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11 Aug 2017
14:23mrbkapgabor: fyi, I'm PTO today because I'm moving.
14:23mrbkapgabor: if you need anything from me, needinfo me or email and I'll get to it asap.
16:10bmirogliojimm: try changing the data source to "Athena" in that query
16:10bmiroglioit just updated for me
16:23RyanVMshows how all over the place those crashes were
16:26firebotBug 1386333 FIXED, Remove Screenshots rollout pref
16:29jgruenshell: what's marcia's irc handle?
16:42gaborjgruen: I'm pretty sure this is kmag's territory based on bug 1386333
16:42firebot FIXED, Remove Screenshots rollout pref
16:44jgruengabor yeah, we think so too
16:47RyanVMjgruen: has anybody tried running talos locally with one of the affected builds?
16:48jgruenRyanVM: not to my knowledge
16:48* RyanVM feels like the best path forward is going to be trying to reproduce locally so it can be caught in a debugger
20:39TimvdeA friend of mine regularly sees the spinner. I guided him to install the Gecko profiler and record a profile:
12 Aug 2017
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