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27 Jun 2017
00:13calataleecan i use the new browser on my pc or just for cell phones privacy browser
00:14MossopFirefox Focus? That is just on Android/iOS devices right now
00:14Caspy7calatalee: Firefox Focus is available for iOS and Android. Firefox for the desktop does have a private mode
00:14MossopFirefox for desktop has most of the same technology (private browsing and tracking protection) built in though
00:14calataleethank you
00:16Caspy7cwre: found it
00:16firebotBug 1288858 NEW, Should custom containers be synced across devices?
00:17calataleebut it automatically
00:18calataleedone for in that browser but you just haft to turn it on your self regular fire fox
00:18calataleedone for you in that browser
00:19Caspy7calatalee: it is done automatically in Private Windows, but you can turn on tracking protection for all browsing
00:19Caspy7the difference being that private windows do not store history
00:19Caspy7you can, admittedly, disable storing history in Firefox regular browsing as well
00:20Caspy7you can use the file menu, or the "hamburger menu" to create a private window, but a nice shortcut is ctrl + shift + P
00:23calataleeyou dont haft to check the boxes in private fire fox browser it setup for you compared to regular fire fox browser where you set it up for your self
00:25Caspy7calatalee: if you open a private browsing window, tracking protection will be enabled by default. If you want tracking protection in normal browsing you have to change a setting once and it will be enabled (you do not need to do this repeatedly)
00:27Miguel_ACaspy7 after i turn off and turn back on the 2 addons that i add , no longer made that thing
00:28calataleeso what your saying if i checked the boxes in privacy mode under Fire Fox it the same thing basically as for fox privacy
00:28calataleeal rite i get it now
00:29Caspy7Miguel_A: ok, that makes it sound like it could be one of your addons. Which are these addons again?
00:29calataleethank you will they ever make for windows
00:29Miguel_Agreasymonkey (with one script made by me) and twicth chat overlay
00:31Caspy7calatalee: you should not need to make any changes to Private browsing window to make the tracking protection work. It's on by default. But, there is a special preference you need to do to enable it for all *normal* (non private) browsing
00:32Caspy7Miguel_A: you may try disabling one of those and see which one is the cause
00:32Miguel_Alike i said i disable them both and them waited a little time
00:32Miguel_Ai noted that it was no longer happening
00:32Miguel_Aso i enable them again (both)
00:32Miguel_Aand no longer happend
00:33* Caspy7 sighs
00:33Miguel_Amybe it has something to do with some of the temp files that are created
00:33Miguel_Asome bug
00:33Caspy7Miguel_A: the problem is likely only caused by *one* of them
00:33Caspy7I was suggesting, you figure out, which one
00:33Miguel_Awell playing for 1 hours a game and so ffar ping is good
00:33Miguel_Ai know but if the problem dont come again i can't check it
05:17pugFirefox is still slow, what do I do
05:17pugit's a fresh install on a fresh install of Debian 9
05:25Caspy7pug: I have zero context for your comment, but common and informative steps include 1) test in safe mode 2) Test in a fresh profile using the profile manager 3) Test in a Mozilla build (assuming yours is from your distro
27 Jun 2017
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