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23 Aug 2017
00:02zeraphelGood day, i've a question about tracking. Are there any addons that blacklist all domains from loading aside the ones you open yourself? Or based on this criteria ( noscript isn't enough! )
00:18Mardegmany sites no longer have their content on their own domains these days, they use a CDN of many domains, so that seems an unworkable request
00:18zeraphelactually just stumbled upon something similar but it's outdated
00:19zeraphelan addon called policeman
00:19zeraphelehm, would you know where i could download an outdated version of firefox?
00:20Mardegdid you know Firefox has tracking protection built-in now
00:21Mardegtick "always" under "Use Tracking Protection" at about:preferences#privacy
00:21zeraphelinsufficient, sites hardly ever respect that 'feature'
00:22Mardegyou're thinking of the "Do Not Track" feature, which is separate from the Tracking Protection feature
00:22zeraphelif i could automate analyzing html documents and adding every domain mentioned to be blocked in hosts i would
00:23MardegTracking Protection does block domains
00:25zeraphelah yes, doublechecked what you were refering to. no unfortunately it does not
00:25Mardegindeed it does. You can even change the block list
00:25zeraphelwhat is commonly refered to as tracking, to most people also refers to analytics telemetry and google logging search queries for use in other services they provide
00:27Mardegso change the block list. I'm sure you'll find one uberparanoid enough
00:27* Mardeg departs for work
00:27zeraphelalso yes, i am using the settings described in the list and have been
00:28zeraphelanyway thank you for your time m8
00:30MossopThe problem is what you want would lead to a horribly broken web so I'd be surprised if anyone had made an add-on for it
00:31zeraphellast supported in firefox 43, looking for a way to get.. firefox 43
00:33zeraphelusers leaving feedback apparently thought it was good idea. pity i was using adblock and noscript way back when it was available
00:33randy1985zeraphel: what makes you say noscript isn't cutting it?
00:34zeraphelwell refined question, it is infact another addon i gave a whirl. no idea how credible the feedback it gave was but it encouraged me to dig a little deeper.
00:34zeraphelThe addon in question is lightbeam
00:35zeraphelAlso one really annoying feature about noscript
00:36zeraphelIs that you cannot whitelist a domain only on a parcular domain, Everything is global as far as i could tell
00:36zeraphelfor instance, i like not blocking google when i'm on youtube
00:36zeraphelbut it's very obnoxious that stripchat also contacts google for some reason
00:36zeraphel& etc
00:39randy1985having a toggle that would give much more granular, site-by-site controls would be very cool
00:39zeraphelas far as i could tell, the addon policeman did just that. But it is not supported current versions
00:40erxin Good day, I have a build issue when trying to build FF55. The error message is 93:51.08 NSModules are not ordered appropriately
00:41erxin93:51.08 mozmake.EXE[5]: *** [e:/mozilla-source/mozilla-release/config/] error 1
00:41zeraphelerxin excuse me, did you just say building? I'm a little uninformed but are the sources of firefox available to the public?
00:41Mossopzeraphel: It's an open source project so yes
00:42Mossoperxin: You probably need to provide a longer log than that, on a pastebin site would be best
00:42erxinyes, the source of FF is open source
00:42zeraphelmay i be refered to the repository? pretty please
00:42erxinThe first error message is Input file specified two times.
00:42zeraphelThank you very much
00:44erxinHere is my log content
00:45Mossoperxin: Strange. Have you applied any patches to the source?
00:45erxinMy environment is Window7 with VS2017
00:45erxinThere is a build issue on my window 10 VS 2015 too
00:45Mossoperxin: Can you pastebin your mozconfig?
00:46erxinCurrently i'm building the tip of FF release branch
00:47erxinSure, the content of mozconfig is here
00:47erxinWhen execute the command hg status there is nothing displayed.
00:49MossopI've not come across --disable-install-strip before. Do you know what that is doing?
00:49Mossoperxin: ^^
00:49erxinThe document of the option said it will keep the pdb after build
00:50Mossoperxin: Are you just trying to build a debug build?
