not easy to get started with that&#39;s for sure, but it gets the job done
14:31TylerCaspy7: you are thinking of pwn2own, and it actually made sense because we had not made any fundamental changed to security since the last few events, so we were still vulnerable to the same classes of security bugs. Since they pay a cash prize for each hack they didn&#39;t want to invite a browser that was essentially the same as the years previous.
14:31TylerIt&#39;ll be interesting to see how Firefox fares in pwn2own post 57
14:32Caspy7Tyler: they themselves pay and not Mozilla?
14:32TylerCaspy7: the hosting company pays.
14:32TylerI think we can choose to also pay from our bug bounty program but that&#39;s outside the competition
14:57Caspy7Tyler: they specifically said &quot;We wanted to focus on the browsers that have made serious security improvements in the last year,&quot; except that, apart from being highly subjective, I don&#39;t think you could argue that &quot;serious security improvements&quot; had been made in the prior year for all of Edge, Safari and Chrome. Meanwhile all the security improvements to Firefox were not serious enough. (I...
14:57Caspy7...had gotten the impression from other devs that this was just a way to poke at the lack of sandbox.)
14:57TylerCaspy7: it was, but, we kinda deserved it
14:59Caspy7Tyler: I&#39;d like to note that it was during that year that Slaughterhouse was finished - which was a significant effort
15:01Caspy7 so agreed that we needed the sandbox, but we had made &quot;serious security improvements&quot;
15:11Caspy7notably that effort was multiyear but because of the significant changes basically all landed at once, which was after the prior years pwn2own and before the upcoming one
15:17jeyoungCaspy7: that was an interesting read.
15:28est31Caspy7: thanks for dropping the link here
15:28est31very interesting story
15:39jeyoungnice touch with the phoenix for the nightly icon. very appropriate.
16:28AlanWorkI understand that FF57 drops support for legacy extensions. My question is -- are UI elements still user-modifiable using other means? javascript, etc? In particular I need search & URL bars in separate toolbars, and TabBar relocated. Still doable foing forward?
17:05CuriousUserHello guys! I just have a quick question - I&#39;ve solved around 200 book exercises from books &quot;Programming: Principles and Practice Using C++&quot; by Bjarne Stroustrup and &quot;Think Like a Programmer&quot; by V. Anton Spraul. I was wondering if (after I finish reading through &quot;Think Like a Programmer&quot;) I could contribute to Firefox core code? Are there some easy tasks
17:06CuriousUserI could do as someone who has solved (just) 200 exercises? No pun intended here, I just realize I have a long way to go as a programmer.
17:09DuClareSure you can
17:10DuClareYou won&#39;t start by contributing a big chunk of code. But nothing should stop you from reviewing code and finding & fixing bugs in it.
17:10CuriousUserDuClare: great
17:11DuClareIt probably helps to have prior programming experience
17:11DuClareBut if you&#39;re willing, all it takes is time and effort.. :-)
17:11CuriousUserOnce I finish a few more exercises (I&#39;m implementing some STL functions myself, as an exercise), I&#39;ll read the Mozilla support page and see how I can review code and find & fix bugs
17:11DuClareYou don&#39;t read support page to find out how to review code and fix bug
17:12DuClareYou find the code and start reading it.
17:12CuriousUserDuClare: OK
17:12DuClareYou can also check out the bug tracker
17:12CuriousUserFirst I have to finish reading the books, since then I&#39;m done with that
17:12CuriousUserand do (most of) the exercises
17:13CuriousUserthen I&#39;ll track down bugs; I always wanted to contribute to Mozilla Firefox, even if it was fixing a minor bug
17:13CuriousUserbecause so many people use it, and if I can fix some code that is awesome
17:13philippthis site offers some way to filter for open/easier bugs to work on
17:15CuriousUserphilipp: thanks, I&#39;ll bookmark it
17:15CuriousUsermy experience is (almost) entierly in C++; I&#39;ve used Python, but only a little bit
17:16CuriousUserThank you guys; now I have even more drive to invest more time and finish these exercises faster
17:16CuriousUserI&#39;ll go now, thanks again and bye
17:18Mutter_Im translating some articles in MDN, Im thinking if theres any local community that talk about translations,articles ,etc.
17:22Caspy7Mutter_: perhaps #l10n
17:24Mutter_Thanks, but heres only i10n-for
17:24Mutter_I mean i10n-fr
17:26Caspy7Mutter_: did you click on that link I provided just now?
17:28Mutter_I my device it can not be clicked.
17:28Caspy7Mutter_: try joining #l10n
17:28Caspy7like /join #l10n
17:28Caspy7(that&#39;s a lower case L not i)
17:29Mutter_Ill try,thanks.
17:29Mutter_I just typed it wrong,lol
17:30Mutter_I think Ive joined, now its time to wait for a reply
17:32DuClareRe. &quot;Use hardware acceleration when available&quot;, which about:config option would this correspond to?
17:34DuClarelayers.acceleration.disabled I guess
17:36DuClareHngh, about:performance is so hopeless..
18:09DuClareSigh, I don&#39;t understand how the url bar works
18:23Caspy7generally speaking, you type in URLs or search terms and press enter :D
18:47David3kthis &quot;send to device&quot; context menu option is really starting to tick me off
18:48David3kdoesn&#39;t go away when I disconnect my sync account and relaunch the browser, not to mention everytime I relogin to sync I have to open a verification email
18:53Caspy7David3k: just tested a fresh profile and Send Page to device is present
18:54David3kCaspy7, that not supposed to be like that, right?
18:55Caspy7I don&#39;t know.
18:55David3kseems like they trying to push the feature because other option inside is an &quot;about&quot; page
18:56firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
18:56firebot Sebastin Santy: GSoC Week 9: Attaching Files
18:57David3kI know this stuff is trying to be discoverable, but seems too much
18:57Caspy7David3k: its presence can be viewed as an advertisement. Users will say &quot;Oh yeah, I can send pages to my phone.&quot; and may set up sync
18:58David3kCaspy7, but I can&#39;t turn it off
18:58DuClareYou need to write an adblocker
18:59David3kCaspy7, there should be a &quot;yes, I know about this, go away&quot;
19:23DuClareCaspy7 do you know if there&#39;s a live feed of the bug tracker? Or at least an API that can be polled periodically. (Do you know where&#39;s the right place to ask?)
19:24TylerDavid3k: file a bug asking for the option to go away. I imagine we will want it to remain so people see it, get interested, and look into setting up their own account
19:24TylerDuClare: you can watch components on bugzilla that you are interested in
19:29digital_anyone knows a good webext like umatrix, noscript or requestpolicy?
19:29DuClareI know umatrix
19:29DuClareAnd ublock origin
19:29grahamperrin-MI&#39;d like to raise the issue of some &#39;featured&#39; add-ons being incompatible with Australis and overflow menus. Should I raise it at <>?
19:29Tylerdigital_: I think noscript is developing a web extension version