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18 Mar 2017
00:07bkellymrbkap: I'm going to NI you in the bug if thats ok
00:10mrbkapbkelly: ah I'm sorry.
00:11bkellymrbkap: I guess I'm wondering if I can still do this or if it will open it in the current process:
00:12bkellyanyway, I'll write a longer question out
00:13mrbkapbkelly: Yeah, that should work... There's also nsIBrowserDOMWindow::OpenURI
00:14bkellymrbkap: but do those open in a different content process? or just the current process they are called from?
00:14mrbkapbkelly: That'd be in the parent process.
00:14bkellymrbkap: they open a window in the parent process?
00:14mrbkapbkelly: ?
00:14bkellymrbkap: if I am in the parent process and use nsIBrowserDOMWindow::OpenURI()... does the content window run in a child process?
00:15mrbkapbkelly: yes, it should.
00:16bkellymrbkap: and I can use an nsIWebProgressListener in the parent process to know when its loaded?
00:16mrbkapbkelly: I think so, but you should test that.
00:18bkellymrbkap: the other wrinkle is I either need to provide a UUID that will get set on the nsGlobalWindow in child process or generate it in the child process and get it back to the parent somehow
00:21bkellyI think I will be quite surprised if this works
19 Mar 2017
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