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11 Jul 2017
16:19erahmelan: did we sunset the e10s multi meeting?
16:26mlongaraymconley: ping
16:33Caspy7Just saw this article about the new webextension process
16:34Caspy7I knew about it, but the article makes the point that it will take up more RAM
16:34Caspy7in terms of having talking points and answers/being informed, can anyone say about how much more ram one would expect?
16:35Caspy7I suppose this process contains about the same basis as a content process?
16:35jimmerahm: yes
16:42mconleymlongaray: pong
16:43mlongaraymconley: hey!! one thing that hit me yesterday
16:43mlongaraymconley: those telemetry histogram we added for printing are about to expire (not sure if they actually do expire)
16:44mlongaraymconley: should we increase a bit this versions? if not, we will only have two versions of data (simplify)
16:45mconleymlongaray: yeah, I think it's a good idea to extend those. Do you have the time to file a bug and post a patch? I can review.
16:45mlongaraymconley: absolutely, I can do that. Thanks Mike!
16:45mconleymlongaray: np, thank you!
20:04mconleymlongaray_: ping
20:21mlongaray_mconley: pong
20:21mconleymlongaray_: hey - I might end up taking care of that probe bug for us, it seems
20:21mconleymlongaray_: bug 1378146 is the one to follow
20:21firebot NEW, FX_TAB_SWITCH_TOTAL_E10S_MS probe (and a bunch of others) have expired
20:22mlongaray_mconley: oh! that's great! :D
20:23mlongaray_mconley: lgtm!
20:23mlongaray_mconley: I'll cc myself only to keep track of it
12 Jul 2017
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