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10 Aug 2017
00:31ArashiHello! any mods here?
00:33ArashiIs there any plans for Mozilla to make child safe browsers?
00:34ArashiI know of extension that uses a txt file with words you wish to block but I want a FX version already pre-packed with this feature.
00:39somebodyI think you would be better off using a parental control feature that restricts web sites, Arashi. But I'm not a mod.
00:39somebodyIs there anyone using Firefox on openSUSE Linux here?
00:40somebodyI'm confused.
00:40Arashiwell I already use a powerful web blocker, that is K9
00:40Arashibut android is a mess you know
00:40somebodyIs the drop-down menu that appears if you click on a down arrow in the awesome bar supposed to be at full-window width?
00:41somebodyOr is that a bug?
00:41somebodyArashi: I think you should be fine then.
00:42somebodyArashi: There's a list of planned features on Mozilla's Wiki, you could look there:
00:45Arashithanks btw
01:44firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
01:44firebot Nick Cameron: What the RLS can do
02:48mefistofelesso firefox 55 is saying that I should use just 1 content process, apparently
02:48mefistofelesin my content process limit 1 is the default option, why is that?
02:48mefistofeles(I've seen an example where 4 is the default)
02:51Mossopmefistofeles: Where do you see this?
02:51mefistofelesMossop: in my preferences
02:51mefistofelesnot sure if firefox check my system/hardware and says "ok, your pc sucks, use just 1 process"
02:51Mossopmefistofeles: Can you show me a screenshot? I don't have 55 handy to look at
02:55MossopAh, is this a mozilla provided build or one installed through arch linux's package manager?
02:55mefistofelesMossop: yes
02:55MossopThat wasn't a yes/no question. It's one or the other
02:56mefistofelesMossop: sorry haha
02:56mefistofelesI'm sleepy
02:56mefistofelesMossop: through arch's package manager
02:56MossopIt's possible they changed the default then. Mozilla builds default to 4
02:58mefistofelesMossop: ok, I'm going to check that
02:59firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
02:59firebot Hub Figuire: Status update, August 2017
03:00mefistofelesMossop: I realle can't see any special compilation flag there, by taking just a quick look
03:01mefistofelesit should be on the build() function
03:04Mossopmefistofeles: Look in about:support, under Firefox Features do you see a line for "Multi-process staged rollout" ?
03:07mefistofelesMulti-process staged
03:07mefistofelesoh, that looks bad, but I get it's readable
03:08mefistofelesMultiprocess Windows 3/3 (Enabled by user)
03:08mefistofelesWeb Content Processes 2/2
03:10MossopMmm I don't know then and don't really have the time to dig into the code more
03:12mefistofelesMossop: ok, thanks anyways
03:12mefistofelesMossop: folks at #archlinux (@freenode) tell me it should compile without any custom files
03:13mefistofeless/compile/be compiled
03:13MossopWell they're making settings changes to e10s and the distribution bits. I don't know if those affect whether the e10s rollout is configured to work or not
03:14MossopThe whole rollout system is sort of complex
03:14mefistofelesI bet it is, yes
03:15mefistofelesMossop: I really thought it was firefox detecting my hardware and saying "nah, stick to 1 process"
05:01mib_8c8w5sIs this chat usually active
06:30stomperI've been looking online but can't find a way to have separate profiles in firefox that work like chrome profiles. I have a work profile and a personal profile in chrome, I'd like to do the same in firefox but it doesn't look user friendly or recommended ?
06:31araiwhat actually do you mean by "work like chrome profiles" ?
06:31araiwhat have you done and what's the difference or problem?
06:33Seburostomper: Have you tried using container tabs?
06:34stomperarai: Easy to switch between (2 clicks in chrome), obvious which profile I'm on, able to run multiple at once with the same instance of the browser (not separate installs).
06:35stomperSeburo: I have, they're pretty awesome. Doesn't completely fill the role though. It's too easy to accidentally forget to use a container tab for a specific website or accidentally browse other sites while in a specific container tab.
06:35stomperCurrently I use firefox regular for work and nightly install for personal so it keeps them separate.
