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27 Mar 2017
04:59I-StephenHey, I'm having trouble with this website
05:00I-Stephenif you select the bistro tab, you don't get the option to download the bistro menu
05:00I-Stephencan anyone confirm this?
05:06Caspy7I-Stephen: works for me. Clicking that option takes me to which has a link to download. Clicking on that actually opens it up in the PDF preview in the browser
05:32I-Stephenhmmmmmm!. wonder why it won't come up in mine?
05:36Caspy7I-Stephen: a few common causes are addons and some settings in your profile. Maybe start in safe mode and see if that resolves it. You may also try testing in a fresh profile (using the profile manager)
05:45I-StephenI set up a new profile and it still won't work.
05:45I-Stephenit must be something speciffic to my screen reader or something
05:47I-Stephenah. rats
05:50I-StephenYikes. what the heck was that?
05:55Caspy7trolls, spammers
06:12I-Stephenwell I just set up a new profile
06:13I-Stephenand tried visiting the website, but it still won't display that info about downloading a manu
06:24CorkI-Stephen: you mean the page doesn't load?
06:25Corkwhat os are you on?
06:26Caspy7I-Stephen: which part fails and what happens? You click on which link and then what happens?
06:27TewI get a submenu on mouseover on Bistro, 3 items, download page link being the last. desktop firefox, adblocker enabled with no strange filters; check devtools console for errors, maybe?
06:28I-Stephenah. that's why it doesn't work, because you need to use a mouse
06:29Corkya, not the most accessible website i've seen >_>
06:31I-Stephenand after all that trouble, I download the menu in PDF format only to discover that it's just one big graphic!
06:32Tewhmm, clicking Bistro gets you to a page with "Select from our menu options bellow to view more information." and 2 photos linking to larger version below, no menu link in body text..
06:34Corklovely using that one on a mobile :D
06:34I-StephenYeah, they really need to hire a proofreader, that spelling error sticks out like a sore ear
06:35I-Stephenclick here to have the menu bellowed at you. hahahahahaha
06:36I-Stephenbut hey, that's what happens when you hire cheap labour
06:36I-Stephento create your web sites
06:38Tewchinese sweatshops are taking our web jobs!11
06:44I-StephenIt's probably more like india or the Phillipines
06:58decebalusHmm..Aren't the US the promoter of "globalisation"? Well , that's one of the shitty consequences
07:31I-StephenI was on the phone to the manager of the restaurant earlier this arvo and that's when I found out they got a 3rd party developer to design their web site
07:31I-StephenI'll have to try and ask him in a very nice enough manner, if the website was done off shore
07:31Tewyou mean it wasn't their dishwasher that did it? /s
07:31CorkI-Stephen: basically every restaurant uses 3rd party web developers
07:32I-Stephenas opposed to a local aussie company
07:32Corkthat would be offshore developer
07:33Corkand ya, with the cost difference it isn't very surprising
07:34I-StephenI'll ask 'em anyway, who knows you might be surprised
07:34I-Stephenbtw: I'm having another problem with the latest firefox, this time with a missing setting in the about:config dialog
07:35Corkabout:config is a page, not a dialog
07:35I-Stephenone of the settings is miss8ing
07:35I-Stephenbtw: dinner, I'll read your reply when I get back
07:35Corkprefs in about:config change as the code changes
07:36Corkand sometime they aren't created by default
07:36Corkand sometime they only exist in specific os:es
07:36Corkwhat pref aren't you finding?
07:49Tewmy main ff has all 3 prefs, but Nightly doesn't have layers.offmainthreadcomposition.enabled present, so probably that. no idea if OMTC can still be disabled or not
07:49Tewyou can rightclick / use contextmenu key and create it with 'New'
07:52TimvdeAHA, I found the cause of my disconnects!
07:52mboldanHello! Join us for today's Bug Triage Day via #qa IRC channel! Feel free to check for detailed instructions on how to get involved. Have fun ;)
08:09CorkTew: as omtc is a requirement for e10s (at least last i checked) i suspect the pref is getting removed
08:26cbauercan I stop FF from appending a .txt if it sees a txt/plain mime type?
08:26cbauerI'm downloading files from github which have no extension (and shouldn't have), e.g.
