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11 Jul 2017
03:35jmspeexFor the past week or two, I've been having this really annoying FF bug where suddenly all existing tabs become blank and show a "spinning timer" without ever displaying anything
03:36jmspeexif I open new tabs, they're fine, but all tabs already opened when the bug happens are no longer usable
03:36jmspeexI can't load a new page from them either
03:37jmspeexRunning FF55
03:38jmspeexThe problem started happening about 2-3 weeks ago IIRC and it triggers every few days
03:38jmspeexright now it's happening so if anyone has a diagnostic to suggest I can run it before I restart the browser and it may take a few days to happen
04:22chocolaterobothello fellow Firefox users. I'm on a limited/metered/pricey internet connection. Is there a way to save on bandwidth this way: When I press the Back button, everything is from cache?
04:24arainot a simple way tho, you can enable/disable offline mode anytime you want
04:24chocolaterobotoffline mode. Fx has an offline mode?
04:24chocolaterobotlemme see
04:25arai"Work Offline" in File menu
04:25chocolaterobotif I do that, then I can't access anymore sites, yes?
04:25chocolaterobothmmm... that doesn't seem to help. :)
04:25araino network traffic happens
04:26araiso, you can enable offline, move back, then disable offline
04:26chocolateroboti want to keep traffic alive, but just to avoid unnecessararily-repeatable traffic
04:26araiif all cache is valid at that point, the page will be displayed from cache
04:26araiI'm not sure if there's a way to tweak the cache expiration
04:27araianother simple way would be, use proxy server and make it use cache as much as possible
04:27arai(local proxy server I mean
04:27chocolaterobotproxy server? is that simple? coz I'm a simple surfer. :) :)
04:28araisetting up a proxy server would be simple. but I'm not sure about cache system there
04:28chocolaterobotarai: i think i'll just open everything in New Tabs. :)
04:29chocolaterobotthat way my "Back button" is just closing the tab I'm currenttly in. :)
04:29araibut in that case all page is alive, and that may cause traffic
04:30araithese days several page components are triggering network request even after page load finishes
04:30arailike ads
04:30chocolaterobothmmm.. don't uderstand ... "but in that case all page is alive, and that may cause traffic"
04:30chocolaterobotI have an adblocker
04:31chocolaterobotarai wroete "these days several page components are triggering network request even after page load finishes" >---> like what?
04:32chocolaterobotis there an adblocker list that will prevent me from seeing popups that ask me to subscribe to their mailing list, like in ?
04:32araiif you have ad blocker, this specific case might be negligible tho, ad frame may load new ads for each several seconds
04:32araialso, there might be comment form that tries to keep up to date
04:32chocolaterobotarai: i don't quite understand what you just wrote. my adblocker doesn't just hide the ad, it never loads it in the first place.
04:33chocolaterobotublocker origin
04:33araiyes, so I wrote that the ad case might be negligible
04:33araibut not for comment form case
04:35chocolateroboti see
04:35araifor example, twitter keeps active connection (not sure the details tho) to reflect the newer tweets on the page
04:35chocolaterobotah, twitter is usch a bandwidth hog, isn't it! lol
04:35chocolateroboti don't mind twitter keeping a page active. i just wish it doesn't mean that the longer I keep the twitter tab/windown open, the mone bandwidth it's consuminh
04:37araiI don't know if it stops request at some point tho, I saw the number of unread tweets increases while keep it opened
04:48chocolaterobotoh, i thought that "number of unread tweets" wasn't really consuming bandwitdth.
04:48chocolateroboti wish there was a way to get like a plain-HTML version of Twitter.
04:48chocolaterobotlike, there's a basic HTML verrsion of gmail, you know?
04:48araimaybe, disable JavaScript?
04:48arainot sure if it works
04:49araihm, apparently it doesn't fallback to non-JavaScript way
04:49araithrobber is rolling forever :P
05:02chocolaterobotarai: have you tried twitter from terminal
05:03chocolaterobotnot that i'd use terminal.
05:03chocolaterobotthat would be too drastic for me
05:03araido you mean telnet?