06:35araiabout switching, about:profiles might help
06:35araithere's "Launch profile in new browser" button
06:36araiand also it can run multiple profiles at once
06:37araiabout "obvious which profile I'm on", I don't think there's a simple way to display profile name or similar thing tho, you can use different theme for each to distinguish (that's what I do)
06:38Seburostomper: Glad to hear it. It is a new(ish) feature so more work is being done on it. At Mozilla we like to take awesome and make it more awesomer. I have to go now, but will leave you in the very capable hands of arai (who is awesome).
06:38stomperOh cool. That works quite well. Theme is a good idea too! Thanks, this seems nearly perfect.
06:39stomperPerhaps if you could restrict container tabs to certain websites (regex?) or the inverse, have a rule which will automatically use a container tab when visiting a certain website. Maybe it's possible to do that with an extension though.
06:39stomperIn that case I wouldn't need to use the profile feature.
06:41araiI found a bug for regex thing (bug 1318652), but there's not so much progress
06:41firebot UNCONFIRMED, automatic contextual container based on domain (or regex)
06:42stomperHah! Cool :) thanks.
07:01FireMikeI'm having trouble with V55 and a specific website ( Subpages does load forever and Firefox is only showing a blank page. V54 does not have this problem. Can anybody confirm this?
07:02araiwhich part do you mean by subpages?
07:03FireMikeevery subpage, just click a header of an article - the corresponding article/subpage does not load in V55
07:04araiwhat's the URL?
07:04FireMikeIt's (
07:06araiof the subpage
07:06araior, which specific link do you mean?
07:06arai(just to reproduce the issue here
07:07FireMikefor example
07:07FireMikeanother one
07:08araidoes the issue happen if you directly open the URL by entering it to location bar?
07:08araiit opens for me presents numerous false reports of extension incompatibility (unavailability) to Firefox 55.0 on FreeBSD. Truly, the extensions do work when installed without the AMO GUI (by copying installation URLs from Linux). I suspect that this bug will cause the service to fail to provide updates.
07:08grahamperrin-MPreparing to report the bug to Mozilla. Any comments before I do so?
07:12decebalusgrahamperrin-M: there are some addons wich are presented like compatible with Nightly, you can install them..but don't work anymore :s
07:21FireMike@aral:it happens if i follow a link and it also does not work if i open the url directly
07:23FireMike@aral: Have found the reason...seems the adguard adblocker extension is the root of the problem
07:24FireMikeafter disabling it, the site works as expected. Thank you very much for your time
07:34khalHi, in Safari reader view, if I'm on a url that e.g. ends in ?page=1 the reader view will attempt to grab all subsequent pages and add it to the current nicely formatted document. Is there anyway to get this same behaviour in FF?
07:37rctgamer3you could always search on AMO for an add-on that has the same functionality
07:38khalso far no luck finding one that wasn't tied to some service
07:38khalor wasn't very ugly
07:40azakikhal: maybe try opening up a feature request on bugzilla for that =o
07:46khalI just might, this thing has been surprisingly hard to google so wanted to make sure I didn't miss anything obvious
07:48macphilipp: thx
07:48macCaspy7: thx
08:01mib_v99te0Hi. Is there a way to make Firefox not lag while I'm mining?
08:01mib_v99te0Chrome and Opera work fine while mining, so I tend to switch to them, but I'd rather not have to
08:02mib_v99te0I've tried disabling hardware acceleration
08:02mib_v99te0This is on Linux Mint
08:19steve-_--Mam I understanding the ublock origin info correctly that there is no pure webext variant at this point in time?
08:20steve-_--Mah incorrect. pure webext linked below release notes... confusing times
08:21steve-_--Mhmm and still even after installing I still see uBlock Origin/webext-hybrid with legacy tag in FF add on page
08:24steve-_--Mso FF nightly does not allow to install the pure webext version?
08:27araiit works for me
08:28arai(you'll need to disable signature verification
08:28araixpinstall.signatures.required = false
08:29steve-_--Marai: doesn't sound like a great idea. so disable install pure webext then re-enable? will updates then be received?
08:29araiwhat do you mean?
