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11 Oct 2017
01:15ciupicrifirefox-56.0-5.fc25.x86_64 is using almost 100% CPU and about:performance is useless. Any idea on how to figure out which page is using so much CPU?
01:50Caspy7ciupicri: when you say about:performance is useless, do you mean that it's not showing any tab or tabs as using high CPU?
01:50ciupicriCaspy7: yes
01:51ciupicrieverything is ok according to it
01:51Caspy7ciupicri: the issue may be an addon. Try starting with addons disabled (under Help)
01:51ciupicriwell except "about:performance" itself :-)))
01:51ciupicrino extensions, no plugins
01:54azakimib: i don't suppose you're the same person as "mib_muchconcern" which just quit a little while ago, are you?
02:09ciupicriCaspy7: so, any idea?
02:12Caspy7ciupicri: not immediately. You no addons installed at all, yes?
02:13ciupicriyes, no addons
02:16Caspy7ciupicri: what OS are you on?
02:17ciupicriLinux - Fedora 25, I thought it was obvious from my first statement.
02:18azakifedora 26 has been out for awhile now =o
02:18azakiin fact, 27 should be releasing soon.
02:20azaki(looks like 27 is coming out on november 7th)
02:22ciupicriindeed, but I'm running an up 2 date system nevertheless
02:29Caspy7ciupicri: did you get this build from your distro or from Mozilla's website? If the former, please test in a Moz build. I've seen a lot of problems that will happen in the custom distro builds (such as high CPU)
02:32ciupicriCaspy7: ok, I'll keep that in mind.
02:32Caspy7it really won't surprise me if that resolves it
02:36ciupicriI have some doubts, since the distro version works fine if I open only a couple of pages. But if I open lots (100+) including YouTube and Facebook all hell breaks loose or something like that.
02:42* grahamperrin-M sent a long message: grahamperrin-M_2017-10-11_02:42:06.txt <>
02:43grahamperrin-MAuto Unload Tab, with which Firefox 57 will be incompatible, is excellent, close to faultless. I recommend it without hesitation. I edited my review.
02:43grahamperrin-MThe 57-compatible alternative to Auto Unload Tab has at least one showstopping bug/feature.
02:44grahamperrin-MAnother reason for a 1,000+ tabs user like me to not rush to Firefox 57.
02:48ciupicrigrahamperrin-M: still, I would love to know how&#39;s the idiot web designer who&#39;s eating all my CPU
02:51grahamperrin-Mciupicri: I can suggest extensions that might help you to troubleshoot. First: what&#39;s the highest number of tabs that you&#39;re likely to have open at any time in the near future? More than, or less than, two hundred?
02:52ciupicriMore than 200 hundred. I used to have like 500+
02:54grahamperrin-MOK. Tab Memory Usage <> is good for measuring memory but for use with so many tabs, it would require careful configuration. If you enable it whilst so many are open you&#39;ll probably find the browser unresponsive for a while, and so on. I have it installed, but disabled
02:55ciupicriI have enough memory, I have 32GBs of RAM.
02:55ciupicrithe problem is the CPU.
02:56grahamperrin-MYeah. Just working around to that, bear with me, I might have something.
02:57* grahamperrin-M re-enables Performance Reporter
02:58* grahamperrin-M re-enables Task Manager
02:58grahamperrin-MOne of those is comparable to `about:performance`
02:59grahamperrin-Mciupicri: have you tried forcing off multiprocess (e10s)?
02:59ciupicriwhat&#39;s e10s?
02:59ciupicrihmm it looks like I have some custom settings for e10s
03:00grahamperrin-MOK, two or three things here.
03:00grahamperrin-MDon&#39;t rush to change any apparent custom setting. Give me five.
03:00firebotBug 1089917 NEW, Firefox is very slow with many tabs with heavy graphics
03:01grahamperrin-Mciupicri: in `about:config` add a new boolean,
03:01grahamperrin-Mmake it `true`
03:02grahamperrin-Mthen restart Firefox and use it as you normally would for a day or so.
03:03ciupicriI have only 1/1 web content process
03:03grahamperrin-MExactly, please apply the force. Disable the feature and then test without it.