05:03chocolaterobotbut i really wish twitter would load faster and with less "baggage"
05:03chocolaterobotarai: no i meant terminal. with a text-browser like lynx or whatever. :)
05:03chocolaterobotarai: you on windows? mac? linux?
05:03chocolateroboti'm on linux
05:03araiah, I haven't tried
05:03araion mac
05:04chocolaterobotyou're rich
05:04chocolaterobotha ha
05:04chocolaterobotmy sister has mac powerbook
05:04chocolaterobotnot the newer one with the fingerstrip (or whatever it's called)
05:04chocolaterobotthey've beautiful products
05:05chocolateroboti wonder what producs there would be if Steve Jobs was still the big boss today. :)
05:05chocolaterobothe was such a great artist+engineer
05:06araithere is a page that says mobile twitter was usable from w3m, but it's 9 years ago
05:06chocolaterobotlong time ago
05:07chocolateroboti think there's a way to use adblocker to speed up twitter. maybe i'll ask on some adblocker forum. :)
05:07chocolateroboti meant ublock origin
05:08araisearching with "twitter w3m" on twitter shows some result that some people are still using it
05:08araiwith mobile twitter
05:11chocolaterobothmmm... do you have a link, arai ?
05:12chocolaterobotw3m is a terminal browser, yes?
05:12chocolaterobotah, thank you.
05:12chocolaterobotmaybe one day i'll try it. but i'm not used to surfing the web using a text/terminal browser. :)
07:43Mardeghow many are still using Hv3?
07:44Mardeglooks like once it passed the Acid2 test in 2008 they stopped developing it
08:16firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
08:16firebot Shing Lyu: Install Ubuntu 16.04 on ThinkPad 13 (2nd Gen)
08:35Caspy7arai: ping
08:35araiCaspy7: pong
08:36Caspy7arai: I'm trying to do some regression testing to find something between 54 & 55...
08:36Caspy7I downloaded and installed the Mozregression-gui for windows
08:36Caspy7there's an option for choosing the repository
08:36Caspy7do I choose mozilla-central or mozilla-inbound?
08:36araibasically starting from mozilla-central would be fine
08:37araiit will switch to mozilla-inbound if necessary
08:37araior perhaps to autoland
08:37Caspy7I see
08:39Caspy7arai: thanks
08:39araimy pleasure
09:07Caspy7arai: so...I ran regression and all the tests were "good" Now what?
09:07Caspy7arai: something that landed after nightly I guess?
09:07Caspy7I should test 55-56?
09:08araiwhere does the issue happen?
09:08araion 56 release?
09:08araioh, there's no 56 release :P
09:08arai55 beta?
09:08Caspy7arai: the issue happens on 55 beta and 56
09:09Caspy7possibly a fix that landed on 55 beta and not nightly?
09:09Caspy7so then it would have hit 56 too
09:09araiso, the issue happens on today's nightly?
09:09Caspy7yes, iirc
09:09Caspy7so should regression test 55-56
09:09philippCaspy7: maybe dependent on some settings/addons
09:09araiwith clean profile?
09:09Caspy7yes, clean profile
09:10Caspy7I can open 55 beta and see it now, but 55 nightly builds were apparently all good
09:10araiwhich range did you specify?
09:10araican you try 54-latest ?
09:10araiI'm not sure how to specify it in GUI tho
09:10Caspy7yeah, tested 54 release and it's good
09:11araiI meant, from 54 to latest nightly
09:11Caspy7I don't think I need to go forward, but back. I'll test 55-56. I'm thinking it must be a fix that landed on Beta after the graduation
09:11philippwhat's the bug you're hunting down? :-)
09:11araiso, good=54, bad=today
09:12Caspy7philipp: a serious memory leak regression associated with the Private Tab addon
09:12Caspy7arai: 54 release is good, 55 beta today is bad
09:12Caspy7but all of 55 nightly was apparently good
09:13araiI'd suggest checking all ranges after 54
09:13araithere might be backport
09:13Caspy7actually, now that I think of it, the user specified they thought it started around b4
09:13Caspy7ah, was "backport" the trigger word I was looking for :)
09:13Caspy7that's basically what I meant, a new land on beta
09:14philippwith binary search it isn't that important that you get the known-good time that close to the regression - it will just result in 1-2 more steps
09:14araiI'm not sure how to check it tho, if the issue happens on nightly, you could figure out the corresponding change on nightly
09:14Caspy7arai: right, I'll just search Nightly
09:14araiand hopefully the bug has some info about backporting
09:14araiuplift, yeah
09:15Caspy7arai: wait, can't I just bisect mozilla-beta?
