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26 Mar 2017
07:24TimvdeHow is Facebook managing to bump cpu usage of *all* my content processes? :/
11:37Caspy7Does e10s work by default on release for 64 bit, on windows, with touchscreen?
16:42The_8472Timvde, on nightly? video playback maybe?
16:42firebotBug 1349991 NEW, High CPU usage and growing heap-unclassified allocations in gfx process during video playback
18:13TimvdeThe_8472: Yes, on Nightly. No video, but the weird thing is that my cpu goes up to 30-40% in *all* my cpu processes
18:13TimvdeWhen I close the fb tab, or I think even put it in the background, it's gone
18:13TimvdeIt also doesn't happen all the time, and refreshing worked to get rid of it
18:13TimvdeBut it happened 2-3 times already
18:22The_8472well, the issue sounds similar but not quite the same
26 Mar 2017
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