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11 Aug 2017
00:15sam113101every time I watch youtube videos in fullscreen my firefox process starts using 150% CPU
00:19Caspy7sam113101: I forget, what OS are you on?
00:21Caspy7sam113101: are you receiving MP4 or webm? What version of Firefox are you on now?
01:13sam113101Caspy7: webm
02:23eagledoes ff pdfjs run in a sandbox?
03:27firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
03:27firebot Ehsan Akhgari: Quantum Flow Engineering Newsletter #19
03:38mefistofelesso, the goal with ff quantum flow is to be 20% slower than Chrome in that speedometer? If I get it right
03:38mefistofelesfrom the newsletter the firebot just linked
03:38mefistofelesI mean, firefox was that slow before? I think I never noticed then
04:46Mossopmefistofeles: That's one of the goals. We were a fair bit slower than that before. Of course benchmarks are fairly specialised measures and my not accurately cover real world usage
04:46mefistofelesI agree
04:47mefistofelesMossop: I'm not saying it's bad, I'm just trying to confirm
04:47mefistofelesand I think it's a great improvement what ff has done so far
04:50decebalushmm..Firefox untill 53 version is much slower than itself (old versions)
04:52mefistofelesdecebalus: what do you mean?
04:55decebalusmefistofeles: I demonstrated here, you can try. (whithout any benchmark) : Bug 1343490
04:55firebot INCOMPLETE, Firefox (new versions) visible slower than older versions
05:20chocolaterobothello FireFoxers. I just learned of I've been using mozillazine forum to post my question. Is there a transition going on ?
05:21chocolaterobot*my questionS
05:21chocolaterobotanyway, the question I have right now is this: When I'm on a pricey metered internet connection, I want to save on bandwidth. Opera Turbo ( does this. How can I save on bandwidth while on Firefox desktop?
05:47The0x539Where can I find the original version of this image?
05:48The0x539The one used here?
05:52chocolaterobotThe0x539: what do you mean original version?
05:53The0x539Like, grab it from the browser somewhere
05:53chocolaterobotyou mean the page with all the trappings?
05:53chocolaterobotgrab it?
05:53chocolaterobotdon't understadn
05:53The0x539I mean that image, as I understand it, is used in the browser
05:53The0x539but was taken, slapped on a background, and put on imgur
05:53chocolaterobot is a screenshot of the browser
05:54chocolaterobotis a closely cropped screenshot of firefox
05:54The0x539the *source file*...
05:54chocolaterobotsource file of the PNG file?
05:54The0x539the image
05:55The0x539that the browser displays there
05:56The0x539because I'm fairly certainn it's being downscaled there, and doesn't have the background present in the imgur link's version
05:56chocolaterobotThe0x539: i think the question is best asked to imgur
05:57The0x539I already asked the reddit user who uploaded it
05:57chocolaterobotThe0x539: and what did redditor say?
05:57The0x539I fail to see how the imgur staff could help
05:57The0x539no reply yet, I was asking in here in case they didn't know or didn't reply
05:58chocolaterobotThe0x539: sorry, i misunderstood you. pls disregard my "pls ask imgur staff" advice
05:58chocolaterobotThe0x539: why not post on
06:00chocolaterobotThe0x539: may i ask what exactly you're trying to do? what's your goal?
06:00The0x539I need that image, with transparency, and at the highest resolution I can get it in, for customization purposes
06:02chocolaterobotThe0x539: ok. when i can't get an answer in an irc channel, i post on a forum
06:02casperlHI, how to compile firefox with debug symbols? I added -g option in .mozconfig file, but I can't print class members in gdb
06:05SeburoThe0x539: I am not sure it is available right now, but I am sure it will be released fairly soon.
06:05The0x539It's...used in the browser.
06:05The0x539Surely it's in the repository somewhere or can be extracted
06:06SeburoThere is a copy in the Linux version.
06:08The0x539Dunno where the "Linux version" of the source code is
06:11SeburoI do not know mercurial, but if you can open tar.bz2 on your device, you can see that file.
06:30The0x539 sweet
06:31The0x539now we wait for the corresponding stable icon to come to fruition
07:32__marcoWhat are the two numbers in "Web Content Processes" in about:support?
