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17 Oct 2017
00:25oneforall2so when id ff going to have a button for the replacement for firebug . T was still able to have fb up till 56.0.1 :( which gave me the button on the toolbar
00:30Caspy7oneforall2: I'd try asking in #devtools though I was under the impression that most or all of the firebug features have moved into devtools.
00:30Caspy7I think the firebug dev may actually work for Moz now with devtools
00:41oneforall2nope all I find now is always haveing to do the ctl+dhift+i
00:44oneforall2blah or drag the whole dev tool down from custom :(
00:44Caspy7oneforall2: like I said, I'd ask there and see if someone can point out the same/similar features and where they're located
01:41advcomp2019Caspy7, how did my firefox get switched to 64bit :/
01:45Caspy7advcomp2019: 56.0.1
01:49The0x539Caspy7: any ideas on that fennec photon theming bit? you see the screenshot?
01:49Caspy7The0x539: not sure what you're referencing
01:50The0x539week or so back I was talking about how I didn't like the look of photon on android; you pointed me to lightweight themes
01:50The0x539at an obscene hour of the night (CST) I posted the following (assuming I can find it)
01:50The0x539surely this isn't the intended appearance
01:52Caspy7The0x539: I would say to file a bug and attache this screenshot
01:53Caspy7it's *possible* that issue is not on their radar currently but I don't know
01:53Caspy7maybe it's not yet handling dark themes properly
01:54The0x539any pointers for key terms to use? I've been on bugzilla once or twice but don't think I've actually ever filed anything
01:54Caspy7one sec
01:58The0x539Not quite as bad now
01:58Caspy7The0x539: oh, so it improved since last week?
01:59Caspy7sure looks it
01:59firebotBug 1389164 FIXED, [photon] Light text in toolbar is unreadable when using dark lightweight theme on Android
01:59The0x539it's improved, yes
01:59advcomp2019Caspy7, the reason why i just seen that mine was 64bit is i am getting gui lag issue
01:59The0x539I consider it usable and ugly now, where it was previously ugly and almost unusable
02:00Caspy7advcomp2019: are you on a memory limited computer? How much memory do you have?
02:00advcomp2019i have 8gb of ram on this machine
02:00Caspy7that's odd
02:01Caspy7I don't know of any reason why 64 bit would cause a performance issue unless you were running out of usable memory
02:02advcomp2019yea.. i was using 5gb out of the 8gb
02:02The0x539The address bar is much less offensive here but the status bar is still far from optimal
02:03Caspy7The0x539: it may intercept with bug 1402598
02:03firebot NEW, Light Theme/Appearance/Persona look faded and bleached
02:04Caspy7you might attach your image and ask if it's the same cause
02:05Caspy7yeah, I'm pretty sure it's the same issue
02:05Caspy7may not be out of line to attache your image and point out how you're seeing it in your context
02:06The0x539however, the status bar in bug's changed but still bad
02:06firebot FIXED, (photon) Adjust light weight theme layout/color for Photon style
02:06Caspy7advcomp2019: you're saying that you have many tabs open and so you were already pushing the memory limits? And 64 bit made it cross the line?
02:06Caspy7yes, I get it. But the bug I linked is not fixed.
02:07advcomp2019i dont think it is ram issue at all
02:08advcomp2019because firefox was only using 1.5gb of ram when i was getting this gui lag
02:08Caspy7I see
02:09Caspy7advcomp2019: well, one experiment would be to switch back to 32 bit and see if it fixes the issue long term. There is the possibility of another factor, that should help to suss it out
02:10advcomp2019i was wondering how did it get switched to 64bit when i had only 32bit before
02:11Caspy7I told you 56.0.1
02:11Caspy7that one upgrades qualified 32 bit users
02:12advcomp2019o ok
02:13The0x539Caspy7: done
02:14The0x539should I attach that second screenshot or is it redundant
02:20Caspy7The0x539: you attached the first? The first one is no longer valid and can't be reproduced. I'd mark it as obsolete and attache the one from a recent build
02:21The0x539I attached the one with the black theme from today, the second one I linked today, that's "the first"
02:21The0x539there's a second one from today, the most recent link from me in this channel, with a different theme entirely
02:21The0x539 this one
02:21Caspy7The0x539: ah, ok, sounds good
02:22The0x539should I attach that one with a diff theme
02:22Caspy7that one you just linked doesn't seem to make as compelling a case imo
02:23The0x539and follow'd
02:24renatosilvaanyone getting random high cpu usage in latest firefox?
