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10 Sep 2017
00:00azakiso maybe their theming properties also have some early mistakes, who knows
00:00azakii didn't look into it much
00:03Timvdeazaki: I don't care about the literal properties, but about what's possible
00:04TimvdeWhen I say parity, I don't mean "Implement all functionality in literally the same way" but "allow for at least the same amount of customization"
00:13weirdoThey are turning off the async tab switcher until after Firefox 57 is released. :(
00:15Caspy7weirdo: are you talking about the tab warming?
00:17Timvdeweirdo: Because of the video issue, or something else?
00:17Caspy7technically it's not really an async thing
00:18Caspy7just getting ready before you switch
00:18Caspy7Timvde: yes and pages think they're being viewed and so they start to respond accordingly
00:18Caspy7like apps and stuff
00:18Caspy7we need to warm pages without making them think they're visible
00:19Caspy7so they've got to rework it
00:19TimvdeI wonder if other browsers do that too
00:19weirdoYeah, Mike Conley disabled it because of the video issue.
00:20weirdoI suppose the warming could possibly run on another thread.
00:21weirdoHence the "async".
01:03hook54321bIs there a way to download and save a Firefox theme locally?
01:06kode54if you could, you wouldn't be able to use it anyway
01:08weirdoWhy to you want to save a theme locally?
01:09hook54321bI'm wondering if something scraped if it would grab the themes as well.
01:12weirdoLook in the extensions folder, that is in the profile folder. It doesn't apply to built-in themes.
01:14azakihook54321: are you trying to use an existing theme as a starting point for another or something?
01:15hook54321bI simply want to know if something scraped if it would grab the themes as well.
01:17kode54he wants to be able to keep a theme
01:17kode54even if someone deletes it from
01:17azakiisn't it saved to your profile or something? =o
01:18kode54yes, but if you ever have to reconfigure another instance, and the theme is gone, it's just gone
01:21hook54321bAnd I don't want to have to download every single theme manually just to have a copy of it.
01:23kode54there are literally thousands of them
01:23kode54most of them shovelware
01:27weirdoThemes are cheap to download.
01:35hook54321bHow many thousands?
01:38hook54321b430413 apparently. Not too many.
02:32hook54321bSo, if something scraped, would it grab the themes as well?
04:26solenodicis there no way to reload userChrome.css at runtime in nightly?
04:27solenodicthe stylish legacy extension is completely broken in nightly
04:28solenodicwait, think I just found a way
04:29solenodicfor anyone wondering
04:58Jan\\some sites display bars of color instead of the video?
06:14Mardeghow rude of them
06:15Jan\\the video shows up 1second then the filled colors appear
06:15hook54321bWhat's considered "well after asking"?
06:18hook54321bIs there some sort of file that themes use that they can be downloaded and saved as?
06:29sysKinwho thought &quot;highlights&quot; was a good idea? >_<
06:30sysKinat least I can immediatley switch it off, but that is not my point :)
06:54mib_xoheahwhy firefox is free
06:56TimvdeBecause Mozilla wants the whole world to enjoy it ;)
07:17est31because browsers are such a gigantic market that the constant cost of developing a browser can be covered by a few dollars per user/year, which can be obtained through a search engine contract
07:20user_hi, how can I make firefox remember file associations across restarts?
07:21user_I don&#39;t want to keep opening pdf&#39;s in libreoffice...
07:25est31user_: which os?
07:26user_arch linux
07:26est31kde or gnome?
07:26est31what then?
07:26est31firefox uses gtk callbacks
07:27est31and the gtk callbacks abide by the freedesktop spec
07:27est31which means... you can edit config files
07:27est31lemme check
07:28est31put that into ~/.config/mimeapps.list
07:28user_i dont use okular, but xdg already opens it with my pdf reader
07:28est31you can test what the default is by invoking gnome-open /path/to/pdf on the shell
07:28user_I don&#39;t have `gnome-open`
07:28est31install it then :)
07:28est31it should have no deps beyond a library
07:29user_xdg-open already opens pdf&#39;s with my pdf reader
07:29est31ktraderclient --mimetype application/pdf
07:29est31does that show you something?
07:29user_don&#39;t have ktraderclient
07:30est31the thing is, xdg-open does some special tricks
07:30est31like invoking ktraderclient on kde
07:30est31maybe it does some special tricks for your environment as well
07:30est31no idea
07:31hook54321bWill an extension like LibreJS be possible with the new extension api?
07:31est31but you cant really use it to check what an implementation that conforms to the xdg default application spec does
07:31est31user_: I&#39;m personally annoyed by this bug myself, interesting to see that it also happens with i3
07:31* est31 kde user
07:31hook54321buser_: Do you have Discord?
07:32hook54321bah drat.
07:32hook54321bI was gonna recommend asking in the ArchLinux discord.