07:33Tokoyami__marco: current number of processes / maximum number of processes
07:33Tokoyamimain and gpu process are not counted
07:33Tokoyamialso file://, webext, etc
07:35__marcoTokoyami: thanks
08:31drozdziak1Several months ago, Firefox started hiding my add-ons and search bar under a drop-down list like this:
08:31drozdziak1How can I turn that off?
08:32drozdziak1What is more infuriating is that when I enter the customize view and take them out it does work, but then it stops after some time
08:35auscompgeekdrozdziak1: how wide is your window?
08:36drozdziak1I've got a full HD monitor with unaltered dpi on Arch Linux with i3
08:36drozdziak1*I've got two monitors of that size
08:36Tokoyamidrozdziak1: I'm guessing you are using nightly?
08:37drozdziak1I don't think so, just the firefox package from the distro's repos, firefox --version says "Mozilla Firefox 54.0.1"
08:37drozdziak1What's also bothering me is that before that started happening, I've never had any problems with screen width at all
08:38Tokoyamihuh, weird
08:38drozdziak1And I wouldn't know why someone made the decision to force my browser to hide my icons.
08:40drozdziak1Also, when having multiple windows, only the first one created seems to hide the icons
08:47Tokoyamioh, I wonder if this is the i3 issue where the window gets created small (something like 1024/768 or 1280/1024) and then expanded to the full size as per the layout settings
08:49drozdziak1No, not at all, after switching the window to float mode nothing changes
08:50Tokoyamiwhat if you swith to a float only layout and then start firefox?
08:53drozdziak1There isn't float-only workspaces in i3
08:54Tokoyamimm, been a while since I used it. is there a way to tell it to run a specific application directly in float mode then?
08:55drozdziak1You know what, to rule out i3's fault it's probably best to just install and run a different DM
08:57TokoyamiI guess that's an option
08:57Tokoyamimaybe pure X is fastest if you can easily do that :D
12:00rborchhi! I can send tabs from my phone to my desktop through firefox sync. However, how can I do this in the opposite way?
12:02rborchok, I found the menu (right clicking on a tab). However, that menu only appears after entering the master password... thats confusing, but ok
12:03philippthe share button should work as well afaik
13:39tilpnerHi. I have an instance of FF, then run $ firefox some.tld and instead of creating a new instance/window it opens a new tab in the instance I already have. How does it communicate with already running instances?
13:47gchristensendbus probably
13:48BrianHello. Since Firefox 55, I've noticed that when a new page is loading, the URL shows up in the title bar briefly.. is that now intentional?
13:48Tokoyamino, I think it just uses information from the profile
13:48Tokoyamidefinitely not dbus
13:48gchristensenoh cool :)
13:49Caspy7Brian: yes
13:50Tokoyamitilpner: --no-remote will prevent it from connecting to a running instance and will spawn a new process. use it together with -P <profile> or --ProfileManager so you don&#39;t run two instances on the same profile.
13:50Tokoyamifor just a new window on a running firefox you want --new-window <url>
13:51Tokoyamifirefox --help shows all options available.
13:53tilpnerTokoyami - How does &quot;connecting to a running instance&quot; work? I&#39;m attempting to put FF in a sandbox, and I was surprised this still works. It shouldn&#39;t even be able to see other instances in a PID namespace :/
13:55Tokoyamitilpner: don&#39;t know the details
13:55Tokoyamibut it reads something from the profile directory
13:55Tokoyamimight be that lock file I&#39;m seeing here
13:55Tokoyamiit points to a localhost address with a a random port
13:55Tokoyamithat might be the communication socket
13:57tilpnerI isolated ~/.profile, and calling firefox outside the sandbox still manages to open a new tab inside the sandbox
13:57tilpner* ~/.mozilla, which I assume you were talking about
13:57Tokoyamiyes, that&#39;s the default
13:58Tokoyamifirefox looks at $HOME
13:59Tokoyamiif ~/.mozilla is readable from outside it should still read it and contact the sandboxed instance
13:59tilpnerIt&#39;s not readable from outside. The sandboxed FF starts with a completely empty ~/.mozilla, and the outside has no access to that
14:05Daggertry a different X instance? I believe it uses X11 shared memory
14:11tilpnerDagger - You&#39;re right, it does. Thank you! :)
14:18firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
14:18firebot QMO: Firefox 56 Beta 4 Testday, August 18th
14:18firebot The Mozilla Blog: Honoring Our Friend Bassel: Announcing the Bassel Khartabil Free Culture Fellowship
15:23azdleI&#39;m using nightly and just dicovered that plaintext files display with and unreadably low contrast. Is that something I should file a bug for? And any suggestions on where/what to look for to see if it already has a bug in the tracker? (I&#39;ve never submitted a bug for FF before.)
