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9 Aug 2017
17:15davidbjimm: can you share a sample crash report showing that meta data?
17:39mrbkapjimm: ping?
17:58jimmmrbkap: pong
17:59mrbkapjimm: can we get a cohort breakdown for version 55 only?
17:59mrbkapjimm: is "Release" only, so it includes the broken 54 data.
17:59davidbjimm: i don't see the invite... which vidyo room?
18:00jimmdavidb:'s room
18:02davidbjimm: ok we're here
19:10jimmno data yet though
19:53felipemrbkap: ping
21:42mrbkapfelipe: pong
21:45felipemrbkap: trying to understand bug 1375243
21:45firebot NEW, Remove sync PHandlerService::Msg_Exists IPC message
21:45felipeIt looks like Feeds.isValidFeed is always called from the content?
21:45felipeSo this is never a CPOW anyways?
21:46mrbkapfelipe: Yeah, George fixed that a while ago.
21:46felipemrbkap: so this was mostly leftover code that is not necessary?
21:47mrbkapfelipe: right
21:47mrbkapfelipe: the real fix is to pass an nsIURI to urlSecurityCheck so that it calls checkURIWithPrincipal instead of checkURIStrWithPrincipal (notice Str)
21:47mrbkapfelipe: since the latter tries to do fixups
21:48felipemrbkap: ok.. hmm I wonder if you should get this reviewed by bz or someone who knows more about how this should work (including whether that charset stuff is needed or not)
21:48felipeI can be convinced that the change looks right, but my review won't be so great here
21:48mrbkapfelipe: ok, I was hesitant to go back to Gijs, since he wrote basically the same patch
21:50felipemrbkap: also, the bug title talks about removing a sync ipc message.. is it just that the patch makes that message not used anymore? should it be removed from the .ipdl file?
21:50mrbkapfelipe: it works around it
21:51mrbkapfelipe: but the messages are still there
21:51mrbkapfelipe: it's a bit more work to remove them.
21:52felipeah alright
10 Aug 2017
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