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17 Jul 2017
15:54elanDoc for the standup:
15:54elanthanks for all the links Gabor and Jimm
15:54jimmelan: thx
16:11felipebmiroglio: hey, this data point should tell for sure if multi is enabled:
16:16bmirogliocool, does this match dom.ipc.processCount?
16:20felipebmiroglio: yeah, it will match that or dom.ipc.processCount.web, whichever is taking effect
19:32davidbjimm, aklotz can we use our standup slot on wednesday to chat with the jaws people? (I just got off call with the CTO)
19:32aklotzdavidb: sgtm
19:51davidbinvites sent
20:15jimmdavidb: sounds great
20:45felipemconley: ping
20:45mconleyfelipe: pong
20:45felipemconley: hey there! for bug 1378036, I wasn't sure if you're expecting me to review this patch or if you're planning to look more into it before
20:46firebot NEW, JavaScript error: resource:///modules/ContentCrashHandlers.jsm, line 135: TypeError: WeakMap key mus
20:47mconleyfelipe: ah geez, that fell off my radar
20:47mconleyfelipe: thanks for reminding me!
20:47mconleyI'll have a new patch posted today.
20:55felipeokie dokie!
18 Jul 2017
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