15:27Caspy7azdle: do you have a particular URL I can test?
15:27azdle is what I was reading.
15:28azdleI had to go to source view to actually be able to read it.
15:29Caspy7azdle: I just tested in a fresh profile and got this on a local text file
15:30Caspy7...also I tried that link and got a security error
15:32Tokoyamiplain texts colors are usually controlled by browser.display.background_color and browser.display.foreground_color
15:32Tokoyamithose are controlled by the default colors options in about:preferences
15:32Caspy7also userContent.css changes and addons like Dark Mode and Stylus/Stylish
15:33azdleCaspy7, got that how? When I view source I just get the text again.
15:34azdleI have no extensions right now. (There were a few legacy ones that got disabled however, AFAIK.)
15:34Caspy7azdle: can you provide a screenshot of what you&#39;re seeing?
15:35azdleNormal view:
15:36azdleSource view:
15:36azdleThis is on a just-updated nightly on OSX.
15:37Caspy7azdle: please use the Profile Manager to create a fresh profile to test in. I suspect something in your profile is affecting this, but that will confirm it
15:39azdleCaspy7, you were right, it&#39;s just fine in a fresh profile.
15:40azdleAlso super odd, I get the cert error in the new profile, but not the old.
15:40medflywhat&#39;s your second favourite browser after firefox, once it stops working on my systems because of rust?
15:41Arfedhave the firefox dev team gathered any statistics on legacy plugins, and the percentage of firefox users who will soon find their plugins unusable when the old system is finally removed?
15:43MossopArfed: Assuming no follow-up questions, yes
15:43Arfedwhat&#39;s the percentage?
15:45medflyProbably really low because most people aren&#39;t power users
15:45Tokoyamimedfly: curl or if you want something more fancy: links or w3m
15:45medflyI&#39;m leaning towards vimb (webkit-gtk)
15:45TylerArfed: yes we have that data. Why?
15:45Tokoyamialso, why are you building your own browser?
15:46medflywho else would build it for me?
15:46TokoyamiI mean, I get why
15:46medflythey don&#39;t
15:46medflyI don&#39;t use windows
15:46Tokoyamiok, neither do I
15:46Tylermedfly: what do you run?
15:46ArfedI&#39;m curious about the percentage of people who are going to be affected, by legacy addons that are unlikely to be updated
15:46Tokoyamibut I use the linux nightly build
15:46Tokoyamiupdates just fine
15:47Tokoyamiah, those stopped :D
15:47medflyit doesn&#39;t have a rust package because rust downloads random fucking binaries from github
15:47TylerArfed: I&#39;m not sure that the actual percentage is public, but it&#39;s not gonna be as many people as you might think
15:47medflyAnd takes 9 hours to build
15:47Mossopmedfly: Please keep the language clean
15:47Arfedokey - how come the percentage isnt public?
15:48medflyI mean why does firefox even have a build process, why isn&#39;t there a that you shoudl curl | sh
15:48TylerArfed: you could get a pretty good idea by looking at useage stats on AMO for add-ons that won&#39;t be made WE
15:48azdleCaspy7, for the record, I did a profile refresh and it fixed both the constrast problem and the fact that I wasn&#39;t getting the cert error.
15:48medflycurl | sudo sh
15:49TylerArfed: I&#39;m not sure if it&#39;s public. So I&#39;m erring on the side of keeping data private
15:49Arfedcould it - and related stats - be made public?
15:50Arfedjust stats that would be relevant to the deprecated of the old system - nothing extensive or private, just headline stats
15:50Arfed* deprecation
15:50TylerArfed: that&#39;s not for me to decide, I imagine there will be blog posts in the coming weeks / months on the topic
15:50medflyTyler: mozilla doesn&#39;t care about minority operating systems, they even ignore you if you send patches
15:50TylerArfed: may I ask why you want to know?