02:41henrymacIs it possible to start the FF (nightly) with the BrowserToolbox open (and breakpoints enabled?)
02:42Caspy7henrymac: you may try #devtools
03:29* grahamperrin-M notes specific to Windows
03:32grahamperrin-Madvcomp2019: please, can you describe the GUI lag in greater detail?
03:34grahamperrin-MAlso, what's the multiprocess windows state?
03:34grahamperrin-Mabout:support near the head of the page.
03:37advcomp2019grahamperrin-M, e10s is disabled
03:38grahamperrin-MThanks. Forced off by choice, or by use of extensions?
03:41grahamperrin-Mif you like, share the raw text from about:support at
03:41advcomp2019grahamperrin-M, forced off by addons.. the lag is some of the menus and even on youtube the play/pause click is delayed by 3 to 5 seconds before they actually work
03:42grahamperrin-MPlay/pause click within the window, yes?
03:43grahamperrin-MOK so I might describe the lag as more general, not limited to the GUI.
03:44grahamperrin-MI'll be particularly interested in the extensions section from raw text from about:support
03:45grahamperrin-MWith YouTube play/pause: is the lag noticeable more when beginning to play than when pausing? Or around the same lag in both cases?
03:47advcomp2019anytime.. even if i hover over links on pages is lag
03:48renatosilvawhy did extensions were suddenly tagged as legacy in ff 56? just noticed e10s is just disabled now by extensions, but they are just the same as before
03:49advcomp2019even typing in firefox is lagged about that much but outside of firefox it does not lag
03:49grahamperrin-Mrenatosilva: Mozilla began treating numerous extensions as legacy some time ago. With recent releases of Firefox, it's easier to realise the fact.
03:50renatosilvagrahamperrin-M: it's really sad how mozilla handles extensions, it's a complete mess!
03:51advcomp2019i never had this lag with the other versions of firefox
03:51grahamperrin-Madvcomp2019: OK, I reckon, let's focus on extensions. I'm more familiar with performance-related troubleshooting on (Linux-based) Firefox on FreeBSD but I'll do my best for your Windows case.
03:51grahamperrin-Madvcomp2019: understood re: other versions.
03:51renatosilvafirefox seems to be decreasing quality ultimately, every new version fixes some weird bug but introduces another
03:52advcomp2019right now after starting firefox, it is fine so far
03:52grahamperrin-Mrenatosilva: I once described the transition to a WebExtensions-only environment as a roller-coaster of joy and pain.
03:53renatosilvaI'd appreciate if the team stopped focusing on the color of buttons or adding useless features like "screenshots to mozilla server", and started focusing into making ff stable
03:53grahamperrin-Madvcomp2019: now please refrain from beginning any YouTube playback. (Or am I too late for that advice?)
03:54advcomp2019it is way to late
03:54renatosilvagrahamperrin-M: mozilla changes addon api just too much
03:54grahamperrin-Mrenatosilva: Firefox 56.0.1 is faultlessly stable for me. YMMV, of course. I rarely use the word faultless.
03:54grahamperrin-Madvcomp2019: LOL. It will _really_ help to have that list of extensions.
03:55renatosilvagrahamperrin-M: iirc I just had to stop using an useful addon (switch dictionary as I type) because it just stopped being supported
03:56grahamperrin-Mrenatosilva: understood. For what it's worth, I estimate the second half of 2018 for things to be ready for me. (I use Tab Groups, Session Manager and so on.)
03:56renatosilvagrahamperrin-M: indeed but YMMV is being more often than before
03:57renatosilvagrahamperrin-M: ready for you?