00:51erxinMaybe I could try to build a release build first
00:51Mossoperxin: The only settings I use for that are: (you might add the target and host settings to get a 64-bit build though)
00:52MossopStarting with a release build is another option. Unfortunately we have a lot of build settings and some of them don't work well together
00:52erxinThank you so much and I will try again. :)
01:41The0x539This mismatch is killing me.
01:41The0x539Does the corresponding icon for Stable currently exist?
01:43MossopThe0x539: It will show up in Nightly soon
01:43The0x539OK cool
01:44MossopI'm assuming this week
02:34aki237Guys is there anyway I can disable Window Decoration in the latest nightly? (Linux)
02:35AndyAndyBoBandyarai: thank you for trying all that jazz with me
02:35AndyAndyBoBandyaki237: can't you do that with your window decorator settings?
02:35aki237I had an add-on that did it. But in the latest nightly apparently the add-on is in-compatible
02:36aki237AndyAndyBoBandy, You mean the window manager (compositor)?
02:36AndyAndyBoBandyit really sounds like a job for the window manager itself, which one are you using?
02:36aki237budgie-wm, a slightly modified version of mutter
02:37AndyAndyBoBandyooh budgie. haven't tried it, don't know about window decoration configs. have you poked around for that?
02:38aki237mutter is very closed off. Besides all that, how is chromium achieving that without any wm tweaks?
02:39AndyAndyBoBandydepending on your chromium settings, it may not ever use your wm's decorator. Is that what's happening there?
02:41aki237Chromium has a setting : Use system title bars and borders
02:42AndyAndyBoBandyyes. if you have that unchecked, it's never using your wm's decorator to begin with
02:43aki237How isn't ff able achieve that only in Linux.
02:44aki237In Windows and macOS, the title bar blends in with the tab-bar container
02:45AndyAndyBoBandyYou can certainly disable a window decorator for firefox in linux, and probably add toolbar buttons to close the window and such. FYI you could use a different window manager with the budgie desktop
02:46aki237I just want to remove the window decorator
02:47AndyAndyBoBandyyeah so I think you should either find out how budgie-wm can do that, or use an alternative to budgie-wm that makes this easy. kwin is one option.
02:48aki237So that is not possible in ff as of now?
02:49AndyAndyBoBandyI don't know about trying to alter linux wm settings, is now or in the future a desire of ff devs/users, I'm sorry.
02:51AndyAndyBoBandythe extension linked there seems that it will work in current stable
02:52aki237Nightly :(
02:52AndyAndyBoBandybut yeah not nightly. gotta turn to your wm
02:52azakiaki237: it's planned in the future on linux.
02:52aki237azaki, can you point me to the bugzilla
02:53azakiaki237: there's already a redhat dev working on it, and i think there is a patched firefox build that has this already. (it's a flatpak built for running firefox-nightly natively in wayland)
02:53firebotBug 1283299 ASSIGNED, Implement client side decorations on GTK 3.20+
02:53aki237azaki, thanks
02:54aki237btw which gtk does it use? 3 or 2?
02:54azakithey moved to 3 recently, which is one reason it took so long.
02:55azakigtk2 couldn't do this as far as i'm aware.
02:58azakiaki237: by recently i mean like back in 2015 i think.
02:58AndyAndyBoBandyaki237: if you wanted to try kwin in the meantime, you'd just need to (install and) run `kwin_x11 --replace` and click a few options:
02:58aki237All the distro ff ships with gtk2.. The nightly from the website only ships with 3
02:59azakithat's when gtk3 first shipped in firefox. and it was a bit of a bumpy ride for awhile. after gtk 3.20 shipped with the css node theming changes, that broke firefox's themes and so that had to be fixed too,
03:00azakihm, i don't think distros ship firefox with gtk2, at least on arch it's gtk3.
03:00aki237sorry LTS
03:00azakikeep in mind that firefox will pull in *both* gtk3 and gtk2 as dependencies
03:00aki237what? why?
03:01azakibecause the plugin-container still loads gtk2, it's a complicated hack that they had to do because of the complexity in XUL's codebase
03:01azakibut that likely won't matter in the future as XUL is going away, and so are plugins.
03:03azakithey aren't actually loaded into the same address space or anything (which is impossible anyways, hence the problem with libxul)
03:03aki237Just a doubt, if the ff old extentions are incompatible, how are the webext able to control the ff ui like the onld addons did? Is the webext API frozen or still it is being developed?