08:27Corkcbauer: you would have to remove the text/plain mimetype reference from the registry (read as, yes but you don't want to)
08:28cbauerstupid that it's not possible to simple disable the behavior of automatically appending the extensions FF thinks would be right
08:28TimvdeCork: looks like that's just bad behaviour of Firefox, though
08:28cbauerin the linux world a lot of text/plain/ASCII files have no extension at all
08:29Corkcbauer: .txt is getting quite common there too
08:29cbauerhave you looked in /etc on a *nix system once?
08:29cbauerat most they have .conf
08:30Corkcbauer: those are configs that's a bit different
08:30TimvdeCork: Disagree, I barely ever see .txt
08:30TimvdeCork: also, the source file should have .txt then
08:30cbauerit's just stupid behavior IMO to think a text file should havev .txt, that's "windows-thinking"/making it easier for casual users
08:30TimvdeAnd when you download it, Firefox should keep .txt
08:31TimvdeBut if a file doesn't have an extension, Firefox should not try to guess it's txt
08:31CorkTimvde: very VERY many servers doesn't send content-disposition
08:31cbauerwhen you download a file which has no extension FF shouldn't be smart about it and add one
08:31Corkso the client are left to guessing the extension
08:31cbauerjust don't then...
08:31cbauerI download a file, I don't try to open it in FF...
08:32Corkso getting an exefile called index.php sounds fine?
08:32TimvdeCork: the file you download, probably has the right extension, though?
08:32TimvdeCork: yes, and if you wish to edit it, you open it in a text editor
08:32cbauerguess I have to abstain from "save link as..." in the future
08:32CorkTimvde: open a exefile in a text editor??
08:32Timvdeoh, exe
08:33TimvdeWell, index.php.txt wouldn't be better, right?
08:33Corkwe.. .txt just works the same way as everything else
08:33Corkit isn't special cased
08:33Corkit could possibly be, but it isn't currently
08:33phlixi_ousually the server shoudl say how to name a file when downloading. as in make an suggestion how to name it...
08:34Corkya, that's the content-disposition header
08:34cbauerif a binary/executable has the wrong extension FF shouldn't try to change it, if the provider added a .php it's windows' problem to think it's a php-file, *nix does it better in reading the mime type and also not even have the executable bit set anyway
08:34cbaueror just take the name from the URL? is that so hard?
08:34Corkcbauer: it doesn't have the "wrong extension" it doesn't have any filename at all
08:34Corkcause the url isn't a filename
08:34cbauer<Cork> so getting an exefile called index.php sounds fine?
08:35Corkya cause <-- what filename should this have?
08:35cbauerthe basename of the URL usually is, in the case of github raw mode, always
08:35Corkno, that is the parent folder
08:35Corkthe file name is &quot;&quot;
08:35Corkor possibly index
08:36cbauerthan that&#39;s not a direct link, it&#39;s a page that causes the browser to download a file through some html vodoo
08:36Corkcbauer: sure it is
08:36cbauerno it&#39;s not
08:36Corkwhat the server does with it has very little with the url to do
08:36cbauerwhat my browser does, has to do with the URL
08:36phlixi_othe server sends http header, regardles of html voodoo or whatever
08:36Corkcbauer: no it doesn&#39;t
08:37phlixi_oalong with the headers the server should suggest a filename
08:37Corkphlixi_o: a correctly configured server yes
08:37cbauerif I GET a path/file, I expect to get a file, not file.guessedextension
08:37Corkbut many servers doesn&#39;t
08:37phlixi_owell, thats not the fault of firefox
08:37Corkcbauer: you are thinking of the simple http get server sends a raw file matching that url
08:37phlixi_ocbauer thats not true
08:37Corkcbauer: a very common situation that isn&#39;t true
08:38Corkyou could have something like
08:38phlixi_oeven for the simple case there are swend headers from the server
08:38phlixi_oits irelevant what the url in the get was
08:38Corkphlixi_o: only if the server is configured to send them
08:39phlixi_owhich is default for apache nginx etc
08:39cbauerif I press &#39;save link as...&#39; on a link that points to a _file_ (not a index.php, index.html or whatever) I expect to download a file with the name it has on the server/is at the end of the URL
08:39cbauerwhat I don&#39;t expect is my browser being smart about how it should name that if the server didn&#39;t send anything special about it
08:39Corkcbauer: the problem is the browser can&#39;t know what is a file or not
08:39Corkit is just an url
08:39Corkit isn&#39;t a filesystem path
08:40phlixi_obut whatever, cbauer seems not to be interested in somthing else then repeating what thinks is the world... cu l8r :-)
08:40phlixi_orepeating what he thinks... *
08:41Corkjust have a look at sourceforge
08:41Corkit commonly have links like give you an HTML file
08:41cbauerI don&#39;t need to differentiate, if I &quot;save link as...&quot; I expect the basename to be the same, regardless of what the server answers (except on error obviously)
08:42phlixi_ocbauer maybe use wget then
08:42Corkcbauer: that&#39;s the thing, again urls doesn&#39;t have basenames
08:42Corkit isn&#39;t a filesystem path
08:42cbauerthat&#39;s what I was just writing phlixi_o
08:42cbauergonna switch to a downloa script via open-with add-on
08:43Corkand wget has the exact problem i talked about and needs to be executed with --content-disposition to download many links even half correct
08:43cbauerlet&#39;s just hope FF isn&#39;t gonna make that add-on unsupported as well
08:43Tokoyamicbauer: my nightly doesn&#39;t append a .txt. you sure it&#39;s not your system?
