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12 Sep 2017
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00:16firebot Julien Vehent: Lessons learned from mentoring
02:13consolersthere is no way to disable the browser from sending Upgrade-Insecure-Requests header in firefox 51 ?
02:56firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
02:56firebot Justin Dolske: Photon Engineering Newsletter #15
03:23consolersi guess the only hope is messiah comes before ff-44 becomes unusable
03:25consolerslet's encrypt, http everywhere, upgrade security headers are all to track and enslave the users, the servers controls everything, so users have no control over their browsers, and the https narrative gives a false sense of security because the user himself cannot inspect and know what data is going to the servers
03:25consolersonly the messiah can deal justly with the perpetrators of this conspiracy and this campaign
03:25consolersevertdat r=
03:26consolerslet's encrypt root certs have urls that cause the browsers to download and track themselves everyday, it is only about tracking and enslavement and nothing else
03:29consolersonly the messiah can devote the investments and the assets of these
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03:57firebot Mozilla Open Policy & Advocacy Blog: Welcome to San Francisco, Chairman Pai We Depend on Net Neutrality
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06:27firebot Daniel Stenberg: The backdoor threat
07:23erxinHi, I'm start learning the source code of Firefox.
07:26erxinOne quick question about the nsXxxx name convention. What's the ns standard for? Thank you in advance
07:27erxinDoes it means the relative object are XPCOM?
07:28Caspy7gotta go, but think it's a carry-down from Netscape
07:31erxinOK. Some of the types are defined start with ns and some of them are not. So I just curious about the original force. :^D
07:33erxin@Caspy7 I think you are right the nestscape perfectly match the ns prefix
08:05Mardegso does "namespace"
08:54Corkthe ns prefix dates back to the old netscape days ya
08:55Corkits when a struct or something needs a compatibility layer for the standard for example then they prefix it with ns, there was things like nsbool and what not
08:55Corkmany of them has been removed over the years
11:25bremnesHi :) Anyone who could point me in the direction of where I should be filing Firefox Dev Tools bugs?
11:26bremnesJust file them in the Firefox bugzilla?
11:46DuClarebremnes: I've done that.
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13:17firebot Niko Matsakis: Cyclic queries in chalk
13:47firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
13:48firebot Chris H-C: Two Days, or How Long Until The Data Is In
15:23firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
15:23firebot Mozilla Open Innovation Team: Mozilla running into CHAOSS to Help Measure and Improve Open Source Community Health
15:48firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
15:48firebot Hacks.Mozilla.Org: Bootcamps, WebAssembly, and Computer Vision
15:58firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
15:58firebot Air Mozilla: Martes Mozilleros, 12 Sep 2017
16:19blaphmaty a qui
16:21Fais13AttenTioNdecebalus ?
16:22gaetan5decebalus sa vas
16:24petitnavireyou speak french ?
16:24petitnavirenick ta mere
16:31azakiCaspy7: remember that "ublock origin crash" i mentioned where the addon stopped working suddenly even though it was enabled?
16:31azakiit just happened with a different addon in a completely different profiles =o
16:31azakinot sure what causes this..
16:32Caspy7azaki: which addon?
16:40azakiCaspy7: reveye, a reverse image search addon. =o
16:40azakiit's a super simplistic addon so my gut tells me this may be some general issue
16:42azakithis time the way it happened is the browser crashed, and then upon session restore (which took forever btw.. not due to tabs, like the window took forever to come up), and then the addon icon was no longer in the navbar (or whatever the general name is for the bar where addon icons show up by default)
16:43azakiand it was no longer functioning. =o
16:43azakiin console i had this error:
16:43azaki1505233242628 addons.webextension.{1526fba1-ac33-4dfc-99d8-163e6129f7b9} ERROR Loading extension '{1526fba1-ac33-4dfc-99d8-163e6129f7b9}': Reading manifest: Background page must be a file within the extension
16:43azaki1505233242652 addons.webextension.{1526fba1-ac33-4dfc-99d8-163e6129f7b9} WARN Please specify whether you want browser_style or not in your browser_action options.
16:43azakithis too ^
16:44azakithis is a totally new profile i started using a few days ago, so hm.. weird stuff. it's beta 56 btw.
16:47azakiarch linux also. =o
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17:58firebot Air Mozilla: Rust Berlin Meetup September 2017
18:06Netflix_dudeI don't really know how this IRC works. is this the official firefox IRC?
18:06MossopNetflix_dude: Yes
18:06Netflix_dudeis there a special channel for support questions?
18:06philippnope that's here
18:08Netflix_dudeok, well my problem is that my main firefox profile doesn't want to play Netflix streams. It says Error Code: F7053-1803. When I create a new Firefox profile, everything works on Netflix.
