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12 Jul 2017
00:01araimaybe "embedding" not "embedded" :P
00:01sluggoMozilla kills embedding support for Gecko layout engine - Update
03:28firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
03:28firebot Andy McKay: Manual review of add-ons
03:43firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
03:43firebot Andy McKay: Mail filters
04:12darwinso, Firefox, after running a while, sometimes you try to open something--a menu, tab, RSS feeds, and it takes literally 10 seconds. Chrome, you do the same and it *always* snaps into appearance in less than a second, but Chrome has the worst interface ever (so does Firefox, having copied, but at least you can use Classic Theme Restorer to get menus back.) Why can't we have nice things?
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04:13firebot The Mozilla Blog: Defending Net Neutrality: A Day of Action
04:13arai_which menu?
04:14arai_like bookmark folder in bookmark toolbar?
04:15darwinI don't know what that is
04:15arai_then, which one?
04:16darwinI didn't say 'a certain menu,' I said any/all of them. For others, it'd be the menu button (I know many people have the same problem; ) for me, it's 'File Edit View History Bookmarks Tools Help,' or also all levels of those
04:17arai_menu bar at the top of the window?
04:18arai_do all of them have take long time? (there are several sub menus)
04:18darwinyes, typically anytime Firefox has been running for some minutes/hours/days/etc.
04:19darwin'large number of minutes'
04:19darwinwhen it starts, usually it's almost as fast as Chromium... later, no
04:20arai_is it possible to test with safe mode for a day?
04:20arai_to see if it's caused by some extension
04:20darwinbut I don't know what I'd do then. Mostly (apart from the ability to have classic menus) I use it for extensions
04:21arai_if you can figure out which extension is causing the issue (if so), you could report it to the developer
04:21arai_if the issue happens even in safe mode, you could file a bug to bugzilla
04:22darwinaren't even tabs group an extension now? It'd be a nightmare to run without those. That was cutting-edge technology, now is being removed
04:24arai_it's just for testing
04:25darwinbesides the nightmare running without classic theme... and I wouldn't wan to visit almost any website without NoScript and uBlock Origin... these sorts of four things should be default options
04:26darwin(uBlock Origin what most people switched to when AdBlock sold out)
04:26arai_you could try profiling when the issue happens
04:26arai_and see what's taking much time
04:26darwinok, I've never done that, but it sounds interesting
04:27arai_or maybe
04:30darwinso many great options keep getting removed or not added... add-ons getting to more configuration, view source, enabling right-click, smooth scrolling, usable zoom, the past standard history drop-down button, etc. The last was removed after Internet Explorer (IE) removed theirs. Firefox should set the trends, not follow IE and Chrome
04:30darwinok, I'll look at that
04:32darwin(view source code being another standard that was removed)
04:33darwinok, I installed the profiler
04:35darwinthanks; BBL
05:18firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
05:18firebot Michael Kelly: Using NPM Libraries in Firefox via Webpack
07:01mertyildiranHi, I don't quite understand how to use DeepSpeech( Is there a way to try it with some pre-trained models? or a better documentation about "Training a model"?
07:03Caspy7mertyildiran: I'm guessing the most authoritative place to ask would be #deepspeech - though I'm uncertain of their optimal hours of operation
07:04Caspy7I'm guessing probably US daytime
07:04Caspy7at least based on the last convo I had there
07:06mertyildiranCaspy7: OK I asked there too.
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07:13firebot Mozilla Marketing Engineering & Ops Blog: MozMEAO SRE Status Report - July 11, 2017
08:09k_szeIs there a way to lock the settings against changes in Firefox for iOS?
08:09k_szeI'm looking for a browser that I can use to host a kiosk mode app.
08:10k_szeBasically, as long as nobody is allowed to mess with the Firefox settings, I'm set.
08:11Caspy7k_sze: I very much doubt it, but you may try #mobile
08:11Caspy7unsure of their active hours (for the Focus devs at least)
08:15Caspy7if anyone is looking to get internet pseudo famous:
08:15Caspy7hitrecord is partnering with Mozilla for an ep
08:24Miguel_Ahi guys morning
08:25Miguel_Acan someone explain to me why since las firefox update it ask me always to run it with administrator privileges ?
