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6 Aug 2017
10:00Caspy7Seeing several reports of addons breaking on Nightly.
10:00Caspy7Does anyone know if the shims got disabled? And this is the result?
10:01Caspy7I'm guessing that would break all non-e10s compatible addons and some e10s addons
12:58The_8472the photon theme thingy landed, so that might be it
12:59The_8472but yeah, there's also
12:59firebotBug 1352204 FIXED, Only allow webextension and MPC=true (which=no shims) add-ons on Nightly
13:00The_8472but it looks like that was added a while ago
13:14Caspy7The_8472: "photon theme thingy"?
13:24firebotBug 1346488 NEW, [meta] Photon UI Refresh
13:24The_8472scheduled 57. nightly is on 57.
13:27Caspy7...ok, forget it
13:28Caspy7that's not breaking the addons
7 Aug 2017
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