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12 Oct 2017
00:21katnipbest way to keep bookmarks is to sync
00:57Ruff_Wizard-Mfor some reason for me firefox continues to be extremely laggy after I had loads of tabs open and closed them
00:57Ruff_Wizard-Mright now I have 6 tabs open and ff is using 1.7k MB of memory
01:39abacussam113101: yes, what?
01:45sam113101abacus: when I put a youtube video in fullscreen too quickly, it always leaves fullscreen right away
01:51abacussam113101: never had that problem maybe Caspy7 can help
01:53Caspy7haven't heard of that one off the top of my head
01:55Caspy7sam113101: be interested if you can reproduce in safe mode
01:58sam113101let me try
02:13sam113101Caspy7: it does happen in safe mode too
02:16Caspy7sam113101: what do you mean when you say "too quickly"?
02:37sam113101Caspy7: youtube does this weird shit where the video appears first on a white page, and then every else loads, takes a few seconds, if Iclick fullscreen before it's done loading I get thrown out of fullscreen once it's done loading (I think)
02:37Caspy7sam113101: are you using Flash or HTML video?
02:37sam113101Caspy7: html
02:38Caspy7sam113101: are you on 56? And are you using the new youtube layout?
02:39sam113101Caspy7: yeah I'm on 56. what's the new youtube layout?
02:40Caspy7a few weeks ago they changed the way youtube looked
02:41Caspy7this was actually an extensive change, and among other things, shows the video ASAP and then loads the rest of the page
02:41Caspy7are you on older hardware?
02:42sam113101i5 from 2010
02:42sam113101it's not that old
02:43sam113101I think that is the new layout
02:44Caspy7sam113101: try switching to the old layout and trying
02:44sam113101Caspy7: I didn't even know you could switch layouts
02:44sam113101how do you do that?
02:44Caspy7click your profile icon on the upper right
02:45Caspy7and then in the menu there's an option for it
02:46Caspy7fyi, switching back to the new is at
02:47sam113101Caspy7: doesn't happen with the old layout
02:48abacusthe old layout is better for some reason
02:49Caspy7sam113101: one theory that comes to mind here is that the new UI is more intensive and takes longer to load, and it's properly prepared to go full screen. And that some of this is being fixed with work in 57, though there's active work going on right now to help fix performance on youtube. They keep updating the new layout
02:50Caspy7part of the reason it's an issue for Firefox is that youtube is using...I think it's called web components, which Chrome has already natively implemented and Firefox is finishing it up, so in the mean time we have to use the less efficient polyfill
02:51Caspy7sam113101: one thing you might try would be to create a fresh profile, then install a Nightly and test in that, see if the issue still occurs
02:52sam113101eh, I'm just going to keep using the old layout
02:52Caspy7I just suggest the new profile to ensure you don't accidentally open your main profile and perhaps muck it up (57 -> 56 profile incompatibilities)
02:52sam113101didn't know Icould do that
02:52Caspy7ok, at some point they will probably force the new layout...
02:52Caspy7at that point it should not be an issue though
02:52Caspy7I mean, performance-wise
02:52sam113101I should be on 57 then, right?
02:56abacusthey still ironing out the bugs, saw it on a google post somewhere apparently they have not maximized their compatibility
03:03Caspy7sam113101: nightly is currently 58, beta is 57
03:04matlockI am running nightly 58 with no issues recently, YMMV
03:04Caspy7abacus: that's a broad statement :) If you have the link I might be able to elaborate. There's more big and smaller changes coming if that's what you mean.
03:05Caspy7Webrender has not yet landed, though it may be a couple releases before we see it
03:05abacusCaspy7: There&#39;s more big and smaller changes coming if that&#39;s what you mean. <--- Yup
03:06Caspy7then you&#39;ve got some other performance items on their way. I mentioned the webcomponents. Off the main thread compositing...
03:06abacusyou guys will pull through, this is exactly why I ditched chrome
03:07Caspy7just reading which mentions bug 1352499
03:07firebot NEW, [meta] Retain and incrementally update display lists
03:07matlockchrome is old and busted, firefox 57+ is the new hotness
03:07Caspy7well, I don&#39;t know if I&#39;m &quot;you guys&quot; (not a dev)
03:08Caspy7It&#39;s gotten so much better. I think it may be peaking sometime next year when Webrender has landed
03:09* matlock posts (SFW)
03:19Caspy7aw, someone defended me online because of my integrity. Now I feel all warm inside.