15:50medflyTyler: im patching firefox for 3 years to add support to not-pulseaudio
15:50MossopArfed: This is really the wrong place to be asking these questions as the main people who know aren&#39;t here. You might have better luck in the add-ons mailing list
15:50Tylermedfly: It&#39;s alot of work to support an OS
15:51decebalusWhy Mozilla not built himself some basic addons like zoom page ..or scroball customizations (UI customisation)?
15:51ArfedI want to know, just to have a good idea of the likely impact of the deprecation of the old plugin system - and to know how well mozilla keeps an eye on that
15:52TylerArfed: So just to satisfy your curiosity?
15:52medflyIs it so hard to merge this bloody patch:
15:52firebotBug 1021761 ASSIGNED, opensound (OSS) sound driver doesn&#39;t work
15:52Arfedmore to know how badly the deprecation will affect firefox&#39;s userbase and market share
15:52Tylermedfly: Is that your patch? You haven&#39;t asked for review on it
15:53medflyNo its not mine I had to cherry pick random patches from bugzilla to patch them as everyone on not-linux has to
15:53TylerArfed: I&#39;ll give you a quick answer based on my personal opinion, deprecating legacy add-ons will have no significant impact on Firefox&#39;s market share
15:53medflyUp to what, 100 patches now?
15:53Tylermedfly: well that patch doesn&#39;t have the review flag set, so nobody knows it&#39;s there and needing review
15:54TylerArfed: Firefox 57 will likely have a noticeable impact on marketshare as users migrate from other browsers back to Firefox due to new features, improved UI and performance wins
15:54Arfedwell, ya but thing is it&#39;s not an unbiased opinion :) the stats would help me look at something objective
15:54TylerArfed: the simple truth of the matter is, most users don&#39;t use add-ons, and the most popular add-ons are being migrated to Web extensions
15:55medflyI even found out Matthew Gregan has his own github repo for cubeb and pinged him there but to no avail
15:55Arfedya the performance wins are awesome and all, and i get that they require deprecating the old system - just worried about the way plugins are one of the main selling points of firefox
15:55Caspy7Arfed: so, you&#39;re assuming that Mozilla has not weighed the pros and cons here?
15:55Arfedwhy the hostile tone against me asking a basic question, about these stats?
15:56TylerArfed: this has been a topic of discussion for years ;) We&#39;ve tossed everything around multiple times from every angle
15:57TylerArfed: If you just want to satisfy simple curiosity that&#39;s fine, and I told you that you could look at the usage stats on AMO to get a good idea
15:57Arfedthe trouble isn&#39;t the popular extensions either, it&#39;s the footprint of all of the less popular ones - the one or two small ones that extension-heavy users will have
15:58Arfedwhere is the detailed amo stats page? is it just this?
15:58medflyI assume extension-heavy users are accustomed to their extensions not working any more since it happened all the time
15:59* medfly hopes vimfx makes the cut
15:59Tokoyamiit&#39;s dead jim
15:59medflyI had to switch away from vimperator when it stopped working in firefox 52
16:00Daggermedfly: yeah, I&#39;m an extension heavy user and I haven&#39;t really had that problem
16:00Daggerand there&#39;s a big difference between &quot;broken, but let me just fix it real quick&quot; and &quot;broken and I&#39;m not allowed to fix it&quot;
16:02medflylet&#39;s all unite on seamonkey
16:02Arfedcan&#39;t seem to find a good AMO stats page. it doesn&#39;t look like AMO stats will tell me something as specific as &quot;Percentage of Firefox Users, with any extensions that will be deprecated&quot;
16:02medflyreliving firefox 1
16:03TylerArfed: yeah, you&#39;ll have to do some leg work, add up users and figure out what add-ons will be deprecated and which ones won&#39;t.
16:04Arfedis there a stats api or something? if that&#39;s something which requires manually looking at individual extensions pages, it&#39;d be impractical
16:04TylerArfed: I have no idea if there is an API for that data.
16:04MossopArfed: Your best bet would be telemetry but I don&#39;t think the public dashboard has much useful. Again, I&#39;d recommend asking on the add-ons mailing list rather than here
16:05Arfedokey, thanks
16:05Arfedmozilla should really make that kind of information public, ASAP - given how people are worried about the upcoming deprecation
16:06medflyI hate myself and I have to make a rust package
16:07Caspy7anyone know how to decompress the session backups now stored as jsonlz4 files?
