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8 Sep 2017
09:32solejdescottes: this is a good catch!
09:32solethanks for closing that one :D
09:33jdescottessole: np! alternatively we could have kept the `"": "resource://gre/modules/commonjs/"` as a loader path for adb helper
09:33jdescottesbut this way the old <FF57 code is only in 2 spots, rather than 3
09:33soleI still don&#39;t quite understand that, but I trust you know what you&#39;re saying
09:34soleIt sounds like black magic whereas your patch makes more sense to me
09:34jdescottesaddons are a peculiar thing, because this version of the addon will still be used by FF55 and 56 for some time
09:35jdescottesso the code needs to work in an environment where the addon-sdk still exists and where the devtools base-loader doesn&#39;t
09:35soleYep! I think all the most important to not to have black magic
09:36solejdescottes: such a busy issue!
09:36soleChanges requested! Checks failed! Out of date!
09:38jdescottesyep :)
10:01solejdescottes: I sent my review, finally1/
10:01soleagh, I meant finally!
10:01jdescottessole: thanks!
12:03pbrosole: ooh that&#39;s nice
12:04pbrolove the interactive media-query rulers at the top (when you switch to a different view)
12:04pbroI think we have that captured in the backlog somewhere. I&#39;ll add a link to this website
12:19solethere&#39;s definitely a need for this kind of tool for &#39;visual&#39; people
13:20jdescottespbro: sole I remember we also talked about
13:21pbrothanks. Added to the list!
13:25soleoh yes!
13:26soleHehe it is broken on my https site
13:26jdescottesah! funny, the one broke on my non-https site :)
13:27jdescottesmaybe if you use ?
13:27solehaha it&#39;s me being ultra safe
13:27sole&quot;Load denied by X-Frame-Options: does not permit cross-origin framing.&quot;
13:38solewell I could make it work with wikipedia
13:41pbrooh good. At last, one that works :)
13:41nemoSo. I was trying to get a friend of mine who said Firefox dev tools were &quot;awkward and tedious&quot; compared to chrome, what exactly he missed
13:42pbroI was like, yeah cool tools, but no sites out there wants to be framed
13:42nemoI would have been inclined to agree with him, having seriously missed the tons of awesome stuff in firebug context menus, but firefox dev tools had improved a lot and weren&#39;t that far off from chrome&#39;s...
13:43nemoAnyway, he gave me 2 things... ctrl-mousewheel to zoom interface text (for some reason ctrl- works but not mousewheel, that&#39;s unintuitive, but passed on the to him)
13:43nemoAaaand selecting text in debugger to evaluate in console. Couldn&#39;t figure out how to do that, but seems like a super easy convenience function
13:43nemojust an extra right click entry that copies it over and runs it right
13:44nemonow here&#39;s one from me. why can&#39;t I resize columns in the network view?
13:45nemosometimes stuff gets cut off and the only way to figure out is to click on each entry one by one, then scroll over in the url view
13:45nemowanna shrink status and method waaaay down, and some other uninteresting columns, to give more space to the file
13:47pbronemo: thanks for the feedback. I&#39;ll file the text selection thing on debugger.html&#39;s repo. About the netmonitor columns, yes that&#39;s a common requirement. We&#39;ve not done it yet. You can right click on the headers and choose which columns you want though.