18:08Netflix_dudeI also already cleared my whole firefox history, including cache and active logins.
18:09Netflix_dudeit just doesn't want to work with this profile.
18:09GrayShadehi, what's up with the snippsets/ads on the "blank" new tab page in nightly? i don't mean the highlights section, but the things on the bottom
18:10Netflix_dudedo you guys know what else I can try to get Netflix streams working?
18:10MossopNetflix_dude: Have you tried the suggestions here?
18:11Caspy7Netflix_dude: if you have history disabled or rather, operating in "constant private browsing" then that will do it
18:12Caspy7disables indexdb iirc
18:12Caspy7something like that
18:14Netflix_dudehmm only thing I haven't tried yet is cleaning my firefox completely including bookmarks and saved passwords.
18:15Netflix_dudebut that is practically the same as creating a new profile, right=
18:16Caspy7_awayNetflix_dude: are you running with history disabled?
18:16Netflix_dudeno, it is enabled
18:16Netflix_dudeit started when I installed the newest nightly
18:17Netflix_dudeI deinstalled it after some testing. I went back to my stable version firefox and then the problem with netflix appeared.
18:18firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
18:18firebot Hacks.Mozilla.Org: Experimenting with WebAssembly and Computer Vision
18:18MossopOk, you might have broken your indexed db
18:18Netflix_dudewhat is that?
18:19Netflix_dudecan I fix it?
18:19MossopIt's a storage system that some websites use. Let me see if I can figure out how to correct that without a full profile reset
18:23MossopI can't find anything other than the profile refresh system unfortunately
18:23Netflix_dudeok. so is there a difference between a refresh and making a new profile?
18:24MossopRefresh copies over a bunch of things like your bookmarks and history
18:25Netflix_dudebut the netflix site tells me that everything will be lost including my bookmarks and passwords
18:26MossopThat's not accurate. This covers what profile refresh does:
18:26MossopAlso your old profile is backed up as part of the process
18:26Netflix_dudedo you know where?
18:27Netflix_dudecan I open it with the profile manager?
18:28Netflix_dudenevermind. I should read the page to the bottom
18:28MossopAs the page says, it is copied to your desktop
18:30Netflix_dudecould I use a program like Mozbackup, save my addons and stuff, and then later use the program again to load my addons into the profile?
18:32Caspy7Netflix_dude: you can try and "forget" netflix to see if that does the trick
18:33Caspy7Netflix_dude: go into your history window, find any netflix page and right click, select forget and that will clear all history and all forms of offline storage - as well as the password, so please memorize it
18:33Netflix_dudeI'll give it a try
18:33Caspy7....or you could actually just clear the indexdb from page permissions I think
18:33Netflix_dudehow does that work?
18:34Caspy7Netflix_dude: open netflix and click the (i) in the location bar, then the arrow at the top, then page info
18:34Caspy7sorry, "More INformation"
18:34Caspy7then the permissions tab
18:35Netflix_dudeand then?
18:35Caspy7phone, one sec
18:35Caspy7offline storeag
18:35Netflix_dudeoh sorry
18:37Caspy7Netflix_dude: Find Maintain offline storage, then on the right Clear Storage
18:39Netflix_dudeI found the offline storage thing
18:40Netflix_dudebut I cannot find clear storage
18:40Caspy7Netflix_dude: is "use default" checked on the left?
18:41Caspy7Netflix_dude: this is what I see
18:42Netflix_dudeI can send you a screenshot, but it's in German. but I guess it's still useful.
18:43Caspy7Netflix_dude: what version of Firefox are you using?
18:44Netflix_dudecan you see the screenshot?
18:44Caspy7Netflix_dude: you say you used this same profile with Nightly 57?
18:45Caspy7yes, I see it
18:45Netflix_dudeehm. yea I think so
18:45Caspy7Netflix_dude: was Netflix broke in Nightly?
18:46Netflix_dudeI don't think I used netflix in nightly. but I used twitch in nightly to check how it performs on that site.
18:48Caspy7Netflix_dude: for future reference it is not advised to use the same profile in a newer version of firefox and then go backwards as this will break things or lose data
18:48Caspy7it's possible this is part of the problem
18:48Netflix_dudeooh ok
18:48Caspy7Netflix_dude: yeah, I'd go ahead and try to forget the site and see if that does the trick
18:50Netflix_dudedo you know why I cannot delete something from that (i) menu?
18:50Netflix_dudethat clear storage thing doesn't even appear for me
18:51Netflix_dudewell I think I will try to backup my addons and go with the profile refresh
18:52Netflix_dude2ok I am using chrome atm, while I am doing the refresh stuff
18:55DuClareCan anyone reproduce this crash?