08:30steve-_--MI mean that I have to disable setting to install
08:30steve-_--Mand wrongly thought I could then re enable the setting
08:30steve-_--Mbut re enabling disables the add on
08:31araiyou just need to disable signature verification feature of nightly
08:32araisince the file is not signed
08:32arai(note that it's a pre-release
08:37steve-_--Mgot it
08:38mib_v99te0either of you guys know where I should look to solve my issue?
08:39mib_v99te0(mining makes firefox really slow, clean install, no add-ons. Even opening a net tab, the UI takes about 3 seconds)
08:40araimaybe disable hardware acceleration?
08:40mib_v99te0arai: I tried that, makes no differencee
08:40mib_v99te0this is on Linux Mint
08:40mib_v99te0Thunderbird is also, similarly slow
09:04Caspy7mib_v99te0: you restarted firefox after disabling HWA?
09:05Caspy7though, not sure it should have been on at all on Linux...
09:57mib_v99te0Caspy7 Yeah, I've left it disabled
09:57mib_v99te0happens on my wife's computer too (I mine on her GPU lol)
10:21TazmainHi all, it appears that firefox nightly doesn't perform so well with wasm anymore ?
10:25Mardegfirebot: wasm perf bugs
10:25firebot2 bugs found
10:25firebot NEW WebAssembly execution performance stutters in Zen Garden Wasm demo in 64-bit Firefox, but enabling b
10:25firebot FIXED, lhansen Wasm: Make thread running the ModuleGenerator also perform compilation
10:31TazmainMardeg, on a demo, rigth wasm video editor,, nightly only shows like 2% performance over JS, but chrome does 130% , which is the correct value for some of the filters
10:35MardegTazmain: I see no bugs listed for that URL
10:35MardegTazmain: go ahead and find the regression window and file a bug
10:36Mardegfirebot: mozregression
10:36firebotMardeg: mozregression is a tool to find regressions in Firefox builds:
10:50TazmainMardeg, will do
11:21mozilloooHello, I have a 'problem', please: windows (7x64) and other programs, keep askin me to set firefox as main browser each time. Even if I have set it up properly as main browser. Do you have a solution for this?
11:22mozilloooeach time I open FF it asks me to set it as main browser as well.
11:37Caspy7mozillooo: given it's happening to other programs, it seems like it's not likely a Firefox-specific issue and won't have a Firefox-specific solution. In your situation, I'd try googling for the general problem
11:38mozillooo@capy7: Could be a windows registry key problem?
11:39Caspy7mozillooo: that was my first thought
11:39Caspy7do you have something like CCleaner or some sort of "protector" installed?
11:40mozillooo@capy7: I have CC cleaner installed
11:40mozilloooI am going to try to change it via registry key. And let you know.
11:44mozilloooI reboot and let you know
11:47mozillooocaspy7: now it works. I changed the registry key. Thank you.
12:52eyomeHi everyone, just for saying; I like the new Fennec 57 design :-)
12:53eyomeIt feels pleasant and clean.
12:53eyomeand faster too!
12:55TazmainHi all, so something got stuck in my browser and I closed the one window, and closed firefox, now I can't restore that window at all. Is there a way to recover it ?
12:56Tazmainmy sessionstore-backups is empty
12:57eyomeI am less convinced by the design of Firefox 57 on desktop, animations are smooth and design is clean but I feel it's like... I don't know, it's boring or sad
12:58TazmainI dono I like the new look
12:59Caspy7eyome: feel free to add a theme :)
13:00Caspy7eyome: also remember it's not complete. Here are some mockups that might help
13:01TazmainI lost my session :(
13:01Caspy7Tazmain: that folder is completely empty?
13:01TazmainCaspy7, I was in the wrong profile
13:01TazmainI see 'upgrade.jsonlz4-20170809100326'
13:01Tazmainbut it didn't work
13:02Tazmainso I copied that out of session-backups, and renamed it to sessionstore.js and didn't work
13:03eyomeCaspy7: Thank you for mockups
13:03Caspy7heh, not mine, one of the UI/UX designers
13:04Caspy7Tazmain: what I'm unsure of is if there now an extra step needed to expand the compressed file
13:04Caspy7not something I've looked into yet
13:04Tazmainfrom what I have found it doesn't seem to , but the other tabs are lost
13:05Caspy7Tazmain: you say you closed the window, then closed firefox?