07:32est31there is also a channel on freenode
07:32user_i asked there, but nobody knows
07:32est31user_: but generally, try whether you can reproduce using gnome-open
07:32est31and then strace it
07:32est31look into which files gnome-open looks
07:33est31then edit those :)
07:33user_I can get it to open in zathura if I select &quot;Other...&quot; when I get the download dialog and I right-click &quot;Forget association&quot; on LibreOffice
07:33est31thats nice... you got a gtk3 build of firefox
07:33user_but if have to re-do that every time i restart firefox
07:33est31my firefox shows an application chooser lol
07:33est31file choser*
07:34user_if I don&#39;t use firejail, it remembers the association
07:34est31oh you are a firejail user
07:34user_firejail only allows access to certain files
07:34est31riiight that might explain it
07:34user_but i have whitelisted the .mozilla/firefox folder
07:35est31you might have to give it access to more files
07:35user_in which file does firefox store file associations?
07:35est31at least read access
07:35est31theoretically it should be the profile... but not sure
07:35est31is there some way to get firejail tell you about attempted violations?
07:36est31then you could look
07:36user_not sure
07:36user_i&#39;ll look
07:36est31you could try to whitelist your ~/.config/ directory
07:36est31it should be some mimeapps.list or defaults.list file
07:36est31but the xdg spec allows the preferences to be stored in a bunch of places
07:37user_mimeapps.list is in ~/.local/share/applications/ on arch linux
07:37est31then whitelist that
07:38user_yay, it works
07:39user_opening a 1215 page pdf in libreoffice isn&#39;t fun
07:39est31it asks me personally to open stuff in gimp
07:40hook54321b!con ad0lb7tm4i7pgivktrwulhsh0 2
07:40hook54321buhm ignore that
07:40user_after libreoffice, gimp was the next &quot;logical&quot; choice to open pdf&#39;s
07:40user_my pdf reader was last at #3
07:40hook54321bWhy would you open PDFs in GIMP?
07:41est31apparently gimp can open them
07:41user_maybe to edit them?
07:41est31so it gets put into the common mime type database
07:41est31but there is a second database of default applications
07:42est31and if you can read the mime type db, but not the default app db, this is the result :)
07:42user_atleast it doesn&#39;t try to open it with wine
07:42user_i&#39;ve had .txt documents open with wine Notepad.exe
07:42est31oh yes, that&#39;s another contender
07:45hook54321bWouldn&#39;t you just be painting over them in GIMP?
08:04yp44Hello, I&#39;m trying to connect on a web application (MS CRM) which ask for authentication. The login/password popup is prompted, but whatever I put I&#39;m not connected and the popup is raised again. With crome it work but I do want to use firefox. What should I check ? I have enabled NTLM authent for this site (I can connect wih ntlm with java libraries). thanx.
08:05Timvdeyp44: Anything interesting in the console?
08:06TimvdeMight help if you can share the exact link (if it&#39;s not private) so we can have a look
08:08TimvdeMultiprocess Windows 0/2 (Disabled)
08:08Timvde^ That so explains why my Firefox beta is laggy
08:08TimvdeIt doesn&#39;t even say why, though :/
08:09yp44I have found. I have activated network.auth.force-generic-ntlm and network.auth.force-generic-ntlm-v1;true :)
08:10Timvdeyp44: Thanks for letting us know, might help if someone comes in with the same question :)
08:10yp44Thank you Timvde
08:13DuClareTimvde: about:config e10s
08:14TimvdeDuClare: I already forced it on by now
08:14TimvdeI was just surprised to find it disabled, since afaik I only have MPC add-ons
08:14TimvdeNote that I&#39;m riding the release train of 56
09:25user_est31: thanks for you help by the way.
10:28grahamperrin-MSecurity/privacy. If a page such as `about:addons` becomes contained, and if it can not be de-contained (to &#39;default&#39;), then might private information somehow leak (or be taken) from the container, to some other page that is non-contained?
10:29Timvdegrahamperrin-M: Define &quot;contained&quot;?
10:29TimvdeIn Firefox 57, add-ons won&#39;t be able to touch it
10:39grahamperrin-MTimvde: for example, I&#39;m manually entering `about:addons` in a tab where the previous page could not be de-contained.
11:06olspookishmagushello, I&#39;m using cups-pdf and whenever I print from firefox to it, it seems that I lose all the text information, like it&#39;s printing images. Would you say this is a cups-pdf issue of a firefox issue?
11:06grahamperrin-Molspookishmagus: does print preview appear OK?
11:11est31olspookishmagus: if you print from other programs with cups-pdf, does it show any text?
11:12olspookishmagusest31: good point, let me check
11:14olspookishmagusest31: seems, so I printed a LibreOffice document with it and I can search Ok within even in my language (Greek)
11:20grahamperrin-MI forget, to where on disk is the PDF written?
11:29olspookishmagus$ grep ^Out /etc/cups/cups-pdf.conf
11:29olspookishmagusOut ${HOME}/Desktop
11:29olspookishmagus^ grahamperrin-M
11:32oneforall2ff 55.0.3 -contentproc id sure eating up mem . though it would be the plugin container again
11:33oneforall2or is that what the container is called now
11:55auscompgeekoneforall2: the e10s content processes used to live in plugin-container, they don&#39;t any more
12:01oneforall2e10 ?
