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14 Mar 2017
03:14zombiewhat's the order of magnitude of the data we send in sync on child process creation?
03:14zombiefor things we would like to avoid, like prefs
15:34jimmelan: do we still have a weekly e10s multi standup today, or has that been replaced by the daily meeting?
16:01firebotBug 1323414 NEW, Add streaming support to downloads
16:02mconleyddurst: thanks!
16:21elantriage list: ^
16:45ddurstmconley: did not mean to overdo it on FCE highlights -- I was out a lot last week and have filled my brain in a FCE-focused way this week. Sorry for skewing!
16:45mconleyddurst: not at all. :) I made some adjustments - look okay?
19:47jimmcpeterson: ping, hey when did we start defaulting to 64-bit builds for nightly installs?
15 Mar 2017
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