13:05Caspy7so about:sessionrestore is emtpy?
13:05TazmainI couldn't get to exit, thought that would
13:05TazmainCaspy7, correct
13:05Tazmainand history , previous windows is also empty
13:05Caspy7ah, that was my next question
13:06Tazmainthat window is lsot
13:06Tazmainlost *
13:07Tazmainwill have to use my history -_-
13:07Caspy7sorry. I still want to talk to someone at some point to see if there's an extra step for sessionstore.js files
13:08Caspy7when you renamed the file you placed it in the root profile folder, yes? Did you get any old tabs when it started?
13:10Tazmainno, so it basically restored firefox with the two windows I had opened after I closed that 3rd one, so it only had the "new" tabs. Not the window I lost
13:13decebalusCaspy7: where can I find compatible themes for Nightly ( I like one from the link you provided)
13:13Tazmaingoing to install session managed
13:13Tazmainit seems that sometimes with windows 10, even if you exit firefox and wait, and then shutdown. It doesn't always save the session, then session manager pops up
13:15Caspy7I'm not sure if it's my CSS customizations that have things working not quite right, or it's currently slightly broken
13:16Caspy7but the background image is not coming through for me in all places
13:16eyomeCaspy7: :-)
13:18Caspy7ah, alright
13:18Caspy7ok, tested themes in a fresh profile and they're fine, so it's just me
13:19Caspy7pretty sure I know which CSS is responsible too
13:21Caspy7? This channel has been closed to new users for 60 seconds because there have been more than 4 joins in 2 seconds.
13:21Caspy7yes, I saw that
13:21Caspy7spam protection
13:22auscompgeekI think it's safe to say the spam protection worked
13:23Caspy7not for me
13:23decebalusCaspy7: uh..I know the addon's page..but I don't get the "high contrast " theme here
13:23auscompgeekdecebalus: enable your OS' high contrast theme
13:24aaa/join #maroc
13:29decebalushey..what a hell was that?
13:30Caspy7decebalus: did you get spammed
13:30decebalusI was invaded by spam
13:30decebaluson Nighly
13:31decebaluseach time I refresh the page..
13:31Caspy7...on nightly? You mean on IRC
13:31amirCaspy7 i'm tak this boot
13:31amir600 user
13:31amirin 1 min
13:31Caspy7amir: what?
13:31decebalusYes on IRC on Nightly now I'm on PM seems is nothing
13:31amirI'm tak boots in the server
13:31amirfor test
13:32Caspy7amir: are you spamming the channel?
13:35cheateri would like to install and remove modules in multiple firefox profiles in a batch script. how can i do that?
13:36cheaterthe changes should happen the next time the profile is used
13:36cheateris there any command line way to tell firefox to install a profile?
13:37cheaterer to install an addon
13:37cheaterwow, first i said "modules" instead of "addons" and then "profiles" instead of "addons"
13:39decebalushuh..seems it is gone now:s
14:02mib_ieyskri want to file a ff bug and the guidelines states, that maybe i can get assistance here
14:02Tylermib_ieyskr: describe your bug and we can help you
14:02mib_ieyskrthe bug regards the canvas onmousemove event
14:03mib_ieyskrin every other browser, the tooltip is updated correctly, but not in FF
14:06araiworks for me I think
14:06araion 57.0a1 (2017-08-09) (64-bit) on macOS
14:09mib_ieyskrthe tooltip is shown initially, but it's not updated correctly if I move the mouse
14:10araiwhat do you mean by "not updated" ?
14:10araiprevious value is shown?
14:15mib_ieyskrIf I position the mouse over the canvas, the tooltip shows the screenx value. In chrome or ie, the tooltip "walks" together with the mouse if I move it and the tooltip value is updated with the appropiate screenx value. In FF, the tooltip is only shown initially. It disapears by moving the mouse.