16:08medflyI spent two days last time fighting the auto interwebz downloads, the old configure which was broken and installed the wrong thing, then building for half a day
16:08medflyand random hash directories
16:08medflytoo cool for logical versioning
16:11Tokoyamiis it not possible to steal the freebsd packages?
16:11Tokoyamior are there too many differences in the build systems?
16:12medflyalso need to use a builtin version of llvm because the update to 4.0 broke it before
16:12medflywell about 20 years of differences
16:12medflyabout as old as me
16:13medflyI have nicknamed the random cargo directory has RANDOM_CARGO_BULLSHIT in the makefile
16:14Tokoyamithat&#39;s the cache :)
16:14medflywe cant have packages that fetch in the build because it doesn&#39;t allow to cache / checksum the distfiles
16:15medflywe hold one of the packages made by one of our contributors that died about a decade ago
16:15medflyI don&#39;t think his website will go up again
16:16medflyIt&#39;s a good system but it hts in this brave new github world
16:17medflyit hurts
16:17* medfly rants
16:22medflyI wanted to like rust you guys
16:23medflyIm trolling everyone with how they should be rewriting things in rust already
16:28zeldaHey folks, I&#39;ve been trying to look, but I&#39;m apparently overlooking it.
16:28zeldaWhere do I edit settings fore hte firefox context (right-click) menu?
16:29zeldaIt seems my font text within the firefox context menu has turned white on the light gray background.
16:43firebotzelda: Welcome to #firefox! Just ask your question and someone should be with you shortly. If you don&#39;t get an answer after a while, you can try taking a look through the support site:
16:46Caspy7zelda: this is for an addon?
16:51zeldaCaspy7: no
16:52Caspy7what version of Firefox are you on?
16:53medflynow its fetching from the internet how do i tell it to stop
16:53zeldawow, firefox versions have surely grown a bunch.
16:54* zelda fondly remembers Firefox 2
16:55medfly2+2=5 because chrome bumped the version while you were calculating the sum of the first two
16:56zeldaoh. just realized newly opened windows don&#39;t have the white text. maybe i need to restart this window session to fix it...
16:56medflyin another world, there&#39;s a FIREFOX_EPOCH which is the first invisible version number you don&#39;t see. 57 is another firefox epoch
16:56zeldaack yeah. even my tablist is in whitetext.
17:09Caspy7zelda: have you modified userChrome.css or userContent.css at all?
17:10Caspy7zelda: also, please test in safe mode (Help > Restart with addons disabled)
17:11medflyits not very hard to identify which attachments are patches. we even make a tool that does it for you. ._.
17:12zeldaCaspy7: I have not. I suspect it may be because I push the limits of firefox memory management with my tab usage
18:30ZborgI am having trouble with installing violentmonkey, it says it can&#39;t install because it appears to be corrupt
18:33Zborgnevermind, got it
18:36Caspy7Zborg: can I ask what the issue was?
18:36Zborghad waterfox 52 and it didn&#39;t like it, updating to the latest fixed it
18:37Caspy7Zborg: what is the benefit to using Waterfox now?
18:37Zborgmainly more optimized
18:40ZborgI assume firefox still uses gcc
18:41medflyand what do you use?
18:42Zborgwaterfox uses clang now, used to use icc
18:42Zborgand I don&#39;t compile it myself
18:42medflyand that&#39;s better how?
18:43Zborgit generates more optimized code unless gcc has recently had some major improvements in x86-64 code generation
18:45medflyif you cared about optimization you&#39;d compile it yourself
18:55nolaHey guys
18:55nolamy Nightly is a total wreck now
18:56nolaI am getting ads, my HTTPS-everywhere has stopped working, my Tab Mix is dead, everything is gone!
18:56nolauBlock Origin gone!!!
18:56nolaLooks like you brought down the sledgehammer on non web extensions finally
18:57nolaIs this the end of being able to use Nightly, now I wait 1 year to use Nightly again?
19:02MossopThe webextension version of uBlock origin is now available
19:04Seburonola: Hi. I recommend you follow for all your Nightly news.
19:04nolaMossop: how about HTTPS Everywhere?