03:58renatosilvaanother problematic thing is youtube... I used to have no problems, now I just can't watch 1080p60 videos anymore
03:58renatosilvaand in ff 56, video exits fullscreen if you don't wait a little
03:59advcomp2019that is all my addons
04:00renatosilvaand now it's using my cpu heavily.... in sum... quality is decreasing since some time, hope you focus on it
04:00grahamperrin-Mrenatosilva: parallel discussion, if you like, at a long-ish and (in places) understandably moaning topic, but it is, I think, a reasonably good overview.
04:04grahamperrin-Madvcomp2019: thanks. You'll not like this suggestion, but can you tell whether the lags are reproducible if you disable Classic Theme Restorer and then restart?
04:05advcomp2019i have not but i have never had issues till now tho
04:06grahamperrin-MI do not directly suspect a problem with CTR with 56. I do not have recent experience with it, but I do very clearly recall disabling it, a few months ago, after I identified it as contributory to problems (I guess: an extensions conflict) in my case.
04:06renatosilvagrahamperrin-M: just read it a bit, I see that webext seems like a cleanup but it's just too late... mozilla just allowed for this addon obsession to grow up, sad....
04:07grahamperrin-MRight now, I can't recall which version of Firefox I associated with problems with CTR. Sorry.
04:08renatosilvagrahamperrin-M: are you core ff dev?
04:08grahamperrin-Madvcomp2019: with so few extensions in your case, I'm less inclined to suspect an extensions conflict but still, I'd look first at CTR.
04:08grahamperrin-Mrenatosilva: nope :-) just a tester. Focused on 56.x.
04:11grahamperrin-MWhen I began switching to Firefox around three years ago (switching away from Apple, and a prior love of Safari) I thought that it was a nightmare to have so many add-ons available. Billions, I might have read at some point, although that was probably an exaggeration.
04:13grahamperrin-MLong after the switch, I stumbled across a very small number of extensions that hugely, positively transformed the browsing experience. I knew it was risky to make any product integral to my workflow but the positives far outweighed the risks and so, I'm a user of Tab Groups, and so on.
04:16advcomp2019i have used firefox since the 1.0 to 1.5 area lol
04:16grahamperrin-MAh, not my imagination. Truly, Mozilla drew attention to two billion Firefox add-ons.
04:16renatosilvacannot be true
04:17renatosilvait's maybe 2bi downloads, no
04:19grahamperrin-MI used Netscape Navigator (was it even Netscape back then?) when it first became available for Macs. Mac user and lover for around twenty years (19932014 (or whenever the drop down to Yosemite began, but that's OT)).
04:20grahamperrin-MYou're right, downloads. My mistake.
04:21grahamperrin-MThat 'Best of 2 Billion Firefox Add-ons' headline must be true, I read it in The Sun.
04:33grahamperrin-MFor me the most amusing phase of preparations for Firefox 57 was when there was great encouragement to seek compatible extensions. Amusing because every search expedition resulted in finding gems that are legacy, with no suitable 57-compatible alternative. Basically: the encouragement away from legacy backfired it resulted in increased use of legacy extensions.
04:37renatosilvaI've just been forced to disable adblock and other addons to enable e10s and see if ff stops freezing
04:39grahamperrin-Mrenatosilva: the same encouragement to you (as to advcomp2019 earlier), if you'd like to share a list of extensions.
04:41grahamperrin-M there's the 'Copy text to clipboard' button.
04:42renatosilvagrahamperrin-M: adblock, context search x, dictionary switcher
04:43renatosilvaall legacy, only one ok is chirpy
04:43grahamperrin-Mrenatosilva: here's an AdBlock that must be e10s-compatible I use it and can't associate it with freezing.
04:44renatosilvagrahamperrin-M: that's the old adblock (non-plus) iirc, not sure why it's now presented as a thing in search
04:45renatosilvaI've just installed ublock origin
04:45Caspy7renatosilva: probably because adblock plus is not yet ported to webextensions
04:46grahamperrin-M+1 TBH I can't recall the difference with Plus
04:46Caspy7and yes, uBlock is recommended over either adblock
04:47renatosilvajust typed adblock in search, there's an insane amount of useless repeated work as result
04:47Caspy7I believe they're all forks of Adblock Plus for the most part
04:47renatosilvathe more addons, the better... do not join a group to make one great add on, but make your own! gpl, fsf, FREEDOM!