08:43TokoyamiI checked with your file
08:44cbauerusing 54.0a2 firefox developer on windshit
08:44Tokoyamiah, might be windows then
08:44Tokoyamipretty sure it has that tendency with txt files
08:44Tokoyamifrom anywhere
08:45cbauerthen FF shouldn&#39;t hand off the downloading of a file to the system
08:45Tokoyamiit doesn&#39;t, it just calls the default system SaveFile dialog
08:45cbauerI think my problem was that I left &quot;Filetype: text document (*.txt)&quot; in the file picker dialogue, even though I deleted the .txt from the filename above it still added it after the fact
08:46TokoyamiI don&#39;t remember but I think that was overridable in some wierd way, but no entirely sure
08:46cbauerwould have to select &quot;all files&quot; from that drop down
08:46cbauerso just gonna switch to an external script to download it now
08:47Tokoyamiunfortunately with windows you probably don&#39;t have much choice
08:47Tokoyamiunless there is some weird registry option that disables this behavior
08:47cbaueror I could change the file picker FF uses
08:48Tokoyamiwell, yeah, if possible :)
08:48cbauerprobably possible and easiest way to change the binary/dll that get&#39;s executed as file picker
09:06GrabAnyMediahi all, have a question, can i monetize my extension with this service ?
09:10Caspy7GrabAnyMedia: saw you asked in #webextensions just wanted to note that it&#39;s the middle of the night in the US where most devs are, so channel traffic is down a bit. You may also try #addons if you haven&#39;t
09:10GrabAnyMediaOMG excuse me :(
09:11GrabAnyMediaok, now try #addons, thanks
09:13Caspy7nothing to excuse. Someone may chime in, just trying to inform you
09:24firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
09:24firebot Daniel Stenberg: curl is C
09:29I-StephenTew hmmm it doesn&#39;t seem to make any difference with my screen reader
09:48cbauerfirefox has an in-built list that when receiving an http header for a requested file I want to save with &quot;text/plain&quot; it translates to .txt and opens the file picker with the .txt information?
10:00Caspy7cbauer: I do not understand your question
10:02cbauerif I open this page it &quot;save as...&quot; it opens the file picker with .txt as selected extension in the drop down field for &quot;file type&quot;
10:03cbaueras I understand the server send me an http header that says the requested file has &quot;text/plain&quot; mime type and apparently firefox interprets that to .txt
10:06Caspy7cbauer: what&#39;s your question?
10:08cbauerdoes firefox use a built-in list to translate this mime-type to an extension which it then forwards to the file picker that it opens?
10:08cbauerI simply would like it to not add .txt
10:09Caspy7cbauer: is Preferences > Applications what you&#39;re looking for?
10:11cbauerno, that doesn&#39;t list the extension
10:11cbauer##windows says in the case of FF/opera they use a built-in list to translate mime type to extension, edge/ie would use the OS for that
10:12Caspy7cbauer: well, I believe it&#39;s at least stored in mimeTypes.rdf in the profile folder
10:13Caspy7if you delete or rename that (w/ Firefox off) that should also reset to defaults
10:20cbauerI&#39;ve changed &#39;NC:fileExtensions=&quot;txt&quot;>&#39; to &#39;NC:fileExtensions=&quot;&quot;>&#39; for urn:mimetype:text/plain, start FF again but it still wants to add .txt
10:20cbauerin the file picker
10:38Timvdecbauer: fwiw, if I ctrl-s on that page, it just saves as &quot;Dockerfile&quot;
10:39Timvdecbauer: Of course, on Linux, I&#39;m not sure what happens on Windows
10:40cbaueron what OS are you?