13:47pbroI&#39;ll also file the zoom thing
13:47soleYeah I have heard the column resize feature before :)
13:59nemopbro: yeah. unfortunately I kinda want the other columns
14:00nemopbro: I just want them to be a bit tighter
14:00pbroyeah, that makes sense. We&#39;ll get to that eventually ... unless someone wants to pick up that work. Let me find the bug and make sure it&#39;s actionable
14:00nemolike. code is 4 chars, it&#39;d be narrower if it wasn&#39;t for the header. oh. and reordering would be nice too, but a proper resize feature would hopefully have drag/drop too
14:27nemopbro: BTW. Where&#39;s that repo? I&#39;ll link him to the issue. It&#39;s not likely to get him back on Firefox... Losing ALSA was the final straw for him, but I&#39;m kinda curious
14:29pbronemo: zoom issue:
14:29firebotBug 1398152 NEW, Allow to zoom DevTools&#39; UI with ctrl+mousewheel
14:29pbronemo: netmonitor columns:
14:29firebotBug 1358414 NEW, Introduce column resizer in request list
14:36nemooh weird. wonder why the 2 issue trackers
14:44pbronemo: our debugger lives on GitHub. We&#39;ve been experimenting with GitHub and it&#39;s been very successful this way. But we&#39;re not yet prepared to move the rest of the code there
14:44pbrobut that&#39;s the long term plan
14:46nemoah well. nothing to do with me
15:15mbesoHello from french west indies
15:16glpbro: zer0: bradwerth: do we have everyone here? I am wondering if we can start this meeting earlier.
15:16gl+ victoria
15:16zer0I&#39;m available if we want to start earlier.
15:28pbrogl: I can&#39;t, I&#39;ve got a conflict that starts now
15:28pbrogl: feel free to start discussing if you want though.
15:35glzer0: do you want to just meet a bit earlier? I would like to hear your thoughts on potential ucosp projects that you would like to see
15:36zer0gl sure
15:36gland anything else you want to talk about that might be outside the scope of the meeting
15:38glzer0: join pbro&#39;s room
15:38zer0gl: ok, give me a minute, omw
16:05victoriaomw sorry!
17:14glzer0: can we land this
17:14firebotBug 1391014 NEW, CSS Grid Inspector: Bug, doesn&#39;t respect transformation on `html` element
17:16zer0gl: once the try build tell me that I didn&#39;t accidentally broken something and I wouldn&#39;t expect anything like that I will land it!
17:16zer0gl: thanks for the review
17:17glzer0: no worries, sounds good!
17:25glpbro: zer0: victoria: do any of you have that meeting link
17:25glto the meeting notes doc
17:25glcool thanks!
19:25nicholasdipiazzaIs there any way to build a Windows zip file based portable Firefox? Even distributes an installer. I want to be able to build a zip file that i can send with my product so that it can use firefox.exe to do certain things on the backend (now that we have headless firefox)
19:38nemonicholasdipiazza: no idea personally, but people were building Gecko based apps like a decade ago
19:38nemoSongbird etc
19:38nemoso presumably these things can be pretty self-contained
19:38nemoI know XUL is a dirty word now, but AFAIK that sort of thing is still possible
19:39nemohm. there was that firefox project from almost as long ago to turn any page into an app, but... that one I think just used a separate project and didn&#39;t copy the files too
19:40nemonicholasdipiazza: anyway. obv firefox can just be unzipped, that&#39;s how I run nightlies all the time - and you could include a profile in it and a shortcut to launch that profile
19:40nicholasdipiazzaok great!
19:40nicholasdipiazzanemo: i&#39;ll look into it!
19:40nemonicholasdipiazza: heck. if you are not a privileged windows user you can just &quot;install&quot; firefox to your desktop
19:40nemoit just makes a folder, and doesn&#39;t screw around w/ registry or anything
19:41nicholasdipiazzanemo: is that legal to redistribute that zip with a commercial app?
19:41nemowhy wouldn&#39;t it be?
19:41nemobut. IANAL
19:41nemonor a mozilla employee for that matter
19:41nemobut can&#39;t imagine why it would be a problem
20:30gljryans: review done for
20:30firebotBug 1398297 ASSIGNED, Trigger reload when exiting touch mode
20:30jryansgl: thanks!
21:43DuClareAre service worker scripts not supposed to show up in debugger?
21:43DuClare(Is there a way to open an arbitrary js file in the debugger?)
21:46DuClareE.g. here the sw script ( shows up in about:serviceworkers but not in debugger
9 Sep 2017
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