04:49grahamperrin-M(As a newcomer to uBlock, I found it too confusing. Disabled it almost immediately, it seems to be one of the few things that I chose to remove (not just disable) so something must have put me off in a big way.)
04:49azakiif too many people use uBlock i'll have to find an even more niche adblocker to use. =c
04:49* azaki adjusts hipster glasses
04:50Caspy7azaki: as long as you were one of the first, you're ok /s
04:50* grahamperrin-M re-enables mHeaderControl
04:51renatosilvagrahamperrin-M: indeed, too many options, I just gave up for e10s... didn't configure a thing but the annoying block counter on the icon
04:53renatosilvaI hope there isn't a default option enabled like "collect my information and send to facebook"
05:18firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
05:18firebot Franois Marier: Checking Your Passwords Against the Have I Been Pwned List
05:33Caspy7renatosilva: There isn't. And ublock has a pretty good history
06:27TOUGHTRUXhey i need help
06:28arai_what kind of help do you need?
06:32TOUGHTRUXwith synching
06:33TOUGHTRUXit synchs things except for my passwords
06:34arai_do you enable checkbox for password?
06:34arai_in sync options
06:34TOUGHTRUXyou mean login
06:35TOUGHTRUXi have
06:35TOUGHTRUXnot sure why it's not
06:35TOUGHTRUXim transfering it to my new laptop i just got today
06:38arai_what's the actual issue do you observe?
06:39TOUGHTRUXit does not transfer my passwords to my new laptop
06:39TOUGHTRUXbut synchs all my tabs and shit
06:39TOUGHTRUXand history
06:39arai_on which page?
06:40TOUGHTRUXwhat do u mean
06:40arai_on which page do you observe the issue about passwords?
06:40arai_or, how do you notice the issue?
06:40arai_what's the example case it doesn't work as expected?
06:41TOUGHTRUXkays fixed it
06:48firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
06:48firebot Alex Vincent: Help wanted with HTML user interface for es7-membrane
08:13olspookishmagusummm... my firefox misses a 'privacy.clearOnShutdown.downloads' preference
08:13olspookishmagusoh, it's there but it won't show to: about:support
09:45oneforall2this suck ctr will be dropped when 57 comes out. stuck with what I don't like then :(
10:03Caspy7oneforall2: I sent you that userChrome.css link before about CTR, yeah?
10:04Caspy7anyway, I'm going soon but if not
10:06oneforall2not that I rememebr but thanks will look . guess it means you can manally customize it with css
10:11Caspy7I got the impression from whoever posted that that they're going to release the CSS that they used at some point before 57 releases
10:12Caspy7heck, be nice if they did it in the style of a web interface to build it. Like
10:14oneforall2crap 1 thing I want and its not possible is the add-ons bar hate everything crammed into the right and left top . and well when fb type button for the devtool is back I always prefer it at the bottom
11:02notmikeI'm having some issues with firefox: blacked out input boxes, invisible radio buttons, blacked out checkboxes, etc. This is all clearly related to my UserContent.css file, but I can't seem to fix it. Even rm this file it came back :/
11:12notmikeAlso, the example UserContent.css on Mozilla's site is a dead link so..
11:21firebotnotmike: Welcome to #firefox! Just ask your question and someone should be with you shortly. If you don't get an answer after a while, you can try taking a look through the support site:
11:37oneforall2there a channel specific for the ff addon?
11:39Corkoneforall2: #webextensions
11:41oneforall2thanks . really sick of addons/ext need ff permisiion (signing) or thay are disabled or wont install etc. total censorship there with the claim of security
11:41Corkoneforall2: ya, i get where you're coming from
11:42oneforall2doesn't take much to understand that it censorship period . though mozilla was fight censorship too .