19:04nolaI can&#39;t live without that
19:04Mossopnola: I don&#39;t know anything about that
19:04nolaAlso why the hell isn&#39;t it built into the browser
19:06nolaThis thing is going to be unusable without Tab Mix Plus
19:06nolaI need multiple rows
19:07medflyi mean there isn&#39;t really a guarantee that the https website is the same as the http one
19:07medflylying on links is bad
19:07linkmauvemedfly, it doesnt lie, it redirects based on a list of rules.
19:12decebalus1I can&#39;t live without &quot;new scrollbars&quot; scrollbars are very tiny on large pages
19:14nolamedfly: There&#39;s no room for error, it&#39;s simply preferential towards https before allowing an http connection
19:14nolaWhat is the worst that can happen, you get a working https connection.
19:14nolaBig whoop
19:15nolaTab Mix Plus guy is M.I.A. -- I hope that&#39;s because he&#39;s coding
19:15jeyoungnola: Starting with Firefox 55, HTTPS is the preferred protocol when typing a URL in the address bar.
19:16nolajeyoung: This doesn&#39;t just apply to typing in URL&#39;s
19:16jeyoungnola: So, you should not have a need for HTTPS Everywhere. (I am aware that it does a little bit more than what FF55 does.)
19:16nolaIt does more than what FF55 does.
19:16nolaThings that explicitly try to open a HTTP url, it will rewrite
19:17jeyoungnola: I agree with medfly on this one.
19:18jeyoungI think FF55, by privileging https:// over http:// where not specified, is as far as it should go.
19:18nolaThat breakage is insignificant, in years I&#39;ve never encountered someplace where medfly&#39;s point became relevant
19:18nolaIt&#39;s possible, but rare
19:19jeyoungnola: it&#39;s funny that you would say this, we&#39;ve just implemented a site where the https:// binding takes you somewhere different from the http:// binding.
19:19jeyoungnola: there was a business case for it. so it is not as rare as you might think.
19:19nolaIf you&#39;ve done that as a result of some script or dynamic logic, it would be a poor design
19:19nolaAnd you should re-work the code
19:20jeyoungnola: thank you, we&#39;ll take our advice under consideration.
19:20nolaThe logical outcome should not be dependent on the proto, but dependent on some other data being passed in
19:21nolaExcept where the fallback case is covering a necessary degraded presentation like: &quot;Dear user, you have connected to the non secure site&quot;
19:21nolaThat&#39;s not really &quot;logic&quot;, you still get to the same supposed endpoint
19:22nolaIn the case of &quot;Dear user&quot;, it would not break with HTTPS rewrite
19:22nolaIf your thing breaks in that case, your code is broken
19:32decebalus1ooh..what a shit:
19:34MossopA very misleading article
19:42medflyunfortunately a general purpose browser mostly has to suck it up and implement the more correct behaviour
19:45philipphopefully it strikes against clickbait too^^
19:51steve-_--MmossMossop (IRC) re iblock origin webext available: you mean the unsigned dev version?
20:08jeyoungSomeone just posted that in /r/firefox.
20:12philippthere&#39;s a bit of a outrage industry
20:20Caspy7jeyoung: when did you see that posted?
20:21jeyoungCaspy7: about two hours ago.
20:21TylerCaspy7: the mosd on r/firefox are taking care of it
20:22Caspy7yeah, it&#39;s removed
20:22Caspy7it&#39;s been removed for a while now, that&#39;s why I asked
20:22Tylerkinda ironic, the article talking about our anti fake news tool is exactly the sort of fake news it is designed to combat.
20:22Caspy7what it said was provable misinformation (aka fake news)
20:23Caspy7Tyler: jinx
20:23TylerHorribly written, poorly research, intentionally misleading
20:23* Tyler apparently can&#39;t type today
20:24SeburoI am little confused about the story/concern. People are working to stop fake news...?
20:25MossopSeburo: This is what Mozilla are doing:
20:25Lord_Nightmareok, I&#39;m having a consistent crash when connecting to a specific (common) site, a fairly popular twitch channel
20:26Caspy7Seburo: Mozilla announced an initiative to fight fake news and people are spreading articles which claim that it&#39;s somehow backed or associated with some George Soros initiative which came out recently
20:27Caspy7Seburo: but that has been thoroughly debunked straight from Mozilla/MITI people
20:27Lord_Nightmareon 54.0.1 (64bit) release channel on windows 10 pro 1607 build 14393.1593
20:27SeburoMossop: Thanks, got it.