12:33Caspy7electrolysis, aka, multiprocess
12:34grahamperrin-Molspookishmagus: thanks. Result:
12:34* grahamperrin-M sent a long message: grahamperrin-M_2017-09-10_12:34:54.txt <>
12:35grahamperrin-M but I found the outputs at the default path for my username, `/var/spool/cups-pdf/grahamperrin/`
16:50hoplandSooo... my return to the fox is going... somewhat well. Still waiting for WebRenderer and Stylo to hit... but yeah; patience, young patawan
16:50hoplandSTILL! There&#39;s one thing I&#39;m missing from Chrome, something which makes the awesome bar less awesome. Is there an extension (5.7+ ready) that allows me to use search engines when I enter the domain and click Tab?
16:50Caspy7hopland: Stylo is planned to ship with 57.
16:51Caspy7Webrender won&#39;t make it till 58 or 59
16:51hoplandCaspy7: Yeah, so I won&#39;t advertise it untill then :P But I still intend to use stable from here on out
16:52hoplandStill missing that search function in the URL bar, where you just type or or and hit tab, to search on those sites instantly through the URL bar...
16:55Caspy7hopland: if it existed it would be an addon, but I don&#39;t know of one
16:56hoplandCaspy7: seems it might not be possible, since Chrome uses the OpenSearch thing - and it&#39;s a subject of privacy concerns
17:33firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
17:33firebot Andy McKay: My third Gran Fondo
18:23TazmainHi all, I have an account setup. but I can no longer sync my tabs since firefox 55
18:23Tazmainon windows 10
18:30Caspy7Tazmain: thoughts are to sign out and sign back in and you can also try #sync channel - though it is Sunday in the US, so during the week might be more active (probably)
18:44grahamperrin-Mhopland: the closest I can think of is <>
18:45grahamperrin-MSearch Site WE (version 2.0 appeared in AMO a few hours ago).
18:46grahamperrin-MTazmain: is anything recent at `about:sync-log`?
18:53Tazmainabout:sync-tabs doesn&#39;t even work
18:54Tazmaingrahamperrin-M, yeah just errors
18:54Tazmainlatest log
19:03Tazmainwell now sync tabs works, I had to disconnect and sign in again. odd since I was singed in, and it showed everything in my manage account
19:46Caspy7hopland: it should be noted that hitting tab in the location bar already has a predefined / expected behavior. So it would be unlikely that that would get replaced
20:19ali1234Caspy7: for me hitting tab takes me to the search box, so that wold be unchanged if you didn&#39;t enter a domain
20:24DuClareIf you&#39;ve entered something, tab scrolls through the results
20:24DuClareOr whatever they&#39;re called
20:55Caspy7ali1234: ^
20:56Caspy7I&#39;m not saying there couldn&#39;t be another UX for the proposed feature, but don&#39;t expect tab to be it
21:08MardegI&#39;ve been using tab to go through the dropdown for a decade, wouldn&#39;t like that to go away
21:15DuClareMeanwhile I&#39;ve been using tab to focus the search box for a decade, and someone broke it
21:15DuClare... but I got it fixed :)
22:15KomicHi there. I&#39;m trying to troubleshoot a weird intermittent problem with a specific site over https, no error code except the failed to establish secure connection one
22:15Komicwould this be the right place and/or is there better ressources around?~
22:17Komic(that site happens to be the only one I use with the new contextual tabs thingy so I&#39;d like to be as precise as possible if I end up submitting a bug)
22:20araihow often does it happen?
22:23Komicevery hour or so?
22:23Komicfor five minutes
22:23Komicthen nothing for another hour, etc
22:24Komicsometimes both profiles will fail, sometimes only one of them
22:24araido you mean that it happens on every load for that five minutes?
22:24Komicnope, it fails every hour or so
22:25Komicuh, brainfart, sorry arai
22:25Komicafter five minutes suddently my f5 just works
22:26araiis the website publicly available?
22:26Komicit is, hosted behind cloudflare though so I&#39;m not sure if the server side stuff is relevant
22:27Komicwell, except if cloudflare screwed up
22:27araiI&#39;m wondering if it&#39;s something related to server&#39;s round robin
22:28Komichm, good thinking actually
22:29KomicI&#39;ll try adding the URL to my hosts file to force a specific IP
22:29araimight be nice to check the server&#39;s IP address
22:29KomicI don&#39;t have access to the site&#39;s IP, hopefully I can just force a CF one?
22:29araiyou can check the IP address in network monitor
22:30araiafter selecting the request, there&#39;s &quot;Remote address&quot; field
22:30KomicI use Flagfox, even quicker :)
22:32Komicalright, done, now we wait~
22:38Komicupdate, arai, another user has the problem and they never used the contextual tabs, so there goes my theory
22:39Komicis there a way to increase the verbosity of the error page if I get it again?
22:40arainot sure about error page tho, there&#39;s logging feature
22:40arainsSocketTransport and nsHostResolver there might help
22:40Komicneat, thanks
23:49firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
23:49firebot Cameron Kaiser: Irma&#39;s silver lining: text is suddenly cool again
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