03:07ciupicriso far so good, although I had JS disabled. Now time for some FB & YT.
03:11ciupicrigrahamperrin-M: it&#39;s late, so I&#39;m going to bed, but I&#39;ll try to get back tomorrow and give you some feedback.
03:11grahamperrin-MA day or so ago I&#39;m almost certain that I had on screen a bug about e10s and startup. No mention of startup above but I need to relocate that bug.
03:11grahamperrin-Mciupicri: I, too, should go to bed. 04:11 here in the UK!
03:12ciupicriit&#39;s even later here in Romania - 6:11
03:47grahamperrin-MAnyone, please: without using an extension, what&#39;s the definitive method of telling how many tabs are loaded?
03:49Mardegmanually count them? about:performance lists them
04:00grahamperrin-MMardeg: good idea, I showed all then Control-F found seventeen matches for:
04:00grahamperrin-MTab Tally shows twenty-seven loaded.
04:02Mardegwell if you&#39;re gonna install extensions for it, install multiple ones and compare :P
04:03* grahamperrin-M uses Extension Source Viewer at to glance at the the source
04:03grahamperrin-MMardeg: already done, thanks.
04:05MardegTimvde: you&#39;ve been pinged!~
04:05grahamperrin-MThere was more to add to that report but the wrongness was so frequent that I uninstalled
04:05Caspy7grahamperrin-M: there is a way to get a quick count from individual windows
04:05grahamperrin-MCaspy7: yeah I already have an extension enabled for that.
04:06Caspy7grahamperrin-M: you asked for *without* an extension
04:06Caspy7was just saying that&#39;s possible
04:06grahamperrin-MHalo above was a typo. Or the tail of Pickle cat.
04:08grahamperrin-MTimvde: was I with you in that conversation weeks or months ago and if so, did we kick the ball around re: a count of unloaded tabs?
04:09Caspy7folks, Tim vde is marked away
04:16kazumahey so i have a weird issue with
04:16kazumathen i click any link on the site
04:16kazumait does not load
04:16kazumabut if i then hit refresh
04:16kazumathe link i cliked will now load
04:16kazumait&#39;s very annoying and only happens on ebay
04:17Caspy7kazuma: I seem to recall this is a uBlock thing...You&#39;ve got ublock?
04:18kazumai tried disabling it on ebay though but the issue is still happening
04:18Caspy7try going to uBlock Dashboard/prefs and go to filters and purge all caches and update
04:20Caspy7kazuma: I don&#39;t remember if the best steps have been found, but you may try disabling it and restarting...I believe uninstalling and reinstalling it does do the trick
04:20Caspy7I want to say the developer indicated this is actually a conflict when some legacy addons actually interfere with the webextension version of uBlock
04:21Caspy7sidenote, I&#39;ll be glad when &quot;uBlock&quot; is no longer available on the addons site so we don&#39;t have to keep typing out all of &quot;ublock origin&quot; to keep things clear
04:24kazuma:( problem persists after purge cache + update
04:24kazumathanks for trying Caspy7
04:24Caspy7kazuma: I was just trying to potentially mitigate it without more extreme measures, please do the other steps I wrote
04:24Caspy7may need to uninstall and reinstall
04:24kazumais their a better alternative to ublock
04:25Caspy7for whatever dumb reason
04:25kazumayeah ok
04:25kazumawill try that now
04:25Caspy7no, I&#39;d say not
04:25Caspy7uBlock Origin is pretty well the best for now
04:26kazumaheh ok, with it uninstalled ebay is working fine
04:26kazumalets see what happens when i reinstall
04:28Caspy7kazuma: sorry, I&#39;m pretty tired atm. It&#39;s possible the dev said that the main issue was just conflicting with some legacy addons. I think I solved it, on my neighbor&#39;s computer, by doing a refresh, but not reinstalling the other legacy addon that he had
04:29kazumadon&#39;t apologise
04:29kazumayou helped me identify the issue :)
04:29Caspy7kazuma: adblock Plus is not better, but will work if you don&#39;t want to have to sort through your legacy addons. However, keep in mind that you want to look for some alternative to them (though some may be porting currently) as legacy addons will be going away soon.
