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14 Jul 2017
00:09shellI asked mahe, will ask wil as well
00:10mrbkapshell: elan: I've verified locally that screenshots does not affect the cohort.
00:10shellNot sure if system add on needs respin
00:10shellAh, thank you
00:10mrbkapshell: it is counted as a system add-on and is therefore exempt from the add-on checks.
00:11mrbkapI can't take a screenshot of about:config, otherwise I'd use screenshots to show you :)
00:11elanmahe is out
00:11elanthank you, mrbkap
16:04RyanVMelan: FYI, b9 is already available
16:06felipegabor: you're muted
17:24ursulamccr8: thanks!
18:02jimmcpeterson: hey are we having a 64-bit meeting today?
18:02cpetersonjimm: on my way!
21:57mrbkapbillm: ping?
21:57billmmrbkap: hi
21:58mrbkapbillm: Hey, I was wondering... how many XPCJSContexts are we going to be creating in the new world?
21:58mrbkapbillm: (so how many WatchdogManagers am I likely to be dealing with)?
21:58billmmrbkap: probably no more than 8 per process
21:58mrbkapbillm: Oh, great.
21:58billmit won't be a one-per-tab sort of thing
21:59mrbkapbillm: Cool, I think the patch should be relatively straightforward.
21:59billmmrbkap: good to hear. thanks!
22:38Caspy7so...any thoughts on how prolific Firefox might be able to become when it comes to per process memory usage?
22:38Caspy7I remember seeing more thorough resource sharing
15 Jul 2017
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