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7 Sep 2017
15:46andymwe've got a scenario where the webextensions are set to use multi-process, but the addon is turning e10s to false in 55 or 56
15:47andymand this is causing some odd bugs, so we might be looking at changing the e10s rollout add-on to also flip this flag
16:08firebotBug 1393150 REOPENED, webext-oop: WebExtension context not found
17:06digitaraldshell bmiroglio: is there a simple query on how many users use Firefbug + e10s disabled?
17:10shellwhat channel?
17:12shellin Nightly there are 40 users of Firebug, but that add-on is marked as e10s compatible... so they would have to have manually flipped an e10s pref to e10s disabled. so it would be a number less than 40 users in Nightly.
17:13shellBen just happened to pull that data for me yesterday
17:14shellwhen 57 goes to Beta... it will be no users... since Beta 57 will be web extensions only (no override).
17:14shellthere is already work on the wording to let folks know about the integration of Firebug into devtools...
17:15shellso while "firebug" the separate add-on as they knew it goes away... these parts go into devtools... (I have their blog post somewhere)
17:30digitaraldshell: release
17:52bmirogliodigitarald: i can get you an estimate shortly
17:54digitaraldbmiroglio: awesome! we are looking into how much effort we have to spend the messaging the EOL
18:23shelldigitarald: sorry, was in meetings... we have a lot of the info via the management stats dashboard. Just sent you images in Slack... that might meet your needs
18:24shellavg users by release version, daily downloads/users total (any version), users by platform... lots of options to view
18:25shellAH - nevermind
18:26shellI missed the critical part...who has e10s disabled. OK
18:26shellOK :) bmiroglio: you are the only one who can get that data. sorry
18:27bmirogliodigitarald: see here:, shows 0.88% of users on release have firebug and e10s disabled
18:43digitaraldbmiroglio: that helps! thank you
20:03mconleyfelipe: ping
20:04mconleyor mrbkap: ping
20:04mrbkapmconley: pong (though I'm in a meeting)
20:04felipemconley: pong
20:04mconleymrbkap: okay, no worries - unping. :)
20:05mconleyfelipe: hey! Should I find it unusual that a user with 1GB of RAM has dom.ipc.processCount set to 4?
20:06felipemconley: you mean whether there's some criteria that should avoid doing that for users with little RAM?
20:06mconleyfelipe: yeah
20:06felipeI don't think there's anything like that
20:07felipenever heard of it
20:07mconleylike, I thought "recommended performance settings" would throttle the dom.ipc.processCount to fit the available memory
20:07mconleyin about:preferences
20:08mconleyfelipe: alright, I'll see who added that stuff to about:preferences
20:08felipemconley: trying to remember what bug was that... I was CC'ed on it
20:08felipeperhaps this was an idea for the future, I don't know
20:09felipebut I don't think anything like that exists at the moment
20:09mconleybug 1354473 seems to be relevant
20:09firebot NEW, [meta] Performance settings section
20:09mconleyseems like timdream is in there - I'll needinfo him. Thanks!
20:15mrbkapelan: ping?
20:24davidb(sorry folks, will dial back in)
20:34firebotBug 764757 NEW, NVDA announces incorrect number of items when display:inline-block; is used
8 Sep 2017
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