14:16araiactually, the tooltip doesn't "walk" even if you don't modify title on events
14:17araialso, not specific to canvas
14:19araimaybe bug 1323609
14:19firebot NEW, Tooltip should not disappear when the mouse cursor is moving inside elements with a tooltip
14:20mib_ieyskrThe effect is getting clear by using another browser. There, the title value is updated and the tooltip "walks" therefore together with the mouse.
14:20mib_ieyskrI'll take a look.
14:22mib_ieyskrYes, maybe it's coupled
14:24mib_ieyskrCorrect, the tooltip should not disapear. But it should be updated correctly, too.
14:30mib_ieyskrOur concrete problem is a bit different. We are using the SAPUI5 Framework from SAP in a business application. We draw a map with some spots and we show some spot details in a tooltip. As we had other framework problems with the IE11 we used the customer to move to Firefox. And now we face the issue, that only the first tooltip is shown.
14:32mib_ieyskrIf the user wants to get the tooltip of another sopt on the map, he needs to move the mouse out of the map and then back to the next spot
14:32araiI'd suggest creating dedicated element instead of relying on title attribute
14:39mib_ieyskrThat's planned as we don't see / expect a fast solution, even by a confirmed bug
14:39j605Timvde: with the download file windows open to choose file location sum tabs shows undefined
14:40j605instead of the number of tabs
14:55firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
14:55firebot Dzmitry Malyshau: Overhead analysis for Vulkan Portability
15:02mib_ieyskrOkay, thanks. Is it worth to file it as a bug?
15:06mib_ieyskrHmhmhm, ok... bye.
15:06araiI don't think it's different than bug 1323609. might be nice to provide a testcase there tho
15:06firebot NEW, Tooltip should not disappear when the mouse cursor is moving inside elements with a tooltip
15:08mib_ieyskrYes, ok. I think it's slightly different, maybe I've explained it wrong.
15:09araithen, filing a bug would be nice
15:09arai(even if it's a dupe of that bug, that won't so much cost
15:10mib_ieyskrYes, okay. But I think we'll find a solution according to your advise to not use the title attribute / tooltip.
15:10mib_ieyskrThanks anyway.
15:10araiyeah, using dedicated element can become more accessible
15:12mib_ieyskrYes, but it's not according to the requirement
15:13mib_ieyskrokay, ciao
15:32pythonhey. is there some system to do a staged update to the newest firefox version?
15:32pythonat least my firefox (54.0.1) tells me that version is up to date
15:32pythonbut 55 is already released
15:42CowzillaIt's always the same thing. They leave out something crucial and it just cannot be found.
15:42CowzillaHow do I specify a CSS file in my extension?
15:42CowzillaBeen searching for ages now.
15:44b4hand^5 firefox!
15:48Caspy7python: the automatic updates have been disabled because of some bugs that were found.
15:49pythonCaspy7: ah. thank you for the information!
15:55JordiGHSomething broke with my Emacs keybinding theme (via GTK+, I believe). C-n started opening new browser windows instead of moving to the next line of a textarea. C-p still works to move to the previous line and doesn't open a print window. halp halp halp
15:57TylerCaspy7: just an fyi, we are still looking into an issue that affects 54 ->55 updates, but all 55 users will get the update to 55.0.1
15:57Tylerwe will turn on updates for all other versions soon
15:58Caspy7Tyler: thanks
15:58pythonanother question:
15:59pythonit seams that at least on my computer the default number of content-processes is still 1
15:59linkmauveHi, this morning after updating Nightly all of my tabs were gone, I saw the sessionstore.jsonlz4 file being only 858bytes, while sessionstore-backups/upgrade.jsonlz4-20170809100326 (the most recent file there) is 14MiB. Is there anything I could do to get back my open tabs?
15:59pythonbut i read that with firefox 54 it should be 4?
16:01Caspy7python: iirc currently that only gets enabled by default if you only have webextensions...I think. Or was it *no* extensions... Sorry, I forget at the moment. Though you can set the number yourself.