20:27Lord_NightmareIs there someone I can send the link to? I already sent at leats 3 or 4 of the crash report pingbacks
20:28SeburoCaspy7: So George Soros is bad for this how?
20:28Lord_Nightmarebecause this is on twitch the crash may be &#39;transient&#39; so it may go away next time they host a different stream
20:28Caspy7Lord_Nightmare: please go to about:crashes in your URL bar and share the top couple from there (check to see that the date/time corresponds to your crashes too)
20:28SeburoLord_Nightmare: Hi. Have you got a crash report ID?
20:28Lord_Nightmareso i&#39;d like to have someone with a dev/debug build test it
20:28Lord_NightmareCaspy7: one sec
20:28Caspy7Lord_Nightmare: another step I&#39;d encourage is to test in safe mode (Help > Restart with addons disabled)
20:28Lord_Nightmarebrowsing to the url is enough to make it crash in my current configuration
20:30Lord_NightmareCaspy7: do you want the &#39;report ID&#39; or the id i get when clicking on the link for that report id in about:crashes
20:30Lord_Nightmarebecause they&#39;re different numbers
20:31philippthe one starting with bp-
20:32SeburoThe &quot;crash master&quot; is in the building.... :-)
20:32Seburo&quot;Grand Master Crash&quot;...?
20:32* philipp disappears
20:33Caspy7Lord_Nightmare: what philipp said, the one that starts with bp-
20:33Caspy7though the resulting URL you get when you click on it would be just as good
20:34Lord_Nightmarewas the first crash
20:34Lord_Nightmareit crashed 4 more times after that
20:34Lord_Nightmarei can post those as well
20:35Caspy7Lord_Nightmare: just a couple will do
20:35Lord_Nightmaremay i paste the url here which makes it crash?
20:36Lord_Nightmarei did not try the safe mode thing yet
20:36Caspy7looks like it may be bug 1325918
20:36firebot NEW, Crash in mozilla::ipc::BackgroundChildImpl::ProcessingError from PBackgroundChild::SendPServiceWorke
20:37Caspy7Lord_Nightmare: maybe start out with safe mode, then perhaps leave a comment in that bug with the URL
20:37Lord_Nightmareits ANY twitch channel
20:37Lord_Nightmarenot a specific one
20:38Lord_Nightmarejust go to and choose any channel
20:38Lord_Nightmareand crash
20:38Lord_Nightmarelet me try safe mode
20:38Caspy7I suspect it won&#39;t happen to everyone
20:38Caspy7twitch crashing all Firefox browsers might get on our radar
20:39SeburoThere are a few .dll files listed, one relates to a ATI driver.
20:39Lord_Nightmare&#39;restart with add-ons disabled&#39; is safe mode?
20:39Caspy7Lord_Nightmare: yes
20:40Lord_Nightmarecrashes even in safe mode
20:41Caspy7Lord_Nightmare: would you be willing to leave a comment in the bug I linked?
20:42Lord_Nightmarelets see...
20:42philippdoes it crash while emet is disabled?
20:42Lord_Nightmarehmm that&#39;s a thought
20:43Caspy7P.S. Twitch channels are working fine for me
20:43Lord_Nightmarei&#39;ll disable emet for just the firefox process
20:43Lord_Nightmaremaybe i just need to reboot, and something in windows is screwy
20:44Lord_Nightmareshould I try that first before messing with emet?
20:44Caspy7Lord_Nightmare: windows is not behaving?
20:44Lord_Nightmareno windows SEEMS to be working fine
20:45Caspy7well, it could be informative if disabling emet immediately solves it
20:45Lord_Nightmarehuh firefox isn&#39;t even showing as enabled in emet anyway, so its not using the more invasive protections anyhow
20:45Lord_Nightmarei&#39;d have to reboot to fully disable emet
20:45Lord_Nightmareheck i&#39;m not even sure if i CAN disable it without uninstalling it
20:46Caspy7:-/ well, worth looking into
20:47Lord_Nightmarei&#39;m going to reboot and leave emet alone and try again
20:47Lord_Nightmaredo you want the safe mode crash id?
20:49Lord_Nightmarethe crash thread in that report is different, and emet doesn&#39;t seem to be loaded into that thread at all?