09:15araiI haven't tried that
09:15araithere might be some chance, but not sure
09:15araiin most case I use mozilla-central
09:15philippi think you should go for mozilla-central, the results will be much more granular there
09:16philippif you end up with a regression range from one beta to another there may still be dozens of patches in it
09:21Caspy7welp, I'm confused again. I was selecting regression range and chose "release" instead of date, and the releases available to choose from only go up to 55 and not 56
09:21Caspy7I chose mozilla-central
09:22araiit means the date of merge
09:22araiI think
09:22philippuse last good 2017-03-06
09:22Caspy7well, I've already tested 54-55 and it was all good
09:23araican't you specify date?
09:23araigood=54, bad=2017-07-10 or something
09:23Caspy7yeah, I can do the date...just a bit weird that 56 isn't possible
09:24arai"56" doesn't specify any date at this point
09:24Caspy7arai: if it knows that 56 is current nightly, then "today" should work :)
09:25araiactually, 56 should mean 2017-08-02
09:25araiand there's no build for the date
09:26Mardeghow many hours till the next nightly build?
09:30arailooks like it's mostly built at 3 and/or 10, according to the directory name, not sure which timezone it means tho
09:31Mardegyeah I'm totally lost on when it is, especially with daylight saving here
09:32Caspy7EST or GMT, no? (...)
09:32philippsince bug 741318 is still open, apparently it ties to mozilla standard time (mountainview)
09:32firebot NEW, Make use of UTC timezone for the buildid
09:33Mardegthis is why I asked for the number of hours till the build instead of the time :P
09:35MardegI envision firebot knowing and giving the answer in hours, minutes and seconds as a response to !next
09:35araiso... if can become DST, buildid isn't monotonically increasing...?
09:36Mardegyour using words that are far to long at someone not wearing any pants
10:08Caspy7arai, philipp: here's a riddle for you. I have the Private tab addon installed in a profile. I can go to a specific web page and memory will begin expanding very quickly. (I can even close the tab and minimize memory and have most of it still leaked). But if I do regression test with this same profile and the same web page it behaves nicely, no leak.
10:09araieven with the latest nightly?
10:10Caspy7can reproduce on 55 Beta and 56 Nightly. If I regression test 55 & 56, no issues
10:10araiI meant, running latest mozilla-central build from mozregression
10:11Caspy7I did mozilla-central from 54 to today's date
10:11araibtw, you mentioned "same profile", have you chosen existing profile?
10:12Caspy7arai: I used the same profile that I reproduced it on in the first place. Is that what you're asking?
10:12Caspy7arai: I *had* reproduced it on Nightly, but am double checking right now
10:12araican you try reproducing from clean profile instead?
10:13araiboth on outside of mozregression and inside mozregression
10:13* Caspy7 sighs
10:13Caspy7it is not reproducing on Nightly at this moment
10:13Caspy7outside of mozregression
10:56Caspy7arai: bah, to it turns out the main problem was that I was using windows task manager to look at memory and this was not displaying true memory use. I used another process manager and got correct results. But now discerning when the real problem started is still hinky because it had a leak already, so trying to diagnose when the leak got *worse*
11:02mib_5535cyHow do I work with extension objects ? Cant seem to see the changes they make in inspect element
11:02araiwhat do you mean by "extension objects" ?
11:04mib_5535cyLets say I use a youtube video download extension. I adds a "download" button on top of the page (youtube) that is loaded. In that case the changes that the extension is making is not reflected in the "inspect element"
11:05mib_5535cyIts making a change to the page being displayed but on inspect element I cannot find it .
11:06araiyou mean the "Download" button?