04:29Caspy7maybe you can find the offender and you don&#39;t need it as much or can find an alternative
04:41grahamperrin-MCaspy7 (if you&#39;re not too tired): is mHeaderControl vaguely comparable to uBlock? I haven&#39;t got my head around the latter, it&#39;s probably overkill for my needs.
04:42Caspy7ublock is a content blocker, Adblock plus is closer to it
05:15Caspy7But I&#39;d only recommend ABP as an alternative in this case, where it&#39;s a temporary workaround
05:17maxtothemaxhey, if I get the unresponsive script warning, and I check the &quot;never ask me again&quot; checkbox, is that just for that one script or is it for any script ever? I&#39;ve always been afraid to check that box for that reason
05:18maxtothemaxalso, why are built-in scripts like tabbrowser.xml being stopped by it? seems like if you stopped that script you&#39;d break the whole browser?
06:52LunatriusIs the title/tab bar supposed to no longer be dark when using the dark theme?
06:55LunatriusWhat is used to look like: and what it looks like now:
07:18firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
07:18firebot Emma Humphries: What Happened to the Weekly Triage Reports?
08:58elstellinogood morning, is this a bad place for a feature request?
08:58Corkisn&#39;t going to change much, this is the community irc channel
08:59Corkyou can vent it if you like, but don&#39;t expect it to change anything
09:15amitprakashHi, can I manually delete entries from moz_places w/o harming ff?
09:15amitprakashSpecifically, I wish to delete entries where visit count < threshhold
09:15amitprakashDoing this via Library takes forever
09:21azakiman restoring sessions nowadays feels like playing russian roulette. occasionally i&#39;ll get a weird error with &quot;gpu process may have died&quot; or whatever. =o
09:21azakibut what&#39;s odd is i don&#39;t know if linux has the gpu process yet.. so eh..
09:42azakiok, i may have found a really weird bug in firefox beta. when you &quot;view video&quot; for embedded html5 vids, the player controls are really messed up.
09:42azakii&#39;m on linux. =o
09:42azakiif this happens for other people it should be easy to reproduce
09:43azakijust find an html5 video and rightclick, and click &quot;view video&quot;
10:00DuClare_Can you help me find an html5 video azaki?
10:04elstellinook, thanks Cork
10:04DuClare_What feature?
10:06elstellinohaving the chance to close tabs from the list that appears clicking on the top left hand side arrow. Now it just appears a context menu to customize the toolbar, which to my eyes is rather useless
10:07elstellinoright clicking
10:07elstellinohaving instead the context menu for tabs, with reload, bookmark close etc.
10:13DuClare_elstellino: That sounds like a very sensible idea to me. Check out .. maybe someone already filed a feature request, but if not, you could file one
10:13elstellinook, later, thank you
10:25azakiDuClare_: here&#39;s one
10:26azakithis is the one i initially confirmed the problem on.
10:27azakithe controls show up in a weird layout at the top left-ish.
10:27azakiit almost looks like the player widget is missing a css stylesheet or something..
10:49DuClare_azaki: It&#39;s ok on nightly
10:49DuClare_Grabbing beta..
10:50DuClare_It&#39;s fine on beta too
11:39macwhat is channel of firefox for Android ?
11:45sudoreboot-MHi there. How can I get the urlbar to stop automatically selecting the top suggestion when I type something? It&#39;s infuriating if I type &quot;elm&quot; and the top suggestion is &quot;elm-world&quot; and hitting enter chooses that instead
11:45sudoreboot-MI&#39;ve tried tweaking several different config variables relating to autofill, suggestions, completion, etc
11:46sudoreboot-MAdmittedly, none of them seem to have any effect at all.. do I need to restart the browser?
12:06RobotWizardHey the &#39;about&#39; section of my firefox, I see that it says I am on the Aurora update channel. I also saw a news item dated apr 2017 that the aurora channel will stop receiving updates; but I am still getting updates. Can someone clarify this for me Please?