03:03azakiso there's no reason to be concerned about it. it's just a temporary quirk.
03:03azakiaki237: webextensions is continuously being developed, and will likely continue to be extended for years to come.
03:04aki237But FF nightly both in desktop and phone is very fast
03:04aki237especially since the last month
03:04azakiaki237: there currently isn't an API that will actually allow modification of the existing UI, but in future there is plans for a "toolbar api" that may allow building a new UI interface (while hiding the stock one), thus achieving a similar effect.
03:05aki237And why is there a corgi in my ff logo?
03:05azakiwebext is designed to be backwards compatible, unlike legacy extensions, and so modifying the actual UI can't be done in a backwards compatible way, that's why the only way around it would be a framework allowing you to build a "replacement" UI.
03:06azakiit's not a corgi, it's a shiba inu, or 'doge'.
03:06azakiit's a meme ;o
03:06aki237Ya sorry... and the last week it had hobbes
03:06azakithere was also a phoenix, which is a reference to the original name of firefox
03:07azaki(then it was firebird, and lastly, firefox. the names changed due to trademark issues)
03:07aki237Hope they'll add b0rk
03:08aki237Is there some contest going on?
03:08kode54fat chance of a framework for building your own ui
03:08azakiI think it's going back to the rainbow-y logo from now on, which will be the logo for nightly from now on.
03:08kode54the core library will likely stay constantly tailored just for running in Firefox
03:09azakikode54: well, they've already talked about wanting a toolbar api, so we'll see.
03:09aki237azaki, You mean this :
03:09azakii'm not sure what that second sentence means.. but the UIs would be built in html5 technologies.
03:09azakiaki237: yeah.
03:10aki237WoW, much logo, such color, so good
03:11azakithe release logo is also being updated to match. not sure about dev edition, maybe that one too. =o
03:11Caspy7azaki: just to clarify, the phoenix icon was not just a reference, it was in fact the original logo for the browser
03:11azakiCaspy7: ah, i don't remember, it's been so long. =p
03:12azakito be honest i don't remember if i switched to phoenix right away or if i stuck with standard mozilla browser releases back then..
03:12azakiso much time has passed. lol
03:12aki237azaki, Can you point me to the release logo?
03:12Caspy7...which release logo?
03:13aki237what azaki said. updated logo
03:13azakiaki237: i don't think it's been shown publicly yet.
03:14azakiCaspy7: they're updating release logo eventually too right? to be 'flat' like the nightly one. i've heard people talking about it in the dev channels here and there =o
03:14azakiyeah, that's what aki237 was asking about, but i'm pretty sure it hasn't been publicly shown yet.
03:15Caspy7here you go
03:15Caspy7now it's public :)
03:15azakiLOL, damn, that guy just trolled us. =p
03:15aki237Caspy7, Ah come on man.. it is eclipsing some bright light.
03:16aki237But still that looks stunning
03:16azakibut that's a pretty good joke though given the eclipse ;D
03:16Caspy7P.S. "That guy" is the designer
03:17Caspy7it's also worth pointing out his reply to this comment
03:18aki237Nice :
03:19aki237Any chance, the new rustified gecko of ff will be available for eb=mbedding?
03:25azakiCaspy7: "That guy" has one heck of a hairdo. XD
03:25Caspy7aki237: here's one particle on the topic
03:25Caspy7azaki: you let the creatives do their thing - admittedly, at Mozilla, I think that's much more the norm anyway
03:26Caspy7aki237: that was from last year, I think there may have been one other post or effort since then. There have been a few
03:27aki237_Caspy7, I dont know why I obsess about seeing GEF like CEF.
03:28Caspy7it gives other developers options for embedding rather than having a webkit world
03:29aki237_Even Saifish Browser uses Gecko but other Webview of the GUI is WebKit..
03:33aki237_Why hg still? hectic to move to git?
03:35Caspy7I've seen discussions surrounding it and there were reasons beyond just "it's what we do here", so technical reasons, but it's not my area of expertise
03:38aki237_Which is the ff developers channel?
03:38Havvy#developers and #introduction
23 Aug 2017
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