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10 Aug 2017
02:51jhlinHi. Is there a way for XUL widget (in my case videocontrols.xml) in content process to get preference? I tried 'Components.classes[preferences-service]...' but got 'Components.classes is undefined' error.
16:58davidbyzen: i'm in pape
17:04yzenfroydnj: aklotz passed along a treeherder run that has a leak in an a11y test, we have another bug where that test is re-written because of existing intermittents, im going to have a try run with patches from both bugs applied and see if things improve
17:04yzenleak in bug 1378474
17:04firebot NEW, label AvailableRunnable
17:11froydnjyzen: cool, thank you! what's the bug where the test is being re-written?
17:11yzenfroydnj: bug 1388062
17:11firebot NEW, Refactor browser aria owns tests
17:12yzenand the try run -
19:48bmirogliomrbkap: for release 55 is the e10srollout add-on at version 2.0?
19:57mrbkapbmiroglio: uhh
19:59mrbkapbmiroglio: yes.
20:00bmirogliomrbkap: cool thanks :)
20:14froydnjyzen: that rewrite patch is not looking like it solves the problem: =/
20:17yzenfroydnj: yeah looks like it is the same leak for other a11y tests, ill try to take a look at it asap, also will loop in eeejay
20:18froydnjyzen: I am bewildered by the leak, thank you for looking into it!
20:20yzenfroydnj: np will update you tomorrow
20:43RyanVMhuh, I'm playing with today's nightly and when I disable e10s, I still see a second process running in task manager
20:43RyanVMwonder if it's the gpu process or something
20:43RyanVMonly 60MB resident/27MB unique
11 Aug 2017
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