11:07mib_5535cyyes .
11:07araiI can inspect
11:07mib_5535cythat button is added by the extension
11:07araion nightly on macos
11:08mib_5535cyHmm ultimately I want to control the extension via selenium
11:09araialso I can inspect on 54.0.1
11:09araican you please describe the steps to reproduce?
11:09mib_5535cyYes im having that version
11:10mib_5535cyOne min ill provide steps
11:14mib_5535cyInstall IDM from . Then install extension from their program files. C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Download Manager "idmmzcc3.xpi" .
11:15araisorry, I meant the reproduction steps with the YouTube extension
12:02TonnesCaspy7: did you see ? user reports it didn't help but I cannot imagine FF to not pick up the OS'es connection settings changes in Linux only
12:03Tonnesor its (CentOS) distribution - and Chrome doing so
12:04Caspy7Tonnes: is that the link you intended?
12:04Tonnesit's the support question if you mean that
12:05Tonnesoh sorry
12:06Caspy7Tonnes: I should mention that I'm not on linux
12:06Tonnesha, ok
13:11firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
13:11firebot The Mozilla Blog: Mozilla Fully Paid Parental Leave Program Officially Rolls Out Worldwide
13:31est31ubuntu terminal, nothing more
13:31est31sad :/
13:31est31gnu/linux is more than just terminals
13:32Caspy7Mardeg: so...still reading slashdot eh?
13:33azakiest31: of course; they need to add the rotating desktop cube and wobbly windows. =o
13:33MardegCaspy7: passing on a link from elsewhere. First time I looked at /. in about a year
13:33Caspy7my kingdom for wobbly windows
13:34MardegTurbulent Terminals
13:41firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
13:41firebot Mozilla Open Innovation Team: Reflection Inclusive Organizing for Open Source Communities
13:44est31azaki: lol
13:47Mardegyay! bug 1379030 patch is in the latest nightly :D
13:47firebot FIXED, Audio controls in <video> now expands heightwise to obscure captions and poster image
13:56firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
13:56firebot Niko Matsakis: Non-lexical lifetimes: draft RFC and prototype available
13:56TonnesCaspy7: when interested, I added my thoughts in the question, it may be a known bug, also affecting windows
14:25Questionim getting an unknown issuer error on many sites and apparently this is because my ISP is rerouting traffic through opendns. the issue is that i have tried using my mobile phone as a hotspot and i am still getting the errors even though firefox shows that my IP is coming from my mobile phone. how do i fix this?
14:26araiwho issued the certs?
14:27Questionthe error says unknown issuer
14:28araiyou can check the details in the dialog that can be opened by clicking &quot;Add Exception...&quot; button
14:28araithere&#39;s &quot;View...&quot; button
14:28araiand that will open another dialog, and there should be &quot;Issued By&quot; field
14:29arai(the exception won&#39;t be added as long as you don&#39;t click &quot;Confirm Security Exception&quot; button
14:29Questionit wont let me add an exception
14:29Questionbecause the site apparently will only accept HTTPS
14:30araican you post the screenshot after clicking &quot;Advanced&quot; button?
14:32Questioni found a site with the add exception button uses an invalid security certificate. The certificate is not trusted because the issuer certificate is unknown. The server might not be sending the appropriate intermediate certificates. An additional root certificate may need to be imported. Error code: SEC_ERROR_UNKNOWN_ISSUER
14:33Questionin the certificate viewer it says the organisation is opendns
14:33globQuestion: are you running any form of antivirus or &quot;internet security&quot; ?
14:33Questionjust microsoft security essentials
14:33Questionunless something installed itself on my computer without my permission
14:35globhrm. i wonder why you&#39;re seeing an opendns issued cert there. perhaps opendns is blocking the site, and can&#39;t display the error
14:36araijust to be sure, does the same issue happen on other browsers?
14:37Questionthe problem is im using my mobile phone as a hotspot
14:37Questionand thats not using opendns
14:37Questionunless the certificate data is saved somewhere
14:37Questionand its using the old certificate data
14:38globQuestion: can you check your dns settings?