04:13darklajidHey. If I find a JS error message in FF very confusing, would this be a place to question it?
04:14arai_which error?
04:15darklajidMinimal repro: let foo=[1,2,3]; parseInt(foo.find(x => x == 4).bar) leads to TypeError: foo.find(...) is undefined [Learn More]
04:16darklajidThat .. might be true if you squint, but I read that as foo.find is undefined for nearly an hour (blame me, I&#39;m dumb)
04:17darklajidCompare same snipped in Chrome: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property &#39;bar&#39; of undefined
04:17grahamperrin-MOh :-) Caspy7 by coincidence I was thinking of you five minutes ago whilst preparing to post words of thanks in a participation systems area
04:17Caspy7aw thanks
04:17arai_darklajid: so, including &quot;&#39;bar&#39; property&quot; in the message will help?
04:18Caspy7grahamperrin-M: what do you mean by &quot;a participation systems area&quot;?
04:18arai_darklajid: maybe, `TypeError foo.find(...) is undefined and cannot access &#39;bar&#39; property of it` or something (maybe not good wording tho)
04:19arai_darklajid: or do you think `foo.find(...)` doesn&#39;t make sense?
04:19darklajidFor me at least (again, I consider myself .. lacking here) this seemed like find is undefined (like in old IEs, or if foo is of the wrong type). It wasn&#39;t clear that the _result_ of find was undefined
04:20arai_darklajid: so, `(...)` doesn&#39;t look like function call?
04:21Caspy7ah, alright
04:21arai_(we omit the arguments there because of technical reason and put &quot;...&quot; instead
04:22arai_(it might be nice if we can present actual code in the error message, but...
04:23darklajidarai_: Hmm.. I see. Just played with a couple messages in the console and I see that these property lookups on undefined always look like this. i.e. var x;; -> x is undefined
04:23darklajid(funny that undefined.x doesn&#39;t work and has a special error &#39;undefined has no properties&#39;)
04:25arai_there are several somewhat unclear error message, and we&#39;re tracking them under bug 622261
04:25firebot NEW, [meta] Error message/reporting bugs & enhancements
04:26arai_darklajid: if you think that error message is unclear and should be improved, please file a bug (maybe there&#39;s already filed tho
04:26darklajidarai_: I see now that a missing find would&#39;ve shown a great/clear message (foo.find is not a function). So .. actually there&#39;s not a lot to confuse here and it&#39;s just me
04:27arai_darklajid: okay, thanks anyway for letting me know about the fact that chrome mentions property name :)
04:28darklajidThanks for bearing with me while I stumble around :)
04:34arai_filed bug 1407903 just in case
04:34firebot NEW, Say property name in error message when accessing property of undefined value
05:02grahamperrin-MCaspy7: there&#39;s also but for now I&#39;m more likely to post a quiet thank you in #participationsystems so join me there, if you like
06:04josteinI just enabled webrender in my firefox nightly
06:04josteinit mostly works well, but Ive discovered some quirks here and there
06:04josteinis there any &quot;proper&quot; place to report it, to ensure the appropriate developers can look at it?
07:00Mardegjostein: in bugzilla, Product: Core, Component: Graphics WebRender
07:01incognitohi all, webrender is not in the 57.0b6 build ?
07:03Havvyjostein: or
07:03Caspy7incognito: it is not enabled by default, but it is there (not fully finished of course) you can enable it with gfx.webrender.enabled
07:04Caspy7but that only has the state of development up to when 57 graduated to Beta
07:05Caspy7most recent fixes are in 58 nightly
07:06TobbiHello. For some reason my pinned tabs don&#39;t persist.
07:06TobbiAny idea?
07:06TobbiAre they even supposed to persist?
07:07josteinHavvy: thanks
07:07HavvyTobbi: They&#39;re supposed to persist if you persist all of your tabs.
07:08TobbiHavvy: How do I check?
07:08HavvyTobbi: Options -> General (Default Tab) -> When Firefox Starts -> Show your windows and tabs from last time.
07:09TobbiOkay, I&#39;ll check.
07:09TobbiThanks, Havvy. :)
07:10azakiCaspy7: so wait, webrender is already in 57 and 58, just not enabled by default? =o
07:10HavvyThere&#39;s no secondary &quot;Show your pinned tabs from last time and show (your home page OR a blank page).&quot;
07:10Havvyazaki: How else are you going to test?
07:15Caspy7azaki: it&#39;s in a very partial state
07:44azakiHavvy: I didn&#39;t realize it was in a state where it was even usable yet.