20:49Lord_Nightmareanyway rebooting
20:58Lord_Nightmarerebooting fixed it. *shrug*
20:58Lord_Nightmareno idea of root cause.
20:59Lord_Nightmarecould be video card related, if accellerated mpeg4 or similar video functions are used
21:00SeburoLord_Nightmare: Do you have an ATI card?
21:00TylerLord_Nightmare: apologies if it has been mentioned already, but are you using the latest graphics drivers?
21:00Lord_Nightmarei&#39;m using the last version for this card afaik
21:01Lord_Nightmarebut i will check to make sure
21:03Lord_Nightmareits an old amd radeon hd 6670
21:03Lord_Nightmarerunning catalyst 12.2.1 drivers
21:04TylerLord_Nightmare: I&#39;m assuming that&#39;s the latest driver for that card? Lol I haven&#39;t checked those drivers in ages
21:05Lord_Nightmarei think 16.2.2 dropped support for 6000 series, but not sure
21:05TylerLord_Nightmare: can you download and install Firefox 55.0.1 from That should also update you to the 64but version of Firefox. Then try again
21:06TylerIf it still crashes I&#39;ll have you disable e10s
21:06Lord_Nightmarehmm 55.0.1 isn&#39;t on release channel?
21:06Lord_Nightmareit doesn&#39;t crash anymore after restarting windows
21:06Lord_Nightmarei did no changes to emet
21:06TylerAh nice
21:06TylerOk well then just keep an eye on it
21:06Lord_Nightmarei do about firefox and i only see 54.0.1 and it says that&#39;s the latest?
21:07Lord_Nightmare54.0.1 (64-bit)
21:07TylerThe update has been paused but you can download it manually
21:07Lord_Nightmareyeah we may be chasing buggy-video-driver-related ghosts here
21:07Caspy7well, no crashes, so you&#39;re good for now
21:07TylerAnd you&#39;re already on the 64bit build! :)
21:08TylerLord_Nightmare: you&#39;ve got all your windows updates correct?
21:08Lord_Nightmareafaik yes
21:08TylerThat&#39;s the only other thing I can suggest
21:08Lord_Nightmarethis is win10 with the august patch tuesday patch installed
21:08TylerCool. Then yeah, just keep an eye on it and double check there isn&#39;t a newer graphics drivers
21:09TylerOtherwise, it was gremlins
21:09Lord_Nightmarehmm win10 is still on build 1607 though, although it has the august updates installed
21:11TylerLord_Nightmare: might wanna fix that
21:11TylerCreators update is pretty nice
21:11Lord_Nightmarethe processor in this machine is an old pre-sse4 beast a decade old
21:11Lord_Nightmareand its pre-uefi
21:12Caspy7screwed up my image scaling, well, notably the task switcher looks horrible, all the windows are pixelated
21:12Lord_Nightmareso i don&#39;t know if CU even works
21:12TylerCaspy7: that&#39;s weird
21:12Caspy7I tried chasing it down, but ran out of steam. GPU drivers are up to date
21:13TylerHuh, odd. I&#39;ve got ten machines of varying ability in my house and all had no issues
21:20firebottatlacas: Welcome to #firefox! Just ask your question and someone should be with you shortly. If you don&#39;t get an answer after a while, you can try taking a look through the support site:
21:21tatlacasHi everyone, can someone please point me to a nice article to get started on customizing firefox, a simple first exercise i can do with walkthrough may help. Thank you
21:25Tylertatlacas: what do you want to customize?
21:25TylerDo you want to install add-ons, tweak the user-interface, install a theme?
21:29jeyoungtatlacas: If add-on, episode 100 of The Joy of Coding is a good intro:
21:42tatlacasmainly its on user interface, like changing the number of sub menus on file menu, or limiting number of tabs which can be opened
21:45Caspy7tatlacas: I&#39;d encourage you to start searching :)
21:46Caspy7tatlacas: though I&#39;d also recommend using the term firefox57 in your searches to ensure it&#39;s an addon that will stick around for the long haul
21:47tatlacasokay thanks @Caspy7
21:53Caspy7Can anyone say how [well] Tree Tabs compares with Tab Tree?
21:54Caspy7oh, I guess it&#39;s Tree Style Tab that I meant to compare with Tab Tree
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