08:25Miguel_Ai have already check the option "run has administrator" and that box is not checked
08:25Miguel_Aany other idea about why ?
08:39mboldanHello! Join us for today's Bug Verification Day via #qa IRC channel! Feel free to check for detailed instructions on how to get involved. Have fun ;)
08:40Caspy7Miguel_A: hrm, not really my expertise. My thoughts include asking in #security and just reinstalling Firefox (your data will stay the same) to see if that fixes it
08:40Miguel_Agood idea will do thanks
08:44Miguel_Ait worked indeed
08:44Miguel_Aweard... very weard
08:44Miguel_Athanks for the help
09:35flahi everyone
09:35flaI have a coworker who has tracking protection enabled in Firefox 52 outside of the private mode
09:35flaany idea what could have lead to that?
09:38philippfla: you can generally turn it on by setting the privacy.trackingprotection.enabled preference in about:config to true
09:38flaphilipp, yep, but he didn't do that manually
09:39philippperhaps there are privacy-centred addons that also toggle the pref
09:40Caspy7an addon could do it
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11:13firebot This Week In Rust: This Week in Rust 190
14:13kus_qlever seen this error on firefox nightly?
14:16sysKinthe first time they introduced "screenshots" - yes, almost immediately
14:17sysKinI assume it was taken out on the next day because I haven't seen it since
17:04firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
17:04firebot Chris H-C: Latency Improvements, or, Yet Another Satisfying Graph
17:15steve-_--Mis this now a theme with mozilla? first Firefox Focus now this
17:21Caspy7steve-_--M: what about Firefox Focus?
17:21steve-_--MCaspy7: that had reporting without the users opting in
17:21steve-_--Msending back info is fine but just let users opt in and it's a whole different story
17:21steve-_--Mnot asking and just sending data is not ideal
17:21Caspy7what type of reporting?
17:23steve-_--Miirc that was about app usage (not that I think, click bait headlines are good journalism)
17:23steve-_--Mand that data was going to a third party data analytics company in berlin (again iirc)
17:24Caspy7steve-_--M: so they could tell when you were using the app and how long?
17:25steve-_--MI have no access to the data that was sent out
17:25steve-_--Mbut it's more about what I already mentioned: opt in vs opt out (without being informed)
17:29firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
17:29firebot Air Mozilla: Weekly SUMO Community Meeting July 12, 2017
18:29firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
18:29firebot Air Mozilla: The Joy of Coding - Episode 105
20:15sqwishyWhen I open a new tab on nightly there are popups at the bottom, is there a way to turn that off?
20:16Mossopsqwishy: The code to make them go away after a little while hasn't landded yet
20:16MossopYou can go into the onboarding panel (the fox icon in the top left) and check the checkbox to turn it all off
20:17sqwishyMossop, Oh I didn't know that was a button. Thanks.
20:25Caspy7if you're in the US, please take a minute and go to to contact the FCC in support of Net Neutrality
20:26Mardegif you're in the rest of the world, please take a minute to mourn the loss of non-DRM web standards
20:58KiChjangwho should i talk to when i have an implementation problem with webrtc?
21:00Caspy7KiChjang: I'd say bring it up in #media
21:00KiChjangalright, thanks
21:36MoPacI'm using FF on Ubuntu. I've notice that recently (I think since 54), when I play a flash game, the web content process has started consuming significant CPU (in addition to the plugin-container), which didn't used to be the case. Is there a good way to track down the cause of this? What I see in the dev tools isn't obvious to me...
21:37SeburoMoPac: Hi. Are you using the Firefox that came with Ubuntu, or did you install it yourself from a Mozilla site?
21:39MoPacdistro version
21:40SeburoI do not know if/how/yet the multiprocess work has been picked up by the distro version. You may want to try a Mozilla version.
22:06MoPacSeburo: Sorry, just saw this. I am using multiprocess windows. But just from a debugging perspective, is there a way to tell what operations are being done by the web content process as opposed to another one? There isn't anything obviously resource-intensive happening on the page other than the flash applet
22:13SeburoMoPac: The network tool may help.
13 Jul 2017
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