16:01pythonCaspy7: the user-setable number comes with 55
16:03Caspy7sorry, I'm confused what you're saying or asking. I'm just saying that it does not default to multiple (4) content processes unless it's one of the things I said, no extensions will do it for sure, but I forget if only webextensions will also allow it
16:03Caspy7but you can totally set it yourself to 4 or whatever
16:03Caspy7do you have 55 installed yet?
16:03Tylerpython: I think it's somewhat intelligent and won't go to 4 if your computer can't handle it. I may be wrong though
16:04JordiGHNobody cares about us Emacsers. ;_;
16:04pythonCaspy7: 54
16:05Caspy7python: 55 is released but the automatic rollouts were turned off due to some issues that were found. But I just checked preferences and don't see a UI for changing the content process number. I know you can do it in about:config though
16:06pythonCaspy7: i was only wondering because the tech-new wrote about 4 content-processes as default with firefox 54
16:07pythonits not that big deal
16:07Caspy7yeah, well, they don't always cover all the details :)
16:07pythonyeah :D
16:10firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
16:11firebot Air Mozilla: Mozilla Science Lab August 2017 Bi-Monthly Community Call
16:13Caspy7I think it was just a month ago or so that a "tech news" site was talking about how Firefox was finally going "multithreaded"
16:14JordiGHHas Google gotten around to fixing videochat for Firefox?
16:14Caspy7not that I've heard
16:15pythonmaybe they do not now the difference between multithreading and multiprocessing
16:15pythonsorry for my bad english
16:16Caspy7python: that's my point, it's a tech site. They're supposed to have at least cursory understanding about what they're writing
16:20gjoobThat spreadsheet with replacements for legacy add-ons looks quite impressive right now
16:26firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
16:26firebot Mozilla Addons Blog: Upcoming Changes in Compatibility Features
16:31gjoobDo I understand correctly that when browser.urlbar.oneOffSearches gets removed, there will be no way to keep one-off buttons only in the search bar?
16:34CowzillaHow do I specify a CSS file in my extension?!
16:41firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
16:41firebot Gervase Markham: How One Tweet Can Ruin Your Life
16:52CowzillaHEEEEEEEELP! dummylowercasetext
17:04kbrosnanCowzilla: #extdev or #webextensions
17:06kbrosnanCowzilla: or
17:11firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
17:11firebot Air Mozilla: Reps Weekly Meeting Aug. 10, 2017
17:28rayyou guys should seriously promote this :)
17:29Caspy7Hey everybody! ^
17:29Caspy7yeah, I did see that the other day :)
17:29Caspy7on r/firefox
17:29raylots of negativity about ff57
17:30rayespecially on slashdot (but what do you expect)
17:31Tylerray: I've been seeing the opposite, I imagine you are seeing complaints about the add-on changes?
17:31Tyler(I think most the ranting happened months ago when we announced it)
17:32rayTyler: yes
17:33ray"we're doomed all important extensions will break"
17:33Caspy7ray: slashdot cannot be taken seriously as a sample of much of anything - unless you're looking for a sample of bitter curmudgeons
17:34Mossopslashdot is still a thing?
17:34JordiGHSo is, its sister site.
17:34JordiGHBoth still running 1990s Perl.
18:07ThiefMastercan i disable the search engine selection thingy at the bottom of the address bar that was added in ff55?
18:08ThiefMasteri use keywords to select the search engine so it's just useless clutter for me
18:08ThiefMasteralso, why doesn't the installer even let me choose where to install? this already pisses me off in chrome...
18:10CowzillaHow long has it been possible to use JavaScript to make extensions?
18:10CowzillaIs this a new thing, or has it been that way all since the start?
18:10Daggersince the start
18:11CowzillaAnd does it have the same abilities as the other options (whatever those may be)?
18:11MossopThere are no other options
18:11Zinkerdoes IE have a memory cache ?
18:11CowzillaThen what's all the fuss about about extensions breaking every so ofter in Firefox?
18:11MossopIt's annoying?