12:08auscompgeekthe aurora channel is developer edition
12:09gelswipthe beta and aurora channels have somewhat merged, but both are still alive
12:10araiaurora channel is alive. the codebase is same as beta, but the build configuration is different
12:15justdaveI&#39;m on a MacBook Pro running High Sierra. Fresh OS install. Tried to install Firefox on it and when launching it I get &quot;Profile Missing: Your Firefox profile cannot be loaded. It may be missing or inaccessible.&quot;
12:16justdaveAll of the support topics on it talk about deleting or creating a new profile
12:16justdaveBut there is no profile to delete because it&#39;s a fresh install
12:16justdaveAnd I still get the same error if I try to launch it in Profile Manager mode
13:19firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
13:19firebot The Firefox Frontier: No-Judgment Digital Definitions: Internet, Search Engine, Browser
15:05vktecThis the right place for questions about FF 57 Beta?
15:08vktecAlright then. With Firefox 57 on Windows 10, occasionally my toolbar becomes unresponsive. The address bar (and associated buttons) is fine, but clicking on toolbar icons does nothing. The icons still get highlighted when hovered or clicked, but clicking them has no effect. Is this a bug? If so, where should I report it?
15:10vktecIt&#39;s fine after restarting Firefox
15:19firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
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15:29Caspy7vktec: certainly doesn&#39;t sound right. The rub sometimes is being able to reproduce it. Like if we can make it happen in a fresh profile (or what contributes to it on your profile).
15:30vktecOkay. I&#39;ll try starting up a clean profile and see what happens :)
16:09federico_hi, I have a problem with ublock origin and firefox. for example when I go to ebay (but it happens random to other sites) when I search something nothing happen, I have to go on the tab and use &quot;reload tab&quot;
16:09federico_the same in results page, when I click on a link nothing happen
16:10federico_I have to disable it, but while it is running, I have to disable it from the addons page
16:24Caspy7federico_: were you in here yesterday with this issue or was that someone else?
16:25federico_Caspy7, not me. I am reading and here
16:25federico_but no solution to the issue
16:26Caspy7federico_: as I recall, the cause is actually one or more legacy addons conflicting with the webextension version of uBlock
16:27federico_Caspy7, I read about it, but it&#39;s some legacy addons that conflict or any legacy addons? because I have a few
16:28Caspy7federico_: some.
16:28Caspy7maybe just one
16:29federico_it&#39;s a firefox bug?
16:30Latitude777Caspy7: Is Facebook a blank page there, pal?
16:31Caspy7federico_: honestly, I don&#39;t know. It&#39;s possible the legacy addon is overreaching to break the webextension. (Legacy addons can do about anything)
16:32federico_Caspy7, just to find that the problem was ublock it was a a pain, now find which addons can cause with ublock this prolem it&#39;s hell
16:33a-865facebook is nothing but white screen today. page source is loaded with head and scripts but nothing that looks like content. :-(
16:34Caspy7a-865: you and Latitude777 are having the same issue, eh? I wonder if you share a similar attribute, like an addon
16:35Caspy7what ad blocker do you use? (if you do)
16:36Latitude777ublock origin
16:36a-865no &quot;ad blocker&quot;, only hosts file
16:36Caspy7federico_: you can use a binary sort method. Split your addons in half into two groups, then disable one group, then the other. Find the offending group and do the same again to it. (I don&#39;t know if it will require a restart for each test)
16:37federico_divide and conquer ? :)
16:37Caspy7Latitude777: try disabling it temporarily and reload
16:37Caspy7federico_: indeed. Hopefully in a more expedient way
16:38federico_Caspy7, I can switch to another ad blocker for now (I like origin), but just to know if the issue is on firefox or origin, because on origin says it&#39;s firefox, on firefox seems ublock :)
16:39federico_on origin github it&#39;s marked as browser bug
16:40Caspy7federico_: it&#39;s honestly difficult for me to say. Perhaps it is a browser bug, has the ublock orgiin dev reported it? At this point, it may not really matter...
16:41Caspy7federico_: with the next release of Firefox legacy addons will not work. So now&#39;s a good time to look for alternatives, there are several, though some addons may be in the process of porting
16:43federico_Caspy7, ok but I see as legacy, &quot;all in one gesture&quot;, &quot;cookies manager+&quot;, &quot;downthemall&quot;, &quot;firephp&quot;, &quot;greasemonkey&quot;, &quot;restclient&quot;, just to give a list of some of them that I use and they are marked legacy. They seems important extension imho, not simple to find a replacement
16:43Caspy7I&#39;ll provide some links...
