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25 Jun 2017
04:01zombiekitcambridge: larissas: what's the latest info?
04:03kitcambridgezombie: oh, perfect timing, I was just about to message y'all :-) I'm planning to be at MozSF tomorrow around 10:15-10:20, then walk over
04:04kitcambridgelarissas: ^ if you can make it, that'd be awesome, if not, no worries, we'll see you next week
04:10zombiekitcambridge: cool.. you alone, or with others?
04:12kitcambridgezombie: I messaged other folks on slack, hopefully we have more show up than just me :-)
04:13zombieheh, yeah.. asking for coordination, it's easier to spot a flock of mozillians ;)
04:19kitcambridgeyup yup
25 Jun 2017
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