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12 Aug 2017
11:16siikamiikaHello, sorry if these questions have been asked many times before. I'm wondering if it's possible to rebind browser hotkeys such as Ctrl+shift+y (downloads on Linux) to Ctrl+j (downloads on Windows) with the WebExtensions API. I'm currently using "Dorando keyconfig".
11:18siikamiikaAlso, when looking for an alternative addon to "Open With" (allows you to open current URL or link in another program), I saw that some similar addons required installing additional software, suggesting that it's not possible to do this natively with WebExtensions (this is just a guess, please correct me if I'm wrong)
11:24siikamiikaAnd if there is another channel better suited for these kinds of questions, I'll gladly ask there, but this one looked relevant.
16:17The_8472siikamiika, you can ask on #webextensions
16:17The_8472but no, afaik there currently is no api to rebind built-in hotkeys
16:52siikamiikaThe_8472: Thank you. I asked on #addons before and was told about runtime.sendNativeMessage for starting external programs but they didn't know specifics about rebinding either. I guess manifest.json commands would be impractical. I didn't find #webextensions because it isn't listed here:
16:55The_8472you can get all public channels from the server within your irc client. the /list command should do that
16:56siikamiikaAh, didn't know that :D
13 Aug 2017
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