10:53Timvdecbauer: Linux
10:54cbauerI&#39;m on windows
10:55cbauerTimvde: what do you have in your mimeTypes.rdf (from your profile) for NC:fileExtensions=... where &#39;RDF:about=&quot;urn:mimetype:text/plain&quot;&#39; ?
10:57Timvdecbauer: sorry, wrong part
10:57TimvdeOh no, right part :P
11:02cbauercan you try adding NC:fileExtensions=&quot;txt&quot; in &#39;<RDF:Description RDF:about=&quot;urn:mimetype:text/plain&quot; ... >&#39; ?
11:03cbauere.g.: <RDF:Description RDF:about=&quot;urn:mimetype:text/plain&quot; NC:description=&quot;plain text document&quot; NC:value=&quot;text/plain&quot; NC:editable=&quot;true&quot; NC:fileExtensions=&quot;txt&quot;>
11:13Timvdecbauer: sorry, I&#39;m sort of busy atm, and restarting Firefox takes well over a minute with my add-ons and tab count
11:13Timvde(which I assume is necessary after changing that file)
12:29whoisxyfirefox dev tools such as inspector are reporting XMLS parsing Error: unidentified entity.. Location: chrome://devtools/content/<tool_name>/<tool_name>.xul
12:29whoisxyI hear that someone had the same issue and that removing chrome fixed this for them
12:30whoisxyI&#39;m unwilling to remove chrome does anybody know of a workaround?
12:31whoisxythe reported issue with chrome was from 2012 so probably not that... hopefully
12:32Tewlike, removing Chrome browser? (it doesn&#39;t sound very likely to me, but what do I know. fwiw, there is a #devtools channel)
12:33whoisxyI think it may have been becasue I upgraded firefox and havn&#39;t restarted yet seeing if this works now
12:34whoisxyrestarted firefox that it
12:35whoisxyseems to be working now
13:52fenecodo you know any addon that makes adding bookmaks easier
13:53fenecolike, showing a search field to search and select the folder that the bookmark will be added in
14:24Corkfeneco: i would be a bit careful with choosing one right now as there is a big shift in what extensions to use in firefox (the old system is about to be removed)
14:24firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
14:24firebot Botond Ballo: Trip Report: C++ Standards Meeting in Kona, February 2017
14:27fenecoCork: yea :(
14:34firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
14:34firebot Doug Belshaw: What would a periodic table of digital employability look like?
15:22the-ermHi, I&#39;m running ubuntu 16.04.2 LTS and I kinda need java working. Firefox 52 has broken it&#39;s support for java. I&#39;ve set `plugin.load_flash_only` to `false` in `about:config` but what am I supposed to do for support for java
15:22the-ermI kinda need it for work.
15:22the-ermmission critical stuff.
15:33Tokoyamithe-erm: java is only supported by 52ESR now
15:33Tokoyamisee if Ubuntu has a package for that version
15:33Tokoyamiif not, you can download a mozilla build from here
15:33Tokoyamiand run that in parallel with a separate profile
15:39Tewmy impression was that ESR shouldn&#39;t do much different about plugins than plugin.load_flash_only (default value), I&#39;d be interested to hear how that worked out for you.. (= it may be some other cause?)
15:42TokoyamiI think 52 has other pluggins fully banned by name in code. atleast I remember a patch like that though it might have been for a later version.
15:46Tewthere is a blocklisted plugin (and addons) support (e.g. vulnerable flash), but I hope (^ = unlikely?) that in general mozilla understands the difference between blacklisting and whitelisting to dis/allow stuff
15:47the-ermYou know what really sucks about this transition. firebug has stopped working. I used that every day. It had features that dev-tools just doesn&#39;t have like searching the contents of all the xhr requests.
15:47Tokoyamifirebug3 doesn&#39;t work with it?
15:48Tokoyamiit&#39;s that transitional version before they finish the move to the dev tools
15:49TokoyamiI guess it&#39;s 2 not 3
15:49the-erm has the same message
15:50Tokoyamiah, no, that message seems global for the site
15:50the-ermMaybe I&#39;m just dense and it&#39;s the same thing.
15:50Tokoyamidoesn&#39;t the addon button tell you to up to 3?
15:50TokoyamiI remember it was showing me a message
27 Mar 2017
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