18:12MossopBut it should be mostly gone now webextensions are the way to do it
18:13Zinkeras i watch tv on html5 , nothing seems to cure the stutter , looping , asynch then disable ff memory cache ... doe IE have a memory cache
18:13ThiefMasteri still want to see how people can implement stuff like classic theme restorer using the webextension api ;)
18:13Daggerwith the caveat that the reason it's mostly gone is because we're breaking everything and then making it impossible to fix lots of it
18:13MossopThiefMaster: They can't
18:14ThiefMasteroh really, who would have thought that? :)
18:14Daggerpersonally I'd say that breaking without possibility of fixing puts you in rather a worse situation on the breakage front
18:14Caspy7ThiefMaster: You. Before you said it.
18:14ThiefMasterthat was a rhetorical question ;)
18:15Caspy7;) ;) ;) lolol
18:15ThiefMastermore serious question: what about mouse gestures? will they still work e.g. on error pages or on other firefox-internal pages that open in tabs?
18:15ThiefMasteralways found that VERY annoying in chrome that they didn't work everywhere
18:15ThiefMaster(i have e.g. a gesture to close a tab)
18:15MossopThiefMaster: Currently no they won't work on internal pages. I don't see that changing
18:16ThiefMasterare http error pages considered internal pages?
18:18ThiefMasteranyway, is there a way to tell the firefox installer to install to a different location?
18:18ThiefMasterit used to have an option for it some time ago
18:18Daggerare you using the stub installer?
18:19Daggerprotip: stub installers are rarely what you want
18:19Dagger...I don't know if the full installer gives you the option, but it's a lot more likely to
18:19ThiefMasterbut when installing ff55 (which, for some reason, is not offered as an update yet even though it fixes critical security holes), the option is gone :/
18:19MossopFirefox 55 has a couple of bugs that are going to be fixed in 55.0.1
18:25ThiefMasterah, much better :)
18:25CowzillaMossop: I mean, WHY do they break?
18:25ThiefMasteris there an about:config option to get rid of the search engine selector thing at the bottom of the address bar "dropdown"?
18:25CowzillaIf JavaScript has been supported since the start.
18:25CowzillaI was under the impression that the breakage was due to Mozilla switching "extension languages".
18:25MossopCowzilla: Because previously the JavaScript had access to internal APIs that changed with every release
18:25ThiefMasterCowzilla: old addons access/modify internals, which can usually change at any time
18:26CowzillaSo the basic question then becomes: Why do they change things around once established?
18:26ThiefMasterbut at the same time, that gives them the power to do pretty much everything ;)
18:26ThiefMasterCowzilla: because it's a PITA in a big project (even more so in a huge project as firefox) to consider all internal APIs public and thus avoid breaking them
18:26MossopCowzilla: Because we keep wanting to make changes to the browser
18:26CowzillaAre you saying that new extensions don't get as much power as they used to, even though both use JavaScript?
18:30b4handhas anything changed recently with firefox allowing unsigned addons by setting the pref 'xpinstall.signatures.required' to false?
18:30Caspy7the old API let's addons have arbitrary access to the computer. Powerful? Yes. Potentially dangerous? Also yes.
18:30Caspy7b4hand: what version of Fx are you on?
18:30obZenFirefox on my Mac always gives me a sign-in error with my Firefox sync
18:31Mossopb4hand: We just preffed off legacy add-ons entirely on nightly
18:31b4handI am testing on 55 and 56
18:31obZenIt doesn't happen on my other devices
18:31b4handI meant extensions
18:31obZenWhen I sign in and click Confirm in the email, my synced history is not showing up
18:32Caspy7b4hand: that pref is only honored on Nightly and Developer editions
18:32b4handso 56 should allow it
18:32Caspy7there's two 56s
18:32Caspy7Beta and Dev Edition
18:33Caspy7if 56 has indeed graduated
18:33Caspy7obZen: you may try #sync
18:33obZenWhat's #sync?
18:33obZenOh the irc channle
18:34CowzillaWhile I was uploading my first extension, I noticed that it says that if you have obfuscated code in it, you need to send in the original source code. This scares me a bit, although I understand it.
18:34b4handCaspy7: so beta doesn't allow it
18:34CowzillaSo I basically have to give up my source code to Firefox folks.
