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27 Apr 2017
01:13Caspy7est31: I can reload and read comments more, but they seems somewhat satisfied with having enabled e10s
10:25SilverTuxedoI'm working on an addon for a forum community and I want the users to be able to add specific images to their signature
10:25SilverTuxedoBut I can't use urls from imgur
10:26SilverTuxedoHow can I make the images viewable for other people if I can't host the image anywhere?
10:32TimvdeYou can use other picture hosts?
10:32TimvdeOr what is the exact reason that imgur is not possible?
10:32SilverTuxedoI tried submitting it and it failed because of that
10:33TimvdeThe other option is using a data URI:
10:33SilverTuxedoIt didn't pass review
10:33philippmaybe ask in the addons forum then:
10:33TimvdeSilverTuxedo: Hmm, I'm not really into add-ons, but that sounds odd
10:34TimvdeI'd expect you to need a disclaimer in the description: "This will host your images publicly on imgur", but not anything more
10:34SilverTuxedoThe reason according to the email I got is "remote sources"
10:34TimvdeThere are add-ons like this:
10:34TimvdeIf they can pass review...
10:43Caspy7you may try asking in #extdev or #webextensions
16:28AdnolIs this the channel for Mozzarella FireFox?
16:30AdnolBut it says Mozzarella FIrefox
16:55Tewbuffalo buffalo buffalo?
17:15phlixi_onew thing, nightly no longer saves the "everything" in the dropdown of the delete history.. its "last hour" everytime... wasnt like that until recently.
17:26phlixi_oor rather "new bug" instead of "new thing" ... but, whatever... gn8 :-)
20:43throwaway2645Hello. I think I have faced a bug in Firefox. I have noticed that the search panel (that searches though the page contents) does not get updated when another page is loaded. Very annoing. Steps to reproduce: 1. Visit any page. 2. Initiate search. Put some word that is definitely present on the page. The search panel says something like match 1 of 5. 2. Follow
20:44throwaway2645what has happened to my message? :(
27 Apr 2017
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