14:39Questionfor my wifi (which is using my mobile phone as a hotspot) its set to google dns
14:50Questionokay this is creepy, i deleted all the server certificates in my cert manager, and now is giving me a popup saying that my ethernet connection has it blocked
14:50Questionbut firefox shows that it is using my wifi&#39;s IP address from my phone
14:50Questionhow is that possible?
14:51araican you post a screenshot of the popup?
14:53Questioni didnt include the logo identifying the place where i am staying at
14:53Questionand the URL of the block page is a opendns one
14:54Questionbut i do not have my wifi set to use opendns...
14:54araiI guess it&#39;s not firefox&#39;s feature
14:55araican you check what happens on other browser?
14:56araialso, are you using proxy server?
14:59araioh, apparently it&#39;s opendns&#39;s feature?
14:59araithe page, I mean
15:00Questionthe page is from opendns, yes
15:00Questionto check with another browser would be difficult atm
15:04araiare you sure that you&#39;re using google DNS for the connection?
15:05Questionwell in the wifi connection settings its set to use
15:05araican you check if you get the expected IP address for the hostname?
15:05Questionwhat do you mean?
15:05arairesolve the name on your system, by dig command or nslookup command or something
15:06Questionthat would just return my ethernet connection by default
15:12WG9sQuestion: you seem to have some kind of odd idea that which dns server to use is somehow associated whith which connection you use to make the connections wfif or ethernet etc. that is NOT how it works.
15:14Questionuh but in the ipv4 properties you can set the dns server you want to use
15:14Questionand i have it set to google dns
15:15Questioni just tested with light firefox and again, its showing my mobile phone&#39;s IP but the opendns page is appearing
15:16WG9sbut if you have ipv6 enabled also and have different servers enabled there it uses all of them for lookups ofr a dns namde for an ipv4 and ipv6 connection. the whole windows way of configuring dns is brain damaged and makes you think it all works differently than the way it does.
15:18Questioni just disabled ipv6 for my wifi
15:18Questionno difference
15:19Dagger(why do people try that, yet never try disabling v4?)
15:19WG9sQuestion: oh it also has this really buggy dns cache thing that sometimes makes things work differenly than you expect if you stop and disable the dns client service you might find things work more like you would expect.
15:19Questiongood point i will try flushing the cache
15:19WG9sthat too
15:20WG9sa good indication that is the issue is if nslookup <name> and ping <name> end up lining a different ip form what nslookup gives. that is a good indication that flusing the cahe is what you need.
15:22WG9sand browsers also cahce old results so for a browser a rowser restart is sometimes required to pick up new info
15:23WG9sthe caching is fine an 99% of the time just makes things faster but for that 1% of situations it just breaks things.
15:30David3kCaspy7, are you afk?
15:42Questionive noticed that everytime i start firefox it always has a a cookie from
15:42Questionand when i delete/restart firefox it comes back
15:42araidoes the issue happen if you use safe mode?
15:43Questionsafe mode? you mean disable plugins?
15:43araijust to be sure you don&#39;t have malware or similar extension
15:43arai&quot;restart with add-ons disabled&quot;
15:47David3kQuestion, I set my firefox history settings to custom and allow for all the normal things except cookies are only per-session, then I go delete all the cookies and restart firefox...
15:47David3kany sites I want to keep the cookies persistent I set in the &quot;view page info&quot; page and allow normal cookies to be set.
15:48Questioni just tried safe mode, the cookie didnt come back
15:48araido you have some extensions installed?
15:49Questionyea but nothing that would do this
15:49Questionalso i dont see any new extensions at all
15:49Questionin the addons list at least
15:50araican you try disabling all of them and see if there&#39;s any difference between safe mode?
15:52Questionhmm it didnt come back either
15:53Questionit may be coming back because i hav e a tab open to the opendns block page
16:11Questionoh that cookie just shows up if you have anything blocked by opendns
16:12Questionone of my extensions was being blocked i think
16:36Questionwg9s : restarting the dns client service didnt help either
16:37Questionsomehow opendns is forcing itself into my browsers
16:39firebotCaspy7: Welcome to #firefox! Just ask your question and someone should be with you shortly. If you don&#39;t get an answer after a while, you can try taking a look through the support site:
16:40Nickhi, I have a problem with one of my add ons/extensions. I want to remove it but I can&#39;t
16:40Caspy7Nick: how was it installed?