07:45azakiAnd sometimes invasive changes are only compiled in for nightly and then not compiled for beta or release versions.
07:48Caspy7azaki: it&#39;s not completely unusable, but it has some significant issues
08:03mr_wibbleanyone seen certain extensions that ask for http auth username/password when clicking the extension button?
08:04mr_wibblefor example &#39;Cookie AutoDelete&#39; &#39;Multi-Account Containers&#39; extensions on Nightly
08:07Caspy7mr_wibble: nope. Just installed Cookie AutoDelete just now with no issue
11:16firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
11:16firebot Mozilla Open Policy & Advocacy Blog: Mozilla Releases Recommendations on Draft EU ePrivacy Regulation
11:36est31the pdf fails to render in pdf.js
11:40Tokoyamiseems fine in nightly, unless there are other images than the vertical moz://a logo
11:53est31seems it got fixed yeah
11:54est31also fixed in firefox 57
11:57est31hmmm apparently there seems to be development again on pdf.js
14:46firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
14:46firebot Hacks.Mozilla.Org: Remaking Lightbeam as a browser extension
15:09ShalokShalom57 blocks the feature to open a new tab next to the current one??
16:14Caspy7ShalokShalom: does not work?
16:16firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
16:17firebot The Rust Programming Language Blog: Announcing Rust 1.21
16:17firebot Air Mozilla: Mozilla Science Lab October 2017 Bi-Monthly Community Call
16:30ShalokShalomCaspy7: thanks
16:30ShalokShalomthis is super awesome
17:17firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
17:17firebot The Firefox Frontier: Profiles, Shmofiles: Whats in a browser profile, anyway?
17:17firebot Air Mozilla: Reps Weekly Meeting Oct. 12, 2017
18:00ishanjain28Hello, I need help with font rendering in firefox. The webpage content is rendered just fine but the font in address bar, firefox settings etc is really weird. I am running arch linux + kde.
18:00ishanjain28I&#39;ve searched on firefox forums but I could not find a solution.
18:02Caspy7ishanjain28: I&#39;m not on linux, but tend to associate such browser UI details with GTK+3 on linux. Possibly involved?
18:03ishanjain28Unlikely, As firefox is the only application that is having font issues. All other gtk applications work fine.
18:06est31I really love the firefox 56 build for ubuntu being GTK 3 now
18:07est31finally a dialog to get supported applications that doesnt suck badly
18:07est31it still suggests gimp to open pdfs, but you gotta be humble :)
18:08Caspy7ishanjain28: ok, so the other applications are using GTK3 and not 2 then?
18:13ishanjain28@caspy7 Sorry about that. I checked all other applications using GTK3 and just like firefox, There are little parts of them that look weird like they do in firefox. So, It is probably a GTK3 related problem. Do you know of a solution to this problem? Or I&#39;ll just google it with different keyword now.
18:14Caspy7sorry, I don&#39;t
18:17firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
18:17firebot Firefox Test Pilot: Test Pilot Tracking Protection Graduation Report
18:17firebot Daniel Stenberg: Testing curl
19:47firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
19:47firebot Mozilla VR Blog: Input mapping in A-Frame
20:07SoItBeginsIs there a maximum size of a canvas element in Firefox?
20:47firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
20:47firebot Mozilla Addons Blog: New Contributions launched on AMO
21:50Timvdegrahamperrin-M: Oops, apparently I wasn&#39;t subscribed on my own repository :/
21:51TimvdeSo thank you for drawing my attention on the bug
21:56Caspy7for shame
22:04TimvdeI made sure I fixed my settings now :)
22:28The0x539aaaaaaaaaa fennec is really going with the same-color status bar
22:39Caspy7The0x539: use a theme
22:39The0x539point me to one
22:42Caspy7The0x539: I can&#39;t tell. Are you saying you don&#39;t know where themes are or that they don&#39;t affect the color of the area you&#39;re talking about?
22:43The0x539I don&#39;t know where to find fennec themes, or where to find one that&#39;s solid-color or statusbar-dualtone
22:43Caspy7The0x539: try
22:43The0x539good starting point
22:44Caspy7The0x539: other possibilities
23:20TimvdeCaspy7: I read that link and honestly thought for a second you were pointing to a theme with images of black cats
23:20Caspy7funny that one of the results is indeed a black cat
23:55Caspy7The Lastpass webextension has hit beta
23:59obZenwhat does layers.offmainthreadcomposition.log-animations do exactly?
13 Oct 2017
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