16:43federico_firestorage plus! too
16:44federico_session manager (I don&#39;t know if I translated it correctly)
16:46Caspy7federico_: oops, that last link was combined,
16:46Caspy7the links I gave for &quot;video download helper&quot; I was thinking of a download manager actually
16:47federico_well I noticed that firebug too, it&#39;s even disabled
16:48federico_well I not a web developer, but really there is not a firebug replacement? it was very nice
16:50Caspy7federico_: I believe the firebug dev now works with or for mozilla and most (all?) of its features are in the built-in devtools. Which I understand have improved greatly.
16:51federico_Caspy7, that&#39;s nice
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17:19firebot Air Mozilla: Weekly SUMO Community Meeting October 11, 2017
17:20a-865Caspy7: apparently FB can&#39;t be bothered to report when a FF version is no longer supported. Upgrade from 4590 to 5241 fixt it.
17:23Caspy7a-865: why were you using 45? It has security vulnerabilities.
17:24Caspy7Latitude777: is this your problem too?
17:26Latitude777not anymore. it&#39;s up here.
17:27Latitude777on-line again, i mean.
17:36federico_looking at, how can I know if an extension is an old one or a new one?
17:37Seburofederico_: Hi. The new ones should say that they are compatible with Firefox 57+
17:39federico_Seburo, I see, but I cannot search just for them, right?
17:39Seburofederico_: Yes, you can, let me dig out the instructions....
17:40federico_Seburo, I think I found it, nvm
17:43Caspy7Looks like &quot;AdBlock for Firefox&quot; is probably gaining some numbers right now
18:03a-865Caspy7: UI degradation caused by GTK3 among other things. e.d. scrollbar so narrow can hardly see it, much less hit it.
18:05a-865Caspy7: can the scrollbar be made wide enough without installing yet another addon?
18:05Caspy7a-865: pretty sure the scrollbar is controlled by GTK+3 settings.
18:05a-865I don&#39;t use GTK3
18:05a-865there are no settings for it
18:06Caspy7maybe a linux user can provide additional insight
18:06Caspy7I think GTK+3 is not a requirement, so thinking it&#39;s installed at some level, no?
18:06Caspy7sorry *now* a requirement
18:06Caspy7not &quot;not&quot;
18:08a-865gtk3 libs are installed, but they provide no way to change settgins
18:09Caspy7a-865: is there no way to install something to change the settings?
18:11a-865not in KDE3 that I know of
18:12a-865only GTK2
18:13Caspy7maybe try and find someone with linux experience. I would think there&#39;s some sort of way or client, something that could let you change GTK3 settings
18:14Caspy7a-865: if no one here chimes in, you may try #firefox on freenode too, lots of linux users there
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18:28a-865Caspy7: is a nice summary of the problem, sans solution :-(
19:13badnickthis is funny(Fx 57 Beta vs PM 27.5.1):
19:19firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
19:19firebot Mozilla Localization (L10N): L10n Report: October Edition
19:30marcoagpintowhy manual download files are &quot;56.0.1&quot; and the search for updates says it is up to date?
19:32philippit&#39;s only an update to migrate 32bit windows user to 64bit and contains no other changes
19:39therube_agone, so the &quot;fixed&quot; item is only a &quot;soft&quot; block, in a configuration file, & not a change in the program code itself?
20:09The_8472therube_agone, look at the linked bug. it&#39;s a code patch to detect the issue
20:15kbrosnantherube_agone: it is a change that allows the 32-bit to 64-bit migration of users on Windows
20:32RIch246Hello, how do I delete emails from the auto fill?... It&#39;s not in my saved passwords
20:35firebotRIch246: Welcome to #firefox! Just ask your question and someone should be with you shortly. If you don&#39;t get an answer after a while, you can try taking a look through the support site:
20:35MossopRIch246: Select the item from the autofill list with the keyboard then press the delete key
20:36RIch246Where is the auto fill list?
20:36MossopThe one that pops up and shows the thing you want to delete
20:36RIch246Also, I mean remove forever... not just from the selection
20:37Caspy7use the down arrow key to highlight it then hit delete
20:37RIch246Anyway without doing that?