16:40Nickit&#39;s IDM extension
16:40Caspy7I don&#39;t know what that means
16:41NickInternet download manager
16:41Caspy7what it installed from the addons website?
16:41NickI&#39;ve installed the program, and the extension was added to firefox automatically
16:41firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
16:41firebot QMO: Firefox 55 Beta 7 Testday Results
16:42Caspy7Nick: ok, then it was installed by a 3rd party app, that&#39;s how it will need to be removed
16:42Caspy7sometimes there is an uninstaller in your OS&#39;s app manager
16:42Caspy7sometimes in the 3rd party program itself
16:43Nickwhen I go to the extensions list, all of them have a &quot;remove&quot; button but this one doesn&#39;t
16:43Caspy7Nick: do you understand what I said about how to uninstall it?
16:43Nickand as my program&#39;s version (idm) is too old, it has been disabled by firefox
16:43Nickyes I did
16:44Caspy7ok, then you cannot uninstall it from the addons manager
16:44Caspy7if it&#39;s not enabled, it should not be affecting Firefox at least :)
16:45Nickya there&#39;s no effect on firefox but the program itself keeps sending messages about it
16:45Nickbut, the add on is installed on firefox , there should a way to remove it from here
16:45Nick*be a way
16:45Caspy7Nick: are you not able to use IDM or the uninstaller to uninstall it?
16:46Caspy7if you&#39;d like to ask in #addons about the topic you&#39;re welcome to, but off the top of my head there is not. You can disable side-loaded addons, but not uninstall them
16:46Caspy7I think it&#39;s because they&#39;re not actually located in your profile folder
16:47Caspy7the addon is located somewhere else on the hard drive
16:47Nickif you mean uninstalling the extension, no I can&#39;t at least I don&#39;t know how to do it
16:48Nickand I can&#39;t uninstall idm cause I need it
16:48Caspy7Nick: go into IDM and look for an option to disable the Firefox integration
16:49Caspy7otherwise, if you&#39;re on windows, go into the add/remove programs window and look for an item for it
16:50Nickthanks for your help
16:56firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
16:56firebot Emma Irwin: ReflectionInclusive Organizing for Open Source Communities
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17:57firebot Air Mozilla: Rain of Rust -4th online meeting
17:57firebot Air Mozilla: Webdev Extravaganza: July 2017
19:31kiwiguywhy is firefox very slow in my network?
19:43Daggerchannel flood autokick doing its job for once
19:45SeburoI thought it was their network going really slow.
19:46Daggerthat looked more like &quot;maybe if I spam some random crap, people will be more likely to help me&quot; to me
19:47Dagger(I don&#39;t really get the logic behind that, but I see people who seem to believe that every now and then)
19:48SeburoAgreed. I just looked at a SUMO question where a similar policy was being followed.
22:02firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
22:02firebot Air Mozilla: Rust Libs Meeting 2017-07-11
23:51mr_pantsHow to create own GUI for Firefox from the scratch?
23:53araiwhich part of GUI?
23:54araisomething like custom visual button inside web content?
23:55araior you want to open new window with totally customized visual?
23:55mr_pantsjust full gui
23:55mr_pantsfrom the scratch
23:55mr_pantsnew concept
23:56araia new firefox feature?
23:56araior theme?
23:56mr_pantsno theme
23:56mr_pantsnot feature
23:56araican you provide some example so that it would become clear?
23:57mr_pantsGUI from the scratch + firefox engine
23:57mr_pantsI want to use Firefox-engine only
23:57araiah, you want to create another web browser using gecko engine?
23:58sluggoIm back
23:59sluggoyes just new browesr based on Firefox-engine
23:59araithere are/were some project about embedding gecko engine
23:59araisearching with &quot;gecko embedded&quot; or something like that will work
23:59araiI&#39;m not sure which of them are now active tho
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