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15 May 2017
14:55bobowenfroydnj: ping
14:56froydnjbobowen: pong
14:57bobowenfroydnj: hi, is it OK to use ClearOnShutdown with a static UniquePtr?
14:58froydnjbobowen: it ought to work, yes
14:59bobowenfroydnj: thanks, it seems to, was just checking I wasn't doing something obviously stupid :-)
14:59bobowento someone else that is
16:36arthuredelsteinIf I patch nsExternalHelperAppService::DoContent() to contain a ConfirmEx(), then I see the error:
16:36arthuredelstein###!!! [Parent][DispatchAsyncMessage] Error: PExternalHelperApp::Msg_DivertToParentUsing Route error: message sent to unknown actor ID
16:36arthuredelsteinAnd the content tab crashes
16:36arthuredelsteinDoes anyone here understand this error and why this happens?
18:12mccr8arthuredelstein: that probably means there's no corresponding actor in the child process.
18:12mccr8maybe the protocol hasn't been started in the child, maybe it was already destroyed
18:30arthuredelsteinmccr8: Thanks. That's interesting. Is that documented somewhere? Like is there a way to diagnose which of these has happend?
18:37arthuredelsteinmccr8: Could it be that error simply indicates the child process has crashed? In which case it doesn't mean very much beyond that?
18:46mccr8arthuredelstein: yeah if the child process has already crashed then I think you'd get the same error message.
19:10elanmconley, chutten, gabor: we will be going over initial perf numbers again tomorrow in the multi meeting
19:10elanmrbkap: ^
19:11elanchutten: having you there is important, I know it's not a weekly thing for you so I'm hoping you will be able to make it
19:11elanmconley: you are usually there so hopefully tomorrow is no exception, thank you! :)
19:11chuttenI hope to be there
19:14elanlet me know if there is anything I can do to help accommodate, thank you!
20:46felipebillm: ping
20:47billmfelipe: in a mtg now
20:47felipeok, ping me back when you're free
20:59drnoIs there a way I can force e10s in 54 Beta?
21:00drnoI used to be on 54 DE and try to double check a ghost window/memory leak I see on there in Beta.
21:01drnoBut as soon as I start the same profile in Beta e10s gets disabled because of plugins - obviously without telling me which add-ons are to blame for this
21:02RyanVMdrno: browser.tabs.remote.force-enable
21:04drnoRyanVM: awesome. thx. is there anything you dont have an answer to? :D
21:04RyanVMa *correct* one? :D
21:58mconleyelan: I'm actually _rarely_ at the e10s-multi meeting. In fact, I don't think I've been to one for months and months - though I do still come to the e10s cross-functionals. I'll try to make a point of coming to tomorrow's e10s-multi meeting though.
22:30elanmconley: got it! thank you for being there tomorrow :)
22:39mrbkapmconley: ping?
16 May 2017
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