20:37Caspy7using brain power perhaps?
20:37RIch246What about clearing my cache?
20:38Caspy7RIch246: you want to clear *all* of them?
20:38vktecWhy don&#39;t you want to use that method?
20:38RIch246All of one email, yes
20:39RIch246It shows up on some sites and not others
20:39RIch246It&#39;s my ex&#39;a email :P
20:39Caspy7no, I can give you instructions on clearing all form data history, but don&#39;t know that I have anything for search and destroy on just one
20:40RIch246So I can just nuke all auto fill emails?
20:40Caspy7yes, all form history
20:40kbrosnanno, it would be all form history
20:40RIch246How would I go about doing that?
20:40MossopNot just emails
20:41RIch246Does that sync across devices?
20:41TylerRIch246: go to settings, then Privacy and Security, then &quot;Saved Addresses&quot;
20:41Tyleryou can delete them there
20:42TylerCaspy7: I think rich is talking about the new form auto fill feature, which is different
20:42Caspy7RIch246: what version of Firefox are you on?
20:42RIch246Latest stable
20:43RIch24656 I think?
20:43Caspy7Tyler: I don&#39;t think that&#39;s on 56. I can see it on 57, but not 56
20:44TylerCaspy7: we are running a shield study, enabling for some folks on 56
20:44Tylerso possible they are seeing it
20:44Tyler(It may be the old system as well, just offering it as another option)
20:45RIch246 Not the email I want deleted... but that&#39;s what I see if it helps
20:46RIch246 Another example.... But again not the email I want deleted
20:48Caspy7RIch246: ok, if using the down arrow and hitting the delete button does not get rid of that, please follow Ty ler&#39;s instructions
20:49RIch246Nothing under security for that option
20:50RIch246Can I just nuke all my stuff besides the saved passwords?
20:51Caspy7RIch246: did you follow the link I gave you earlier? That should make it apparent (yes)
20:54RIch246Form and search history?.... would that surfice?
20:55Caspy7RIch246: I believe so. As long as you understand...well, that&#39;s going to include your forms history as well as the search history (from the search box)
20:57RIch246What is site preferences?
21:00a-865Caspy7: found clue in patch to fix but it&#39;s only per-user, global method yet to be found. settings are min-widths for selectors scrollbar trough and scrollbar slider
21:37Gizmokid2005Interesting. Firefox Screenshots doesn&#39;t handle zooming correctly. The drawn box doesn&#39;t resize properly with the page and subsequently it tries to rescale the image back when it&#39;s saved/uploaded yet retains the zoomed in text so it&#39;s unreadable.
21:50Gizmokid2005These two are of roughly the same part of the same page (within a few pixels either way) you can see the wonderful facebook bar: And after a 60% zoom to encompass the whole area without the navbar:
21:56ciupicrigrahamperrin-M: single process Firefox isn&#39;t much better
22:03Caspy7Gizmokid2005: might also bring this up in #screenshots
22:04Gizmokid2005Caspy7: Thanks. Will send this over there now. :)
22:27ciupicrihow can I make the new (empty) tab a blank page i.e. when I pass Ctrl-T to get a blank page?
22:29araion which version?
22:30araiwhat do you see now?
22:30araiinstead of blank?
22:30arai(I&#39;m not sure what&#39;s shown on distro package
22:32Caspy7ciupicri: click the gear icon on the upper right to customize it
22:34ciupicriCaspy7: lol, that was easy; thanks
22:45firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
22:45firebot Firefox Nightly: These Weeks in Firefox: Issue 25
23:13mikeg3Got major bookmarks problem in Firefox (lost them all). Is there any way to find out where they went easily?
23:15ciupicrimikeg3: bookmarkbackups in the profile directory, perhaps?
23:16mikeg3consulted this article, but problem is person I was helping actually had two instances of Firefox, and I deleted them both before making a bookmarks backup
23:17ciupicriI have no other idea unfortunately :-( maybe a filesystem level recovery of the files...
23:32Caspy7mikeg3: what do you mean by &quot;I deleted both&quot; both what? You&#39;re certain the data got deleted?
23:32Caspy7or maybe just Firefox
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