18:34Caspy7b4hand: as I understand, no
18:35b4handgood to know
18:35Daggereverything should be open source anyway, so *shrug*
18:35DaggerI find it worse that obfuscated code is even allowed, since it makes it very much harder to find out what the code you're running even does
18:37Cowzilla"everything should be open source anyway"
18:37CowzillaBecause you say so? :/
18:38Daggerbecause it's the right thing to do
18:38CowzillaMaybe in a perfect utopian world.
18:38CowzillaBut in this world, there are thieves and scumbags in every corner, just waiting to steal your work and put their name on it.
18:38CowzillaAnd no licenses will help against that.
18:39CowzillaAlso, I like to be a little bit private. Not really eager to reveal all my internal variable naming schemes and whatnot.
18:40j605people can't read and review obfuscated code
18:40CowzillaAlthough the overall structure will be identical even after obfuscation.
18:40Cowzillaj605: That's sort of the idea, yeah.
18:40ThiefMasterCowzilla: why do you want to make your firefox extension closed source anyway?
18:41CowzillaThiefMaster: The prevent somebody from taking my hard work and release it as theirs.
18:41araiobfuscation also doesn't help against stealing...
18:41ThiefMasterCowzilla: how likely is that to happen? (protip: it's not likely)
18:41CowzillaVery likely.
18:41ThiefMasterand you could always sue them if someone steals your shit
18:41SeburoThey might also credit you with the assist.
18:41Cowzilla"Could always sue them"?
18:41ThiefMasterif it's open source someome might fork it, but even that is rare
18:41CowzillaI don't have any means to sue anyone, let alone across the world.
18:45ThiefMasteranyway, still unlikely that someone steals your code
18:45ThiefMasteryour extension probably won't be *that* special :)
18:46ThiefMasteralso, if you make it open source and someone rips it off, chances are good there will be a shitshorm against them if you post about it on reddit, hackernews, etc
18:48SeburoGood point.
18:48ThiefMasterbtw, is there an api for webextensions to allow scrolling through tabs by using the mouse wheel while hovering the tab bar?
18:48ThiefMasterin chrome an autohotkey script is needed for that, which feels like an awful hack..
18:52ThiefMasterah, browser.urlbar.oneOffSearches is the setting i was looking for re disabling the search engine buttons in the address bar
18:55Caspy7For anyone interested in reading a [bite sized piece] list of current and upcoming performance fixes:
18:58JordiGHFirefox 57 is starting to sound almost as important as when Firefox was forked off as a lightweight component off what is now the Mozilla suite.
18:59DaggerJordiGH: and now you understand why the marketing department gets the big bucks
18:59JordiGHHey, are you a white mage/summoner person?
19:00Seburo57 is cool.
19:00Daggeras it happens, yes :p
19:00JordiGHI'm playing that game now for the first time, really loving it.
19:01DaggerI'd probably have to rename her if I ever played it again, it would just be too weird otherwise
19:02cheaterguys i really need some help with admining firefox, is there some other place i could go to ask some questions rather than here?
19:03JordiGHI sometimes wish she were as badass as Freya and didn't need to get rescued as often. But it's ok, I got Freya.
19:03JordiGHcheater: admining?
19:03JordiGHOh, adminning.
19:03JordiGHI read that as "ad-mining".
19:03cheateri need to find a way to install addons automatically in firefox
19:03cheaterfrom the command line
19:04JordiGHI think you might be able to do that with the -chrome option.
19:04cheaterhow would you do that?
19:04JordiGHHm, but I don't even know if that works headless.
19:04JordiGHWell, an addon is a chrome url, I think.
19:05JordiGHSince we're talking CLI, I assume this is Firefox on Unix?
19:06ThiefMasteri have two firefox windows, one on each monitor. can i somehow force firefox to open new tabs (e.g. when some other application opens a url) in a specific window?
19:06JordiGHHave you already found this page? Haven't read it all but it seems relevant:
19:10Caspy7cheater: ^
19:40conneryit't still not possible to update Firefox from 54 to 55 :(
19:47Timvde[16:39:57] j605: Timvde: with the download file windows open to choose file location sum tabs shows undefined <-- I know, it currently shows the number of tabs in the active Firefox winow, in all windows. I listed it under &quot;Limitati