18:55firebotBug 1282419 NEW, Large libnotify alert images trigger a SIGTERM
18:55DuClareI've gotten reports from multiple people but practically no information whatsoever..
18:56DuClareOf course I can't reproduce it :(
18:57Netflix_dude2wow it worked
18:57Netflix_dude2netflix is working again
19:08Netflix_dude2and restoring the addong with mozbackup worked as well. but there is still a lot I have to configure again.
19:10Netflix_dude2all my addon settings are gone ;_;
19:11Netflix_dude2all the noscript permissions....
19:13Caspy7Netflix_dude2: if you find yourself in a real pinch, you can restore the old profile, then export settings (perhaps noscript does this) but also run both simultaneously and swap between the two
19:16Netflix_dude2I think I will go through this painful process now of figuring out what settings I had for each addon.
19:16Netflix_dude2do you know how I can get rid of this orange firefox button on the top left?
19:17Caspy7Netflix_dude2: that button is only present on very old versions of Firefox. You should not be seeing it in a default install
19:17Caspy7unless you have installed classic theme restorer
19:18DuClareFun. I don't think I've ever seen that.
19:19Netflix_dude2hmm it might be the theme restorer. I thought it would go away, if I deactivated it.
19:19Netflix_dude2it just looks so ugly.
19:20Netflix_dude2i mixed up my addons. so yea classic theme restorer is still active. gotta disable it.
19:20Netflix_dude2I don't know why I installed it
19:21Caspy7Netflix_dude2: at the very least that addon is incompatible with multiprocess so will disable it and your performance won't be as good as it could
19:21DuClareNetflix_dude2: Maybe it's time to nuke all your addons ;-)
19:22DuClareAnd then add up to three for critical functionality.. make sure they're 57 compatible :-)
19:22Caspy7well, they just did a Refresh, so it's all reinstalling at this point
19:22DuClareOh, refresh removes addons?
19:22DuClare*shrug* I've never refreshed
19:23Netflix_dude2I used mozbackup to back them up. I love this program. I am using it for years.
19:24Netflix_dude2DuClare if I nuke all my addons, I could also just use chrome. :P
19:26Netflix_dude2Caspy7 How do I know whether an addon is compatible with multiprocess. some of my addons may slow down my browser :P I notice slowdowns when I have opened like 30-40 tabs
19:27Caspy7Netflix_dude2: install
19:27Caspy7dunno why that didn't copy :P
19:33firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
19:33firebot Firefox Nightly: These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 23
19:36Netflix_dude2I don't want to install politics :P
19:37Netflix_dude2so how does that addon work?
19:39Caspy7Netflix_dude2: when you look in your addon manager it labels which ones are compatible or not
19:40Caspy7if you go to about:support in your URL bar and look for "multiprocess windows" you can see if multiprocess is enabled or disabled and if it was disabled by addons. This may not show up properly until you've installed all desired addons and restarted Firefox
19:44Netflix_dude2and can I enable it (forcefully) then? I don't know much about this stuff.
19:45Netflix_dude2and do addons who don't support multiprocess generally slow down firefox?
19:47Caspy7Netflix_dude2: multiprocess should make firefox more responsive (and more quickly recover from a crash if you ever have one). By default, currently, you'll likely get 1 content process, but I increase mine to more content processes. Yes, you can forcefully enable it, though it's possible this actually leads to worse performance or at least moments when the UI will pause.
19:49Caspy7addons that don't support multiprocess force synchronous behavior, which Firefox usually disables the mode, but if you force it, like I said, they can cause pauses while the parent process waits on them
19:49Caspy7all addons marked compatible with 57+ on the addons site are definitely compatible
19:49DuClareif you ever have one :)
19:56Netflix_dude2ahh ok!
19:56Netflix_dude2thanks for all the help with netflix btw!
20:06jeyoungNetflix_dude2: Are you the dude with the insane DVD queue?
20:11Caspy7hm, I wonder how many countries Netflix is still doing DVDs...
20:12Caspy7not many probably
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21:03firebot Mike Hoye: Cleaning House
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21:13firebot Mozilla VR Blog: SHA Hacker Camp: Learning a byte about Virtual Reality on the Web
21:13firebot Cameron Kaiser: BlueBorne and the Power Mac TL;DR: low practical risk, but assume the worst
21:58firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
21:58firebot Dave Townsend: New Firefox and Toolkit module peers
23:29Caspy7firebot: contribute
23:29firebotCaspy7: To get involved with Mozilla in various ways, see and /join #introduction
23:33mefistofeleswhat's the channel for general IRC network help?
23:34araiis it specific to this server?
23:34araior more general thing?
23:36mefistofelesarai: to this server, wether this network supports SASL
23:37Mardegpossibly #it
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