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7 Aug 2017
10:40yucerHello. I have a quick question that seem to be related with e10s.
10:40yucer$ python --address=localhost:2828 tests/unit/test_key_actions.p
10:41yucerreturn this:
10:41yucerAssertionError: BaseMarionetteTestRunner configuration (self.e10s) does not match browser appinfo (self.is_e10s)
10:41yucerI have just build the last firefox from master.
10:43yucerbut running the last nightly: firefoxes/2017-08-05-10-03-34-mozilla-central-firefox-57.0a1/firefox -P myprofile --marionette
10:44yucerThis might not be the right place for the question.
10:44yucerYou can tell me another one.
10:52yucerthe question is why is the browser reporting that e10s is not activated ? I did set in that profile: browser.tabs.remote.autostart=true
10:52yuceraccording to this:
10:57Caspy7yucer: what specifically does it say for Multiprocess Windows line in about:support
10:58Caspy7that's all? It doesn't say "enabled by user" or "disabled by addons" or anything like that?
10:58yucersorry, exactly: 1/1 (Enabled by default)
10:59Caspy7ok, so the browser is reporting that it's enabled
10:59Caspy7sounds like you're good to go
11:00yucerit is reporting that visually
11:00yucerbut not to the marionette test script
11:01yuceryou can:
11:01yucercd mozilla-central/testing/marionette/harness/marionette_harness/
11:01yucerpython --address=localhost:2828 tests/unit/
11:02yucer File "/home/yucer/work/ws/kjellberg-erp/src/tests/mozilla-central/testing/marionette/harness/marionette_harness/runner/", line 869, in run_tests
11:02yucer raise AssertionError("BaseMarionetteTestRunner configuration (self.e10s) "
11:02yucersorry about my src path.. I did check the mozilla-central repo there
11:03yucerI did checkout the mozilla-central repo there
11:04yucerI guess all those tests are run, every time a release is made.
11:04yucerbut there is something curious, when the tests runs the browser ... (not connect to an existing one)
11:04yucerthere is no error
11:10yucerok. I found it. It was a hanged firefox using that port.
11:10yucerSo the test was not connecting to the one with e10s enabled
11:10yucerthanks for answering
14:01gaborjimm: omw
16:52Caspy7ok, it's later, so maybe a few more folks are awake who might know...
16:52Caspy7Seeing several reports of addons breaking on Nightly.
16:52Caspy7Does anyone know if the shims got disabled? And this is the result?
16:52Caspy7I'm guessing that would break all non-e10s compatible addons and some e10s addons, yes?
16:54RyanVMCaspy7: some of the bugs under bug 1347507 are getting activity
16:54firebot NEW, Stuff we can remove when XPCOM extensions are no longer supported
16:54RyanVMwouldn't be at all surprised if related
16:54RyanVMi believe the webext-only switch is being flipped on Nightly this week anyway
16:55Caspy7yeah, I thought I remember someone saying something like "first week" that legacy would be nixed
22:33billmmrbkap: ping
22:33mrbkapbillm: pong
22:33billmmrbkap: hey, what are the prefs that control what sort of multiprocess support FF55 gets?
22:34mrbkapbillm: browser.tabs.remote.autostart.2 and dom.ipc.processCount.web
22:35mrbkapbillm: for e10s and -multi, respectively.
22:35billmmrbkap: what about e10s.rollout.cohort?
22:35mrbkapbillm: that should match directly onto the values of the other prefs.
22:35mrbkapbillm: why?
22:37billmmrbkap: I'd like to simulate getting into multiBucket4 in a given profile. changing the cohort doesn't seem to have any effect after restarting. will changing the other prefs replicate all the behaviors that the bucket pref gives?
22:37mrbkapbillm: sorry, I misunderstood
22:37mrbkapbillm: You'll want to change e10s.rollout.cohortSample.multi to be > .5
22:38mrbkapbillm: after the next restart, you should get multi
22:38mrbkapbillm: alternatively, setting dom.ipc.processCount > 1 will force multi to be on.
22:39billmmrbkap: ok, thanks
22:39mrbkapbillm: the low-down on the prefs as they are is: browser.tabs.remote.autostart and dom.ipc.processCount control "opt-in" -- changing them from their defaults will force that value.
22:39billmmrbkap: that works
22:40mrbkapbillm: browser.tabs.remote.autostart.2 and dom.ipc.processCount.web are overwritten on each startup by the rollout addon.
22:40mrbkap(as is the cohort)
22:42billmmrbkap: looks like the bug is not triggered by multi, at least :-)
22:42* mrbkap breathes a little better :)
22:42mrbkapI can't speak English anymore.
8 Aug 2017
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