11:44auscompgeekmozilla is definitely fighting censorship. just that defending firefox users from crapware that wants to install itself everywhere comes first
11:45oneforall2That should be our chioce or it is exacly that censorship
11:51oneforall2I would say the windows version but again I might get stuck using it sometimes and it should again be our choice to make.
11:52notmikeSure would be great to see an example UserContent.css. If only Mozilla had one published that wasn't a dead link like their dying company.
11:56oneforall2it's also make ff look like a dictator . Because only the dictator can ok an addon/ext to be enabled/installed . Not the user.
12:22katnipi've been having trouble with a site like and it dont work, is this the browser now or a firewall issue? we're trying figure this out
12:22araiwhat actually happens?
12:22araiby "dont work"
12:23katniptimes out
12:24araican you access the webpage with other way?
12:24araifrom other place or from other application
12:24katnipwhich is why we're wondering if it's the firewall
12:24araiis the webserver really alive?
12:25araihow do you confirm?
12:25katnipby the owner
12:25araidoes it mean, the owner can access the website ?
12:25katnipyes and i used to be able to access it
12:26araiso, the issue started happening at some point, right?
12:26katnipdoes the :1234 use something in the firewall?
12:26araitotally depends on the firewall
12:27araihave you changed anything on your network around that timing?
12:27katnipi changed the router from low to high
12:27araijust to be sure, the website is publicly available?
12:28araiand you're inside the router's network, right?
12:28araido you have any other internet access? like, mobile, etc
12:28araithat doesn't use the router's network
12:28katnipi can
12:29araican you check if you can access with it?
12:33araiforgot one more important question, is the website inside the same router's network?
12:36katnipi can access it outside the router
12:36katnipperhaps i should reset the router again
12:36araidid you use the same machine?
12:37araisame PC
12:37katnipmy phone
12:38araicurrently, there are 2 possibilities. 1. it's from your router/network, 2. it's from your PC
12:38araican your phone use your router's network by WiFi ?
12:40katnipyes, but ill try now with pc, i reset the router
13:18firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
13:18firebot The Mozilla Blog: A Week-Long Festival for Internet Health
13:47LeartSHi guys! latest nightly update completely broke firefox for me un Ubuntu 16.04, nothing works: homepage, new tab, UI buttons..
13:47LeartSIs there something I can do?
13:48araiwhat do you mean by "nothing works" ?
13:48araithose buttons don't respond?
13:49LeartSWhen I open firefox I see the tabbar, navigation bar and empty content window, and nothing else
13:49LeartSInteracting with any of the elements of the UI doesn't do anything
13:50araihave you tried safe mode, just in case?
13:50LeartSYep, same results
13:51araithis will help you finding when the issue started happening
13:51LeartSNow I've tried with a new profile and it seems to work
13:52araihave you touched some experimental configuration?
13:52LeartSI did switch some flags in about:config some time ago, can't remember which ones though
13:53araiabout:support may list some
13:53LeartSBut I installed several new nighlty updates between the last changed flag and now
13:55LeartSarai: shouldn't I visit about:support with the old non-working profile to see them?
13:55LeartSI can't do that
13:56araithen, what I can suggest is, backing up prefs.js in your profile first
13:57araithen, start nightly without prefs.js to see if it helps
13:57araiif it does, look for troublesome configuration inside the file
13:59LeartSRemoving prefs.js worked
13:59LeartSI have ~500 lines there :/
13:59araithen, maybe restore half of them?
14:00araiyou'll be able to figure out in ~10 steps
14:00LeartSAh, a bisect. cool! assuming only 1 line is the problematic one though
14:09LeartSarai: Found the line! it was the browser.uiCustomization.state pref
14:09LeartSI guess it was one of the most likely to be the culript
14:42notmikeAnyone want for help notmike?
