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21 Apr 2017
16:12mrbkapelan: (I forwarded you the email)
16:14mrbkapelan: bug 1357909 <-- devtools tweak bug (has string changes)
16:14firebot FIXED, Devtools followup for bug 1349363
16:46canuckistanimrbkap: mconley chutten elan Katie says log bugs in Data Platform and Tools::Datasets General to get data analysis jobs run for Beta experiment analysis
16:47mconleycanuckistani: cool, thanks
17:06dvanderdoes anyone know where the code is, that detects when content/parent processes have mismatched versions?
17:15katsdvander: is there such code? i thought bug 1112937 implied there wasn&#39;t
17:15firebot ASSIGNED, Firefox can update while still running when using multiple profiles concurrently
17:16dvanderkats: hrm.... maybe. implied something existed
17:16firebotBug 1333056 NEW, content process crash in mozilla::gfx::GfxPrefValue::AssertSanity
17:16dvanderbut it doesn&#39;t sound like an actual fix if it does exist
17:17katsyeah i&#39;m not sure. maybe froydnj knows since he wrote the comment?
17:37froydnjdvander: kats: I was thinking of from bug 1345978 or so
17:38firebot FIXED, Check if the parent and child processes have different build ids
17:39katsfroydnj: oh interesting
21:53mccr8billm: ping when you have a minute
21:53billmok, just a minute
22:02billmmccr8: ^
22:13mccr8billm: Thanks for the help. the dump object shows that it is an NSVO during import, and a BackstagePass after we run again... I&#39;ll poke around in the JIT changes shu made for the frame loader NSVO stuff.
22:13billmsounds good
22 Apr 2017
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