15:19firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
15:19firebot Mozilla Addons Blog: Join the Featured Add-ons Advisory Board
15:19firebot Kim Moir: Expressing Appreciation on Distributed Teams
17:18tomatopeel get() doesn't return tags, just tested
17:18tomatopeelso tags are getting dropped in WebExtensions? :-\
17:19firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
17:19firebot Hacks.Mozilla.Org: An Introduction to CSS Grid Layout: Part 1
17:19firebot Hacks.Mozilla.Org: An Introduction to CSS Grid Layout: Part 2
17:23Caspy7tomatopeel: I'd bring this up in #webextensions
17:56Rikuwee 57.0b9
17:57Rikuseems that they didn't screw anything up this time
18:00Caspy7put that thing on a plaque
18:00Caspy7or a tattoo
18:49firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
18:49firebot Mozilla Marketing Engineering & Ops Blog: MozMEAO SRE Status Report - October 17, 2017
19:43grahamperrin-MIs it possible to get focused search results at ?
19:43notmikeToo bad Mozilla has such shit customer service
19:44notmikeCan't see anything worth their Broadus
19:47SeburoHello. What's up?
19:47DuClare14:02 < notmike> I&#39;m having some issues with firefox: blacked out input boxes, invisible radio buttons, blacked out checkboxes, etc. This is all clearly related
19:47DuClare to my UserContent.css file, but I can&#39;t seem to fix it. Even rm this file it came back :/
19:47DuClare14:12 < notmike> Also, the example UserContent.css on Mozilla&#39;s site is a dead link so..
19:49firebotJust appeared in Planet Mozilla - :
19:49firebot Air Mozilla: TechWomen 2017 Emerging Leader Presentations
19:49firebot Joel Maher: Talos tests- summary of recent changes
19:51Caspy7notmike: a few things worth noting... This channel is mainly inhabited by volunteers. Additionally some times of the day are more active than others. If you want to be sure your issue gets seen by someone, I&#39;d recommend
19:51SeburoDuClare: Thanks.
19:51Seburonotmike: Have you tried a Refresh?
19:51Caspy7notmike: what OS are you on?
19:55notmikeSeburo: if you mean delete the .mozilla folder, uninstall, reinstall, then yes
19:55Caspy7notmike: what distro?
19:56Seburonotmike: Not quite, no.
19:56Caspy7Seburo: is .mozilla where the profile is stored?
19:56Caspy7I&#39;m not so familiar on linux
19:56DuClareYeah ~/.mozilla/firefox is the place where profiles go
19:56SeburoCaspy7: Yes, that is where the profile is.
19:58Caspy7notmike: may be related to this
20:00notmikeCaspy7: awesome. I&#39;ll check that as soon as I get out of this meeting
20:04SeburoSurely this is a great excuse to get out of the meeting...? :-)
20:07notmikeI wish. I hate that we love in a world where you must consent to granular searches of your public and private records in order to access opportunities related to employment and other necessities.
20:07notmikelive and love, same thing
20:08SeburoThat does not sound good.
20:08Caspy7based on the last time that I loved, they are not, in fact, the same thing :)
20:09SeburoI had a rubbish day at work myself. This is why I have a quality, open source OS at home - helps me to realise that there is still hope.
20:12TheWildOh my... what you devs have messed up with firefox settings recently. There was more things to set up in older versions.
20:12TheWildHow I can disable automatic redirections?
20:14kasper93Do you guys know if there is bug report for svg images not visible in cases like ?
20:14kasper93team logos are not visible, compere to chrome and you will see.
20:14Caspy7TheWild: can you articulate a little more about the problem?
20:15TheWildshort: Twitter messes up and redirects me to mobile version. I wanted to fix it by disabling redirections for a while (like I was doing it in older Firefox versions), but in this version I can&#39;t find the setting.
20:15TheWildit&#39;s 56.0
20:25Caspy7TheWild: I&#39;ve not heard of this issue for twitter before, and it doesn&#39;t happen to me (I use it a fair amount) so it does not sound widespread. I&#39;m wondering if you don&#39;t have a setting or addon that&#39;s causing this. Like perhaps some privacy setting or addon that changes your user agent
20:26TheWildyeah, maybe noscript, but still I would be happy to prevent redirections on some rude websites.
20:30kasper93 couldn&#39;t find any related issue, so reported new one.
20:30firebotBug 1409529 UNCONFIRMED, SVG images not visible
17 Oct 2017
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